Out This Week / on 5 January 2018

Neil Young + Promise of the Real / The Visitor

Neil Young / The Visitor (vinyl LP)

Neil Young‘s 39th studio album, The Visitor, recorded with The Promise of The Real is released on vinyl this week. Read more

David Bowie / Beauty and the Beast

You can’t say no to this Beauty and the Beast seven-inch picture disc, especially if you’ve been collecting all these 40th anniversary David Bowie singles from the start!  Read more

Thom Yorke / Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Artists like Radiohead and Thom Yorke often try to make some kind of statement by releasing their music unconventionally but they always end up on the oh-so-unfashionable CD in the end! This 2014 solo album was originally issued by “paid-for BitTorrent bundle”. A vinyl reissue came out in December last year and here’s the compact disc…

Arcade Fire / The Suburbs (vinyl LP)

Vinyl reissue of the Arcade Fire‘s third album, originally issued in 2010.

Leonard Cohen / Ten New Songs  (vinyl LP)

Leonard Cohen‘s tenth studio album was issued in 2001. There was a gap of nine years between this and its predecessor The Future (songs from which had featured in Oliver Stone’s film Natural Born Killers). The length between albums was partly explained by a five years of seclusion at the  Mt. Baldy Zen Center near Los Angeles, where Cohen was ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk. This is a vinyl reissue of Ten New Songs.

Jed Kurzel / The Babadook original film score (vinyl LP)

Waxwork Records issue Jed Kurzel’s score to Jennifer Kent’s 2014 psychological horror film, The Babadook. Would highly recommend the film [independent, filmed on a budget], which I think is on Netflix. Don’t watch it on your own!

Compare prices and pre-order

Jed Kurzel

The Babadook (Original Soundtrack) [VINYL]


Nico Muhly / Howards End original series soundtrack (CD)

More soundtracks. This time Milan release Nico Muhly’s music to the recent (and rather good) BBC adaptation of E.M. Forster’s Howards End.

Compare prices and pre-order

Nico Muhly

Howard's End (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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JPC de   17.99


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John Bollenberg

What would be nice is a box set containing all STEELY DAN albums as individual albums in miniature sleeves respecting the original tracklisting. In 1993 I bought the 4CD box Citizen which then contained material from the band’s 1972-1980 catalogue scattered over four discs. This means that CD1 contains all of “Can’t by a thrill” plus six songs from the “Countdown to ecstacy”. The remaining two songs find their way onto CD2 next to all of “Pretzel Logic” and a further seven songs from “Katy lied”. The remaining tw songs are on CD3 together with all of “The royal scam” and three songs from “Aja”. The final disc has the remaining four songs from “Aja” and all of “Gaucho”. Due to time restriction the correct tracklisting does not follow the original releases either. So all in all they crammed all of the music onto four discs, poorly executed and with a handul of bonustracks

since this release two more studio albums have been released whilst all previously released material has been remastered. If they cabn release a DONALD FAGEN trilogy 3CD set in 2007 containing bonus audio and video followed by Cheap Xmas a 5CD complete Donald Fagen box set containing an extra 10-track Extras cd, LP replica covers and seperate booklets, then a similar box set RESPECTING the original tracklisting and covers on STEELY DAN is long overdue!


Mark Yon

I’ll just say what all the usual SDE readers will say: A deluxe set of Tears for Fears’ The Seeds of Love in 2018, please.


Please, a Dire Straits box set in 2018 with lavish packaging, remastered albums, bonus tracks, alternate takes, muti-channel audio, live recordings and a hefty booklet .. no less :)

Mic Smith

The Thom Yorke album first came out on CD in Japan a couple of years ago presented in a card box.


Fish – Sound quality is very subjective and you are clearly wrong by saying Movement’s equipment is not good. I personally think Suburbs is an atrocious sounding CD which didn’t benefit from whatever fancy analog processes were used. It’s ridiculously squashed and quite unpleasant to listen to right through. I can guarantee you that my system is not at fault, neither are my ears.

Alan Blevin

There is also a 35 minute Arcade Fire “EP” out this week.Appears to be a mix of new stuff and previously released tracks(live?).


Tried to find this but failed. What’s it called? Is it on cd?


Saw Chris Farlow (age is now 77) a lot of times in Germany. But here is still an opportunity in UK:

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Chris Farlowe
The Empress Inn, Littlehampton, UK

Stevie B

Having just spent £64.99 on the ANCIANT Bowie box I did said no to the Beauty and the Beast picture disc single with ease. Anyway, although it’s been out a couple of months, I don’t think that the 2 disc Chris Farlowe at the BBC set has been mentioned on here. For the uninitiated, Farlowe was one of the great British blues singers of the 1960s, and still sounded great when I saw him in the late 1990s. This 38 track album looks essential for anyone interested in this era of UK blues.


Anyone heard any whispers of a 40th anniversary super deluxe edition of The Jam’s ” All Mod Cons”?


No Iron Maiden?


What are Maiden releasing? I haven’t heard anything..


They aren’t releasing anything.

Charles Christopher

“Artist’s” like Radiohead and Thom Yorke…???

Tsk, tsk, Paul. You make the English major in me cry! :)


I don’t buy vinyl but if I did I would be annoyed that this release of The Suburbs does not contain any of the deluxe edition tracks, including the far superior version of Wasted Hours.

BTW, the CD mastering on this album stinks (either standard or extended version). In theory a vinyl release would fix this but who knows.


the cd release sounds amazing, clearly your player and/or speakers are not good. the album songs were cut from the lacquer process, like they do for vinyl, btw. not sure of the correct terminology to use for it, but you should understand what I mean if you know this stuff. the only thing i would change about the suburbs is turn the drums up in the mix on certain songs, but that’s the way they like them. but i respect your opinion of course. I’m crazy when it comes to mixing/mastering, and can hear things a lot of other people can’t. one thing i know for sure is that that album sounds good.


I agree fish, it’s his system. Sounds great on my main system and even my cheap setup in the sitting room.


A reissue of Jon and vangelis pages of life also comes out this week!! Get it on there!! :)


High expectations, there’s an idea !
How about a well re-mastered release of Joan Armatrading’s Back To The Night on CD in a Jap style sleeve please.

I’ll do the re-master for free if I can have a copy of the final issue.
(This one is for any exec’s who pop by.)


what the heck is “jap style”? and how much harder is it to spell out japanese?, if in fact that is what you are referring too?


It’s a term for a certain quality presentation for CD packaging replicating 12″ LP’s, Joel.
It was pioneered in Japan about 20 years ago. It usually goes hand in hand with superior mastering pioneered by Toshiba, limited editions and collectors box-sets, and price tags to match.
It’s a term that’s about as offensive as ‘Britpop’. I.e, not offensive.


Britpop? Now that can really be offensive if you follow German comedian, singer and TV-presenter Ina Müller. She took advantage of the informal meaning of German verb “poppen” which is similar to the English “shag” and wrote the infamous chorus “Immer wenn ich Britt popp hören wir Oasis, kein Reggae und kein HipHop, immer nur Oasis, dann sind sie da, die Neunziga, und bei “Wonderwall” ruft sie: ” Take me to the top” ” roughly translated into English meaning:
“Whenever i shag Britt we listen to Oasis, neither reggae nor hiphop, always just Oasis, then we’re back in the nineties and when “Wonderwall” comes up she shouts: “Take me to the top”.
Sorry about that, but i just wanted to show that offence can be a really personal thing.
Paul, you may edit or delete this if you think it inappropriate.


If I’d known it was going to turn into a Guardian comments page, I wouldn’t have bothered.

elliott buckingham

a very weak 1st 2018 releases