Paul McCartney debuts new song ‘Get Enough’ for New Year

Paul McCartney has surprised fans by making available a brand new composition, Get Enough, via YouTube and various streaming channels.

Like ‘Fuh You’ (and deluxe CD bonus track ‘Nothing For Free’) ‘Get Enough’ is is co-written and co-produced with Ryan Tedder but it doesn’t feature on his recent album Egypt Station.

The new song has appeared with no fanfare and not long after Paul’s video for ‘Who Cares’. ‘Get Enough’ might prove divisive because it makes very heavy use of autotune, for that now familiar effect which first used by Cher 20 years ago on her worldwide smash ‘Believe’.

Listen to the song below and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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YouTube credits for Get Enough are as follows:

Producer, Associated Performer, Programming, Background Vocalist: Ryan Tedder Producer, Studio Personnel, Editor, Associated Performer, Programming: Zach Skelton Producer, Co- Producer, Associated Performer, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Synth Bass: Paul McCartney Studio Personnel, Engineer: Steve Orchard Studio Personnel, Engineer: Rich Rich Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Keith Smith Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Jamie Kirkham Studio Personnel, Mixer: Mark Stent Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Michael Freeman Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Randy Merrill Composer Lyricist: Paul McCartney Composer Lyricist: Ryan Tedder

Track listing for Egypt Station.

1. Opening Station 0:42
2. I Don’t Know 4:27
3. Come On to Me 4:11
4. Happy with You 3:34
5. Who Cares 3:13
6. Fuh You 3:23
7. Confidante 3:04
8. People Want Peace 2:59
9. Hand in Hand 2:35
10. Dominoes 5:02
11. Back in Brazil 3:17
12. Do It Now 3:29
13. Caesar Rock 3:29
14. Despite Repeated Warnings 6:57
15. Station II 0:46
16. Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link 6:22

Bonus tracks on the ‘deluxe’ CD

17. Get Started 3:41
18. Nothing for Free

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[…] why Paul has decided to release is not clear. Perhaps, like the New Year’s Day surprise of ‘Get Enough’ (another Tedder co-write and co-production), he simply thought it would […]


Everyone talks about the autotune, but no mention of the faux/on-purpose vinyl crackle ‘n’ pop noises at the start & end of the track?

[…] of album track ‘Who Cares’ and the song ‘Get Enough’ which McCartney made available on streaming platforms on New Year’s Day but hasn’t been issued physically. The ten bonus tracks feature on both the double CD and […]

Steve Lees

A truly beautiful song, and in my view his best song since ‘I know that you want her too’ which he co-wrote with Elvis Costello. An amazing songwriter, the likes of which we will probably never see again, at least not in our lifetimes…Thank you Paul!

howard cohen

All I can say is I like to buy it as a cd single. I hope it comes out soon!

Ken Moore

Autotune? Really? Glad this wasn’t on the new album.


What a dirge, no wonder he is giving it away.

wayne klein

It’s a nice song but the production with the autotune damages it.


Listened to it a couple of times now and if it was’nt for the auto -tune its not a bad little song!

phil Burford

Like it a lot but perhaps it would have been better as a “The Fireman ” moniker release because of the slightly experimental/ off kilter style . I wonder if the sleeve art is a nod to the vocals manipulation .


In general it’s a nice little song with a degree of experimental treatment. No wonder that it was left off the album.
Would be nice to hear what else was left from Egypt Station sessions on that mysterious SDE album.

Arthur O'Brien

Nightmare, because of auto-tune. Plain and simple.

This is my one and only listen unless they release an undoctored version.


Not a band song per se, but auto-tune ruins it.
Who’s achingly hip millenial idea was that??

george glazener

On a happier note, this month marks the 50th anniversary of the Let it Be sessions. They were going at it this very day, 50 years ago..!!


Pure melody, pure Macca! It’s got it all, for me, great hooks (as you’d expect) plus a beautiful orchestration to end with and all in under 3 minutes…..love it!!


Get enough sounds like a reasonable song/tune. Absolutely ruined by auto tune, and to my old ears nigh on unlistenable it makes me cringe. Can understand why it did not make it on to Egypt station. Glad it is not a physical release so I won’t have to buy it at present. Although I’m sure it will be on the deluxe edition. I can’t believe PM is resorting to auto tune to impress his audience because majority of his fans will detest it. Im certain even young listeners will fail to be impressed. I can’t believe Im saying this about a PM song! Wonderful Christmas time & The frog song sound like classics compared to this.
Pity JL & GH are not around now I would have liked to hear their comments!

george glazener

@PJ; totally agree. If John had heard that song, he would have flown to London, driven to Cavendish Ave. and kicked Paul in the arse. If George had heard that song, he would have given Paul a copy of “Cloud Nine” and told him to ring up Jeff Lynne to produce his next LP.


Liked the song,not his best,sounds like memories from a bygone era when the docks were a hive of activity,not every song has to be a classic,its just a musical memory to visit,thank-you


First time since ‘No more lonely nights’ I heard an interesting Paul Mc Cartney song.


You haven’t been listening.


This is shockingly bad , no question, I think anyone who try’s to stay current has lost it.
The only thing I can gain from this mess, is that so many people on this forum agree, its CRAP.
Sad man, who’s now is embarrassing.
And people wonder why HMV is shutting down, it’s over and has been for years.


I really like the song, felt poignant to me.
The Bon Iver album “22, A Million” is full of such effects and is just as wonderful as it is different to “For Emma, Forever Ago” The bridge between those albums was the “Blood Bank” ep. This song could be a similar thing for McCartney, I hope so.



Randy Metro

I may be the only fan of Biker Like An Icon. I digress. This new song makes me clutch all of my 70’s Macca albums close to my heart, cross my legs tightly, bite my lip, hold my nose, roll my eyes, bang my head against a brick wall. Then I’ll go to my corner and rock out with Biker Like An Icon.


So many ‘expert’ comments. Be happy you ungrateful sods that he’s still alive and still recording.
“One off’s” like this just prove that he’s still happy to keep experimenting and recording, and THEN sharing it for FREE.
Show some respect to a [still] living legend…. You’ll all miss him when he’s gone.
Anyone here, is free to try and do better [if you can] and make sure you post a link here so we can all have a listen and slag you too!

hendry doran

Bear in mind that Paul invited comments/thoughts. He didn’t say only post if you think it’s fab


Nice one, Bobbysdad, I was beginning to think I was the only fan of this song. Don’t know what the fuss is all about, it’s a typical Macca catchy riff filled number with a twist (autotune) and a beautiful ending. As usual with Paul Mc, he’s not afraid to experiment. I love it!

Paul F

Well, that hasn’t got the year off to a very good start. How did he get talked into letting this out?

KJ Brent

One of the worst “songs”I’ve heard in years. It’s a shame Paul has sunk so low..

vinyl listener

just when you think he couldn’t get any worse.
retire now !

John Pei

I like it! And, as I have yet to have my 1st million seller, it certainly is not my place to critique. Paul is an artist. As such, just because he has reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean he is no longer one. Keep pumpin’ ’em out Macca! God bless!

Ian Mears

I like it. More Bin Iver than Cher. I like that he’s still playing with sounds.

Steve Benson

Dear Paul, I recommend retirement, and under a rock if that helps avoid today’s pop music. Every weak song you release diminishes your earlier and considerable achievements.


W in T F!
Awful. Period.


I wouldn’t praise Ryan Tedder for anything that he has ever touched even with a barge pole but Get Enough is much better than a few of the fillers on the album. The autotune was unnecessary but it’s no more intrusive than the vocoder on Be What You See, a snippet of a song from Tug of War that I’ve always liked. Get Enough has also decent lyrics compared to the horrendous Fuh You. It’s a song that would definitely deserve to be on the album alongside the bonus track Get Started replacing Fuh You, Who Cares, People Want Peace or Back in Brazil! And you would get a much stronger Egypt Station album in the process.


The Ryan Tedder contributions are a big part of why I find Egypt Station to be McCartney’s most dismal album of all time, and I don’t need a new bonus song of more of the same. This road Macca has gone done is grotesque.


Autotune? And in distort mode at that?? WTF is this??? Thanks Sir Paul, but I think I ‘got enough’ in the first ten notes or so. And oh yes: Autotune sucks, full stop.

Colin henwood

Terrible song sorry Paul clutching at straws with this.andi am a life long Beatles fan. Bad bad bad


Oh dear oh dear.


I’m sorry for me is a bad song. “Mccartney in the dirt”

Ed Bliss

I’m a massive Macca fan but this is the worst thing the great man has done since Biker Like An Icon’.
‘Bigly sad’ as The Donald might say.


Mid / side configurations reveal a heartbreaking 3 minutes

Keep your eye on youtube, Someone will demix the autotune, then apply the +L-R

I might do it, if I can be arsed.

This song has had all of your pants down.
Live And Let Die :)


How about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae??

Or Love Song To The Earth which was particularly awful

Biker Like An Icon is awesome by the way!! :)


Yes, biker like an icon is awesome. That person above needs to listen again to that one.


Am I the only McCartney fan who likes PS Love Me Do?


Here is my opinion: I realize Paul was a Beatle and certain fans will defend his every move at all costs. I see the same with Morrissey devotees as well. However, I could stomach a weakened voice but the auto-tune is awful. People say “Well, Cher did it with Believe!” Two things: first, are we really ready to put Paul in the same bucket as Cher? And does anyone truly think a song like Believe should be the benchmark?

I feel this song actually tarnishes his legacy a bit. He should fire the producer and work with someone classic. What’s Tony Visconti working on? Love Paul, but I’m pretending I never listened to this song…


*Many* other people besides Cher have used autotune and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. Someone above mentions Bon Iver as a good example and I’d recommend Swamp Dogg’s Love, Loss and Autotune album as well.


Available on iTunes (U.K.) for 99p.


This is a SUPERB song, half expected it to launch into a massive banging dance tune (there needs to be dance remixes of this released) instead it goes all ‘Beach Boys-y’ FAB! Hope it comes out on vinyl!

Ben Williams

I agree! A good little song, nothing wrong with it – it is a bit different but that’s not a bad thing. Art is all about taking chances.

Fair enough if not everyone likes it but at the end of the day, it’s just an outtake! Better to have it in the world than not.

Colin Harper

Surprised the Assistant Associate Tea-Boy wasn’t mentioned in the credits.


I like it..Pauls voice sounds real..poignant..reflective..not sure if the Tedder treatment adds anything to it though


Terrible song :-(

Michael Campbell

Sorry, but the autotune sounds like it was used out of necessity with pretentions of it being used as an effect. It would have sounded much better with a harmony supplying the higher notes


Not a huge McCartney fan, but do have an interest. Like some I do think there is a good song in there. I like the sentiments of the lyrics, and do agree the auto tune effect is a mess that truly screws the song, the production is also too overblown to my taste for the song.

Maybe he just wants to try new things with his music, I would be interested to hear a stripped back version of this.


There’s a good song lurking in there somewhere. The most difficult part of the song for me is his voice BEFORE the autotune kicks in. If we are ever going to hear his voice in better form again, he has to stop touring and take care of that throat.


Andyb . He should consider tull s ian Anderson s solution simply employ a somewhat younger sole to do it for ya .ha!

joan kelly

made me feel nostalgic/sad


Absolute pants !

The January Gateau

It’s worth noting that inglorious production choices are not a new thing for PM – I’m thinking of the Retirn to Pepperland era Love Me Do remake.

David Lock

Sorry Paul. This plain sucks. Such a letdown after “Egypt Station”. Should have just been voice and piano on the track. Don’t try going “Modern” with productions. It just doesn’t suit your music.


I quite like the song. It’s not like Cher was the only and last person to use it and it sounds a hundred times better than George Michaels auto tuned cover of New Orders True Faith.