Out This Week / on 8 December 2017

Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete  (vinyl box)

It hasn’t really been a great year for Donald Fagen. He’s had to endure the death of his musical partner Walter Becker and to make matters worse, now seems engaged in a legal row with Becker’s estate over the ownership of the Steely Dan name. Fans will mourn the loss of Becker of course, but in terms of Fagen’s solo career, this 7LP vinyl edition of Cheap Xmas – which contains all his solo albums plus a rarities disc – is very welcome and cheaper than a used vinyl copy of Kamakriad Read more

Johnny Mathis / Voice of Romance:The Columbia Original Album Collection 68-disc box set

Johnny Mathis / Voice of Romance: Columbia Album Collection (68CD)

For when that greatest hits just doesn’t cut it. A massive Johnny Mathis box set that comes with 68 CDs, features two unreleased albums and includes a hand-signed certificate. Read more

Beastie Boys / vinyl reissues

Universal Music issue three Beastie Boys albums on vinyl, including 2004’s To The 5 Boroughs and their final album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Read more

Various Artists/ To The Outside of Everything: A Story of UK Post Punk 1977-1981

Cherry Red are great at these themed collections. This five-CD set (not sure why the image only shows three discs!) tells a musical story of how the UK’s post-punk scene evolved from the spirit of 1977 and the arrival of key labels such as Fast, Rough Trade, Zoo, Factory and Cherry Red themselves. Artists on this set include Joy Division, PiL, Wire, Gang Of Four, The Slits, Killing Joke, Echo And The Bunnymen, Scritti Politti, The Pop Group, Human League, The Fall, Alternative T.V., Tubeway Army, The Teardrop Explodes, Throbbing Gristle, The Psychedelic Furs, and many, many more!

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Various Artists

To The Outside Of Everything - 5CD set


Leonard Cohen / Greatest Hits (vinyl reissue)

This Leonard Cohen compilation (originally issued in 1975) is one of the ‘great’ greatest hits. Simply put, everyone should have this album in their collection.

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Carpenters / Vinyl Collection (new album)

This 12LP Carpenters box contains all twelve albums – eleven studio long-players and the best selling compilation The Singles 1969 – 1973. Availability in Europe seems a bit sketchy but all the records are available separately anyway, and given the price, cherry-picking might be the best strategy.  Read more

Roy Orbison / A Love So Beautiful

The original Elvis orchestral set was a vaguely interesting idea, I suppose, but these ‘Philharmonic’ makeovers are now little more than commercial opportunism dressed as creative exploration. With sales for physical music dwindling it’s hard to blame the record companies (the first Presley set sold more than one million copies in the UK) but it’s a depressing situation and I’m sure they are planning more, with different artists.

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Orbison, Roy

A Love So Beautiful - vinyl LP


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Orbison, Roy

A Love So Beautiful - CD


Carole King / Tapestry: Live at Hyde Park

Carole King‘s 2016 London concert was issued on CD/DVD/Blu-ray a few months ago, and this week is issued on 2LP vinyl. Comes with an 8-page booklet and the blurb assures us that this has been “exclusively remastered for vinyl”

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Carole King

Tapestry Live at Hyde Park - 2LP vinyl


Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V

This box set – the soundtracks to the first five Harry Potter films presented on ten vinyl LP picture discs – screams ‘expensive-Christmas-gift-that-will-never-get-played’. Although I guess I wouldn’t be unhappy if someone bought me this! Each soundtrack is contained in a gatefold vinyl sleeve that is die-cut on both sides. Also comes with a download code.

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Harry Potter Soundtrack

Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V [VINYL]


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Randy Metro

This is the ribbon running across the top of the A&M Carpenters forum. I couldn’t see any posts related to exactly what. This would be coming from the forum moderator:

“”We have received word that UMe is aware of the problem with the Carpenters vinyl releases, both the box sets and the individual LPs, and has offered a solution. To receive a replacement, send a proof of purchase to UMGCustomerSupport@umusic.com. UMe prefers email, but those who prefer phone contact may call 1-800-288-5942 to speak to Customer Support.””

Randy Metro

Apparently quality control was asleep at the wheel – surprise! – on the Carpenters release and are already making arrangements for replacements. Both the box sets & individual album releases are affected.

Contact them: UMGCustomerSupport@umusic.com


@Howie – there’s a really weird thing that sometimes happens on Amazon where a release will be available for pre-order for months then all of a sudden (just about the time I finally make a decision!) a week or three before the actual release date it starts showing as unavailable. Then on the release date it becomes available again (this cannot guaranteed). This has happened to me for a couple of the Bowie 7″s and, most recently, the Nine Inch Nails Not The Actual Events CD.


Thanks Gorecki, I know what you mean but it’s just the fact that other retailers are out of stock, especially Beatles.com store. Maybe for once this actually is a ‘limited edition’ … but we are talking Apple so probably not.


Does anyone know if the Beatles Christmas fan club box is sold out? Not available on Amazon, HMV or the Beatles store. Have these really sold out on preorders?

Chris Squires

I am torn with the Donald Fagen. I have the CD set (turned up today) and I do want the Vinyl set BUT just about everything I have ordered from Amazon recently, launch price promise notwithstanding, has gone down in price shortly after launch. It’s only a fiver here and there but it adds up and a fiver is a fiver. So it one of those gambles, if I had jumped in on announcement date it would have been £73, now it’s £77 and it’s a gamble where it ends up next week £87 or £69….. what to do?


“what to do?”

Listen to the CD set that turned up yesterday…

Amy L

It’s the same way in the US. Why do preorders, I wonder anymore, if stuff is going to be cheaper after it comes out…Should be the other way around, no?

Dan T.

I heard Mathis’ rendition of “O Holy Night” on an online music streaming service over the weekend, and I was enthralled. His vibrato is intoxicating (think Karen Carpenter), his pitch is near perfect, and his sense of timing is impeccable. I’ll be checking out more of his stuff.

Don Fagen – looks like a great set! I love Karmakiriad.


I must have had the Johnny Mathis boxset ordered from every Amazon at one point or another before settling on Italy. I just need to make sure all previous orders were definitely cancelled.


Regarding the Johnny Mathis box set…but i only want the unreleased Chic helmed album lol.


The problem with these enormous “every single album made by an artist that made scores of albums” box sets from Columbia is that it’s basically impossible to verify that there’s nothing wrong with any of the discs in the set before the return window ends. You can physically inspect them; but listening to 68 discs of Johnny Mathis in two weeks, or even a month? Not going to happen. And if, three months down the road, you do find a flaw, what can you do?

I’ve been tempted by some of these in the past; but this concern always ends up turning me off.

Larry Davis

With these huge Sony sets…I have the Dylan one…there should (might) be a way to exchange individual faulty discs instead of returning the whole set, driving up postage costs…methinks…

Skippy O'Nasica

Good point – not feasible to listen to dozens of discs before the return window ends. Record companies usually seem to accommodate though, when there is an issue.
For example, there was a defective disc in the first pressing of Bob Dylan’s “Complete Album Collection” and CBS mailed out replacement discs to anyone who wrote in.
Also Universal’s Rolling Stones “Singles 1971–2006” 45-disc set had an issue. “I Think I’m Going Mad” (the only song in the box that had never been issued on CD before, naturally) had a skip in it. Wrote to Universal and received a free replacement.

John Lloyd

I agree as to the artistic merit of classical Roy Orbison, and orchestral Aretha, and whoever else they’re dragging into the virtual studio, but the curmudgeon can rest assured it’s also a way of (a) keeping a heck of a lot of very professional musicians in employment, and (b) lowering the need for their being publicly subsidized.


You could say the same for Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh et al albums but that’s cold comfort.

Alan Blevin

Also the physical release of Thom Yorke’s last album.Only took 3 years.


There was a vinyl release at the time but it was only really available online (although I did see a few copies in a nearby shop).


Yeah, got mine back in 2014 from Radiohead’s online store, WASTE.