Out This Week / on 31 July 2020

Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition / Archive Collection reissue

Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Paul McCartney continues his long-running archive collection reissue campaign with the re-release of his 1997 album Flaming Pie.

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Collected Recordings 1983-1989 vinyl box

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions / Collected Recordings 1983-1989 Vinyl

The Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Collected Recordings 1983-1989 box set is reissued on vinyl.

Elvis Costello / Brutal Youth 2LP red vinyl

Elvis Costello / Brutal Youth Vinyl

Elvis Costello‘s wonderful Brutal Youth album from 1994, which featured the full Attractions line up on a number of songs, is reissued as a limited edition 2LP red vinyl set.

Bobbie Gentry / The Delta Sweete deluxe edition

Bobbie Gentry / The Delta Sweete deluxe CD, Vinyl

The Psychedelic Furs / Made of Rain new album

The Psychedelic Furs / Made of Rain CD, Vinyl

The Psychedelic Furs return with Made of Rain, their first new studio album in almost 30 years.

Alanis Morissette / Such Pretty Forks in the Road CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Alanis Morissette finally releases her new album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road. Read about the limited edition box set.

Musik Music Musique: 1980 The Dawn of Synthpop

Various Artists / Musik Music Musique CD

Cherry Red will issue Musik Music Musique in July, a new three-disc various artists compilation that explores the arrival of synth-pop.

The Beloved / Happiness 2CD special edition CD

Delayed from last week. British electronic group The Beloved‘s first ‘proper’ album Happiness is reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition. The SDE shop has a small quantity of SIGNED vinyl.

Dead Or Alive / Fragile 2LP red vinyl Vinyl

Delayed from last week. Dead Or Alive‘s final studio album Fragile is reissued as a 20th anniversary 2LP edition pressed on red vinyl.

Joni Mitchell / Shine (vinyl LP)

Joni Mitchell‘s 2007 album Shine is issued on vinyl for the first time, vinyl Craft Recordings.

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Wayne Olsen

Target has a red vinyl exclusive “The Who’s Greatest Hits” at $23. This compilation originally came out in 1983.

Gareth Pugh

HMV UK are also releasing 300 of the same red vinyl The Who item to stores only on Saturday 15th August as part of their Vinyl Week 2020 (traditionally – well, if I can call the past 3-4 years ‘tradition’ LOL – that’s been held in June but they’ve only recently reopened of course)


Hi Paul, love your website and everything about it. Have commented occassionally (particularly the Marillion releases) but just wondered if you could recommend the new Kingmaker 5 Disc Set ‘ Everything Changed. Currently only £23 on Amaon. Release date 31 July. I am biased, they were from Hull (where I lived) and I was 20 at the time but I truly loved this band and to finally have everything on CD (as opposed to flexi discs, cassettes etc….. ) and such a great price. I followed them all over and a great set of lads….. Even a small European Tour (well went to their Amsterdam gigs at the Milkweg) and me and my friends got mugged just outside of Dam Square and the lads got us food and beer vouchers at the gig and lent us some money to make sure we could catch the ferry the following day. It was a time, it was a place and the music evokes so many fantastic memories (The Hull Adelphi, Hull Tower plus loads of Uni gigs…… Thanks Paul and continue with the great work

Larry Davis

My Alanis CD was shipped, be here Tuesday & just bought new Furs (nice & glossy) & Pretenders at my local Newbury Comics…my Amazon order got messed up & had cancelled both Pretenders & Lianne La Havas…the signed Furs not sent to US so bought at Newbury…


Furs album just arrived, very nice, clear signatures on the cd booklet. Such a good deal which I would have missed, so thanks Paul.

CJ Feeney

Max Richter’s “Voices” out today. 2LP, 2 Clear Vinyl LP, 2 CD (includes an instrumental version of the complete work). All the signed editions are sold out at Decca, but three video previews available on his store on the site.
You can also hear him on BBC Sounds talking about the album – Search “Unclassified”

CJ Feeney

I’ve had it confirmed that Bobby Gentry 2LP includes a download code for MP3. This wasn’t mentioned by any website, my local record shop got the info from the delivered stock.
Shame it’s not wav. like the BBC album.

CJ Feeney

Got my 2LP set but no download card. It clearycsays on the cover that one is included. That’s annoying. Not sure who to complain to, though.

Its a beautiful gatefold sleeve and the album sounds wonderful. I’ve only listened to the original LP so far.

Paul Taylor

Is it printed on an inner sleeve? I’ve noticed bands are starting to do this more regularly these days, maybe saves on paper?


If you go to


You can find details of how to get your download

CJ Feeney

Dogfacedboy, thanks for that. I’ll give it a go tonight.

CJ Feeney

It took 9 days, but UMC finally sent the download code for the Delta Sweete – but forgot to say where I could redeem it. They were a bit faster in replying this time to say it’s redeemable at Sound of Vinyl.com.

And its a .WAV download, not .MP3 I’m not going to complain about that.

Peter Muscutt

I see Townsend Music have a reissue of the second Plan B album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ on “ox blood” coloured vinyl (sounds tasty…) – due out early October 2020. Not sure if other retailers are stocking it, but that was the only one I saw. No additional/bonus tracks, so just a straight coloured reissue:


Sheldon Cole

Good CD sale in HMV at the moment. I bought the Simple Minds Street Fighting Years SDE for £29.99 (had been £49.99 in HMV) and the Freddie Mercury Never Boring SDE for £29.99 (was about £90 when it came out last October).


A few other things in the HMV sale just now;

Def Leppard Early Years box set £37.99
REM Monster SDE £29.99
The Cure (Recent 2BR and 4CD live set) £19.99
OMD Souvenir SDE £64.99
Tears For Fears The Hurting £24.99
Rolling Stones Bridges to Buenos Aires (CD/DVD) £11.99
The Police Every move You Make CD Box £6.99

Also quite a few recent CDs at £2.99 and £5.99


Got the massive ‘ump about the Elvis Costello album. I missed out buying it from SDE and ordered it from Townsend Music. They cancelled the order the other day saying that they didn’t have enough stock.

Don’t take orders for stuff you don’t have!


SimonP Amazon UK have some stock, release date a week later at 7th Aug.

John Orr

Very true Alan B. I try not to pay full whack for my vinyl, using vouchers from surveys etc, and the occasional deal alert too, but prices are crazy. I did pre order that BTTF Mondo release that comes out next month, and the money came off straight away 2 days later last month. So, we’ll see.

Joseph Bartram

Fontaines dc is also out


I will be buying that one Joseph. Really looking forward to it.
It’s getting excellent reviews in the music press, for those like me who still buy music magazines.

Sad to see Q go, but I hope my favourites Mojo and Uncut survive.
Anyone remember Vox and The Word and of course The Face?

I know Paul can’t list every release but Fontaines DC is one that I’d hoped would be listed.

Philip John Birtwistle

Is the Lickerish Quartet still due this week?

Jon M

Hi Paul,

Jon Marsh from the Beloved indicates that the Happiness reissue will be delayed by two weeks due to a production delay. The amazon links have already been updated with the new release date. Wish we didn’t have to wait two more weeks but these things do happen….

Thanks for the great site,



I did ask the question earlier this morning (as I was hearing conflicting dates) but my message never appeared.
Many thanks for the update.

Alan B

Prices for vinyl are getting really silly now. Back to the Future tri-coloured single LP for £35 and a double pink vinyl Friends soundtrack (side 4 etched, so only 3 sides of music) going for £45. Boundaries are being well and truly pushed now in terms of pricing (thank you RSD) How much profit are record labels making from these reissues? There is no recording cost to consider as this was absorbed years ago so manufacturing cost only. And why does a re-issued LP usually cost the same as a new release LP which will have to account for recording costs whereas the re-issue does not? There is also huge variation in the retail price of new release LPs – anything from £15 to £30 plus. Years ago all new release LPs were pretty close to each other price wise but today it’s a lottery what you will have to pay.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Whilst I do agree with you RE: price of vinyl these days, it is a case of supply and demand – something deemed popular will command a higher premium – there will be enough fans willing to pay the higher price to justify charging that price……..if any of that is true, I would say that if you have any interest in that MONDO Back to the Future OST tri-vinyl, you should suck it up and just buy it……. . . .the essential complete score albums for each of the BttF films by MONDO, and the “all 3 in a radioactive case box” are now either impossible to get or prohibitively expensive that it might be a case of buy now or miss out.


You should look on Mondo’s website. Back To The Future vinyl is about £19.50 ($25.00). Even with shipping from the US it will still only be about £30.


12″ and 7″ singles are also costing album prices now too. I’d like to support the format and still buy them from the acts I like (on the odd occasion they release one), but it’s hard to justify it for what you actually get. Which just leads to them not happening at all.


Hi Paul, this week will also see the reissue of the long-postponed Cat Stevens’ Back To Earth box set.