Out This Week / on 4 January 2019

David Bowie / 1. Outside (coloured 2LP vinyl)

Friday Music in the US are reissuing a couple of David Bowie albums this week including the brilliant Outside, from 1995.

This is the full album across two vinyl records. In fact, slightly ridiculously there are TWO different versions: a blue/green swirl vinyl pressing and a black/white swirl vinyl. They aren’t particularly cheap, due to being imports.

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David Bowie

1 Outside blue & green swirl 2LP vinyl

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon usa   279.95
JPC de   52.99

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David Bowie

1 Outside white & black swirl 2LP vinyl

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JPC de   52.99


Billy Joel / The Stranger Japanese hybrid SACD+CD

Two-disc Japanese 40th anniversary reissue features a 5.1 surround mix of Billy Joel‘s fifth studio album. The album was of course produced by Phil Ramone and the 5.1 mix was created by Frank Filipetti. The stereo layer uses the 2011 mastering (by Ted Jensen) and includes five bonus tracks. The second disc is a blu-spec CD2 and includes the Carnegie Hall concert included on the 30th anniversary edition. As with the recent 52nd Street SACD, the packaging is exemplary, since it comes in a seven-inch card sleeve with inner bag, booklet, concert ticket, flyer, two posters, 24-page booklet and 60-page booklet and more. Also available on CDJapan.

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Billy Joel

The Stranger - Japanese SACD+CD


David Bowie / Hours (coloured vinyl)

David Bowie‘s 1999 album Hours… also gets the same treatment as Outside from Friday Music (two different versions). It’s one of my least favourite Bowie albums and not a patch on Outside. The artwork has grown on me over the years though!

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David Bowie

Hours (Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl) [VINYL]

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JPC de   38.99

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David Bowie

Hours (Blue & Gold Swirl Vinyl) [VINYL]

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Amazon usa   99.99

John Coltrane / 1963: New Directions (5LP vinyl box)

New vinyl box set that features John Coltrane‘s work in 1963. That year’s recorded output shows movement in many directions: a look back at the past, continued examination of a familiar repertoire, exploration of more traditional formats and a look forward at compositions and approaches that would further extend the reach of jazz. Also available as a 3CD set.

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John Coltrane

New Directions - 5LP vinyl box


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John Coltrane

New Directions - 3CD set


Various Artists / Rushmore soundtrack (vinyl LP)

First time on vinyl in the UK for this soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s brilliant 1998 film RushmoreIf you see the film, you’ll want the soundtrack, simple as that. The film music mixes, The Kinks, Cat Stevens, The Who, John Lennon et al with Mark Motherburgh originals. Rushmore is one of the best films of the 1990s (and there were many good ones) so if you haven’t seen it, you should do!

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Various Artists

Rushmore vinyl LP

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon jp   2468.00
JPC de   27.99
FNAC fr   35.17



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Bad reviews for the coloured Hours. I will wait one ro two years for the box set. https://www.amazon.com/Translucent-Orange-Audiophile-Limited-Tri-Fold/dp/B07HSR2L69/?tag=sdepcwus-20#customerReviews


I can confirm those reviews. The cover art work is awful, a blurry mess lifted straight from the CD by the look of it. Which is as it was when it was released a couple of years ago. It looks like a bootleg.
The coloured vinyl looks and sounds great.
Heathen by the same label doesn’t have these issues.
I’m yet to receive 1.Outside and Reality.

Elizabeth Hirst

Thank goodness I am not a Bowie completist. I think I’ll wait for the boxes to get these albums on vinyl. It does seem like a rip-off to have multiple coloured vinyl of exactly the same album, but it seems that any technique to separate fans from their money is OK these days.

Brian Smith

Why not just plain black vinyl? I’m getting tired of coloured and multi-coloured stuff.


i’m looking at the coltrane, it shows only black vinyl in the picture.

Jim Breeds

I’m tempted by Hours. It’s one that passed me by on first release. But how can Amazon justify £47 in UK? PLUS, both the UK and US Amazon sites listings of Hours are showing the Outside image! Tsk, Tsk.


The Amazon track listing for the Rushmore vinyl doesn’t include anything by Lennon, although the inclusion of such a track is mentioned in the product description.

Garry Scott

I just ordered both from Amazon Australia and as i’m a prime member i get free shipping. Cost me $112 AUD which converts to 62 GBP. Makes a change to get something cheaper in OZ!


The Bowie vinyl is cheaper to buy from amazon USA (with postage and import charges) than it is to buy it from the U.K. site.


Hey Paul, can you do the 2019 reissues preview, please?
All the very best in the New 2019 too!
Nancy :-)


Give him a chance Nancy!

Though I can’t wait for Paul’s preview either.
Love the preview and planning my collecting year ahead.

Happy New Year everyone


I am wondering what Bowie’s label/estate will do once the box sets hit the 90s and after. Just about every album had a whack of B’sides, mixes and other stuff. I think “1 outside” has a full CD of extras [most are remixes]. Heathen had quite a bit as well. And so on.


I’ve seen Bowie on every tour since 1983 and the Outside tour was my favourite by far! The infamous Morrissey supported shows at Wembley Arena! It was so good! Loud as hell!! The tabloids were reporting that the audience were leaving halfway through because he wouldn’t play “the hits” He did play Teenage Wildlife, though, my favourite Bowie song and I’ve never been happier!


I was 14 and I was at the first night at Wembley, 14/11/95,
When Bowie come on everyone stood up so I couldn’t see, my dad got us moved tot the side seats so we could see.
I’m sure they saw us leaving and reported it.
Because I remember reading that to.
Excellent gig!
Teenage wildlife was a personal favourite of mine too. And my death


My new year’s resolutions list now reads: 1. Eat healthier 2. Exercise more 3. Finally get into “Outside”. (I feel I have a chance with 3…) Happy 2019!
PS. Paul, did you do a “Favourite Albums of 2018” list?


It won’t be long until every song David Bowie ever recorded is issued on 7″ coloured vinyl, with the same track repeated on the B-Side. With a tenner price tag, the usual suspects will still be queueing around the (virtual) block!


So I can order from the US, and have it shipped to New Zealand for under $US 7! No import duties at that price.

Rectory Records

If you have not already, check out the Tony Visconti interview in 2 parts on BBC6 music. Available on BBC music app and iplayer I guess. Very entertaining and informative, if you love his Bowie input or not.


1.Outside on vinyl just kills me. An album intended to exploit the capacity of a CD (and Bowie had enough material for a second CD come to that) but fair enough.
These Japanese SACD’s frustrate my tight budget. It was bad enough with the Miles Davies Bitches Brew Japan only release last year. Hybrid SACD AND Blu Spec CD is a peculiar box ticking exercise for collectors.


buy a Friday release is very expensive outside of USA!!!

Kevin Galliford

I love “Outside”, one of my top 3 Bowie albums & I waited years for the much talked about sequel done with Eno but alas nothing so far. Maybe in years to come after the boxsets issues have been completed & someone somewhere releases each album individually, we will hopefully get all the recorded stuff from the time. I’m not losing any sleep over it even though I’d sell my dog for it!


Perhaps, if the multi-disc 5-year-increment boxes continue, we’ll get the expanded Outside with that.


Although it starts off rather oddly with Thursday’s Child, I’m rather fond of Hours myself. *shrug*


I bought the 2015 double LP reissue of Outside (white vinyl) in Amsterdam 2 years ago for €69. It was obviously an import, hence the price, but it was worth it. Didn’t really care about the color (white) but always wanted the full length version of Outside on vinyl. It’s long out of print now and worth more than €200 on Discogs!

They should just reissue a standard black version now.


I have always felt let down by the quality of Friday Music’s products, so much so that I’m not going to buy anything from them again. They are not a patch on what Music on Vinyl, or Vinyl180, produces.


I was shocked at how there were so few pages of photos for their live Bowie release…

Roel Glas

I’m with you Clive. I’ve stopped buying Friday Music titles too. They butchered the Deep Purple vinyl re-issues of In Rock & Fireball (sound wise – the packaging was good though!). Didn’t bother with the other DP titles. Luckily for me these titles have now been re-issued many times over. They are also very expensive even if you buy direct from US dealers like Import CDs

Simon Thornhill

I’m fumming!! I LOVE 1. Outside, it’s possibly my fave Bowie album. Before you all collectively “tutt” at me. I Really got into Bowie through the release of this album, as I was only a nipper when he released his classics.
I’ve been trying to get this on vinyl for years. But always shyed off by the hefty price tag.
So at first I was delighted at this news. But when you factor in possibly being stung for import fees.
I think I’ll wait it it’s reissued within the vinyl Boxset format. Not sure if it will be included in the next one or the one after that lol
Not too bothrred about it being on coloured vinyl , I just want an excellent pressing of the full album on vinyl.
As a side note , I picked up the Coloured Japanese vinyl reissues of Heathen, Reality , The Next Day and the 2003 Reality Tour vinyl Boxset. They were issued to coincide with the Japanese Bowie……..IS exhibition.

I was hoping that 1.Outside would have been included , but sadly no


Hours is the Bowie album I like the least.
Given Reeves Gabrels was hugely involved in the writing and producing of this album, I was expecting a rock album with huge guitars in it. Instead we have a mainstream boring album with uninspired tunes.
But remember the release of this album more or less did coincide with the launch of both his 1999 remaster campaign and the Bowie Bank.
Bowie could not take the risk of launching a non-mainstream avant-garde LP at the same time.
So that is Hours.


Still, ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’, eh?!!


The sound of Hours was all Bowie’s doing. In fact, it was the experience of doing Hours that caused Reeves to decide to move on. Reeves wanted a harder album, Bowie the melancholy we got.


Hours is a great undervalued album. Problem is, it was poorly produced. If it had been recorded with Visconti, would have been a different story. ‘Pretty things are going to hell’ should have been a monster hit.

Brilliant Adventure

Is the longer haired Bowie on the cover of Hours a lookalike? Looks suspiciously like the actor from the Evian advert – the video for Thursday Child.



The reason for the colored vinyl is to make it a more desirable offering. I got off the Bowie bus with Black Tie and have never listened to this period until Heathen. They figure this is the only way to make it attractive to collectors


Some really good b sides from the hours sessions!


I was a teenager in the 90s and became a fan in the late 90s, so I got ‘Earthling’ then worked backwards. ‘Hours’ was the first new Bowie album during my time as a fan, and I remember excitedly going to the CD shop the day of its release to pick it up. I made myself like it at the time, but now it sounds dreadfully thin and boring. Even Bowie seemed to bore of it quickly, since he only played two or three tracks even in the promotional tour from the album, then skipped the album entirely on the 2002 and 2004 tours.

andrew r

Its David Bowie ,some of his output is better than others
anaemic and boring ? Never .

Nigel D Day

Hours is probably my worst Bowie album. Even moreso than Tonight and Never Let Me Down. Have never heard DB sounding so bored. Nearly all his other albums feel like they are complete and that all the songs on them belong together. The stuff on Hours sounds like a load of unloved B sides that have been burnt onto a CD then forgotten about almost immediately. Shame, especially after the return to form of the previous few albums.


The Bowie re-issues.

Friday Music taking advantage of Bowie completists, sadly its an affliction many of us have.

Reality is due next, mid January.

Past November they issued 4 x different coloured versions of Heathen. Serious problems with the sleeves meant many many dissatisfied customers.

As for Outside, they are the only place to get the full album, 2 x LP, their all white version is superb quality and fetches big money on the 2nd hand market.


Actually 5 different colored versions of Heathen if you include the Barnes & Noble exclusive!

Mr P

F*”‘ me!
How much extra do amazon uk want for the bowie albums???

mr P

that was because the shops had to order them in to the UK. This is Amazon!
really want Outside but can’t justify that price :(

Alan B

Paul the world has moved on from those days. Pressings are more centralised these days. More often than not a single pressing is made and distributed world wide. Look at RSD pressings. They are sold all over the world at roughly the same price. Any country other than country of manufacture is technically an importer but they are treated and sold as domestic pressings. The days of getting that elusive foreign pressing with a different sleeve and/or track listing have long gone as the release from overseas is more than likely the exact same pressing. I recently got the McCartney Spotify green vinyl. It is a US pressing and I bought it from Recordstore which is run by Universal who simply took the stock from the US with no import fees.

Alan B

I understand Paul. I was talking about the major record labels. Obviously small independent labels will only produced locally. Have you any insider information on what may happen post Brexit? Most releases (on major labels) here are “made in the EU” and it is the same product across all EU countries. You no longer get different French or German pressings for example. Will this change after Brexit? Or will the UK pressings suddenly become more expensive with import tariffs if made outside the UK for UK distribution?

Billy Dojcak

It was kinda the same here. $4.99 for a 12″, but imports were usually a dollar more. I’d get the the import if available cause the sound was better.

Those injection molded 7″ with the inked on label always sounded terrible.

Andrew M

Anyone who expects no import duty has obviously never bought a MoFi pressing :)

Andrew M

Would love the Billy Joel. Going to see Elio Pace with David Brown perform the stranger in it’s entirety later this year.

But I can’t play SACD so I will have to pass :(


It’s a SACD Hybrid which means it plays on any normal CD player :)


Although I am not sure many people would want to pay over £60 to do so ;)


65 quid for a CD!

Peter Robertshaw

Let’s have a heated debate:
Is it called “1.Outside” or “Outside”?


No debate necessary imho: Record sleeves say “1. Outside” and “Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1” so i guess that’s what the artists want these albums to be referred to.


I’d say 1. Outside – The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper-cycle. ;)


Oh, sh&!


The Coltrane set is a bit cheeky; basically repackaging “Both Directions At Once” with the rest of his 1963 recordings. Great stuff, of course but not necessary.


If you already have all the other releases that is.

I don’t, so i find it quite cool that i can skip the standard release of “Both Directions At Once” and get something like an SDE of it instead.


The 3rd of the Bowie Outside releases you have listed (Blue/Gold Swirl) is actually a 2nd version of Hours. So there is 2 versions of each release. Amazon just has the wrong picture.

Paul Soper

Hours is one of my favourite Bowls albums. It’s actually the album that got me into Bowie. I’n contrast, I can’t make it through Outside. Maybe i’ll try again!


I’ve never liked Hours. It’s anaemic and lifeless. Even the one track I listened to TPTAGTHell sounds pretty boring now.


I’m with you Paul. Hours is a particular favourite of mine (as far as latter-day Bowie goes). I find it a much more satisfying listen than Heathen or The Next Day (and definitely one of the better covers in amongst his last clutch of albums).