Out This Week / on 30 November 2018

Kate Bush / Remastered albums in box sets CD, Vinyl

Two weeks after the first sets Kate Bush releases the rest of her remastered albums which are available separately or in box sets. These are the later period albums (Aerial to 50 Words For Snow) so arguably less exciting for some, but the fourth of four vinyl boxes and the second CD box have the considerable ‘carrot’ of rarities, including 12-inch mixes, B-sides and even a totally unreleased early demo called Humming. You can watch an unboxing video of the first box sets here.

Howard Jones / Human's Lib and Dream Into Action reissues CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Cherry Red reissue Howard Jones‘ first two albums as enormous super deluxe editions with three CDs, two DVDs and vinyl picture discs.

David Bowie CD, Vinyl, DVD

David Bowie‘s stunning performance at the Glastonbury Festival at the beginning of the new millennium is issued on audio and video formats for the first time.

Dead or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Boom coloured vinyl

Dead Or Alive‘s 1984 debut album Sophisticated Boom Boom is reissued on limited edition orange/black vinyl. These are numbered and limited to 1000 units worldwide.

Neil Young / Songs For Judy CD, Vinyl

Neil Young releases the 2LP vinyl edition of Songs For Judy, an album of live performances from 1976. It features 22 songs from his autumn 1976 autumn tour and includes solo acoustic renditions of ‘Heart of Gold’, ‘The Needle and the Damage Done’, ‘After The Gold Rush’ and many more.

Breaking Bad / 10th anniversary 5 x 10" coloured vinyl box set

Various Artists / Breaking Bad coloured vinyl box Vinyl

Music On Vinyl issue a very limited 10th anniversary Breaking Bad vinyl box set that will, for the first time, feature the songs from the TV series and not the score. These are pressed on five coloured vinyl records, one representing each season.

Jethro Tull Vinyl

The Steven Wilson stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1971 album Aqualung is reissued as a deluxe vinyl edition at the end of November. No bonus audio, but ‘casebound book’ packaging with 28-page booklet.

Neil Diamond / 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition CD

UMe/Capitol ‘celebrate’ Neil Diamond‘s 50 years in music with a ’50th Anniversary Collectors Edition’ – a six-disc hardcover book deluxe package that includes six CDs of content, including rarities, demos and 14 previously unreleased tracks.

Bananarama / Vinyl reissues Vinyl

London Records reissue all six of Bananarama‘s original-era studio albums as special limited edition coloured vinyl pressings

The Allman Brothers Band / Collected 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Two new ‘Collected’ titles come to double vinyl later this month The Allman Brothers Band and the Commodores.

Elvis Presley / '68 Comeback Special box set CD, Box Set, Blu-ray

Sony will celebrate Elvis Presley‘s ’68 Comeback Special will a seven-disc super deluxe edition box set, which features an enormous amount of content.

Bryan Ferry / Bitter-Sweet CD, Vinyl

Bryan Ferry will release a new album Bitter-Sweet in November. No deluxe editions, but there were some signed editions available for a while although they’ve now sold out.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads / The Stiff Recordings 1977-1980 Vinyl

Demon Records issue The Stiff Recordings 1977-1980 a new 4LP coloured vinyl box set featuring three Ian Dury/and The Blockheads albums issued in that three year period.

New Order / Total from Joy Division to New Order Vinyl

New Order‘s 2011 compilation TOTAL from Joy Division to New Order is issued on vinyl for the first time.

Semisonic / Feeling Strangely Fine Vinyl

Semisonic’s second album, Feeling Strangely Fine, is being reissued for it’s 20th anniversary for the first time on vinyl. Even better, this is a double vinyl package with bonus tracks.

Re-Flex / The Politics of Dancing 2CD CD

Not out this week. Sadly, the two-CD expanded deluxe edition of The Politics of Dancing, the debut album from short-lived synth-pop outfit Re-Flex, has been cancelled/withdrawn by Cherry Red.

Big Brother & The Holding Co. / Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills

The band’s 1968 album Cheap Thrills is reissued with its original title and is massively expanded as a 2CD set with 25 unreleased studio outtakes. A 2LP edition is also available.

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Big Brother & The Holding Company, Janis Joplin

Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills - 2CD edition


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Big Brother & The Holding Company, Janis Joplin

Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills - 2LP vinyl


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Nigel D Day

Ive just picked up Aerial for £19.21 !!!! There’s an Amazon Marketplace person selling them for £32.95 but I had a £15 Amazon gift voucher so it had to be done.
Think he says he’s got 3 left !!!!!?

The Golden Age Of S.D.E.

Hi Paul, I received my copy of The Allman Brothers `Collected` today. This is a beautiful item, the gatefold surface texture is `velvety` to the touch, the vinyl a nice transparent colour of green, both discs in poly-lined inners and the gatefold in a good quality outer poly sleeve. Overhaul this looks a quality item. I`ve not played the LPs yet but have heard good reports about the `Collected` series. Thanks Paul for great shipping packaging and fast service.

The Golden Age Of S.D.E.

`Overhaul` WTF, before the Pendantic Police step in it should be “overall`. Playing the LPs at this very moment, very nice sounding to these ears and quiet vinyl.

Oh I forgot DR ratings! Get a life if it sounds good to your ears, what`s not to like?


Just listened to the 2 disc Humans Lib on a streaming service and the two versions of What Is Love appear to be identical. Have they cocked up by putting the extended version on disc 2 when it’s already on disc 1?


Either he has deliberately put the extended version on the main album yet again or it’s another cock up by Cherry Red who are on a roll at the moment with cock ups.


I was reading elsewhere that people are getting their orders for that Re-flex from Amazon dispatched. What a total cock up this has been and no doubt people will be sending them back for a refund once they have listened to it.


Amazon have removed it from their website.

Larry Davis

One key release not listed here is the new Def Leppard releases…”The Story So Far” in 1CD/2LP regular and a 2CD deluxe with many more tracks…all include a new track, their cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”…. There is also a 10x 7” Hysteria boxset with 3 extra records, all with picture sleeves that when put together form the “Hysteria” album cover…hey I think that is pretty neat…


Looking forward to an unboxing of the second Bush set Paul!


Wow – what a week! And a nostalgic one too.

To get superb releases from Bowie, Bananarama and the Bush all in the same week probably hasn’t happened since the 80s! Add in Ian Dury and New Order, and the only thing missing to make it completely perfect would have been the new Abba material……. According to Bjorn on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, that is now early summer……. :( ……but perhaps more time is needed to finish an album……. :)


I also have heard / seen the content from the new HL and DIA deluxe box sets, and have been listening / watching closely – and enjoying greatly – for a few weeks.

While there are one or two glaring omissions (the 10″ version of Hide & Seek was a very important release for fans / collectors back in the day, as was the What Can I Say live 7″), in general there is a good deal of plenty across these sets to be very happy about having access to. The sleeve notes are fascinating – though I wholeheartedly agree with the previous post which said that it is frustrating that the extra material doesn’t have any annotation.

So many versions of New Song and No-One Is To Blame can seem a little bit like over-egging the pudding when you listen to the sets in one sitting, but on the other hand it’s also pretty interesting to hear things develop – particularly NOITB.

Some of the video content on the HL set is very welcome (good quality Whistle Test Equality and Don’t Always Look At The Rain, for example. And some of it is jaw-droppingly unexpected (the early living room footage and the Thin White Duke haired ‘on the cheap’ promo for Always Asking Questions).

By my (off the top of my head) reckoning there are seven TOTP appearances ‘missing’, which is a real shame (no Bristol Temple Meads LTGTKYW or Christmas Day 1984 out-of-era WIL, amongst others), but on the whole the DVDs are very good viewing. Might have been nice to also include new mini-documentaries talking with Howard and key figures (Rupert Hine, Jed, Steg etc). Might also have been good to include a full set of Risk magazines for each era?

On the whole, though neither set is bang-on box-ticking perfect for absolute obsessives / collectors / archivists, I think both are a lot better than might be anticipated and both are substantial enough to ‘sink into’. And both have clearly been put together with far more care than not, due to Howard’s involvement.

Gareth Pugh

I’ve had the two HoJo super deluxe boxes for just over a week now (went to a fan event a week last Saturday and you had the option to pick up your pre-order in person on the night). I’d give them a solid 8 out of 10. They are not perfect- one or two things are missing although they are mostly still available elsewhere (e.g. Look Mama Megamamamix) and the bonus CDs, whilst having great content in both cases, lacks any sleeve notes to give context (example, the New Song New Extended Mix – which is brilliant IMHO, very uplifting treatment of the original elements – is it something from the archives or newly created in 2018 and if so, is it by Howard, his producer and engineer of the time Rupert Hine and Stephen W Tayler, or Robbie Bronniman his co-production partner for many years now)? But there’s plenty of real treats in here too – the No One Is To Blame (Remake) is an interesting hybrid beteeen the DIA album version and the single mix we ultimately got, and the ‘Lambs and Plains Mix’ of same is a full-on 7m Extended Mix of that – I remember Howard performing the DIA album version on Kenny Everett’s TV show in the Summer of 1985 and the appearance of these tracks only deepen my hunch of back then that maybe NOITB was being prepped for a 4th single from the album for Autumn 1985 before plans changed and it was re-done with Phil Collins producing. The other content is done to a high quality and I’ve watched the DVD with the promo videos and BBC footage (Whistle Test, Oxford Road Show and TOTP) deserves special mention for being so sharp and clear 35 years on – I think someone’s made a real effort mastering this stuff. So yes, a couple of things that could be tweaked for the next sets, and not a bargain at £90 each, but I don’t feel I haven’t got good value for that asking price. If/when they do go down in price, I’d recommend them.

Gareth Pugh

Oops – In fairness to Cherry Red and Team HoJo, what I mean to say is, I think what you get is worth the £90 outlay as-is, but if you are waiting to see a deal somewhere, then if/when it happens, go for it. On the quantity and quality of the content, these are well worth having.


On the Kenny Everett side of things, the TV show is now available from Network on Air. The music segments seem to be included as the trailer heavily features David Bowie.


I agree the Hojo is a hose job. Definitely overpriced, with the forced to buy vinyl thing. They should cost no more than the Tears For Fears deluxe sets, I would have definitely had to get them if they were priced accordingly and included everything from the era, but these are not even complete.


I am going to wait for those Howard Jones reissues to go down in price hopefully before i buy them as i feel they are overpriced for what you are getting and the super deluxe editions i’m just forgetting about them. I asked Cherry Red for a reason why they cancelled that Re-Flex reissue but they never replied.