Over and Out: Posthumous release of the late Rick Parfitt’s first-ever solo LP

His final recordings • Two-CD set includes bonus ‘raw’ mixes

The late Rick Parfitt’s first-ever solo album, poignantly entitled Over and Out, is released in March 2018 via earMUSIC, across a number of formats, including a special two-CD collectors’ edition.

For nearly half a century as a member of Status Quo, the legendary rocker never took a sabbatical from the band’s relentless touring schedule to record solo material. It was only when he was forced to take time out to recuperate following a heart attack in July 2016 that, unknown to almost anyone, he put together this album.

Sadly, Parfitt’s death, aged 68, on Christmas Eve that year meant that while he had recorded all of his guitar parts and vocals, certain tracks were unfinished. Celebrated musicians, including his friends Brian May and Chris Wolstenholme of Muse, were only too willing to step in and help to bring Parfitt’s vision to fruition, though. Rick’s son, Rick Parfitt Jnr, was also involved in the creative process, as were John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Alan Lancaster, among many others.

A labour of love, Over and Out features 10 brand-new songs, including the title track which was played at his funeral, that sum up Parfitt’s passion for both raw rock ’n’ roll and melodies. The album is said to have been recorded and written with ‘a band’s spirit’ between Parfitt and producer Jo Webb, and the songs were subsequently mixed by Ash Howes after Parfitt had passed away. This lead to some debate as to whether Parfitt would prefer the polished versions or the original raw mixes. It was concluded that he would actually like both, hence the decision to include of bonus CD of the songs in their ‘pure’ form in the two-disc collectors’ edition box set. A single CD and vinyl LP feature the finished Ash Howes mixes. Update: The raw aka ‘band’ mixes are also being issued on vinyl.

Over and Out is released on 23 March 2018.

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Rick Parfitt

Over and Out - 2CD set with bonus raw mixes


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Rick Parfitt

Over and Out - vinyl LP


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Rick Parfitt

Over and Out - vinyl LP raw/band mixes


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Rick Parfitt

Over and Out - single CD


  1. Twinkletoes
  2. Lonesome Road
  3. Over And Out
  4. When I Was Fallin In Love
  5. Fight For Every Heartbeat
  6. Without You
  7. Long Distance Love
  8. Everybody Knows How To Fly
  9. Lock Myself Away
  10. Halloween

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elliott buckingham

also available a limited edition blue vinyl from tm stores with a 7″ single and a separate album with the band mix version on I’m assuming disc 2 of the cd set

Jenna Appleseed

Not interested in this but releasing the original versions/mixes as a bonus disc is how a posthumously finished /released album should be done.

Sue Day

Ive ordered mine and looking forward to receiving my cooy


no mention of Francis Rossi?

William Gill

The vocal retuning is strong in this one. But understandable in this case.

Lee Realgone

Technically, it’s his second solo LP since the one from the mid-80s was shelved at the eleventh hour. I was hoping they’d dust that off and give it an official release.

Rob Fellows

Some of the tracks are on YouTube. It’s dated, let’s say.


Totally ready for this! Love the sleeve too!

He did once record a solo single (with Rolf Harris of all people!) called Christmas in the Sun.

elliott buckingham

he recorded an album in 1985 that never got released

elliott buckingham

only right that it should be issued on denim blue vinyl


Obviously not on this, but ‘Living On An Island’ is such a great song.