Out This Week / on 30 March 2018

Suede / 25th anniversary ‘silver’ edition

Suede’s 1993 debut is reissued as a 4CD+DVD deluxe edition. Nicely packaged with the discs housed in a bookset with archive photos, lyrics and a new intro by frontman Brett Anderson. Read more

The Cars / Heartbeat City and Shake It Up reissue

Expanded reissues of two great Cars albums. The bonus tracks (some previously unreleased) feature on the CDs and double vinyl editions, which is something more labels and artists should do (hello, Eurythmics). Read more


Sky / The Studio Albums 1979-1987 (8-disc set)

This box set features classical rock ‘supergroup’ Sky‘s seven studio albums. Features remastered audio and a DVD – Sky:Live in Nottingham 1990. Read more

The Damned / Stiff Singles 1976-1977 (3CD set)

Five early singles from The Damned recreated in this seven-inch box set. Also comes with a patch, exclusive to the box set. Read more

Saxon / coloured vinyl

Reissues of the first three Saxon albums this week. The CDs have bonus tracks while the vinyl LPs don’t but at least they come in groovy-looking coloured/splatter vinyl.

Hazel O’Connor / Sons and Lovers (expanded CD)

Single disc expanded edition of Hazel O’Connor‘s 1980 album features five bonus tracks. Read more

The Levellers / We Are The Collective

The Levellers celebrate their 30th birthday with this album that offers string-based reworkings of old singles along with a few new songs. The CD version is a double with four extra tracks. John Leckie produces.

Bronski Beat / The Age Of Remix (3CD)

If you thought last year’s Age Of Reason reworking of Bronski Beat‘s 1984 album, Age of Consent, was pointless (only Steve Bronski from the original line-up remains) then how about a three-CD version with 38 modern remixes of those same re-recordings?

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Larry D

Hi! Please write a few words about the new Tom Waits remasters of his first seven albums (no extra content but nice sounding remasters):


and there are two new Residents preserved deluxe remasters available of Fingerprince (1976) and Duck/Stab (1977)




Hello, Paul. I know these were released some time ago, but have you written anything about those The Alarm rereleases? I’ve also seen that the first three Wire albums (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154) will be rereleased in May, as expanded editions – Pink Flag will be a 2 CD edition and the othe two albums will be 3 CD editions each. Hope you’re planning to write about these :)

Aaron V

also out this week is a massive(ly expensive) Rob Zombie box set in the style of Uber Achtung Baby, it appears: https://us.udiscovermusic.com/rob-zombie-limited-edition-solo-albums-vinyl-box-set.html

Larry Davis

Actually no it isn’t…the Achtung box had both vinyl and CDs in it…the new upcoming TOTO box “All In” is more like it…with 17 LPs, 13 CDs, a BluRay, hardcover book, etc…one of the records has unreleased material…around the same price as the (definitely cool) Zombie one…like $499…preorders up thru April 10, out in October…


The best remasters of the early Saxon albums were done by Andy Pearce and can be found on the 2012 4-CD set “The Carrere Years 1979-1984”.


“If they had thrown a bone there by putting on one of Suede’s genuine landmark gigs from that era (the Love & Poison gig from Brixton/the Derek Jarman gig at Clapham Grand – the best set-list of this era/or Glastonbury 1993), I would have bitten”

Probably holding them back for the inevitable 30th anniversary ‘Gold’ edition!


Unfortunately, having heard the horrible mastering jobs that are being re-used for both the Suede box and these two Cars releases, I can’t see spending money on these just to get extra tracks. I’ll be much more likely to pay money this week for the Mobile Fidelity gold cd of Shake It Up and their SACD of Heartbeat City (which I’ve been meaning to get for a while now) than to waste money on these re-releases with horrible, low dynamic range remastering. It’s really time for record companies to stop destroying rock music by releasing these “deluxe” packages that are mastered with such squashed dynamics that a new listener might never be able to figure out what made the albums so great in the first place.


I strongly disagree about your comment about those Cars remasters which in my opinion as well as plenty of others on the likes of Amazon feel that they sound great. I am angry though that these are being released separately with those bonus tracks.


I think I know the reason for the “squashed dynamics.” Heartbeat City was released 34 years ago. All of us were 34 years younger. Now, due to age, we are all stone deaf! What? What!? We need everything compressed up the wazoo so we can still warble along as we take our meds and are wheeled around by kind nurses who have never heard of Madonna or Duran Duran.

Just kidding. But I find these releases quite good soundwise. (Maybe I am truly deaf.)

Daniel ( from Berlin )

nobody mentioned here the fantastic new album by toni braxton “sex & cigarettes” from last week. not only the cover is very good ;) take a listen…

Leonardo Lotti

Do you think we are gonna have sweet and juicy deals on this Easter week?
I know that you cannot predict these things, but what does your intuition tell you?



Mark S

I would personally like to thank auntie Sabrina for the heads up on the So 3 CD set!I haven’t listened to it in years, I only have a lousy cassette copy of the CD. Great deal!


The book/packaging and the DVD for Suede are not quite enough to tempt me. Maybe if it eventually goes down to £20-£25 as happened with Coming Up20.
The musical content just lets it down for me – anyone who is interested in this will have the music on the first two discs a couple of times over if not more. Disc 3 just replicates versions of songs that are pretty close if not identical to the final cut (four versions of The Drowners with the same arrangement – hooray!) and the fourth CD was already released with video last time round.
If they had thrown a bone there by putting on one of Suede’s genuine landmark gigs from that era (the Love & Poison gig from Brixton/the Derek Jarman gig at Clapham Grand – the best set-list of this era/or Glastonbury 1993), I would have bitten. A pity.


Love + Poison was already released on the 2CD+DVD Edition from 2011, so they probably didn’t want to duplicate this in this boxset.


Shows how much I’ve watched that DVD!
There are plenty of soundboard-quality recordings of Suede from 1993, replicating that Leadmill show from last time round is just lazy/cheap.

Andy P

With regard to the Saxon reissues, is there any difference with the CD versions between these 2018 releases and the 2009 remasters? The tracklisting looks identical so I suspect just a revamp of the earlier reissue.

Auntie Sabrina

Andy P

“Each album will come with 24-page booklets featuring lyric sheets and rare photographs of the veteran UK outfit, while the CD versions will come with a selection of bonus tracks including live cuts and demos.”


Andy P

Thank you, but that only links to the home page and I can’t fnd reference to these new reissues. Plus that quote has no mention of remastering etc, but thanks anyway

Andy P

OK, some digging has revealed the CD versions are probably the same mastering but these are now presented in ‘media book’ format


paul kelly

also out this week is Haywoode Roses Remixes and Rarities