Out This Week / on 5 April 2019

David Bowie / Spying Through A Keyhole box set Vinyl, Box Set

Spying Through A Keyhole is a seven-inch vinyl box set that features nine previously unreleased David Bowie demos from the era in which Space Oddity was conceived.

Matthew Sweet / Girlfriend pink vinyl Vinyl

Matthew Sweet‘s 1991 album Girlfriend is reissued as a limited pink vinyl pressing via Music On Vinyl.

New Order / Movement box set and 12-inch singles CD, Vinyl, DVD

New Order will issue a super deluxe box set edition of their debut album Movement along with a series of 12-inch singles.

Marianne Faithful / Dangerous Acquaintances white vinyl Vinyl

Marianne Faithfulls 1981 album Dangerous Acquaintances, is reissued on white vinyl. Limited edition of 1000.

Professor Longhair / Live on the Queen Mary (reissue)

Professor Longhair (or “Fess” for short), was New Orleans blues singer and pianist Henry Roeland Byrd. Live on the Queen Mary was originally released in 1978 on Harvest Records and it captures Fess’ legendary 1975 performance from Paul and Linda McCartney’s Venus and Mars album release party. The Queen Mary was by this time a tourist attraction/hotel docked in Long Beach California. The audio on this reissue (via MPL/Harvest) has been remastered and a very elusive deluxe LP version (available in limited quantities from the SDE shop) features a bonus seven-inch single, Linda McCartney press photos, facsimile press release and a foreward by Hugh Laurie.

The Slits / Cut (vinyl reissue)

English post-punk band The Slits‘ 1979 album is reissued on vinyl by Universal Music.

Marvin Gaye / Collected (2LP coloured vinyl)

The previous coloured vinyl issue of this Collected compilation must have been popular because this is a new pressing which features blue/red vinyl records (the previous edition was all blue).

Bob Dylan / Street Legal (vinyl reissue)

Sony reissue Bob Dylan‘s 1978 album on black vinyl

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Am I the only one to think that Dylan’s Street Legal reissue on LP is an indication of what will be the next bootleg series?

Paul Murphy

They have a Rolling Thunder set ready to er, roll, although these things sometimes get shoved sideways [‘More Blood’ was replaced by ‘Another Self Portrait’, for example, and only came out last year]. There is very, very little in the ‘Street Legal’ vaults, although the Helena Springs recordings would pad it out, and they have been digging for quality 1978 tour tapes (as most of those in the Rundown vaults went AWOL) and although many of the 1978 reworkings of the ‘old’ material still don’t hold up, there were some wonderful performances of the ‘Street Legal’ songs, and given Bob’s almost complete ’embargo’ on ‘Desire’ and ‘SL’ in concert since that tour, they remain interesting live versions in the first instance and unique ones in the latter. Paul hasn’t listed them, but ‘Pat Garrett’ and ‘Planet Waves’ are also out on vinyl on the 5th.


The other band to perform at Macca’s party was the Meters (feat Arthur & Cyrille Neville of the Neville Brothers in their line up). Their set was also released on CD back in 1992 as “Uptown Rulers: The Meters live on the Queen Mary”.

If Macca could secure the rights to this album and re-release it, it would make a nice little set of albums that you could put on and imagine yourself partying with the Maccas, Harrison, Dylan, Rod & The Faces, The Jacksons, Cher, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, Phil Everly et al!


I still have my original copy of Cut bought from Boots back in ‘ 79 (yes, Boots used to sell records, and my local store was as well stocked as any good record shop) . Can’t remember how much I paid but I bet it was less than a fiver!

Duncan Day

Boots had some great stuff. I bought Germ Free Adolescents there, of all things

Craig B

Back in the 70’s Boots was my ” go to ” place for records in my town .

Chris Squires

I used to work in WH Smiths, Birmingham in the 1980s and they had a fantastic record dept. Alongside Boots, which was often as good a place to find what you wanted as Virgin and both HMVs. I got most of my early CD collection from Smiths. No Bar Codes. What a delight. It’s amazing how the internet has destroyed such cornerstones of UK life.


Also out this week is the 6 CD The Searchers box set with all of their Pye recordings in mono and stereo.


Not an out this week but probably the best place on the site to post this. Sad news that HMV in Solihull is closing next weekend following the failure by Sunrise to negotiate a lower rental. Better news is that the HMV store in Merry Hill Shopping Centre (Dudley) has re-opended after initially closing in early February.

Marc B

Sadly the HMV in Gunwharf Portsmouth has also now closed, again I think this related to the cost of rental space.


Gosh, I was only in there a couple of weeks ago. Nowhere to waste away the time now whilst my better half goes clothes shopping

Ann Coates

I received that Marvin Gaye Collected 2LP on Friday. One of the best sounding vinyls I’ve got – fantastic.


Mike and the mechanics new album Out Of The Blue with 3 new tracks and re-recorded classics is out on vinyl this week. CD to follow in 2 weeks -deluxe 2 disc set will also be available

Phil Morris

The Mechanics CD editions are also out on Friday.


Ah good shout. They are out in the Uk this week… USA in 2 weeks


Unfortunately it’s not a joke… I’ve been waiting to see price going down since the re-realase was announced, but no joy so far. I’ll have to wait for one of these “deals”, my price tag for it is around 50 GBP, which I think it’s more that enough for the DVD and a disc of demos (partially already available on bootlegs).
And I’m curious to see how the 12″ reissues will sell at 11 GBP each… here nothing new, just reproduction of the original singles (which I already have)…

Martyn Alner

Actually the New Order 12″ reissues have been very nice – I have the originals but the new ones look (and play) very nicely. The only difference is a 2019 copyright, and a ‘NEW ORDER’ and title of single on the spine. the spines are a bit more robust than the originals.

What? Me, Worry?

second is the Bowie box set price.


First April fools joke of the day is the price of that New Order box set.


…or “the slits” cover

Paul Taylor

Not around in ’79 then Marc?
The late Ari Up was John Lydon’s stepdaughter


sorry?…dont understand your point??

Alan B

Some prices are a joke. Just noticed some retailers advertising a 7 inch picture disc of Baby Baby by The Vibrators due for release on the 12th of this month. Price? Between £18 and £20. The world is going mad. Twenty quid for a 7 inch!!! Makes RSD releases look like a bargain.

Paul Murphy

But what a song though. Wish my kneecaps were up to enjoying it!