Out This Week / on 8 February 2019

Prince / Musicology, 3121, Planet Earth vinyl reissue Vinyl

The Prince Estate and Sony’s Legacy Recordings reissue three of Prince albums: Musicology, 3121 and Planet Earth. All three are reissued on CD and released for the first time on vinyl. PURPLE vinyl to boot!

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody: The Original Soundtrack

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody: The Original Soundtrack CD, Vinyl

Hollywood Records release a CD soundtrack to the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and have scored something of a coup, by managing to license the audio of the band’s classic 20 minute performance at Live Aid. Out on vinyl this week.

LCD Soundsystem / Electric Lady Sessions

New album was recorded live at New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Includes a cover of Heaven 17’s ‘(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang’

Imogen Heap / Speak For Yourself (limited coloured vinyl)

Imogen Heap’s second studio album was originally self-funded and issued in the USA on her own label in 2005. It contains the hit ‘Hide and Seek’, a song which benefitted from being featured on the finale of season two of US teen TV drama ‘The O.C.’ Order this limited coloured vinyl from The SDE Shop.

The Lemonheads / Varshons II

The Lemonheads‘ first record in 10 years is a covers album and includes songs originally by Nick Cave, Yo La Tengo, The Bevis Frond, Eagles and more.

Chas & Dave / The Other Side Of (new album)

The Other Side of Chas & Dave is an album of ballads. The booklet includes a song-by-song commentary in the booklet, specially written for this compilation by Chas himself. Available on CD and 180g WHITE vinyl.

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Richard Clapham

Quick question for You Paul…

I ordered the 3 Prince albums from the SDE store. Any idea what day they’re likely to be shipped this week ?
I wanna make sure I’m home to catch the postie : )

Best Wishes.

Richard clapham

No problemo

Thanks for the fast reply : )


Also out this week is the 1st live release of Linda Ronstadt (Live in Hollywood) with Bill Payne on keyboards. And the Ronnie Wood & Ronnie Lane soundtrack (Mahoney’s Last Stand) is out. Both are excellent!!


Also out this Friday – and for the first time in the UK – is the Dick Cavett Show – John and Yoko Collection DVD, featuring the couples’ three complete appearances on Cavett’s US talk show (1971 and 1972). Mainly interviews, but with some music, and whilst perhaps not a must-have purchase, well worth seeking out nonetheless if you’re a Lennon or Ono fan.

Geert De Wilde

Thanks Stevie B – I hadn’t noticed this was coming out. Great find!


Also out Mercury Rev – Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited. High hopes for this one after listening to some of the tracks. Been a good year so far although we are only into the first five or six weeks. Joe Jackson’s new one is great and so is Steve Gunn’s new one. Can’t stop playing them both.


Release of the week has got to be the new Mercury Rev record. http://www.mercuryrev.com/mercury-rev-bobbie-gentrie-the-delta-sweete


I’m finally (slowly) getting around to exploring Prince beyond his hits, as such which of these 3 releases would be recommended?



I may be in the minority on this recommendation, but I would go for 3121 if you were going to go with just one. It’s just a looser album where he feels like he’s in his groove, and has a sonic quality you might appreciate, being more in line with classic/hit-era Prince. Just my opinion, though.


If you want to explore Prince’s music beyond his hits, start with Dirty Mind, Around the World In A Day, Parade and Sign ‘O’ the Times.


… and don’t forget 1999, Lovesexy, The Gold Experience… the list goes on (adore his less-celebrated ones in between as well), but I do agree that one is best to familiarise themselves with his first decade of work before moving forward with other releases. You must also hear the full Purple Rain album if you haven’t yet, it’s staggering. Do also search out the B-Sides disc from The Hits/The B-Sides, various extended 12″ versions from singles (some collected on Ultimate Prince) and even some naughty rare bootleg compilations of popular lost tracks (and lost albums such as Camille, Dream Factory and Crystal Ball)… you can’t go wrong.

Eagerly awaiting news of more Vault releases…

Graham Turner

I would recommend 3121 as being the most solid of the 3 albums: Te Amo Corazón, Fury & Black Sweat were the 3 ‘singles’ showing off Prince’s diverse sounds (ballad, rock & funk respectively) but I’ve also got a lot of time for 3121, Lolita, Love, Satisfied, Beautiful Loved and Blessed & Get On the Boat as well.

I think many people would put Musicology next as this was the album that began his later period renaissance – particularly in the US – but I personally prefer the highs of Planet Earth. Overall the album suffers from a weaker B side but Somewhere Here On Earth is a career highlight to me with The One U Wanna C, Guitar, Chelsea Rogers & Future Baby Mama being a lot of fun along the way.


Hi Stuart

I’m as hard core a Prince fan as you will find. I have all 40 albums, all the side projects, a lot of bootlegs etc….

Prince has an extremely diverse catalog and it is quite polarizing. The most rabid of fans will tell you it is all epic. I feel like I’m pretty unbiased in my observations of one of my all time musical heroes.

Taking all that into consideration, almost all massive Prince fans agree everything up until Lovesexy in 1988 is beyond reproach. After that it gets dicey.

This period of three albums (2004-2007) is pretty unremarkable for me. I think Musicology is half brilliant, half rubbish. I would then rate Planet Earth and 3121 as two of his worst two albums, slightly above New Power Soul and Hit and Run Phase One as his worst.

3121 is not a terrible album. It is the best of my 4 worst if that makes sense. But it is also just Prince on autopilot. I wouldn’t recommend a purchase of any of them personally. I’d start with the classic years to get a taste of the real genius.

I envy you the journey……


Musicology is OK. The first 10 albums up to Lovesexy are his best work though. The remastered of those will be released after 2021.


Bob Mould’s Sunshine Rock is out this week. That’s all that matters.

Chris Lancaster

Definitely the most important release of the week, I agree. Bob is king!

Michael John

Spot on movement, spot on

Mark G

I think the second one is the CD edition.

Graham Turner

Paul, do you happen to know what the format of the Prince CD reissues is. I’m assuming that they’d be cardboard digipacks (sorry, I’m not sure of the exact terminology of the different kinds) rather than jewel cases? Do you also know if the Planet Earth CD also has the lenticular cover, like the LP version? Thanks.