Out This Week / on 5 June 2020

The Blue Nile / High reissue CD, Vinyl

The Blue Nile‘s 2004 album High has been remastered and is reissued on vinyl and as an expanded 2CD deluxe set.

Sleeper / Smart 25th anniversary reissue

Sleeper / Smart 25th anniversary reissue CD, Vinyl

Britpop band Sleeper‘s debut album Smart is reissued for its 25th anniversary, with expanded editions available on coloured vinyl and CD.

The Human League 'Essential' 3CD set

The Human League / Essential CD

A new three-CD package, ‘Essential’ offers an overview of the Virgin Records-era of Sheffield synth-pop band The Human League.

The Who / Live at Hyde Park 3LP vinyl Vinyl

The Who Live in Hyde Park is reissued as a coloured vinyl 3LP pressing.

Doctor Who / The Underwater Menace (2LP vinyl)

This is a ‘narrated TV soundtrack’ of The Underwater Menace – which was the fifth serial in the fourth season of Doctor who, starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. This is pressed on ‘volcanic eruption’ coloured vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with full cast/credits.

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Human League and Blue Nile arrived today.

Hunan League so cheap and supermarket type fodder, but rather impressed that the designer used different coloured Virgin labels.

Blue Nile, a matt finish sleeve (which I prefer) to the original and in keeping with the other reissues. Unlike the others no booklet of photos, which is a bit disappointing. The original had the lyrics. Also misses the b side to I Would Never, but it looks like Paul Buchanan isnt including any co writes.


Those two song from I Would Never are on the deluxe of Walk Across The Rooftops and they aren’t vinyl rips like they were on that CD single. They don’t belong on this reissue anyway.


Wow, not even a booklet with the Blue Nile cd. Not really ‘deluxe’ as such:)
What with the and the pretty shoddy Iggy reissues, I’m really starting to wonder what I’m paying for.


The awesome Rubellan Remasters label that did all of those excellent Visage reissues is releasing a brand new reissue on compact disc of the Divinyls album Desperate this week too. They remastered it from original master tapes and have expanded it with six extra tracks. I can’t wait to get my copy!


It’s so lovely to see the blue nile as the headline image when I first log in to SDE.h


Just wanted to thank you for your website -it is a fantastic resource for new music and look forward to it every day


The 4 disc version of Devin Townsend’s Empath is finally due on Fri.


Has anyone else noticed that (in the main) vinyl packages for film/radio/tv are head and shoulders above actual music releases – or is it just me?!?

Chris Squires

I have found myself agreeing with you William, going over the soundtrack purchases from the last few years most of them are beautifully made, sound very good and have solid packaging. Mondo and Stylotone (when they get the right film) are generally very good.
The TV / radio vinyl from Demon is also quite good. Certainly the presentation cannot be called dull by any stretch.


Wrong section, I know, but Prince purple vinyl (3121, Musicology, Planet Earth etc), Depeche Mode singles box sets (Black Celebration, Some Great Reward) & other stuff currently half price at Townsend Music

Alan M

They still seem pricey.

who freak

The Who’s new album Who is only $2.89 on cd at amazon USA right now



Thank you!

Steve F

Amazon’s delivery of The Blue Nile has been put back to 1st July. I don’t know about direct orders.


Double Argh!!!!


Steve F, not sure the actual release date has changed. I got an email saying Amazon UK would not be delivering this week as they were concentrating on other priority stock. I ended up cancelling with Amazon and preordering from a seller on eBay and as luck would have it whilst ordering got a voucher code for a fiver off which I used.

Steve F

What’s another month when we’re talking in terms of The Blue Nile time?

Steve F

TBN 2CD now expected June 9th. No update for vinyl (yet)

Ian Smith

High deluxe revised to June 9th now, but I notice other vendors still stating June 5th so it’s possibly just Amazon being cautious regards shipping delays.

Paul M

My Blue Nile CD pre-order has just dispatched from Norman Records so probably just an Amazon thing

CJ Feeney

My local record shop messaged me yesterday to say The Blue Nile 2CD has arrived.


My Blue Nile 2CD has been despatched from an eBay seller today, so no delay to the CD release date.

Timm Davison

I’m kicking myself for not buying those recent Blue Nile vinyl reissues.

Tom from FIN

That’s exactly my mood here too, Timm. – But flesh is weak.