Out This Week / on 6 July 2018

Roger Waters / Is This The Life We Really Want? (limited green vinyl)

Roger Waters‘ US+THEM tour continues to win plaudits and to mark the European leg – concerts this week in Manchester, Birmingham and London – Sony/Columbia are issuing this limited double green vinyl edition of last year’s superb Is This The Life We Really Want? Read more

The Beatles / Yellow Submarine (seven-inch picture disc)

Although Yellow Submarine was on The Beatles‘1966 album Revolver, this reissue (b/w Eleanor Rigby) is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the animated feature film, which is returning to the big screen for a special ‘one-day cinema event’ on 8 July. This picture disc is no longer available via Amazon UK, for some reason. Read more

Eurythmics / Be Yourself Tonight, Savage & Revenge (vinyl reissues)

I thought the first three Eurythmics vinyl reissues were superb in just about every way so there is no reason to doubt that the next three will just as good. In fact, the rocky (but still quite good) Revenge aside, I prefer this mid-period that includes the poptastic Be Yourself Tonight and the experimental and bleak Savage (undoubtedly, the duo’s best album). Remember, these come with hi-res downloads as part of the deal! Read more

a-ha / Hunting High and Low

a-ha‘s Hunting High and Low is one of the best albums of the 1980s. Any debut that contains pop songs as good as Take On Me, The Sun Always Shines On TV and the title track  is always going to impress, but the fine album tracks, such as Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale and Here I Stand And Face The Rain, raise it to another level. This is a CLEAR vinyl pressing, which forms part of Rhino’s ‘Back to the 80s‘ vinyl reissue campaign. Read more

The Jesus and Mary Chain / 21 Singles (2LP vinyl)

This rather good 2002 Jesus and Mary Chain compilation is issued on vinyl for the first time in July. Quite good value for a double. Read more

Bruce Springsteen / The Album Collection, Vol 2  (Japanese CD edition)

I do think Sony will eventually issue a widely available, standard CD edition of the recent Bruce Springsteen Album Collection, Vol 2, but if you can’t wait, or just love the quality and tactile nature of Japan’s mini-CD LP vinyl replica packaging, then you can buy it now, at a price. As a reminder, this contains remastered editions of  Tunnel of Love, Human Touch, Lucky Town, MTV PluggedThe Ghost of Tom Joad and two EPs: Chimes of Freedom and Blood Brothers.

Madonna / Like A Virgin (white vinyl)

Hopefully, you got your pre-order in, for this WHITE vinyl pressing of Madonna‘s second album, when SDE first posted the information, since it’s now £4 more expensive at £20. If not, then might I suggest you sign up to the SDE Newsletter which informs you about deals, alerts you to high-profile new releases and delivers weekly summaries of reissue activity. This release forms part of a wider Rhino ‘Back to the 80s‘ campaign.  Read more

Eighth Wonder / Fearless 2LP deluxe red vinyl

Eighth Wonder / Fearless (2LP deluxe red vinyl)

Let’s be honest, Eighth Wonder‘s Fearless isn’t a classic album, but the 1988 long-player remains of interest because it boasts a contribution from the Pet Shop Boys, during their ‘imperial’ phase, no less. They wrote I’m Not Scared for the group and clearly knew it was great, because Chris and Neil included their own version on the Introspective album (released later the same year). Back to Eighth Wonder, and this new edition is limited and numbered set and is pressed on heavyweight RED vinyl. The second LP features bonus remixes, including the disco mix of I’m Not Scared. This isn’t being issued on CD. Read more

Morrissey / This Is Morrissey (CD and vinyl)

New Morrissey compilation of the Parlophone Years. Worth picking up for a few rarities, especially on CD which is only £3.99.  Read more

Haysi Fantayzee / Battle Hymns For Children Singing (2LP deluxe yellow vinyl)

Haysi Fantayzee’s one and only album, Battle Hymns For Children Singing is reissued asa special coloured double vinyl pressing which includes extra tracks on the bonus LP. Read more

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Kevin Wollenweber

It is a shame that the second Bruce Springsteen box set is not also being issued on CD. I have the first one and was hoping to see the rollout continue, but, alas…perhaps it is hopeful that the record company might change its mind and also issue this collection on CD? I’d love to get the live material!


Looks like those last days are appearing again the Ultravox albums that they reissued over 9 or 10 years ago but now with “2018, Remastered Definitive Edition” on and seems that same tracklist of previous 2 cd albums…


They have just been reissued and it’s the same mastering as the 2008 Definitive Editions so don’t be fooled into thinking that these are new remasters.


I was surprised to accidentally discover that David Ackles’s fourth album – “Five & Dime” – was remastered and released June 15. Here’s the description via amazon: “Digitally remastered edition of this 1973 album from the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. David Ackles recorded four albums between 1968 and 1973, this being the fourth. His third album American Gothic had received considerable critical acclaim in the US and UK but he struggled with the pressure of expectations when making the follow-up. He eventually withdrew from the recording studio and produced Five & Dime at home on a four-track recorder. He delivered “a modest and simple record” on time and under budget. Describing Ackles’s style in 2003, critic Colin McElligatt wrote, ‘An unlikely clash of anachronistic show business and modern-day lyricism… deeply informs his recorded output. Alternately calling to mind Hoagy Carmichael, Irving Berlin, Robbie Robertson, Tim Hardin, and Scott Walker, Ackles forged an utterly unique sound out of stray parts that comprise a whole that is as uncompromising as it is unrivalled’.”


I’ve noticed that Amazon frequently stop selling these limited editions for the final few weeks leading up to release date. All I can think is that they work out they think they’ve pre-sold their whole allocation and have decided to suspend orders until after release when, either through cancellations, non-payers, getting increased stock, they resume selling based on what they have rather than what they hope for – but that’s just an entirely speculative guess!

But as I say it’s not an uncommon thing to see happen – which is why I now order months in advance (for the price guarantee thingy) then over the following months make a decision as to whether I can afford/ really want something after all – as opposed to making a decision to buy only two weeks before the release date and finding Amazon are no longer taking orders!

Geoff Garvoille

Always great to hear someone else giving Savage some love. Thanks, Paul.


It was always my favourite but only have it on ye olde cd. A pristine vinyl copy would be very nice!


I don’t know if I’m the only one but I tend to hate all these colored vinyl editions flooding the market. I guess it’s easy money for record companies. According to an ICM/BBC poll, 48% of people who buy vinyl don’t listen to the records (7% of those surveyed said they didn’t even own a turntable, while a further 41% said they have one but don’t use it) so basically record companies don’t need quality and virgin vinyl, they can afford to put on the market lower quality products and people will still buy.


The labels are not stupid and know there’s a target audience of (mostly) men aged 40 and upwards with disposable income who “collect” music.

O(+> Peter B

Myself and other friends in Australia had our last splurges on the USA and UK Amazon stores while we still could. I noticed one album that could do with a reissue: God Fodder by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. I found a cheap second hand CD of that and a 5-track EP of Grey Cell Green which I recall having great b-sides. I passed on this copy retailing for over £2,000!: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0012GN1M0/?coliid=I2BA2CZ9YKA28D&colid=1Q6S6T24Q0YIJ&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


The Springsteen box set is released on 11 July according to the Sony Japan website.


I have not seen this mentioned here, Cherry Red have re-issued the 1995 Big Country album ‘Why The Long Face?’ (find the dog-faced original cover!) in a 4-cd boxed set including the original B-Sides, the live Eclectic album and a disc of demo’s. I pre-ordered and got mine for £20! Great music.


Please would it be possible to show other online retailers who WILL ship to Australia in your price wedges since amazon has blocked Australian customers. BTW the Australian amazon site is total mess and overpriced.


Would really appreciate that.
Australian Amazon is understocked and overpriced.


As would I!! Australia’s Amazon is an absolute disgrace.

O(+> Peter B

Or you could add Amazon Australia to compare

Neil O

Also out this Friday is Ascension by A Flock Of Seagulls. Re-recordings of a lot of their best material, now accompanied by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Progster

Yes A Flock Of Seagulls have reformed the original 4 members haven’t recorded together as this line up since 1984 !!! Come on Paul I’m shocked you didn’t give us pre warning this album was coming out…I only found out about this by stumbling across a video trailer on YouTube this past Saturday morning and it was officially announced almost exactly 2 months ago !!!

Larry Davis

That is cool news…recently got the 2CD anthology ‘Wishing’ and I came to the conclusion that AFOS are criminally underrated and they have a ton more great songs than the hits and a unique signature sound within the 80s synthpop genre…very spacey (lots of instrumentals) and a serious prog streak and obvious Bowie-isms…will get the new album…

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Considering I and most likely many others picked up Vol.1* on CD for around £30 I doubt many will be paying £180+ for the Japanese edition. Especially when it is being released on CD in the USA/Europe later this month, hopefully. I’m very happy with the LP edition, nice flat, clean & quiet** vinyl.

*I am of course referring to Vol.1 and not the ‘Red’ box containing inferior mastering in comparison to Vol.1.

**When I say quiet I am of course not referring to the music!


Revenge is indeed very good, but Savage is truly brilliant.

Larry Davis

My fave Eurythmics records are ‘Savage’ and the ‘1984 for the love of Big Brother’ soundtrack…aside from their solo work…’Savage’ hit me as an album at a unique time…was DJing college radio at the time, and in the music department, we would grade new releases to see what to add to the library…and ‘Savage’ was just released, no hits yet to give any preconceived notions to sway any which way…so I heard it objectively, and as soon as I heard ‘Beethoven’, i was gripped start to finish…maybe that the record didn’t have any huge hits gave it an advantage?? Now, I love the other records, but not as much as this…or ‘1984’…


Thanks Paul. Very heavily vinyl-related this week. Have the record companies given up on CDs or is there such a huge margin on vinyl that they are grabbing every bit of cash while people are still prepared to pay it?


Yes its a lean week as a CD buyer and I am glad! Last week I ended up adding a total of sixteen reissue CDs to my collection contained within the Flaming Lips box, the Procol Harum remasters and the Buffalo Springfield box. CD is not over yet and I got some catching up to do.


Yeah, need to get that one as well and what great value.

Larry Davis

This past Friday was the biggest release week and purchase week for me in quite a while…what I picked up…from Target, the 2CD Guns N Roses & Florence + The Machine… From Newbury Comics, the Flaming Lips box, the 2CD Posies reissue of their BRILLIANT second album and major label debut “Dear 23” (then ordered on Amazon the reissue of their debut “Failure”), the Ray Davies/Jayhawks collabo, the recent Neko Case, and full-length debut album by Bebe Rexha (excellent pop album, she has a way with a hook!!), then the next day at Looney Tunes, amongst some really cheap used titles I wanted, the recent release by genre-defying singer/songwriter Priscilla Renea (Hamilton) called “Coloured”… She mixes pop, alt-country, R&B, hip-hop, and more in an original way…then the next day, back at another Target, got the new Gorillaz…really cool and unexpected… The only thing I wanted but did not get was the Bowie “Blackout” cuz the prices were a tad high…$23.99 to $26.99…will wait and happy it’s in a cardboard digipack like ‘Cracked Actor’ was…


“Don’t think anyone has given up on CDs”

A lot of independents such as Light in the Attic, Finders Keepers, Trunk, etc. have given up on them.


Signs CDs are not dead:

1. Kanye “I Am Never Releasing Physical Media Again” West is releasing a physical version of “Ye” later this month.

2. Companies are still putting the effort and expense into releasing separate “clean” versions of albums so they will be carried by certain retailers who refuse to carry albums with explicit stickers (even though said retailers are also cutting back on floor space for CDs).

My opinion–it’s the labels that want regular physical media to die so they can benefit on continued returns of streaming services and cloud subscriptions, that they can also revoke whenever they want to. While consumer demand for CDs has diminished, it’s far from gone, and I think you would actually see a higher demand if the companies would stop making it more and more difficult to get physical media.

Larry Davis

Reminds me of early 90s when the labels were trying to get CDs to take off, so they killed vinyl to take away choice for consumers… Now the opposite is happening, ironically, with the labels trying to kill off CDs to concentrate on streaming and upsurge in vinyl again…I’m not abandoning CD, will get select vinyls, but not streaming!! I do sample things to try it out, but I am all about ownership of copies of albums I like/love, by artists I collect and follow…many listeners are just streaming and moving away from ownership…yes, those who do not collect…

Larry Davis

US chain BestBuy gave up on CDs officially on Friday…but their selection royally sucked recently up to the end…but i saw Pause And Play, and this week (July 6th) there is only 1 key new release…the new Years & Years…maybe cuz of the US holiday July 4th??


Eurythmics – Revenge is a brilliant album! :)

Mr P

When this was released I was running a record store. Despite a promo video (given by the rca rep) on heavy rotation, we couldn’t shift this one.

I loved it and still do, but their star was seriously on the wane then.


Mr. P – not sure where you are from, but ‘Revenge’ was a massive album sales-wise. Here in Australia it was in the Top 15 sales for the decade that was the 1980s.

‘Savage’ was the commercial disaster compared to their previous releases.

CJ Feeney

CD Japan currently show the Springsteen set with a 11 July release date. Amazon UK says 6 July. I assumed Amazon were importing theirs from Japan, so I’m a bit confused now.


At the price they are asking you should be able to stipulate your own release date!