Out This Week / on 22 November 2019

The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set

The Beatles / The Singles Collection Vinyl

Apple Corps and Universal Music will issue The Singles Collection, a new Beatles box set that gathers all of their seven-inch vinyl single releases together in one box set.

Beck / Hyperspace

Beck / Hyperspace CD, Vinyl

Beck follows up 2017’s brilliant Colors with a new album Hyperspace.

Moloko / Statues 2LP blue marbled vinyl

Moloko / Statues 2LP coloured vinyl

Moloko‘s final album, Statues, is reissued as a limited 2LP coloured vinyl pressing.

Jimi Hendrix / Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts CD, Vinyl

Sony’s Legacy Recordings issue a new live Jimi Hendrix box set on vinyl. Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts assembles all four historic debut concerts by the legendary guitarist as originally performed. An 8LP package.

Queens of the Stone Age / vinyl reissues Vinyl

Rated R and Songs For The Deaf were reissued on vinyl in November, but this week Queens of the Stone Age‘s Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris albums are released as deluxe vinyl editions. This means the SDE shop four-album bundle will finally ship this week!

Underworld / Drift series 1 box set

Underworld / Drift Series 1 box set CD, Box Set, Blu-ray

“One year inside the minds of Underworld” is released as Drift Series 1, a box set featuring seven CDs, a blu-ray and an 80-page colour book.

The Blue Nile / vinyl reissues

The Blue Nile / vinyl reissues Vinyl

The Blue Nile reissue three of their albums as very limited vinyl pressings.

No-Man / Love You To Bits

no-man / Love You To Bits CD, Vinyl

no-man is the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson and 11 years on from their last release, the pair return with a new album Love You To Bits.

The Chemical Brothers / Surrender CD, Vinyl, Box Set, DVD

The Chemical Brothers release expanded versions of their album 1999 album Surrender, across a number of formats.

Kylie Minogue / Step Back In Time 3CD set

Kylie Minogue / Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection 3CD edition CD

You don’t have to ‘step back in time’ very far to recall when this first came out, but BMG brazenly reissue a ‘better’ version of their Kylie hits set less than five months after the first editions.

Robbie Williams / The Christmas Present

Robbie Williams / The Christmas Present

Robbie Williams‘ Christmas offering is a double album with themed discs: Christmas Past and Christmas Future. Includes appearances from Jamie Cullum, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and, er, Tyson Fury.

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Williams, Robbie

The Christmas Present - 2CD edition


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Williams, Robbie

The Christmas Present - 2LP vinyl


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Shawn C.

As an admittedly biased Robbie Williams fan, I have to say I’m really enjoying “The Christmas Present.” A great mix of standards and cheeky new tunes. Definitely my recommended Christmas album of 2019.


Having just listened to the no-man release, I’ve decided it’s a one time listen. It’s a single song stretched out to 30 odd minutes and rather boring. Glad I only ordered the cassette because it’s close to being sold out apparently…


According to a review of the no-man cassette on discogs it has been made incorrectly and only has the two album tracks on it. Not just CDs the manufacturers balls up!

Steve F

Also out on Friday: Fiat Lux – Ark Of Embers on vinyl. This is the unreleased 1984 album, which was CD2 of the Hired History Plus 2CD set from June this year.

File under: things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime!

Alan B

Beck’s new album out on Friday. Going for the record for the most vinyl variants – five. Standard black, Indies only (basically everyone except Amazon and Sainsbury’s…) clear vinyl, HMV exclusive red vinyl, Rough Trade exclusive red and blue vinyl and Vinyl Me purple vinyl. Just pipping the Who what the moment have four variants (still time to match Beck as release date is 6th December) – single black LP, HMV exclusive double LP (second disc is a greatest hits collection), picture disc (single disc) and finally Who Store exclusive double red and blue vinyl plus white 10 inch of an unreleased demo. And you can throw in 3 CD variants too.

Alan B

Edit. Make that 6 variants! Just got an email from Recordstore/The Sound of Vinyl advertising an exclusive gold vinyl version of the new Beck album. It’s getting rather silly.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Bruce Springsteen’s Western stars film out on bluray on the 16th December.


The title is “out THIS week”…


Just to put my two cents about new releases, i don’t think a comprehensive, complete and exhaustive text list containing 100+ releases would be attractive for readers, i think it’s just fine the way it is. It’s really nice to have this reminder with all the links to previous posts and discussions a few weeks or even months ago but one thing that’s missing for me is the ability to track new posts in previous discussions. There are 10 releases listed in this thread and 10 links taking you to the specifics posts about those releases. If I want to know if there are new comments in those threads, I would have to click on all of them to find out and that’s not convenient obviously.

Same for older releases. For example, let’s say I had an interest in a discussion about Nick Cave’s new LP and I posted in that thread a few weeks ago, if I bought the LP today (or if someone else did) and I want (or he/she wants) to add a comment about the LP (about the music, the packaging, the quality and sound of the vinyl, etc.), I can do it but it will be lost as very few will even know it exists as the post would be in the archives. Same thing if someone does. As Paul (or any other admin on this site) approves the comments before they are published, he will obviously know there’s a new comment in the Nick Cave post but as there’s no widget/frame for new comments, all other posters won’t know about it. There are so many knowledgeable music fans on this site, I think a feature like that would add a valuable plus to SDE. Don’t know if I’m the only one thinking that way about comments on older posts but I really think there’s something missing, I truly enjoy the comments as much as the posts themselves. I’d say it’s even more useful when there’s an SDE alert about a deal and that box set had previously been discussed and commented on this site. It can contain valuable information about the product. Anyway, it’s just my two cents…

Dave H

Hi Paul,
It’ll be great if there’ll be a way of knowing someone has added a comment to an old discussion. There’s always some interesting posts to read even with artists that I’m not interested in.
As for the coverage of artists on this website, I remember the days before I found this website and was struggling to find out about new releases and missing out on limited edition super deluxe box sets because the record stores I used to visit in and around London were all closing down.
To find this website is a heaven sent to someone like me who is interested in re-issues as well as hearing about some new artists you’ve been to see.
The website has certainly cost me a few pounds but also I have saved quite a bit from you and all the folks who have posted on SDE.
As for the super deluxe edtions I missed out on and are now selling for a few quid more than originally priced.
The Who Live at Leeds Box Set (Fortunately the Hull gig eventually became available)
Status Quo Live at the BBC (7CD+DVD box set).

Maybe you can compile a list of out of print Box Sets that readers most want in their collection (without paying over the odds).


Surprised to see no word about the new Coldplay album, especially given the accompanying 7in singles, the kind of thing SDE usually dotes on. The latest album takes a new direction musically (and visually). Gone are the bombastic anthems and day-glo album art, replaced by a more experimental and inventive soundscape. I’m no big fan of the former but what I’ve heard of the new music suggests something well worth exploring.


“replaced by a more experimental and inventive soundscape”

Using a vaguley middle easten sounding motif on a song called Arabesque is very experimental and inventive indeed. It certainly sounds like they’re reinventing the wheel of popular music (again)…


FYI the Queen / A Night at the Odeon: Hammersmith 1975 super deluxe set is a tasty $61 CAD on amazon.ca this morning. Grab a bargain while you can I suppose.


Thank you Theo. I live in the USA and tried to grab a copy but it won’t ship to the USA it says. Weird, as I have bought from Amazon Canada many times before. For those who want to give it a try, here is a link to the item. Let me know if anyone can get this to work pls. It is indeed very cheap!!


Too bad, that does sound strange that they wouldn’t ship to the states.
Just wanted to add though, that amazon.ca is doing a featured artist each day this week, and today it is Queen. They’re marking down a bunch of items as some type of promotion. No idea who the other artists will be, but will definitely check in each day, and will post here if I see anything I expect readers here would be interested in.


Today’s featured artist is Fleetwood Mac. Some markdowns but nothing that jumped out at me like this did…
Hendrix Electric Ladyland box sets are $36 for the cd/bluray, and $92 for the vinyl box.
I’d say that’s the cheapest I’ve seen either one so far.


In defence of Paul, for those in the industry, or who have worked within, will know that there are many hundreds of releases every week from all sorts of labels and it would be impossible to list them all, many of which you would never have even have heard of. As Paul rightly says, even from the early days, this section is a heads up of the broad releases and everyone is welcome to add to it. Also dates change all the time for releases and frankly he and team do an amazing job all year around and i am one of the financially poorer yet musically happy folks that enjoy it everyday. :-)

Peter Muscutt

Just to say I got the all singing box set of ‘Drift – Series 1’ earlier this week, and first impressions are good. It’s packaged very similarly to the ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’ and ‘Second Toughest…’ super deluxe reissues: sturdy outer slipcase, with a sort of stiff folio inside that contain the 7CDs and Bluray, with the book inside that. It’s not a hardback book, which I thought it would be, but is comprehensive with essays, notes, diary entries, interviews, notes on the video content, telephone call transcripts etc. in sequential fashion. I thought my book was broken at first as the ‘book’ part came away from the ‘folder’ with the CDs in, as I thought the CDs would be contained within the actual book itself. Luckily, it wasn’t and the item was packaged pretty well (bought from the official Underworld online store).

Not fully explored it all yet, suffice to say there’s many varied faces of Underworld on display throughout all the tracks and will need a few listens to really appreciate, but one minor (very minor!) quibble is when you play the films on the Bluray, it doesn’t indicate which one you are watching (no title before each one begins) so you’re constantly referring to the packaging to get the track titles! Saying that, the run time of the Bluray is about 4hrs so you can’t complain you’re being stiffed!

The signed editions come with a sort of maroon coloured 12″x12″ card with what appears to be a poem or lyrics on one side, track titles on the reverse, and is numbered and signed by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith.

It’s a lovely looking item though, and should fit alongside your other Underworld super deluxe edition sets!

Jamie Crampton

Nice to see Robbie giving us a turkey for Christmas :)


Paul, one for the release calendar.

Sam Cooke – The RCA Albums Collection 8CD boxset, a currently out-of-print release from 2011 with Vic Anesini remasters, will be reissued 31 January 2020 (amazon.de €29,99) or 7 February 2020 (amazon.co.uk £28.22). €29,99 at


Also Coldplay’s Everyday Life Exclusive Silver 2Lp available from Coldplay store and Rough Trade have a exclusive Gold 2LP version.


Got an email that Release date for Blue Nile reissues has been changed to dec. 4th/5th.


Ok Paul this feature is good to some degree but is it really comprehensive enough? I personally don’t think so, How about a list just in text of all the weeks album releases like from the music week magazine that the record shops get or are you not allowed to reprint that here? You get your information weeks and months in advance from where the record companies directly? Surely having a once a week basic black text list is really good promotion for all the new release albums, because we all have different musical tastes and I know you cannot cover everything here.
Some of us have busy lives and cannot always sign up for email notifications from all artists we like and forget release dates if given kindly by you many weeks before.
Last week I mentioned a new album release by Maggie Reilly who worked with Mike Oldfield in the past and she has a lot of fans in Europe especially in Germany and you never published it.
New Coldplay album “Everyday Life” is out this Friday and no mention of this major bands release so far on here.


*IF* you have access to the information – and know it’s available somewhere on the net, how about a simple link? Just a thought. As you say, everyone’s tastes are different, some people even like Kylie’s music. ;-)


“and know it’s available somewhere on the net, how about a simple link”

Expect for loaded links to online shops, I don’t think diverting traffic away from this site makes commercial sense for SDE! Try Google.


Dean all I can find is here on the official charts website https://www.officialcharts.com/new-releases/
It’s not bad but again only titles of albums by the artist and not showing what formats they are being released on, plus it’s not that comprehensive but with some more research I have done both Amazon and Hmv do have really good forthcoming/coming soon new album release sections on their websites.
With regards to the trade magazine Music Week which can be purchased by anyone for an annual fee of £179 a year or a free 4 week trial and at the end of the trial an option for a special 50% of a full years subscription which is very good.
Wikipedia also do some kind list of releases by week from this year and other years past https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2019_albums
Hope this helps but it seems like Music Week is really the one for more detailed information on what formats the albums are coming out on but all at a hefty price per year.
My advice would be…keep your options open and use a few different sources for keeping up with all the new releases such as here obviously, YouTube signing up for individual acts for instant notifications of new videos, email sign up on your own favorite artists, Amazon and Hmv and that way you should not ever miss out on anything.


“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” seems to apply to some of these comments. I like it as it is.

Stan Butler

I always thought that SDE was specifically aimed at the deluxe/reissue market and not bog standard new releases. I don’t want to read about every new release, so I’m very happy with the current format which gives great background information on the selected releases and which I’m certain takes a lot of time and effort to compile.
I don’t think Coldplay need the exposure to sell records. They’ll be ok.


Thank god it is not a comprehensive list of all new releases. I use Paul’s list as a guide to check out the major reissues that have been released and I start following their pricing on the various Amazons if I’m interested in buying. I rarely find other reissues that I’m interested in and were not on Paul’s list. They do exist of course but this is a very helpful weekly list. I rather have Paul spend his time on cool interviews like with the INXS manager than typing up a long list of all new releases this week.

James Dougan

If you want a text list of new and future (Single & Album) releases I use a website called Buzzjack.


Is there any depths Robbie Williams won’t sink too. That sleeve, I dread to think what the content sounds like…


Smug self-indulgent mundane numbers no doubt. Desperately cashing in on the obligatory granny stocking filler!

CJ Feeney

No Kevin the carrot, no sale!


Cashing in? Grandmothers are his target audience and he’s just giving them what they want. Not sure why you consider it a cash in.

Paul M

Also this week….posthumous new album by Leonard Cohen – Thanks for the Dance


The Who – 6 december