Out This Week / on 4 May 2018

Oleta Adams / Circle of One (2CD)

Oleta Adams‘ 1990 album features the big hit Get Here. Tears For FearsSeeds of Love team were at the helm, so this was produced by Roland Orzabal and Dave Bascombe, with songwriting contributions from Orzabal and Nicky Holland. This is a two-CD set with bonus B-sides and remixes, and I interviewed Oleta, Roland et al, for the sleeve notes. The signed copies available via the SDE shop (now sold out) will follow in a couple of weeks. Read more

Liz Phair / Girly Sound to Guyville

The 25th anniversary of Liz Phair‘s debut album sees Matador Records reissue it with the singer-songwriter’s early ‘Girly-Sound’ tapes on 7LP vinyl and three-CD. Read more

Gaz Coombes / The World’s Strongest Man (new album)

The third solo album from the ex-Supergrass frontman. The SDE shop has a few of the ‘indies-only’ PINK vinyl edition left. Read more

Cockney Rebel / reissues

Cockney Rebel‘s two albums (before they changed and became ‘Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel) have been newly remastered and these vinyl reissues are analogue cut. CD editions also available (neither formats have bonus tracks). Read more

Frank Sinatra / Standing Room Only (3CD box)

This new, official triple-CD package presents a trio of rare and previously unreleased Frank Sinatra concerts from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Read more

Brian Eno / Music For Installations (box set)

Eno‘s bespoke high-concept ‘plexiglas’ super deluxe edition is ludicrously expensive, but this music is available in a standard six-CD package and as a 9LP vinyl box and those editions are priced more reasonably. Read more

Enigma / vinyl reissues

Nine Enigma albums repackaged and reissued on vinyl, including the debut, 1990’s

Compare prices and pre-order



Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon de   350
JPC de   21.99

Jean Michel Jarre / Revolutions (black vinyl)

Sony are reissuing a number of Jean Michel Jarre albums this week on 140g black vinyl including Revolutions, his ninth studio album, first released in August 1988.

Compare prices and pre-order

Jarre, Jean-Michel



Rita Coolidge / Safe in the Arms of Time (new album)

Rita Coolidge releases her 18th solo album. “The idea was making an album that had the same appeal of my early records – to make a roots record about my own roots,” she says.

Compare prices and pre-order

Rita Coolidge



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Was up for ordering the Gaz Coombes album (on CD natch), but then I heard the latest tune released from it and really disliked it. Will be giving it a thorough going over on Spotty thigh before purchasing now.

CJ Feeney

Also out this week Jon Hopkins – Singularity on CD or 2LP. Blue vinyl available, comes with MP and wav downloads. His Immunity album and associated Asleep EP are still regulars on my playlists.


When you buy something using Paypal they take the payment immediately.


Walther, I received my copy of the W. Ash box, from Burning Shed, on the 19th. It’s fantastic. Brilliantly put together.


Nothing on Wishbone Ash The Vintage years

Paul Taylor

Just checked Digital Stores’ T’s & C’s out of curiosity, payment taken on or just before dispatch for physical products and immediately for digital

alan hansen

ENIGMA? i’m not catholic, but i will continue to light the occasional candle, with a prayer that we get a proper SDE of their debut album.

Paul Taylor

Digital Stores must have changed their processes as stuff I preordered early in April haven’t had payments taken from my card yet


What the hell!! the Enigma vinyl reissues They should have seen with the original covers. They are better!!!


Really like the Enigma reissue artworks. How good does Rita Coolidge look?…hoping she hasn’t been ‘cosmetically enhanced’!


The Enigma reissue artwork is relly beautiful, harmonizing the whole collection of 8 albums plus best of, while keeping the essential uniqueness of each release. Using one different single color for each release (for the front typeface, inner sleeve and vinyl color) is a simple and effective idea.

Another reason why this Enigma reissue program is of interest, is the fact that the majority of albums are released on vinyl for the first time.

Larry Davis

It all looks nice, yes, but I have to be honest, i discovered Michael Cretu’s stuff in the 80s via his wife Sandra’s records, as well as his productions for Hubert KaH and Peter Schilling’s “The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)”… Enigma came afterwards after I realized it was actually Cretu himself and that Sandra was on the records too. I have to admit, I’m not as much of a fan of his Enigma project as I am Sandra’s…but it is good stuff…I just kinda wish Enigma was not Cretu, because it’s all intertwined….

Andrew M

Can anyone clarify these universal owned sites? Someone on here said they charge on dispatch not on preorder.

I emailed them to double check and they said they charge on preorder. Has anyone preordered from them before and confirm either way? They rattled on about debit cards and credit cards, and each one being used differently.

I tried to preorder something using a debit card that I use just for vinyl so I only put funds on it when I’m expecting a charge. But it got rejected due to lack of funds but I’m not sure whether they were trying an authorisation charge or the full amount. They use Worldpay so surely they would take the money straight away?


Chris Squires

All 4 that Paul mentions take the money on order…upfront and you have to email them if you want to cancel, which they are pretty good at to be honest but there is no simple button, you have to wait up to 24 hours to have a cancellation confirmed.

That, plus postage charges which are realistic, but seem expensive due to amazon prime, can make something not as cheap as you thought.

Finally, if you make a pre-order and an order at the same time they will double your postage if you want your available order now. So if you order something that is 6 weeks away at the same time as something that is currently in stock and want to keep post charges down you will have to wait until the “6-week away” thing is released to get hold of the “available now” release unless you want to literally double your postage. Even cherry red do not double your postage if you pre-order and order, which I did this week. My available item came within two days and my pre-order is still a few weeks away but I was still only charged £1.35 total postage.

All things considered, to me at any rate, Umusic is a second-best (not necessarily second-rate) business model unless you want something that is exclusive to these stores, and exclusive means they will all (except GoS) have it at the same price and on the same terms. I am not sure who they are kidding with having three stores that are pretty much identical and although I have had no issue with customer service (cancelling) I know of people here who have raised issues about them before.

They have also taught me the phrase “when is a bundle not a bundle” – when there is zero discount for bulk purchases….. (McCartney and others)
And then there is the OKNOTOK debacle, but we won’t go into that just now….

William Miller

they charge on you order, at least they did for me


I prefer being charged upfront – I know many don’t – but, being on a limited income, it means my accounts are always up-to-date, and there’s no nasty surprises sitting in the pipeline – as happened the other week when my Amazon pre-orders for MSP’s Resistance Is Futile, Bowie’s ChangesTwo CD and LP (and something I can’t remember) all appeared at once – after I’d forgotten they were due on that due.

(And my ChangesTwo was the handsome blue one, after my ChangesOne was the pretty clear one, both first time round. I was rather pleased.)


I ordered the limited Soft Cell Box set from uDiscover Music and was NOT billed immediately. I just had to authorise them to deduct the total from my PayPal when the item is ready to ship.

Andrew M

Thanks all, I really appreciate the in depth replies and advice.

Andrew M

Ok, this is really bloody annoying.

I refuse to actually pay for something weeks or even months In advance.

A week, I can just about deal with so I just went to buy LSD and Mcm……..and guess what?

Sold out……

Not happy :(

Chris Squires

That’s odd Christian because I’ve just checked my account and the money for my Soft Cell order (with poster) was taken out of my account on Monday 23rd April, the day after I made the order and it won’t be delivered for weeks. That says you pay in advance. Something, I don’t know what, doesn’t add up if you haven’t been charged. Weird.

Paul G

Does anyone know if the Enigma reissues are on coloured vinyl? All other sites state colour, but nothing on Amazon.

Paul G

Actually, it appears its just Amazon UK who don’t state whether they are coloured vinyl.


I ordered the first 2 LPs from Amazon DE and their description said colored, I can confirm once I receive them.

Auntie Sabrina

Pledge Muic (amongst others) have the coloured vinyls…


Paul G

I haven’t seen any other versions but coloured vinyl – so Im assuming the Amazon UK ones will be as well. Ive ordered a couple and I shall wait to see.

Andrew M

They are. Just received MCMXC a,D and it is stunning. Beautifully designed sleeve, lovely coloured vinyl, and excellent sound too.

Have ordered the Greatest Hits.