Out This Week / on 12 July 2019

New Order / ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..

In June 2017,  New Order returned to the stage at Manchester’s Old Granada Studios where Joy Division made their television debut on Tony Wilson’s So It Goes programme in 1978. That concert performance is now released as ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes .. on limited 3LP coloured vinyl or as a two-CD package.

Paul Mccartney / Live albums on vinyl

Paul McCartney is reissuing four live albums on CD and vinyl. Paul is Live and Choba B CCCP are both newly remastered at Abbey Road while Amoeba Gig goes one step further and is remixed for this release as well as including a vinyl-only bonus track ‘Coming Up’ (soundcheck).

The Velvet Underground / The Matrix Tapes

The Velvet Underground‘s 1969 live set, The Complete Matrix Tapes, is a limited edition, 8LP box set that features recordings that have been mixed down directly from the original in-house multi-track tapes and marks the first time all the available tapes will be released on vinyl.


Crowded House / The Very Very Best of Crowded House Vinyl

Crowded House‘s 2010 compilation is issued on vinyl for the first time. This 2LP set features tracks from most of their albums and includes non-album singles Instinct and Not The Girl You Think You Are.

America / 50th Anniversary: The Collection CD, Vinyl

Rhino remembers America‘s half-centennial this year with America: 50th Anniversary The Collection on CD and vinyl.

Gomez / Liquid Skin CD, Vinyl

Gomezs 1999 album Liquid Skin is reissued as a remastered 2CD deluxe and a 2LP vinyl.

David Bowie / Space Oddity 50th anniversary box set Vinyl

Even SDE is struggling to keep up with all the David Bowie reissues right now. This is basically two songs (‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud’) repeated across two seven-inch singles  and put in a box set. New Tony Visconti stereo mixes is the draw.

Neil Young / Dead Man (vinyl LP)

Neil Young‘s soundtrack album (“music from and inspired by the motion picture) to the Jim Jarmusch’s 1995 western. The album consists of seven instrumental tracks with excerpts from the film and Johnny Depp reading the poetry of William Blake interspersed between the music.

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Neil Young

Dead Man (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture) [VINYL]


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Neil Thompson

Anyone actually managed to find a copy of the Crowded House orange vinyl from HMV? Tried two shops now and it doesn’t even seem to be appearing on their stock system.


Just ordered New Order from your shop, at least I will get it on time


Thanks Paul, just popped home and it has arrived, brilliant service :-)

The Golden Age Of Emperor Trump & Bumpkin Boris

The ‘Dead Man’ soundtrack LP has been out a while, I bought it and have had it from Amazon for at least 4 weeks. Some info on it: It’s a 2 LP set and sounds great.

The ‘House Of Blues’ 3LP/DVD is available at Amazon Germany for a few pennies less than £16 including shipping to the U.K. I reckon that’s a bargain!


…and Massive Attack’s 20th Anniversary issue of Mezzanine has been put back AGAIN!

Now claiming to be 21st of August I believe. Hopefully that’s this year, as opposed to next year, sometime, never….

Presumably the latest delay is due to them reprinting all the stickers from 20th Anniversary to 21st Anniversary! ;)


Funny…I got my copy last week from Amazon.ca


How is this still not out in their home country? I live in the US, and I’ve had it (the CD version) for awhile now. And it was made in the EU! I will never understand record companies…


Oh that’s just taking the proverbial! Aaaaaaaargh!

However, I’ve just found it’s still showing on Amazon.com as a pre-order in the US – that’s showing a 23rd August release date. Have Amazon.ca made a ‘boo boo’???

See here: https://www.amazon.com/Mezzanine-CD-Deluxe-Massive-Attack/dp/B07GVZMKCL/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=massive+attack+mezzanine+deluxe&qid=1562713986&rnid=2941120011&s=music&sr=1-1

What on earth is going on!


The Massive Attack website is now listing the release date as the 23rd August. It’s odd the way that it keeps jumping ahead a month or so, as there’s something that’s holding back the release that they think they can get sorted within a few weeks. Could they be having problems licencing a sample? Or is it a packaging issue? I know on the vinyl set they were planning to use heat sensitive sleeve art, presumably similar to what they used on their singles box.


According to Amazon the New Order vinyl has been pushed back until the 2nd of August

Alan B

Good news. But I did get an email from them last week apologising for the release date being pushed back 3 weeks so maybe for reasons unknown Amazon are not getting their allocation at the same time as everyone else.

I also see The Hives have released a new 7 inch single on Third Man Records. There is a black and white splatter vinyl version available. Just one problem. You can only get it by visiting one of their 2 shops (no mail order) which is of no use to me or 99.9999% of potential Hives fans/buyers as we don’t live anywhere near the shops.

Charles Kellogg

This has been happening with Amazon a lot lately from what I’ve noticed. I ordered the Gen X deluxe set in Feb then a few weeks before it was due to be released I got an email stating the release date had changed and they would update when possible. A month goes by and I’m seeing it being sold everywhere and people online reviewing it. It still took another month for me to get it. In both cases they just updated the release date instead of stating what caused the issue. This exact scenario happened with two other items ordered from them and all three cases were for items coming from overseas.

Feels like the well oiled machinery of distribution is getting worse and worse for whatever reasons.


Well that’s made up my mind, just cancelled Amazon and have ordered from the SDE shop instead :)


You are more than welcome


Of interest to Yes fans… Billy Sherwood’s new album Citizen The Next Life is out this week. The first Citizen album was great so I’m looking forward to this one.

Also Patrick Moraz third album is reissued by Cherry Red this week, the first 2 were great so good to get this one done quickly too. This will be followed by a Refugee 3 disc clam shell box next month, inc the studio album, the live album and an additional live set. I’m hoping the Moraz reissues continue at this pace… that’ll be 4 in four months!!

Lee Realgone

The first Citizen album was, indeed, good. The second one, not so much.


Huh ok well enthusiasm dampened just a bit then.

Lee Realgone

There’s a run of five great songs in the middle, but it’s missing the scope (and the guests) that made the first one so interesting.

There’s a review over at http://www.realgonerocks.com now if you’d like to know more.


At one point that bowie “box set” was something like $20 at Amazon Canada. I guess they fixed the price!
As mentioned in the original McCartney link, unsure why Wings Over America was released. Wings Over Europe would of been nicer.
MusicVaultz has the 4 CDs at $12.99 CDN each. [Interesting to note that you will be charged in CDN $ but shows up on the Visa bill from the UK.]
I’m hoping Unplugged and the full Trupping will be released next. Can’t find the 2CD anywhere for a decent price. I just bought a used copy a couple of weeks back.

Tom m hans

You still need tripping 2cd set? I may have one left here in Florida. Need to check. Let me know.


@Tom m hans:
Nah. I will stick with my used 2CD copy until Sir Paul decides to re-release it.

Wolfgang Mintrop

@ Gisabun: sorry, I think I am on the wrong way – what 4CD sets for 12.99 CDN at MUSICVAULTZ are you talking about? “Wings over …”? If you do, it seems that this offer is no longer available.


@Wolfgang Mintrop:
Except WOA [$19.99], the other 3 releases are $12.99 each at MusicVaultz.

Wolfgang Mintrop

@ Gisabun: thx. Misunderstanding of mine.