Out This Week / on 5 February 2021

John Mayall / The First Generation 1965-1974 box set CD

John Mayall’s The First Generation 1965-1974 is an enormous 35CD box set that documents the early career of ‘The Godfather of British Blues’ with remastered studio albums, unreleased BBC recordings, previously unheard live gigs and more.

Bob Marley / Songs of Freedom CD, Vinyl

A revised version of the 1992 Bob Marley box set, Songs of Freedom, is reissued on vinyl and CD.

Foo Fighters / Medicine at Midnight new album

Foo Fighters / Medicine at Midnight CD, Vinyl

Foo Fighters release their tenth studio album, Medicine at Midnight.

Essential 10cc / 3CD set

10cc / Essential 10cc CD

UMC will issue Essential 10cc on their budget Spectrum imprint next month. The three-CD set brings together an impression 60 tracks.

Gene / Riding For Sunset black vinyl

Gene / Riding For Sunset Vinyl

Gene‘s live album Riding For Sunset is reissued as a 2LP black vinyl edition.

Suede / See You In The Next Life (black vinyl)

The 2004 fan club CD (actually ‘Suede Information Service’) was a fond farewell and contained loads of rarities and curios and was issued on coloured vinyl last year for Record Store Day. A few are still exclusive to this release such as the Mick Jones remix of the last single ‘Attitude’ and the live French version of ‘The Power’. This is released on black vinyl this week, although to date it remains unissued commercially on CD (the original was limited to 2000 units)

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Welcome to the next life vinyl LP


Deacon Blue / Riding on the Tide of Love (new album)

A ‘companion’ album to City of Love this new Deacon Blue album was recorded during lockdown and features eight brand new tracks.

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Deacon Blue

Riding on the Ride of Love - vinyl LP


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Deacon Blue

Riding on the Ride of Love - CD edition


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James Pigg

Are you doing a Mayall unboxing video Paul?

The Ragman

The coloured vinyl edition with signed print of Riding On The Tide Of Love is already sold out at the pre-order stage – same thing happened with City of Love gatefold signed coloured vinyl… had been half-expecting another HMV limited edition picture disc announcement but maybe 2 vinyl versions is enough given only 8 songs and just over 30 minutes of music. Its a bit of a shame Deacon Blue seem to be moving away from box sets for new albums, the ones for A New House and Believers were both very good and reasonably priced (Believers box set can be bought for £20) – have heard a stream of the new mini-album and it continues the good form the band have been on.

Larry Davis

Nope, not getting anything major for a long while…why?? Outlaw Country Cruise 6 (sailing end of Feb ’22) is booking time for me tomorrow…that takes precedence over all else…maybe the next key release for me, not related to the cruise, is the new Cheap Trick, out April 9…

John MC cann

Larry don’t mean to pry,,,,,but are you a billionaire?


So wish I had the cash for the Mayall set. Oh well.


Not sure if it has been mentioned but last week Martin Gore released the 5-track EP ‘The Third Chimpanzee’. If you are a fan of the VCMG collaboration he did with Vince Clarke or his follow-up MG album you will like this one. It’s a howler.



In my day a howler was a bad thing. Has that changed?


Transatlantic: The Absolute Universe will be released this Friday (5.2.21) in various formats as well!


I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere on SDE, but Dutton Vocalion recently added some 70s rock album sets to its range of hybrid SACDs:

Mott the Hoople (2 disc set)
– The Hoople (Quad & Stereo)
– All the Young Dudes (Stereo only)
– Mott (Stereo only)

Bachman Turner Overdrive (1 disc)
– Bachman Turner Overdrive (Quad & Stereo)
– Bachman Turner Overdrive II (Quad & Stereo)

Burton Cummings (2 disc set)
– Burton Cummings (Quad & Stereo)
– My Own Way to Rock (Stereo only)
– Dream of a Child (Stereo only)

It doesn’t look like any bonus tracks are included.


Just listened to a very good podcast on Spotify called the ‘Rockonteurs’ (S1 e22). Guy Pratt and Gary Kemp from Saucerful of Secrets interview Roland Orzabel. As far as I could tell there is nothing strictly new here, but it is nice to hear Roland talking very openly about his beginnings in music, his relationship with Curt, some bits about SoL, and how the new album has been shaped by lockdown.

Pieter van der Velde wzn

And now for something not so different: Hilton Valentine of the Animals has left the building. The first song I learned on the guitar was The house of the rising sun. Thank you Hilton and rest in peace.


Hi, I believe the new Fleet Foxes album Shore is also out this Friday in physical formats (at least in Europe), it was made available on streaming services a few months ago and it is a great record in my opinion. They performed it live in acoustic performance from a Brooklyn church, St. Ann & The Holy Trinity, there are some very nice clips available on youtube. I hope that they put out this performance in physical format as well. Cheers


I’m glad Suede are still able to fund their own existence, but their fervor for reissuing and reformattting everything they’ve put out never ceases to amaze me. Worried that something is a limited edition? Just give it another few years and you’re practically guaranteed to see it released again in some variant. A collectors nightmare, I’m sure, and sort of removes the “limited” exclusivity of most of their rare material. On the plus side, not at all difficult to gather up the vast majority of their material for more casual buyers.


The live French version of ‘The Power’ is on Dog Man Star (DeLuxe). Not sure if Elaine Paige is available elsewhere.

Alan B

We have seen a few comments over the last few months about poor customer service from some websites and D2C operations I was wondering if we could have a dedicated article to posters’ experiences good and bad.

The worst ones for me by a long way are The Secretly Store which is the in house online store for record labels Dead Oceans, Jagjaguar and Secretly Canadian. I pre-ordered the new Shame album on CD in November in order to get a free Xmas card/flexi disc with the first 500 pre orders (they charged £5 postage for the CD in order to post it Royal Mail 48 Hour service the day before release date thus ensuring it was impossible to receive the CD on release date – but that is another matter) and by the week before Xmas I hadn’t received the card/flexi so I emailed them asking when it was going to be posted before Xmas. No reply. It turned up a few days later. There was also a technical issue on their ordering webpage which I pointed out by email. No reply and the issue still persists.

They have a record club for special releases from those labels which you can only get via a subscription to their club. I took out a 3 month subscription in order to get their exclusive half black/half blue exclusive vinyl edition of the new Shame album. I received my copy but unfortunately it arrived with a one inch seam split. I’ve emailed them 3 times over the past 2 weeks asking to return the damaged LP and for them to arrange a replacement. No reply. They have a cheek to mention in their Help Section that they would rather not hear about customer problems first via social media or Discogs, so please contact them with any issues. That’s 5 emails to them on 3 different topics – all ignored. You couldn’t make it up. They don’t publish any contact phone number on their website and the only way to contact them is via email. I wonder why.

I would say that it is bad customer service but you have to have customer service in order to be bad. Non existent customer service doesn’t apply.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Contact your card company or PayPal Alan B if you paid by either or even both* and set up a dispute. I bet you hear from them after doing so if not you`ll be refunded by your card company/PayPal.

*I have my card as the payment method with PayPal that way I have double protec tion.


Many have held up and been fanstatc under recent circumstances, but for me recently it’s JPC that have taken a plunge regarding customer service. They have a person answering all emails who is frankly unreasonable, overly curt and makes it feel like they’re doing you a favour, only they’re not doing you any favours, and has put me off ordering from them in the future which is a pain in the arse as they’re been so good for so long. I hope this changes.

Thomas Staudt

The new Transatlantic album is released this week, also with a special edition with LPs, DVDs, 3 CDs etc.


I think the Marillion webstore may have jumped the gun with the issue of this, as I surprisingly received the Blu Ray of this from them last week.

A pleasant surprise and a great album


I am seriously going broke here. Was fortunate to get the limited edition blue vinyl with signed print.

I love your website. It’s my go to for new vinyl releases, but jeez. Seriously need a second job! Thanks mate for all the hard work you put into this site.
Nico – Portland, Oregon