Out This Week / on 8 November 2019

Gene Clark / No Other box set CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray

American singer-songwriter and Byrds founding member Gene Clark’s 1974 solo album No Other is reissued by 4AD as a lavish box set which features no fewer than three SACDs, a blu-ray and an 80-page hardcover book!

Suede / Head Music 20th anniversary 4CD+DVD

Suede / Head Music deluxe edition CD, DVD

Suede‘s 1999 album Head Music is reissued as a five-disc 4CD+DVD set.

Sparks / Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins yellow vinyl LP + 2CD reissue

Sparks / Past Tense Best Of & Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins CD, Vinyl

Sparks‘ 1994 album Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins, is reissued across a number of including yellow vinyl which comes with two CDs.

Everything But The Girl / Walking Wounded half-speed mastered vinyl

Everything But The Girl / Walking Wounded Vinyl

Everything But The Girl reissue their 1996 long-player Walking Wounded on half-speed mastered vinyl.

Now That's What I Call Music 4 / 2CD

Various Artists / Now That's What I Call Music 4 CD

35 years later Now That’s What I Can Music 4 appears in full on CD. Now let’s hope they get the right versions of the songs on this wonderfully nostalgic summary of the poptastic year of 1984.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds / Ghosteen

Nick Cave / Ghosteen CD, Vinyl

After being made available on streaming services initially, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds issue their 17th studio album, Ghosteen on vinyl and CD.

Mark Hollis / vinyl reissue

Mark Hollis / Mark Hollis Vinyl

Universal Music will reissue the only solo album by the late Mark Hollis. This was originally issued in 1998 and the new remastered 180g black vinyl pressing is available from the SDE shop.

Sting / My Songs special edition

Sting / My Songs special edition CD, Vinyl

The new 2CD version of Sting‘s My Songs album – with a bonus CD of live performances – is already out, but this week sees the release of the the vinyl version (with just the live cuts).

Snow Patrol / Reworked

Snow Patrol / Reworked CD, Vinyl

As the title indicates, the new album from Snow Patrol features reworked versions of songs from the band’s back catalogue, including the hits ‘Run’, ‘You’re All I Have’ and ‘Chasing Cars’.

Simply Red return with a new album Blue Eyed Soul

Simply Red / Blue Eyed Soul CD

Simply Red return with a new studio album Blue Eyed Soul.

Madonna / Clear vinyl pressings Vinyl

Madonna (‘The First Album’ from 1983), Like A Virgin (1984), True Blue (1986) and the Who’s That Girl soundtrack from 1987 are issued on 180g ‘crystal clear’ vinyl.


The Rolling Stones / Bridges to Buenos Aires

Bridges To Buenos Aires is the latest concert film release from The Rolling Stones‘ archive. It’s the full-length show from their five night sell-out residency at the River Plate Stadium in Argentina’s capital city has been restored in full, and features a very special guest appearance from Bob Dylan.

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The Rolling Stones

Bridges to Buenos Aires - 3LP coloured vinyl


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Rolling Stones

Bridges to Buenos Aires - blu-ray


Space / The Anthology (6CD set)

Space were the quirky British band from the Britpop era of the 1990s. who had several UK chart hits and a couple of big albums. This six-disc Anthology contains the albums, all the hits, B-sides and rarities and the previously unreleased album Love You More Than Football. Cracking price for this package.

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Space The Anthology - 6CD box


Chas & Dave / Givin’ It That: The Albums Collection (10CD)

Wonderfully packaged Chas & Dave set contains all nine of their original albums. 107 tracks in total with plenty of hits like ‘Gertcha’, ‘Sideboard Song’, ‘Rabbit’, ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’, ‘Margate’ and ‘London Girls’. The final CD is a rarities disc. Notes by Alan Robinson.

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Givin’ It That – The Albums Collection



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The ‘Ne T’Enfuis Pas’ Kate Bush 12″ single is now available in HMV here in the UK. £12.99.

Robert Dorson

I have a question, please, about the (finally) pending Fleetwood Mac release “Before the Beginning 1968 – 1970 Live and Demo Sessions,” to which I have been looking forward since about June I think. I hope I am not duplicating what’s already been asked/answered on your Site. My confusion lies in that on Amazon, there are 2 different releases for this, each with 3-discs and each an Import, but with different ASIN #’s. But, the first, on Sony, supposedly had a 10/2 Release Date and sells for $61.90 (and ships in 1-3 months !!); the second, on Red Label, will Release on 11/15 @ $17.99. Huh ??? Thanks so much; I love your work/website.

Nelson Lee

I know it came out last week but I just saw the marillion afraid of sunlight box on sale at hmv for 54.99 . 23.99 at Amazon!!

Steven Roberts

Chas & Dave – There Ain’t No Pleasing You.

LOVE it!!!

Larry Davis

Thanks for the heads up about Ash’s “Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash” release…is it only available on their website?? Did not see it on any Amazon site…even though it is their 3rd collection, it’s not like the others…the 3CD has rarities disc “Cosmic Debris Vol 2″…it is pretty cool that Tim & Mark both live in NYC, so it’s like a gift from friends…hope for a 2020 tour…


Yesterday, Space – Avenging Angels came on Now 90s TV, and I was reminded what a great song it is, this Space box set is now tempting me.


Out this Friday “Sunsets and Full Moons” by Irish rock band The Script it’s their 6th studio album and looks set to hit the top spot the week after, apart from their 3rd album which reached number 2 but it did get to number one in Ireland and all their other 4 albums made number one.
Signed CD copies of the new album were on Amazon and their own website but have now unfortunately all sold out.
So Paul why on earth has this band been completely ignored and never ever been mentioned on this site? it’s shocking because they are a very good band who write and perform strong melodic well written songs, give them a listen because they are a lot better than some of the other artists that are featured on here…Rant over lol.


They started life as a “boy band” didn’t they and the lead singer was a judge on the first “the voice uk”. I remember these facts about them but can’t remember any of their songs.“Modern” M.O.R.

Larry Davis

Why?? Too mainstream and lame…not a critics band and not the type of band favoured by REAL passionate music lovers, buyers and collectors…the Script epitomize music for bland MOR radio and office/background music…not those who look forward to Record Store Day…


Steve and Larry I smell a strong hint of music snobbery there yes true they did start as a boy band well 2 of them but times moved on and they formed a proper band yes and they do play and write all their own material very well unlike boy bands Westlife, Boyzone etc who rely heavily on studio musicians, The Script are not a middle of the road band that is a very derogatory term for what some associate this musical style as melodic pop/rock, I disagree with you saying real passionate music fans don’t like this type of music but they DO why shouldn’t they? Or Is it deemed as wrong or not cool or hip or perhaps they should listen to morbid un-melodic music that is thought of as better because it’s different from the norm ummmm well other opinions are available and each to their springs straight to mind.

Larry Davis

Look…I love powerpop, which is defined as hooky guitar rock inspired by 60s British invasion…you described the Script to be like that…but the Script are in no way powerpop, too bland and Adult Contemporary…they make Coldplay sound like the Beatles…yes I am a music snob and I like some music some deem to be uncool…but the Script are just lame, sorry…they do seem like nice Irish blokes but they are the type of band I’d be embarrassed to have their stuff in my collection, sorry…


Lame maybe to you but i’m not embarrassed to have their music in my collection it stands strong and adult contemporary is a good music category which people can relate to it touches the emotions of our everyday life, it’s reflective, melodic, light and shade in the style with great uptempo sounds to more slower ballads all equals a very good healthy balance of song structures.
Just take a listen to that new Coldplay song “Everyday Life” it has a wonderful vibe and is a gorgeous song just oozes out the speakers pure class, but again you won’t like it or their other song “Orphans” which is positive, uptempo and bouncy…each to their own again.


I was just stating my point of view and what I know and remember about them. I never said they were a pile of rubbish or insinuate that there’s anything wrong with being in a boy band or being M.O.R. I rather like the couple new songs I’ve heard from westlife.
Fleetwood mac, Paul young and Genesis have all been described as M.O.R at one time or another in their careers and I like all three! I still couldn’t hum you a song by the script


I think “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” was pretty cool, but more recent Script singles are an insult to my ears. Almost as bad as how Maroon5 have developed. Coldplay, on the other hand, are still quite OK writing-wise.


So a few weeks ago I popped up here to mention that Cherry Red were also issuing a 6CD box set of Mighty Baby’s complete works but this was delayed and is now coming out this Friday. If anyone likes that period of British music between Psych and Prog this is an essential purchase (even if some of the live material is a bit ropey in terms of sound quality). £27 on Amazon and well worth it for anyone who is interested.

Larry Davis

Thought you were talking about the Babys, John Waite’s old 70s powerpop band, Cherry Red is releasing a 6CD box of their whole catalogue this month, including their unreleased actual debut from 1975…uncool yes, great music tho, yes…kinda like the Outfield of the 70s, American sounding but Londoners, and solid catalogue…if the Script were good and actual powerpop, not bland Adult Contemporary radio slop…

Ivo Peeters

I received a message from the Underworld store that Drift will ship on 12 November.


Also for Stones fans: the Blu Ray and DVD Rock and Roll Circus remasters from July are now available separately rather than bundled in together with the 2 disc CD. Reduces the price from the £50 plus mark to around £35 or less for those like me who just wanted the CD and Blu Ray or CD/DVD.

Alan B

Today is an historical day. The first £50 regular vinyl album! Just received an email from Ash advertising their new Best of (they had one a few years ago). It’s a double LP and there is a lenticular sleeve variant available for £50. The normal sleeve version is £25. So that is £25 extra for the lenticular sleeve. What is made from? 24 carat gold film? There is also a lenticular sleeve version of the CD available costing an extra £15 although you do get an extra CD (triple versus double).


The White Album (a double) retailed at 73 shillings just before Christmas 1968, which in real terms equals about £72. today. It didn’t come with free lentils like the Ash album, but you did get a poster and four photos thrown in.


Canada and the US are getting the 2CD/BR and 2CD/DVD variants of the Rolling Bones release on Amazon as well as MusicVaultz.

Paul D

I love Space! Had no idea this was due. It really has made my week!


I’ll be picking up the Space box set I think. Didn’t they get back together and release some new albums recently?


To tell you the truth, Space never really went away; if anything, they were just waiting for the right moment to pounce back on the scene. All the folks who abandoned ship after Tin Planet will be in for a surprise by the way they sound now, more tighter and focused perhaps yet arguably rawer and experimental at the same time.

Paul D

Looks like a few tracks are missing from this apparent Anthology, including “Cold in the city”, “Happy Endings” , “Hell of a girl” “Only half an angel” and a few more ..Still ordered as its nice to have (most) of the b-sides brought together.

David Regan

Just wondering why I don’t see prices for Rough Trade..have Superdeluxe stopped using them…tho I use the Amazon Prices..just saying I haven’t seen prices for Rough Trade..


Now that we’ve got the usual “quirky” and “Britpop” buzzwords out the way, Space were more like the missing link between the whole baggy/alternative dance thing and what become known as indietronica of the early 2000s (Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll in particular is an overlooked masterpiece). It’s about time their catalog finally had a proper reevaluation, even if it’s on CD.


Blimey Indietronica – You learn something new everyday… lol

Alan B

Did anyone else not get their Amazon signed exclusive Stereophonics “Kind” CD? I pre ordered it in August and the delivery date was given as Oct 30 / 31, five days after release date. Those days came and went and then I got an automated email from Amazon on Nov 1 saying their supplier has told them this item is no longer available. They cancelled my order. It not even visible under the “cancelled orders” section. It is as if it never existed. Very poor. When you pre order an Amazon exclusive from Amazon you should receive the item. It was ordered 2 months prior to release date and was still available to pre order days after I placed my order.


I wouldn’t fret too much, it ain’t a very good album.


I got mine a couple of days after the scheduled release date with no explanation at all. Seems to be happening quite a bit with Amazon. Had the same problem with Amazon France with Mylene Farmers new live cd set which was delayed by nearly a week. Just waiting for Stormwatch to be put back again.


Welcome to Amazon – They are Absolutely Useless at Times!!!!!!!!!!! Happened to me at least 10 times in the last 3 years! Or of course they just send you Non Signed items….. instead of signed…..


There’s also a CD/DVD combo for Bridges to Buenos Aires, available on amazon.com, but strangely not on the .co.uk variant.

Peter Muscutt

Is the Underworld ‘Drift’ album/box set not out this week as well? Or has it been delayed?

Danny H

I saw the regular cd/vinyl in FOPP so they’re already out.


Flipping heck that Space release was a surprise or maybe I missed it (Quite likely). Female of the Species was a cracking song and a bargain price – Now if they did this one on vinyl …..

edward taub

super excited by the space Release 5 albums and a rarities disc for £20 is an absolute steal! really excited to finally be able to hear the unreleased album officially in full!