Out This Week / on 4 September 2020

The Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup reissue CD, Vinyl, Box Set, Blu-ray

Arguably the first properly ‘good’ Rolling Stones box set. The Goats Head Soup 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe features a brand new stereo mix, a 5.1 surround (and Dolby Atmos) mix, a disc of rarities and alternate mixes and the much desired ‘Brussels Affair’ concert.

Fleetwood Mac / Fleetwood Mac 1969 to 1974 CD

Fleetwood Mac 1969 to 1974 is a new 8CD box set that covers a five-year timeframe and several different band line-ups of the band. Fleetwood Mac 1973 to 1974 is a late follow-up to the 1969-1972 vinyl box from 2013.

XTC / Oranges and Lemons 2LP vinyl

XTC / Oranges and Lemons Vinyl

XTC‘s 1989 album Oranges and Lemons is released as a 2LP vinyl set.

Gloria Estefan / Into The Light Vinyl

Into The Light, Gloria Estefan‘s second studio album as a solo artist is reissued as a limited edition 2LP coloured vinyl set.

Labi Siffre / My Song 9CD box set CD

Edsel issue, My Song, a 50th anniversary Labi Siffre nine-CD box set which features all of his albums and a generous selection of bonus tracks. 500 copies come with a ph0to personally SIGNED by Labi Siffre (still available).

Two Tone: The Albums CD

Chrysalis Records issue Two Tone: The Albums, a new 8CD box set that marks the 40th anniversary of Specials found Jerry Dammers’ label.

Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan and T. Rex

Various Artists / AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan & T. Rex CD, Vinyl

Marc Bolan and T. Rex are remembered with AngelHeaded Hipster, a new compilation album which features interpretations of his songs by Nick Cave, U2, Elton John, Marc Almond, Todd Rundgren, Joan Jett and more.

Billy Ocean / One World

Billy Ocean‘s new album One World is released this week and is available as a signed CD.

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Lee Realgone

Got my 2 Tone box this morning. Far smarter than I was expecting. Expected something in a clam-shell (much like the new Fleetwood Mac 1969-74 box), so it was a nice surprise to get something sturdier like The Fall’s 1982 box.

As far as I can tell, the only drawback is with More Specials. Because the 2015 remasters have been used, Enjoy Yourself comes with the extra 30 seconds and fade — the original cassette had the track end really abruptly and drop straight into Man At C&A with Neville shouting “Warning! Warning! Nuclear Attack!” Since that was one of the best segues/transitions between tracks EVER, it’s such a shame it’s been lost.


Labi Siffre box now out next Monday 7th according to Amazon


Just the signed copies as standard set is available today


The Pineapple Thief also have a new album in various formats. Their SDEs usually have a Blu-ray and a DVD which is a bit of an annoying double up as they have the same content on them, but conversely they are good value at £35 for 4 discs.


Looking forward to this one.

Bruce Kelso

one group missing from all these super deluxe sets is the jefferson airplane. i a huge fan of theirs from 66 to 70. there is a wealth of live material from this time period and a nice batch of studio material that begs to be released. the first 3 cd issues had hidden bonus tracks that would fit nicely along with the other studio material. whats up sony/bmg?


Couldn’t agree more. The Airplane have been badly served with budget compilations and the dreadful Starship legacy. A SDE campaign would allow re-evaluation of their amazing early work and hopefully reinstate them in their rightful place.


The german Rolling Stone magazine announce a world exklusive 7“inch PRINCE single 4 the next month!

stephen king

Thanks for the news on the Prince 7″. Easy to order on the magazine website and postage not much to the UK. Seems Rolling Stone in Germany is happy to pop out the occasional exclusive 7″ having also bought a previous Prince as well as Bowie and Who records in recent years.


Also out this week will be the second box of solo releases (imaginatively called “SOLO II”) by former “Kraftwerk” and “Neu!”-member and Krautrock-pioneer Michael Rother (for now on cd only).
It includes his five albums originally released between 1983 and 2004, a disc with outtakes and one disc with his first new recordings since 2004, which he wrote and then recorded while being bored during Corona lockdown.
And by the way: He celebrates his 70th birthday tomorrow.


Hey, Paul. Just wondering if you were going to do an unboxing video for the Goat’s Head Soup SDE.


And the Doobie Brothers “Quadio” is out this Friday as well!


Thanks for the heads up on the Berlin release. I went to the website and ended up ordering it and the Love Life release!


Rubellan Remasters is releasing an expanded Berlin ‘Pleasure Victim’ CD on Friday.


1. Tell Me Why
2. Pleasure Victim
3. Sex (I’m A…)
4. Masquerade
5. The Metro
6. World Of Smiles
7. Torture
Bonus Tracks:
8. Sex (I’m A…) (Single Remix)
9. Tell Me Why (Single Remix)
10. The Metro (Euro Single Remix)
11. Masquerade (Single Remix)
12. Sex (I’m A…) (Extended Remix)
13. The Metro (Extended Remix)
14. Masquerade (Extended Remix)

Larry Davis

Ok new releases arriving in tomorrow’s delivery…Fleetwood Mac 69-74 CD box & TRex tribute…Stones can wait, 2Tone can wait…and on RSD Drop Day #1, I hit 2 stores & got 9 items total…first at Looney Tunes, I got the Elton John, Manics 12″, Billie Eilish live @ Third Man Records, Lennon 7″ & John Prine/Kelsey Waldon 7″…then at Newbury Comics, I got the Def Leppard RRHOF EP, double album White Whale comp, and double 7″s of Christine & the Queens & Soft Boys…and my friend Bruce found me the Cradle CD…the only 2 I did not get as they were both sold out… Pretenders live 1980 & Bowie Soul Tour 74 CD…pretty great RSD overall…


Rubellan Remasters is releasing their expanded reissue of Berlin’s album Pleasure Victim on CD this week with seven bonus remixes. It’s only available through their website right now and it looks really nice. I can’t wait to receive my copy!


Also out this week is a badly needed remaster of Berlin’s “Pleasure Victim” with bonus mixes and versions.

It’s released by and available at http://www.rubellanremasters.com

They also did Berlin’s second album “Love Life” and the sound quality was off the charts.

As the original “Pleasure Victim” CD may be one of the worst sounding ever, I’m sure this one will be incredible.

BTW – not affiliated with the company in any way, just a big fan of their remastering work.

Regan Judson

I was just cranking their Love Love reissue and it sounds amazing!


Been looking forward to the 2 tone CD box set since l pre ordered it. Will take me back a few years.


I managed to bag the BBC Radiophonic Workshop CD box set in-between down times on the Rough Trade website and have since received a dispatch confirmation email.

Alan B

Surprised we have had no feature on the first RSD held on Saturday. Some retailers were online only as they haven’t re-opened their shops and a lot of retailers had online issues when they went live at 6pm. Tried to buy one item from one where I got all the way to the payment section where it kept getting timed out and when it eventually worked all copies were gone despite it still being in my basket. Could be worse. Poor old Rough Trade’s website crashed even before 6pm and was down for a long time.


Had a similar experience with Banquet records.
The website clearly couldn’t cope with the demand. And when it finally worked through every stage of the process, guess what….. the items i wanted were no longer available.
Hopefully next year We can go & queue up without risking our health :(


RSD Saturday was manic – 100+ queue at 7.30am at my nearest store..went to a smaller one nearby and was 3rd in line! Managed to grab some of my wishlist..thought the Bowie stuff would be around longer. Incredible interest. I also found the bigger websites like Rough Trade and Banquets hopelessly inadequate at 6pm, found some smaller stores online which were much better (may not have had all items available but at least it didn’t feel like wading through mud)

Gareth Pugh

I had a similar experience with one such site. Took many many sluggish attempts to get to the point where it didn’t keep timing me out at the point of entering payment. But after about 50 mins of trying, it auto-emptied my basket! But despite having shown the 2 items I wanted as sold out by then, I tried just a few moments later, and for a brief moment suddenly everything worked, and quickly. At that point it suddenly showed 4 left of one of the items and 5 left of the other, let me re-basket them and finally let me pay. I have an order confirmation e-Mail but I’m slightly nervous I’ll get a ‘we’re very sorry but our site made an error in all the frenzy and we didn’t actually have any left to sell you at that point’ e-Mail. First world problems I know, but crossing my fingers. Maybe their site not only auto-cleared my basket prior to that but also those of others and hence the stock levels bounced back from ‘SoldOut’ to having a handful available again and I was lucky for that brief moment if/when they were? And yes – Rough Trade’s site just didn’t work for me until about 7.30pm at which point none of the items I couldn’t get in their store first thing had sold out online too. Hey ho. The Duran Duran LP is like gold dust – it sold out practically everywhere super fast (I was something like 5th in the queue at RT West and still no luck) – those on e-bay last night are all over the £100 mark. Just a couple of wants in September and thankfully nothing I’m after in October! Hope everyone here got what they wanted (or as much as possible)!


I forgot to check online at 6pm and by the time I remembered (maybe 10pm) the first few sites I checked for the Bowie releases on CD were showing as sold out. Managed to order from a place eventually and keeping my fingers crossed it is sent out this week without any issues.

Tim Abbott

Banquet reported on their Twitter feed that they received as many orders between 6pm and 7.30pm on Saturday than the entire day last Black Friday. And Rough Trade were sold out of most of the big items once they got the site back online.

Not really surprised they crashed – those are the two most well-stocked sites as far as I’m concerned, but was a good opportunity to buy from some other places a bit further afield, and had successful orders at Drift, Jumbo, Monorail, Resident and a few others.

Brad B.

Hello Alan, I happened to attend RSD at a record store Twist & Shout in Denver, Colorado USA. They had a good system where people sent an email to be entered into a lottery draw for timed entries into the store on RSD. I did so and secured a numbered 30 time slot along with a full copy of the RSD list they would have on hand, so people could pre-select up to 15 titles they wished to buy and what in what ranking preference they wanted those items in case some titles ran out before others (we were allowed 1 copy of each item on said list up to 15).
I confirmed I could attend that slot, and the store also gave people an option of transferring that time slot to 1 person if you couldn’t attend on the day. Come Saturday morning I showed up 10 mins before my slot, checked in with a store employee who then took my completed list along with my clothing description to spot me in the store (since everyone had to wear masks ) then a couple other employees directed people to their slot #’s on their sidewalk (6′ apart naturally). Once we checked in we waited til our time slot came up and if the store was down to under 20 people inside we could go in. Everyone had to sanitize hand before coming thru the door, then we were allowed to browse the entire store while our RSD titles were pulled from inventory behind a counter. This only took about 10 mins which gave me time to pick up a couple other in-stock items then an employee saw me, called me over to their counter, handed me all 8 of the titles I had on my list and then I checked out at their front counter. I was in & out of the store in about 30 mins total and felt very comfortable during the process. The other people I happened to have around all seemed to get everything they wanted from their lists and overall everything I purchased was sealed and in great condition. at least the items I’ve opened so far. I was happy with the experience especially since I hadn’t been in this particular store since January, so nice to be back in a music store! I wouldn’t want to have to shop like this in person all the time but for a one-off event it was certainly tolerable and hope it worked well for them and other stores around the world doing a similar system.

Timm Davison

My store did it the same way – you hand them a list of up to 15 titles, and they pick out what they have left. I was 7th in line, and got everything I wanted except for the Spacehog, which seems to be the sleeper hit of this RSD drop. Luckily, there’s nothing I ‘need’ over the next 2 drops, so I can sit these next 2 out and see what they end up announcing for Black Friday.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

September, first of the ‘Avalanche’ months, will be playing on my Phonograph this months new releases by: Rolling Stone – Goats Head Soup & Steal Wheels box sets/LP, Two Tone Box, Suzanne Vega – 2LP/signed set list, XTC – Oranges & Lemons 2LP, Fleetwood Mac CD Box, Nick Mason 2CD/Bluray, Bruce Cockburn – 5LP Box, Lou Reed – N.Y. Box plus new releases from Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, Pretty Things and more.

October will probably be as good!

Kevin Wollenweber

I’m uninformed here; what is the “new” release by Joni Mitchell?

Dave H

Completely forgot about the Rolling Stones reissue, will have something to look forward to listening to this Friday.