Paul McCartney / McCartney III Imagined – remix/covers album

Album covered/remixed by various artists

Paul McCartney‘s 2020 album, McCartney III, is reimagined – or make that III imagined – via an interesting selection of artists including Beck, St Vincent, Damon Albarn and Josh Homme.

All of the album’s 11 tracks have been either remixed or covered by Damon Albarn, Beck, Blood Orange, Phoebe Bridgers, Josh Homme, Khraungbin, 3D RDN of Massive Attack, Ed O’Brien (EOB), Anderson .Paak, St. Vincent and more. You can listen to American singer/rapper/songwriter Dominic Fike’s cover of ‘The Kiss of Venus’, below.

This new version of the album will be available digitally on 16 April, with physical formats to follow in the summer, including –  you better believe it – exclusive colour vinyl editions available through independent record shops, Target, Barnes & Noble, Newbury Comics and Paul’s own site.

The physical editions get a bonus track in the shape of the Idris Elba Remix of ‘Long Tailed Winter Bird’. By all accounts all vinyl editions will be very limited, even the black version (we’re not bothering to sell any via the SDE shop due to lack of availability).

McCartney III Imagined is released physically on 23 July 2021.

Compare prices and pre-order

Paul mcCartney

McCartney III imagined - 2LP black vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Paul mcCartney

McCartney III imagined - CD edition



McCartney III Imagined Paul McCartney / Various Artists / 2LP vinyl

    • Side A
      1. Find My Way (feat. Beck) – 4:53
      2. The Kiss of Venus (Dominic Fike) – 2:23
      3. Pretty Boys (feat. Khruangbin) – 5:48
    • Side B
      1. Women And Wives (St. Vincent Remix) – 3:00
      2. Deep Down (Blood Orange Remix) – 4:24
      3. Seize The Day (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) – 3:29

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And now a UK pink version has just been released…


Ditto on his US site, limited to 2,000 copies.


Not a Macca fan so I have just read this article and the comments. I admit I thought April 1st had come early this year when I saw this release. However, it does not mean Macca’s legacy lays in ruin. Also I would greatly enjoy another “super deluxe” site half as good as Paul’s which also picks up a large number of the new releases, captures exclusive interviews with many artists and key producers, gives honest in depth reviews, has many unboxing reviews and gives price alerts to allow you to buy sets at affordable prices and is aimed globally. Perhaps setting up such a site would be the best way to channel the criticism of this site into something positive.


Well I guess now it is finally time for some of his hardcore fans to think over if they really want or have to own every variation of everything the man releases…

Dave H

A lot of comments here. I can imagine how it will go so no need to wade through. Thanks for the update Paul. It is not for me, but it is a free world and we have to respect that. A nice archive release at a reasonable price point would be appreciated.

Gerry Hassan

There are an awful lot of grumpy comments abt this release – which give the impression of men of a certain age a bit conservative in their views of the world and music who like to see their fav rock stars behave in a certain way.

I think this looks on one level like an interesting release; on the other hand it is an attempt to flog new product and give more legs to McCartney III. For all the hype of Macca III and decent reviews it did not sell that much and while it had high UK and US initial chart positions (1/2) it did not hang around in the charts and dropped like a heavyweight stone (UK: 3 weeks top 100; US 4 weeks top 200).

Macca also has a history of being ambitious and audacious with music and a tradition of revisiting and reinventing albums: I am thinking of Ram’s Thrillington which I think is utterly brilliant and brave – given how the majority of music critics saw Macca in the 197os.

Two short comments. First, I respect a large number of the musical artists brought in here but one choice jars totally raising questions abt the musical intelligence behind this whole thing. The actor (and DJ) Idris Elba has got his hands on one track. This is a person who when he ‘interviewed’ Macca for the Beeb in a ‘celeb interviews celeb’ prog on Macca III claimed he loved his new album and then couldn’t even get the number of tracks right: telling Macca ‘I love your new album with ten great songs’: it has a minimum ELEVEN in all formats.

Second, in terms of MPL. Get on with the archive releases and get on specifically with ‘London Town’ and ‘Back to the Egg’. They should have been out a year and a half ago to coincide with the 40th anniversary of BTTE. The wait has been too long.

Kevin from Edinburgh

It did only have ten great songs on it.
The eleventh one needed a remix…by him..to make it great :-)


Band On The Run followed with Venus And Mars and capped with a triple Wings Over America was a great Macca “imperial period”.
I’d love to hear Macca with others doing some interpretations; whether its stripped back, or remixed, or some duets, whatever from this era.
Apart from the obvious tracks, Love In Song and Call Me Back Again are a couple of my favorites from V & M and also Letting Go, and BOTR has Bluebird, Mamunia, Let Me Roll It.
Worth a revisit, there’s gold in there for sure.
In between those Wings At The Speed Of Sound was “a drag” though hey ! (Beware My Love an exception !) Just sayin ! LOL.


For those that missed out on splatter or gold, this website in Ireland have them and splatter is an ROI exclusive.
I’ve used them to shop to the U.K. before, they have great customer service


Damn. Yes I just messaged them and they said it’s a temporary stop on shipping to the U.K. because of Brexit. (I waited well over a month for a Bauhaus record from them that was stuck in customs.) what a faff.


This looks interesting, but not as much as Dub Sandwich. I first had to look at the date to see if this was a real release. In all seriousness, a lot of artists have some serious time on their hands, keep an open mind, this could be really good. Though I think a more appropriate title would have been McCartney III 1/2.


First, Sir Paul McCartney has earned the right to do and release whatever he wants.

I was initially intrigued about this upcoming full album redux of “McCartney III” done by other recording artists, due mostly to “Listen to What the Man Said,” which in IMO is a fantastic compilation of McCartney’s solo work performed by other people. I also really enjoyed Ryan Adam’s unabridged acoustic interpretation of Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. So as artistic experiment like this can potentially yield some impressive results.

The only little bit of criticism I have about this latest McCartney III album is the added “Imagined” to the album title. I can’t help thinking this is a deliberate, or at least unfortunate, reference to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Still the overall concept is engaging.

Rob King

The best tip I would give anyone is not to buy a album right away. Wait till it has been out a few months, then look up the charts and see if is still there. There is very few writers that turns out gold all the time. There is very few who can write on there own. PMCARTNY needs a co writer that is what he should be looking for. Elton JOHN writes only the music so can not be judged with PMCARTNY. Every one wants to write a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLE WATER (the best song ever written) but you have to keep ploughing on,with what you have


What s wrong to share your thoughts with people who have the same hobby with you? More comments please! And more Bowie threads Paul. Silence after the box gate.You know Bowie is in the top 5 ,if not no1 favorite artist here. Any news for rsd releases?


It’s not just the silence regarding the Bowie live albums, in general SDE overlooks a ton of releases. Mars Volta box set is the latest example. At first I was baffled by these omissions until I understood SDE is just about what Paul likes. If he doesn’t personally listen to the artist, you won’t see it here. The notion that “what is posted is what appeals to the majority of SDE readers” is false, because many of them do ask about these omissions.

Anyway, it’s Paul’s site and he can do as he pleases, I’m not expecting to see Cradle of Filth’s color vinyl limited editions mentioned here any day, but a*little* more variety once in a while wouldn’t hurt? Particularly when the SDE regulars (Neil Young for instance) are quiet and the site an go for a week without new content.

Just an observation Paul, don’t take it the wrong way, I enjoy reading your site quite a bit.

Liam Bastick

I think it’s disgraceful you don’t highlight such great acts of the 80’s like The Chords, Merton Parkas, Honey Bane and Rex Smith. Honestly, such favouritism, Paul.


Paul Taylor

The Bowie BLA albums were not mainstream releases. They were exclusively (mis)managed through Rhino/Dig, Music Glue and Warner’s. They were not items that could be bought in a local record shop or via Amazon, one of the most accessible online vendors. I suspect that Paul would prefer to highlight stuff that the man in the street (or staying at home) can buy fairly easily, as well as stuff that he likes. Bowie, like McCartney, the Stones etc still have a huge fan base and any release is worthy of mention; providing you are able to buy it without having to refresh a website every couple of minutes then complete the purchase within 16 seconds to avoid it selling out before you’ve entered the three digit code on the back of your card (PayPal far too slowwwwww)


Just had to pop in: maybe, like me, you visit an SDE page and end up reading all the comments straight through, especially on a “lightning rod” reissue like one from Paul McCartney…

Anyway, my vote for funniest comment of the year goes to our own Paul S, who slid in “ ‘never commented on’?! It’s regularly commented on by SDE readers…” I could hear it delivered in his voice, and fell out of my chair laughing.

Thanks to Paul for all the work this site entails, and all the rest of you punters (did I use that correctly?), for making this my “favorite record shop to visit,” where I’m always curious how the clientele are critiquing a new release. You’re all fantastic neighbors and I’ve appreciated you throughout lockdown.

Lastly, this is a very McCartney-esque thing to happen in the McCartney oeuvre; like all his output, listen first where you can cheaply (da streamz), then buy physical if you like what you hear…


I was having fun until I read “McCartney is irrelevant”. Somebody please call an ambulance…. ! That was hilarious!

Stan Stanton

Paul’s truly awful album was one of the real musical lowlights of last year. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse along comes this. Great songs can be covered over and over again my artists of every type and genre and still there is something interesting to be found in those songs. These are weak songs interpreted by weaker artists. Nasty.

Stan Stanton

Yesterday is a great song. None of the songs on Paul’s latest LP are. That’s why this album feels particularly silly.

Mark Fernandes

Thanks for pointing out the quality of „Yesterday“, I am sure McCartney will appreciate :)
III is a pretty fun and fine album, it’s a fine achievement of an artist reaching 80 soon.
People who expect songs on fetishization of mortality might be better off looking elsewhere (e.g. the brillant Cash american recordings).
The new release looks promising, as the songs are quite layered.
Thanks Paul for keeping this site going, and yes please more Bowie :)

Sascha H.

It is silly. ( Do you let me post this, Paul ? Cause it is critism against Macca. )

Sascha H.

And this is the guarentee for good music today he made ? No, not for me.


Damn, a lot of grumpy old people here. Have y’all not heard of tribute albums?!
As a fan of a lot of these artists, I can wait to see what they’ll do with Macca’s strongest set of songs since Chaos…

Tim in Miami

Paul,, is everything alright, mate? This combative sarcasm I see you posting is these comments is not like you, from what I have gathered. I have always found you to be exceedingly gentlemanly in the face of some obvious trolls in the past.


Surely the title reads as illimagined

Jarmo Keranen

Does anyone here knows the guitarist Andy Timmons and Joel Paterson? If you are interested of The Beatles played instrumental try these. Andy Timmons Band: Plays Sgt. Pepper (2011), Joel Paterson: Let It Be Guitar (2019) and Let It Be Acoustic (2020). Andy plays whole Sgt. Pepper with only bassist and drummer without overdubs. CD contains bonus track Strawberry Fields Forever. Let it Be Guitar contains The Beatles tracks played with electric guitar and Let It Be acoustic with acoustic guitar, as the title says. Great playing by both!

Sascha H.

This is the third time I will post something but it can´t be seen her, why Paul ? Is critic not allowed by Macca ? I don´t like his music nowdays. Yes, with the Beatles it´s okay but now …. forget this #+.

Stan Butler

So Sascha, The Beatles are in your opinion ‘okay’. I don’t think that deserves anymore comment.
You don’t like Paul McCartney’s music nowadays, though whether that is just McCartney III or the mere 50 years of solo material is difficult to discern. One would really wonder why you bother commenting then. That you’re so dismissive of 50 years of (mostly) great music from Paul McCartney would indicate to me that, besides the bad language, your input is of little value to the discourse as I would suggest your knowledge of his solo work may be rather limited. I could be wrong. Just a thought.
One last thing. Paul, you must have the patience of a saint.


here’s one. The Target one is less and still orderable too.


Newbury Comics. 2000 units.

Andreas W.

Hi Paul,
as this is a cover album I suppose Paul McCartney is part of the songs or is it collaboration duet kind of thing?

Mike Williams

The US Target Exclusive versions of the LP & CD are now available to preorder (March 12)


Given that I am still waiting on my bottle green vinyl of the original album from McCartney’s own website I’d suggest anyone should think twice before ordering from there.


Still waiting on the Violet edition from his website and the bottle green and black from MusicVaultz

Ant Prr

If it’s the UK store you won’t get it.
I ordered the red and the Spotify together on the day they were announced.
Neither arrived for the delayed release day.
Chased it, told delay to the Spotify awaiting stock.
Saw here IIRC Spotify started arriving around 31st Dec.
Into January still had neither.
Chased again… they cancelled Spotify and shipped red.
Constant cut and paste fob offs ignoring my request for an explanation ended with rubbish excuse about cancelled by supplier.
I suspect was same scenario I had with another of their artist stores earlier in year, i.e. two ltds ordered at same time… prob with version b so version a not shipped… when version b arrived none of version a left in stock so cancelled :(


My Spotify didnt arrive yet from the UK store. Initially I was told delay and would be late January dispatch but nothing more. Customer services not responding now. Money was taken from my card on the day I ordered. Grrrr…


I dont like macca generaly, but mccartney iii was on my top5 for 2020 and i actually love also the new version of kiss of venus with that Dominic guy. I m really curious for the hole project after this.


I’d have preferred an album of Paul with contemporaries like Ray Davies, Neil Young, Mick and Keef, Eric Burdon, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton. A bit like the album Klaus Voormann did featuring Paul, Ringo, Mike D’Abo etc.

And Damon Albarn but no Gallagher Brothers? Noel and Liam will be pleased…


I don’t remember anyone protesting loudly about Elton guesting on the latest Gorillaz album. More to the point, Elton’s own ‘Revamp’ covers album (2018) was well received at the time. This new MIII covers album is much the same concept. The main difference is that the contributors to the Elton album were mainly high profile ‘household’ names (Mary J Blige, Ed Sheehan, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus etc.). Paul has chosen more cutting edge and, in some cases, less well known artists. That’s a calculated risk but since this is ‘Paul bloody McCartney’ we’re talking about, there’s little chance the record will underperform.


Blimey, you could open up a can of worms on Elton with ‘I do think he’s overrated’. To be knocking out albums every six months, whilst constantly touring and selling 5% of all the worlds records at his peak is incredible. That he didn’t kill himself with his lifestyle is probably his greatest achievement. I’d take Elton’s later albums and live performances over Paul’s. In reality they are both amazing.

Jarmo Keranen

Same goes with Paul McCartney. Few brilliant albums and hit singles with The Beatles in the 60’s. After that only mediocre music that no one has noticed if he wasn’t one of THEM!


Continuing the Paul v Elton theme, relating to remixes, Elton’s songs mixed by Pnau: Good Morning To The Night was brilliant, as was the Fatboy Slim remix of Are You Ready For Love.


It’s possibly the same. Many artists arguably have an imperial phase when they’re on a roll, fiercely creative and can do no wrong. With McCartney as you say it was with the Beatles in the 60s. With Elton the early 70s maybe up to ‘Captain Fantastic …’. With Bowie the 70s ending with 1980’s Scary Monsters. They all have similar stats in terms of numbers of great albums/singles, but arguably the afterglow of these imperial phases and the large banked amounts of goodwill supports successive inferior releases. It’s an interesting thesis and I remember chatting with David Hepworth about it a couple of years ago – maybe the basis of an interesting book.
I don’t think Macca has produced a consistently great album since the Beatles all the way through – most of his and Wings albums have good and terrible stuff – some killa,some filla. But we forgive him because of the banked goodwill – which is fine. He’s given us a lot of pleasure in our lives and it’s always nice to hear from him again. However, at what point does the bank of goodwill run dry? Bowie regularly replenished it with great late period albums (The Next Day, Blackstar)
I would love for Macca to deliver the late intensity and brilliance of a Bowie Blackstar – until then Bowie for me wins hands down in terms of overall career brilliance and arc/ narrative. Macca post Beatles – not so sure. Stay safe all.

John MC cann

I believe that wings in the 70s where at one point selling more records than the Beatles in the 60s!
I read that years ago,it’s probably fake news!, But either way jarmo if you get the MC cartney year’s dvd 4 discs I think? Then I don’t think you could really use the word mediocre,, your the guy that’s got a tendancy to buy Beatles records and put them on a shelf sealed, never to be opened if I remember right?,, Are you sure you haven’t done that with some macca records as well?
I could pitch 15 macca solo records against 15 of his best Beatles songs,,,,, there would be nothing between them in quality in my opinion,,, freedom and biker like a icon would not be in the 15,,but let’s say ,, with a little love v Eleanor rigby to start! I go for the former every time,,wot do other readers think?

Jarmo Keranen

I don’t put my Beatles records on a shelf sealed. I’ve been listening them since 1971, own all the 60’s output and listen them regulary. I own 9 of Paul’s solo/Wings records and they gather dust in the shelf. Like John Lennon said of Paul’s music in How Do You Sleep they muzak to my ears!

Wayne K

Yikes. I couldn’t disagree more.

John MC cann

Yes you are correct,,do you know that for a period in the 70s Gilbert o Sullivan was actually on a par with Elton! could have been bigger!
But for some reason or another just faded away,, very sad,,I like old gilbert!


YES PAUL! Completely agree. The only person more overrated than Elton is Billy Freaking Joel. And while we’re here, how overrated is U2? But I digress. Elton had big hits with the three of the most obnoxious songs in history: Bennie and the Jets, Island Girl and Philadelphia Freedom. It would be easy to go on and on (nonsensical lyrics by Taupin, his 80s albums are pure trash) but it’s probably best that I hide now.


Too Low For Zero is a very good Elton 80’s album. Good singles, good album tracks, good track sequencing and not a track on it that I want to skip past. I’d put it on a par with Band On The Run for like for like quality, but neither would rate as true classics compared to Paul’s Beatles work or Elton’s 70’s albums. Tug Of War is highly enjoyable from Mr McCartney.

Stevie Wonder gave me the most hope that he still has killer tunes in him, with his two tracks he released last year. We just need an album in a similar fashion.

Here's Jonny

At least Elton has some classic albums
McCartney – none.
Nearest he got was with Wings Band On The Run yet my God that had weak patches.

Jeff Hoppa

Buy it if it’s of interest to you and the price isn’t a barrier, right? Not for everyone (and that’s true of everything), but why would anyone be upset that Paul McCartney is releasing new music and creatively designed physical product into the world? We won’t have him forever (though I imagine his estate, like Bowie’s, will continue to come up with creative ways to promote/sell his work). I say, enjoy it! Or don’t. I understand why it’s upsetting to some. SO much product. SO much money if one feels compelled to collect it all. Plus, we’re all dancing on the edge of COVID-19 burnout. But, in the grand scheme of things, if this isn’t your cup of “English Tea,” does it really matter? No. Why pour cold water on it for others? At the end of the day, Ringo always says it best: “Peace & Love!”

Richard Z

I am curious to hear some of this stuff but I am glad that streaming services were invented.


Totally agree with Richard Z.
Don’t need the vinyl or cd but curious to hear St. Vincent, EOB and 3D performing these songs so Spotify is good enough for me.

David Fisher

Big Macca nut here – I ordered the vinyl and CD immediately on amazon then I heard a track off it and immediately cancelled both orders. Nothing wrong with it as a project but it’s just not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t buy these artists’ work if they weren’t singing McCartney songs (with the exception of Beck). I was under the false impression that it was a kind of duets gig like they did with Sinatra (even that felt odd) or like that Van Morrison tribute album Van produced for himself which was actually really good in places. I get the impression that Paul had pretty much nothing to do with this so my interest is low. I don’t think I’ve listened to the whole of THE ART OF McCARTNEY yet so this would probably never get played.

I think McCARTNEY III is Paul’s best work for years so good luck to him to try to draw more attention to it but I think its strength lies in its sense of fun and interesting arrangements, not in the songwriting itself. It pricked my interest for the first time since McCARTNEY II with the exception of, perversely, PRESS TO PLAY and DRIVING RAIN, both of which have some great tracks IMHO, despite the critics’ disapproval.


Just listened to ‘The Kiss of Venus’ version by Dominic Fike and it’s really awful: the vocals, the production, everything…. And this track is one of my favourites from ‘McCartney III’, sung in his vulnerable, older voice. The new version is a prime example of how to ruin a beautiful song.
I’m a huge McCartney-fan, my all time hero. Bought 5 versions of McCartney III (my family is used to it, they didn’t even blink when the postman brought the fifth version….), and spent too much money on his (archive) releases and concerts.
McCartney III is a very nice album, IMHO better than Egypt Station. But I won’t buy this cover record. When I told this at home, I heard some sardonic laughter, but really: I don’t see the point of this release.


If Mojo were giving this away as a cover CD, I would definitely give it a listen.

Craig H

Paul McCartney is currently being managed by Scott Rodgers who is really behind the decisions being made regarding McCartneys promotions at the moment, ie multiple versions of products, overpriced box sets, dubious appearances on US television. It’s a very different style of management to how he was promoted during the 80s and 90s and whilst I don’t really think Paul has to compete with today’s artist after all he’s Paul F***ing McCartney, it probably helps him to feel relevant.
This compilation has been arranged by his management and will have been given the go ahead by Paul but as a huge Macca fan this has absolutely no interest to me. I just wish he’d speed up the reissue programme which has been going on over 10 years! This style of management is showing results with number ones in the US and UK but there is a lot of decent growing from long terms fans who think that McCartney is tarnishing his legacy with these tactics.
Regarding McCartney III, because I played it to death prior and over Christmas, I’ve not wanted to hear it again the last couple of months. It’s probably going to be an album I associate with Christmas in the future.

(a different) Craig H

In terms of the promotional interviews/TV that he’s done the most cringeworthy for me is seeing Paul McCartney suck up to talentless non-entities like James Cordon ! Unbelievable, it just shows how far he was prepared to go to promote the album.

Michael G

Have to say some honest truth.
Why is the milking of fans just never commented on,really it’s a money grab from an artist who is way past his best.
Never have so many been conned(emperors new clothes and all that lol)
Still fools and their money are easily parted.

Matthew Dixon

Ludicrous amount of idiotic snark aimed at this one. Don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s quite a simple concept. It’s not like they’ve packaged it with the original album so that you’re forced to buy that again too.

I’m personally looking forward to hearing what some really excellent artists do with it.


Agreed, it’s possible some are overthinking this. It looks like fun to me, I’ll give it a listen.


@Matthew, totally agree.


So people shouldn’t express their opinion because they don’t have to buy it? Good luck with that……….

Nathan Thomas

Why do people think that ‘I don’t like this & won’t buy it’ is a comment that anyone, other than their partner, needs to hear. Not every ‘opinion’ has to be shared with the world especially when it has zero to add to the conversation. The curse of social media is that everyone seems to think the world is desperate to hear their opinion on absolutely everything.


If McCartney wants to end his career on a high (and maybe he doesn’t…that’s ok) McCartney III is not the album to do it credibly, nor is passing that same album over to a number of “contemporary” artists to cover likely to raise its stature.
The Art Of McCartney was a good release with stellar artists performing his well known songs. Albeit that was 11 years in the making, maybe he should consider something similar (but fast tracked ! LOL) and this time around actually perform with the artists on some of his best songs
I think that would deliver a greater interest, marketing opportunities and ultimately some much needed credibility.
Logistically its likely a web of contractual issues but artists of this stature have a way of getting the record co. lawyers to fix it, particularly if its a huge money spinner for all !


Maybe because he’s a working musician

Nathan Thomas

Paul, Does that mean that Elton Johns collaboration with Gorillaz last year was a waste of his time in targeting the much younger Gorillaz audience who have no interest in Elton John himself & that he should just continue to play to his core audience by re-releasing old material & outtakes ?


Have you got some mystic power that allows you to read pauls mind ?or do you just always like to have the last word as it’s your website,

Paul McSnarky

it would be like the kids taking grandad out for a steak dinner and forgetting his teeth….it sucks


Actually, Elton is not a good example. His Lion King work gave him a whole new crowd.
I was surprised last time I saw him live at the large number of 20 somethings in the audience, until I realized they came for ’can you feel the love tonight!
Which he didn’t play.
As an oldie, I never realized the impact of that soundtrack to a whole generation, to me, it was just a movie soundtrack, but to that crowd, it was huge, and still is.
My daughter loves it, and I bet she doesn’t recognize a single Elton song despite my playing her classic rock all these years.


I’m surprised by this boomer mentality from you, PS.
“Paul should only hang with old geezers like us! Why doesn’t he hate young artists like Keith Richards?”

Chumil & the Bimbo

Dear Paul Sinclair

My 20 years younger bimbo airhead of a wife sends her love saying “Life is simply to short to pretend that you don’t like Taylor Swift” :)

We both enjoy McCartney III and your website tremendously but none of us will be buying this new imagined version. We only bought the japanese SHM deluxe version btw.

Different Time

Of course he’ll want to end his career on a high and I can see him working until his time’s eventually up. However, he will never surpass the final career high of David Bowie. I appreciate McCartney III was produced largely in isolation but the gulf in quality, innovation and songwriting between it and Blackstar is staggering.

Nathan Thomas

I seem to remember the III album getting mainly 4 & 5 star reviews so is definitely not a career low even though you may not rate the album as highly yourself.

All artists want to remain relevant – why else did Elton John collaborate with Gorillaz last year or Tony Bennet start hanging out with Lady Gaga ?


My opinion: this is the kind of project that can work only with a top notch cast of artists, and not with names that for more than half I’ve never heard about…considering also that we are not talking of McCartney classics that “sell themselves”, but totally forgettable songs like all his production since Flaming Pie.


My opinion: he tried to do the same thing with “top notch cast of artists” on his project “The Art of McCartney” – and the result was terrible and boring.
I quite like this “new song” by Fike (don’t know this artist at all – I am an old white man) – better than everything on this bad “McCartney III” album – and I am a huge McCartney/Lennon/Harrison/Beatles fan which has around 400 LPs by this artists.
But of course I will not pay 42£ for an album – never ever.


Imagine all the people
Paying for Macca
You… You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And Macca will be the richest one

John MC cann

Oh Jean that is pish!


When this lp came out the many comments were his voice is shot. He should let other vocalists sing his tunes. Well he’s done it and done a Bacharach.
Good onya Paul !!

hendry doran

Maybe an age thing but I’ve never even heard of most of the names contributing to the album

Jarmo Keranen

Just thinking the same. To me only Damon Albarn and Beck ring the bell. Names Josh Homme and Ed O’Brien i have seen somewhere. I think i don’t lose anything if i don’t hear any of these tracks in my life time. So what, i’m just a grumby old man who’s living in the past!

Alan B

Just for information. Idris Elba has delved into music before. He appears on a song called “Picking Up the Pieces” from the album “Tales From the Thames Delta” by a band called The Milk. Discovered the band by accident a few years ago. It’s an excellent album. Great album cover too!


Idris Elba has guested on the new Inner City single, so clearly a man with diverse taste.

Tim Abbott

I’m astounded such genuine innovators as Damon Albarn and St. Vincent have lowered themselves to letting an irrelevance like Paul McCartney use their names for credibility.

Different Time

I’m amazed you missed the sarcasm in that comment. Wow.

Tim Abbott

No sarcasm. McCartney has been irrelevant for 40+ years. Trying to latch onto the coattails of far more innovative artists (who themselves are already in their late 30s-50s!) should be an embarrassment for them.

It’s like trying to get your granddad to play Guitar Hero.

Nathan Thomas

Since Tim has clearly said that the comment wasn’t sarcastic I’m ‘amazed’ that you thought it was. Wow.

Just goes to prove Paul’s point

Andy Robertson

Wow…and apart from splatter/green etc I expect 45 more versions of this to realllly milk the cow.

All getting silly in Macca Land.

Richard B

I really enjoyed McCartney 3 and did not find it average at all. I even liked Lavatory Lil. It is the Maxwell’s Silver Hammer or Lovely Rita of the album and offers a change of pace. I am not sure about this remix album but Josh Homme doing a cover of Lil sounds interesting. So there.


DUB SANDWICH is next……

William Joyce

Does this release mean we won’t get an archive release from him this year ?


Is it April 1st already ?


Well over the years I’ve bought lots of physical product from Paul and his fellow Beatles including McCartney 111. I went to see him live too. So on this occasion I shall just quietly download a disc of these extras, give it a listen or two and pop it in the sleeve. He’s a pensioner too, I’m sure he won’t mind

Michael Kanter

Another one of the steadily growing list of releases aimed mainly at people who are thankful for another opportunity to make easy money out of other peoples passion.
I came home late in the evening from my work, read the SDE news and immediately hurried over to the Bravado site, happy to find the splatter vinyl available. I had it in the cart, but during the checkout it was already sold out.
Now I can choose between “pre-ordering” it on Ebay, from sellers who don’t even own what they are selling, at triple to sixfold prices (55 offers already), or to wait to buy it months later on Discogs for similar or even worse prices. The same happened with the ongoing Bowie “Brilliant” live series or with the Bowie “Mother” 7″single. Sold out within seconds or minutes, months before the actual release date.
I cannot watch the internet 24 hours a day, to grab these pre-orders in time. These releases are not aimed at people who love holding music in their hands. Although I am willing to pay 40-50 Euro for a double LP (which isn’t exactly cheap), my hands will stay empty once again.
To advertise products which are in fact “not for sale” for ordinary people is shameless in my eyes.

Michael Kanter

Thanks Paul, but that’s exactly what I meant, even to read the SDE newsletter IN TIME for these kind of releases I have to be connected and attentive to the internet 24 hours a day, which isn’t possible to me as a social worker and as a father.

Hugh Hall

This release is a bit of a game-changer for me. To date I have been rather annoyed by the tawdry way in which the McCartney and Bowie “machines” have been squeezing their fanbases for cash. But this release has released me. I am just going to enjoy the sheer audacity and perversity of the whole spectacle from now on. Infact I can’t wait for the next installment. It feels like we are reaching some sort of peak SDE!


Hi Hugh,

It is liberating not worrying about not getting the next super duper limited release.

As for peak SDE, the supply side of the industry has been pushing the consumer hard now for the past two or three years to get more money in return for the same or less amount of content. We all have different breaking points when finally if is time to say no.

The main tactic to maintain ever increasing pricing is to limit the quantities of what can be quite desireable items, and so panic people into buying things within seconds, otherwise knowing that it is gone forever, as with the splatter version of this album. No one knows if the record is any good, but never mind, it’s sold out in minutes, so job done.

I’m not a fan of the music industry’s current style of consumer exploitation, but there is a upside to the overall value of music collections. I put in a good chunk of my items into Discogs about 18 months ago (I must do the rest), and noticed the other day that the overall range of values of these items had shifted significantly upwards. So it may be that the primary market for SDE has already peaked (great content / fair pricing); but the for those lucky enough to have had mass consumption syndrome for the past decade, the value and joy of owning and playing deluxe editions has yet to peak.