Out This Week / on 11 October 2019

The Dukes of Stratosphear / Reissues CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray

XTC‘s alter egos The Dukes of Stratosphear feature in the latest in the band’s acclaimed ‘Surround Sound Series’ with a new set called ‘Psurroundabout Ride’ which features the complete recordings newly mixed in stereo and surround sound by Steven Wilson. Individual vinyl reissues of both albums are also released. These releases have been delayed for a couple of weeks.

The Lilac Time / Return to Us CD, Vinyl

Stephen Duffy returns in October with a new Lilac Time album, Return to Us, with signed CD and vinyl copies available via SDE.

David Bowie / VH1 Storytellers Vinyl

David Bowie‘s intimate set for VH1’s Storytellers is being made available on vinyl for the first time with, four bonus tracks not included on the original CD.

Gary Numan / Replicas/The Pleasure Principle CD, Vinyl

Beggars Banquet release two special titles to commemorate the legendary albums Gary Numan/Tubeway Army issued in 1979. These editions are titled Replicas – The First Recordings, and the debut under his own name, The Pleasure Principle – The First Recordings.


Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man / Out of Season vinyl reissue Vinyl

Out of Season, the album released by Portishead singer Beth Gibbons & former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb (under the pseudonym Rustin Man) is to be reissued on vinyl in October.

The Specials / Specials half-speed mastered vinyl

Chrysalis Records release a 40th anniversary half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl edition of The Specials 1979 self-titled debut album.

Leo Sayer / The Fantasy Years Vinyl, Box Set

Leo Sayer releases a third vinyl box set in his series of ‘years’ themed collections next month. The Fantasy Years 1979-1983 follows previous boxes The Hollywood Years and The London Years and also completes his first decade of success with Chrysalis Records.

Pre-order a SIGNED CD of Elbow’s new album ‘Giant of All Sizes’

Elbow / Giants Of All Sizes CD, Vinyl

Elbow release their eighth studio album, Giants Of All Sizes. Signed CDs still available!

Mel & Kim / The Singles Box Set CD, Box Set

The Appleby sisters’ brief reign of pop collected across seven CD singles. Mel & Kim: The Singles Box Set was originally scheduled for the end of August but is finally issued this week.

Steve Miller Band / Welcome to the Vault CD, DVD

Announced way back in June, this career-spanning 3CD+DVD Steve Miller Band deluxe package contains 52 audio tracks, of which 38 are previously unreleased. The DVD features 22 performances.

Freddie Mercury / Never Boring (3CD + DVD + Blu-ray box)

This new Freddie Mercury solo box features a 12-track best of, a newly mixed version of the Mr Bad Guy album and and the 2012 special edition of Barcelona (with the orchestra). The Blu-ray/DVD feature promo videos and his stage performances with Montserrat Caballé.

Compare prices and pre-order

Freddie Mercury

Never Boring - box set


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Paul Kent

Just got this email from Burning Shed:

Thanks for your order for the Dukes reissue.

We are sorry to say that the release date has been put back to 18th October 2019 due to manufacturing issues with the 200g vinyl.

There is an outside chance that the date might go back again to October 25th if the vinyl does not arrive in the UK in time (the LPs are made and are just waiting to be assembled so we are hoping that this won’t be necessary).

We apologise for any inconvenience.

On the plus side, the signed postcards have arrived from Sir John John and E.I. E.I. Owen and are ready to be packed!

…. I didn’t order the vinyl, so why can’t they still send out the CD/BDs?

Paul Kent

Ahhhh! Didn’t say that, though, did they? ;)


My CD/BluRay arrived today.
It sounds brilliant and it’s a really nice package.

For the postcardists I received the Sir John Johns signed card.


Hi Paul

Is the XTC CDs still delayed? I have ordered it from the SDE shop and had not received any up date yet. Not complaining, just wondering if it is delayed again


Hi Paul

CD/Blu-ray came today thank you


@Alan B.:
I must agree with you – the days of being ripped off by trying to complete your Panini sticker album with Star Wars, Football, etc. are over.
Burning Shed are placing the postcards and if one is willing to buy an extra cd box set which one doesn’t really need if only for the other bonus postcard I would expect them to say ‘thank you dear customer for supporting us and not buying elsewhere’ and pick two different versions.

How many box sets should Alan B. buy to make sure he gets two different versions? 3? 5? 10?
There’s not any guarantee even with 10 sets. And then maybe ending up import tax depending where he lives and trying to sell off unwanted copies and wasting time with non-paying buyers. lost and damaged items in the mail etc.

Maybe somewhere in the internet there is a forum for XTC fans to exchange those postcards?


“Maybe somewhere in the internet there is a forum for XTC fans to exchange those postcards?”

I dunno, answers on a postcard… Adults getting upset about signed postcards is laughable.



Answers on a postcard…lmao…

and i obviously agree, but a forum to exchange these XTC-postcards might be a good dies, there seem to be enough people who would join it to swap.

Maybe 2wicky would like to start one.


Auto-fill “swapped” idea to dies, sorry for not noticing that before posting. ,-)


Is there a correct track lusting for Mr Bad Guy around? Why isnt the extended version or single of I Was Born To Love You included? What reissue!


Picking up the separate compilation and Mr Bad Guy. Have the Barcelona CD [why did they include it and with 1 less track (the bonus one)] and ridiculously expensive.

Gary Smith

Strange that their has been no mention of the release this week of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on double picture disc which would interest surely a lot of collectors.
Available at HMV.


Barcelona is a chore to get through. Interested in the remastered version of Mr. Bad Guy though!


I would really like the Freddie box but that price for the content just makes no sense. Will wait for a deal alert.


Re English Settlement: they hope to do it but the multi track tapes have not been found yet, so it’s impossible to say when or if it will be done.

Eliot Fletcher

XTC are Flopp in’ great.


When will XTC get round to doing English Settlement?!


When (if) they find the multitracks.


Van Halen Japan singles vinyl box coming soon. Any idea of where best price will be found?

Richard L

Hi Iggie, If in UK, best deal at moment is Rhino Store (https://store.rhino.co.uk/uk/the-japanese-singles-1978-1984-red-vinyl-boxed-set.html) @ £114.99, free postage. Amazon asking £143.99!


Thanks Richard. That’s a good price compared to amazon


Looking forward to hearing the new album from elbow what I have heard sounds epic.

Auntie Sabrina

The Freddie Mercury Mr Bad Guy Special Edition CD is available seperatly. It can’t be any worse than the original (or can it?)

Amazon link is here:-


What? Freddie? Worry?

Barcelona and Never Boring also released separately. So doing the math you can get all three for 30 quid or splash out extra 50 quid to get the blu ray in the box. They saw you coming.

Alan B

Burning Shed have their usual signed postcard offer for the XTC/Dukes CD/blu-ray. It’s different this year. There are 2 signed versions available – each one autographed by one of 2 members, despatched randomly. I emailed them to ask if I bought 2 copies could I have both postcard versions. They replied sorry that would not be possible. So I ordered one only. In this day of record shops struggling how hard can it be for whoever packs my order to allocate one of each postcard? So it cost them a sale of one CD/blu-ray.


… but it wouldn’t be random if they allowed buyers to choose, including requesting “one of each”.


@Alan B.:

Although i can understand your disappointment i assist them in not doing so. The “signed postcard” versions at Burning Shed are limited (and especially the XTC-re-issues will sell out anyway) so i think it’s a good thing when they try to give them away to as many different people as possible.

If your desire to get both postcards is so overwhelming then you still have the possibility to order as many as it takes to get one copy of each postcard and re-sell the spare copies you’ll get later (if you wait some time you might even make a profit by doing so).

What? XTC? Worry?

Of course paid for by using the money tree one has in the back garden Klaus?

Alan B

Klaus fair enough if they want as many different people to get the signed postcards – they could have made it one postcard per customer but they haven’t. They have also issued signed postcards for the 4 previous editions and I bought each one from them on pre-order so a little accommodation for a returning customer would not have gone amiss.