Out This Week / on 6 December 2019

G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology volume 2 box set

The Go Betweens / G-Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2. CD, Vinyl

Officially issued last week, this is getting a mention again because Amazon UK appear to have stock for just £125. Domino follow up G-Stands for Go-Betweens – their 2015 box set devoted to Australian indie band The Go-Betweens – with a second box, G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2.

Muse / Origins of Muse

Muse release a massive vinyl/CD box set called Origin of Muse. This package will chronicle the band’s earliest days through to their breakthrough album Origin Of Symmetry. It contains nine CDs and four coloured vinyl records.

Mick Jagger's solo albums to be reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl

Mick Jagger / Solo albums released on vinyl Vinyl

Universal Music reissue all four of Mick Jagger‘s solo albums on half-speed mastered vinyl.

The Who / WHO CD, Vinyl

Rock legends The Who release ‘WHO’ their first studio album in thirteen years.

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love original score / Nick Laird-Clowes signed

Nick Laird-Clowes / Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love original score Vinyl

The Dream Academy‘s Nick Laird-Clowes has been composing music for films and documentaries for two decades and his score for Nick Broomfield’s 2019 Leonard Cohen documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love is released on vinyl LP with just 100 signed copies available exclusively via SDE (Nick is dropping by SDE tomorrow to sign these!).

Cabaret Voltaire / Methodology '74 / '78 Attic Tapes vinyl box

Cabaret Voltaire / Methodology '74-'78. Attic Tapes Vinyl

Methodology ’74-’78. Attic Tapes is a new, highly limited 7LP box set of clear vinyl records that charts the development of Sheffield’s electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire.

The League of Gentlemen / Precious Things vinyl box set

The League of Gentlemen / Precious Things Vinyl, Box Set

Demon Music follow up last years impressive Special Stuff  box set with a new League of Gentlemen vinyl package, Precious Things.

Various Artists / Songs from the Cool World Vinyl

Warners will release a special 2LP vinyl edition of the soundtrack to 1992 live-action/animated film Cool World. This ‘Flesh’ coloured vinyl features the full 15-song sountrack and has an etched side four.

Eric Clapton and Guests / Crossroads Revisited (6LP set)

Vinyl edition of the 2016 triple-CD set includes (as well as Eric Clapton himself) Jeff Beck, Gary Clark Jr., B.B. King and Jimmie Vaughn.

Compare prices and pre-order

Various Artists

Crossroads Revisited: Selections From The Guitar Festivals [VINYL]


Kylie Minogue / Golden Live in Concert (2CD+DVD)

Not exactly an essential purchase, but under £10 for this three-disc Kylie live set is certainly good value and will surely tempt some fans outside the hardcore fanbase.

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Looking forward to the Go-Betweens set making a dent in my doorstep this weekend (years of waiting!) along with the reissue of Arab Strap’s ‘Philophobia’ and the new Yann Tiersen semi-retrospective.


Just received The Go-Betweens box set, a thing of beauty like the first one.
Now to sit down and listen to the music I know and all the rarities I’m looking forward to.
Sadly, I missed out on the book as I was not in the lucky first 400.
Oh well, thought I got my order in pretty sharpish but seemingly not.

Congrats to Domino Records for getting the box set to people on the day it is released.
Take note other companies, i.e Rhino to name but one.

Julian Hancock

My box appears to have disappeared somewhere between Domino and DPD. I try very hard to avoid just buying from Amazon, but the reality is that ordering from many of the alternatives repeatedly leads to difficulties. SDE and Drift are two honourable exceptions, not least, I suspect, because they both use Royal Mail.


I had same problem last December with McArtney box set. Hermes just made it disappear without trace.


Seconded! Mine arrived today too (with a book from Grant’s library). The quality of the box and contents is superb. Paul, do an unboxing video! (and perhaps an interview with Mr Forster too?).

Daniel ( from Berlin )

for me too much hair on the kylie cover. it seems more like “hair with a little kylie”. ;)


The Kylie cover looks remarkably like the sort of cover you get for bootleg FM radio recordings, where the bootleggers create a drawing / painting instead of using a copyrighted image.

John Simmons

Yes i thought that as well, it also reminds me of a Brigitte Bardot or Nancy Sinatra LP cover from the Sixties!


Wish the Kylie live set was a blu ray. Really disappointing it’s just a DVD in 2019


Perhaps they’re working on the principle that around 75% of visual media sales are for DVDs (according to figures I found for 2017/18 – or was 2016/17 – although there are peaks of Blu sales for certain releases – LOTR, Star Wars things, etc. – and have remained static at that level for years). Possibly because while many people have 1 blu-ray player – they also have DVD players in bedrooms, studies, computers, cars, etc. I guess my main point is, maybe they want this to be enticing to ‘many’ buyers rather ‘a few’. Anyone would think they wanted to make money….

John McCann

Maybe they dident use hi.def cameras or even worse shot it on video tape like they did in the eighties.


Be Bop Deluxe five disc (4cd/1dvd) deluxe box set edition of Modern Music also out this week.
There’s also an expanded 2 CD version.


Beat me to it , had this on pre-order since October with signed postcard.


What site had the signed postcard?


Cherry red , when i bought mine it said 2 left , so i snagged one.


It’s long gone, but it was Cherry Red.


Yeah, a massive release this week – not sure how that one got missed. LOL


It came Friday postcard is a good un proper signature and dated, not a squiggle!.
The box set itself is great have not played yet am about to now.

Richard Harris

Not best pleased that Amazon now say they can’t deliver my Modern Music box until at best 21 December, despite having Prime. Urrrggh!


Don’t dis Kylie! LOL. It will sell more than Mick Jagger solo vinyls