Out This Week / on 7 February 2020

Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974

Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 CD, Vinyl

BMG issue Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 in February a Bryan Ferry live album that was recorded 45 years at the famous London venue. Signed box set edition is available.

The Strokes / Limited coloured vinyl Vinyl

German retailer JPC release a limited white vinyl pressing of The Strokes‘ debut Is This It along with coloured vinyl versions of some of the others.

Pet Shop Boys / Monkey Business CD, Vinyl

Pet Shop Boys release a new single ‘Monkey Business’, from their album Hotspot. Unlike Burning the Heather, this is available on CD and 12-inch vinyl.

Rod Stewart / You’re In My Heart (2LP vinyl)

Rod Stewart‘s number one album from last year, You’re In My Heart, is now available on vinyl. It’s an orchestral record (produced by Trevor Horn) that delivers new recorded arrangements by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Stone Temple Pilots / Perdida (new album)

The Stone Temple Pilots release their eighth studio album, and the second with Jeff Gutt as the lead singer. Perdida is an acoustic record largely recorded on vintage instruments.

Gil Scott-Heron / I’m New Here (10th anniversary edition)

The legendary musician, poet and author Gil Scott-Heron released what would be his last studio album in 2010. This new expanded edition features two unreleased tracks and some additional recordings from the session that have only been available on vinyl, until now.

Same Cooke / The RCA Albums Collection (8CD box set)

Eight CD box featuring seven studio albums and a live album, all remastered. 94 tracks, in total.

T. Rex / Clear vinyl pressings

Demon Music reissue three classic T. Rex albums on 180g clear vinyl.


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Shawn C.

Slim pickings this week. Can’t complain though, I guess, been some great stuff released recently.

Wayne Olsen

Still no Van Morrison career box set.

Joel Rabinowitz

Phil Collins now £14.87

Randy Metro

T.Rex Dandy In The Underworld Deluxe was poorly executed and seems to have slipped under the radar. Spreading the tracks from The Final Cuts album across two CDs of extras willie nillie was a botched idea. Two vinyls for each album plus another vinyl (or two) would have been a great set for vinyl lovers.

Charlie Waffles

I hope somebody can answer my question. I have the Sam Cooke box set that is being released this week. I believe the original release is dated 2011. I understand the same albums are included. Is the sound quality supposed to be remastered since the original release? I think the original release sounds good. I would hate to spend the money and receive the same remastered music. The outside box looks identical, as well.


Not remastered. Just keep the old one.


It’s a reissue/reprint. Same remastering as 2011 box. Discs 1-6 Vic (2011), discs 7-8 Bob Ludwig (2005).

O(+> Peter B

Ok , so I pre-ordered Symphonica (George Michael) from the Amazon USA link that was on here but now it’s only showing as available from Amazon France ?
Will it be released , and will I ever get it ?
It’s was due out , according to SDE on the 7th Feb …. fingers crossed !!!

Richard Clapham

I went through the process of ordering Symphonica on Amazon.fr.
On the “complete your purchase” page it said it would be delivered by the end of June ?!?!
So, I’ve cancelled that.
IF it does get released then I’m sure it’ll be widely available.
So, fingers crossed !
I’m sure Paul will let us know if he finds anything out

O(+> Peter B

I bought the 2019 2CD reissue of Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night by Stereolab recently and noticed something odd. The original CD was single CD with 15 tracks. Disc 1 of the reissue has 11 tracks, with the 11th track Blue Milk running for 17 minutes compared to 11 minutes on the original CD. The remaining 4 tracks are on disc 2, followed by the bonus tracks. Their other CD reissues have had the album on disc 1 and the bonus material on disc 2. It would have been better to have the full album on disc 1 with the original 11 minute version of Blue Milk with the 17 minute Blue Milk with the other bonus tracks on disc 2. The track labelling on this reissue is poor with the small font and no listing of the bonus tracks at all. The music is great, though.
The latest Stereolab email newsletter advised that they will be releasing Switched On Volumes 4 and 5 later this year, which is exciting.


The original vinyl edition of CAP… had the 17 minute Blue Milk with the track being edited for the CD edition as The Groop didn’t want to do a double CD. As such the full length version is the “original” version, the band having always seen the vinyl as “the album”. So essentially they’ve restored the track for all formats on the new edition. Tracks 12-15 represent side 4 of the vinyl so moving all of them to disc 2 makes a kind of sense as it keeps the sequence.

Several tracks across the reissued albums were slightly extended, mostly being allowed to run to their conclusion rather than being faded.

Looking forward to the new Switched On volumes here too. Viva La Stereolab!

Wax Monster X

A perfect week to highlight the labels “Let’s get them to buy it again” greed.


There’s a Ulrich Scnauss box set coming out that contains all his work and some rarities. No one talking about it for some reason but I’m excited.


That was released in the UK a couple of Fridays ago and I already have mine. I love Ulrich.

Richard John

@auteur55 All I’ve been listening to this week is “Now Is A Timeless Present – A Retrospective”. Ulrich’s music is awesome and this 7 disc box set is no different.


£140 for Bryan Ferry’s Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1974 Boxset ???

The boxset contains a CD Book, 12″ vinyl LP, signed & numbered 12 x 12″ Art Print, replica of original concert programme, 2 x Replica Letters, Replica Ticket Stub, 8 x A5 Postcards.

It looks nice but should’nt cost more than £50. It’s priced just like the Roxy Music boxset released a couple of years ago (which was already overpriced) but at least that one included a DVD and a 136 page book printed on hi-gloss 170gsm paper curated by Bryan Ferry, containing many rare and previously unpublished photographs, an essay by Richard Williams.


Can’t see the he point of the T Rex albums being released. Again.

David Ellis

There’s so much more Demon could have done with both the CD and Vinyl releases rather than just continue to release the same things again and again..and sadly not to the highest standards. I wonder if on this release of The Slider, they’ve corrected the misspelt ‘Spaceball Richochet’ on the innersleeve of the 2012 reissue?!
Not to say there hasn’t been some good releases like the (in my opinion) great sounding Visconti remasters but even those have been marred by weird packaging decisions. The Slider given the OTT lavish box set mixing CD/vinyl/DVD and tons of ephemera whereas Tanx and Zinc Alloy were squished together on one set in a 12” book format as a CD/DVD collection
Worse still for the last three albums as they went to just CD. Bolan’s Zip Gun/Futuristic Dragon super deluxe (sic) that didn’t have a major improvement sound-wise than on the previous 2CD sets from Edsel (and with less bonus tracks), in a small book format with a cheap and nasty artwork. Dandy In The Underworld is better in bonus content and design if still lacking a decent remaster. The only constant throughout all the reissues are Mark Paytress’s excellent sleevenotes.
Releases like Thunderwing productions ‘Bump and Grind’ which was recently released through Demon on Vinyl and the ‘Final Cuts’ collection From the mid 2000s (now all available as part of the Dandy SDE) are what (endlessly) loyal fans want and would buy instantly.
The majority of Marc’s fans don’t want the same repacked material (Unchained box set twice in the last decade!?), differing coloured vinyl variations ( which aren’t the best sonically) and most frustratingly, some missed opportunities to finally get Marc’s legacy in order.
The Regal Z/Fly era output 68-71 remasters from Universal are far more streamlined, with Visconti’s excellent remastering throughout, is seemingly done with more genuine care and attention (although the 1970 T.Rex LP has the channels switched! Intentionally??) and the Electric Warrior box set which sounds and looks great. It should have been the bench mark for all subsequent SDEs and beyond.

Got that off my chest. Rock on!


I see Demon have finally ran out of colours for T-Rex vinyl. I wonder what’s next? I suggest an empty sleeve but it’s 6ft by 6ft so you can climb inside, sing the songs yrself and truly LIVE the experience of being a T-Rex album…

(it would be better than more remixes)


Caroline,Thanks for the chuckle,that’s a funny post.

John McCann

It would have to be more box like than sleeve like in order to get inside,but seems like a reasonable idea.

Alex Stassi

Always baffled me as to why the “Ain’t that good news” album was never included on the Sam Cooke RCA albums box set…. even now its being reissued.


ABKCO owns it.


@Alex Stassi : RCA doesn’t own the rights to “Ain’t that good news”, ABKCO does. Ask Mick Jagger how that’s like.


Nothing for me here, but what strikes me is that it feels like the 1970’s all over again: Ferry, Stewart, Scott-Heron, T-Rex….. all very retro. LOL

Jean Christophe DERRIEN

Some of the Gil Scott Heron tracks from the second cd were available on cd at Rough Trade (including the great “My Cloud”)

Andrew S

Rod Stewart now £35 wow was £25 on pre order