Paul McCartney offers free download of the original ‘Beautiful Night’

Paul McCartney has released a ‘Beautiful Night EP’ on streaming platforms and today also makes available an early version of his 1997 single as a free download.

‘Beautiful Night’ was the third and final single from 1997’s Flaming Pie and features Ringo Starr on drums. All four tracks on the Beautiful Night EP are available on the forthcoming deluxe edition of Flaming Pie, and two of them – ‘Beautiful Night’ and Oobu Joobu Pt. 5 –were available on the original UK CD single (CD 1, to be precise). This is the track listing:

  1. Beautiful Night (on CD 1 of the deluxe Flaming Pie)
  2. Beautiful Night – 1995 demo (CD 2 of the deluxe Flaming Pie)
  3. Beautiful Night – Run Through (on CD 3 of the deluxe Flaming Pie)
  4. Oobu Joobu Pt. 5 (on CD 4 of the deluxe Flaming Pie)

Oobu Joobu Pt. 5 was a specially edited sequence of chatter, song snippets and songs inspired by Paul’s radio show broadcast on American radio network Westwood One in 1995. On the original CD single this was a 10 minute sequence. On the digital EP (and on CD 4 of the Flaming Pie deluxe edition) it’s over a minute shorter.

Anyway, towards the end of Oobu Joobu Pt. 5 we get around four minutes of the original 1986 version of ‘Beautiful Night’ that Paul recorded with Phil Ramone in New York. ‘Loveliest Thing’ (which featured on one of the ‘Figure of Eight’ UK CD singles and was DOWNLOAD ONLY on the Flowers in the Dirt deluxe edition) was recorded during these sessions. I think fans would agree that it was always a bit annoying that this was ‘hidden’ in the mix of ‘Oobu Joobu’.

However, what McCartney is offering today as a free download from his website is the full six minute version of this 1986 original. This reason this is important – and maybe you can see where this is going – is that this version is NOT included on the forthcoming £200+ deluxe edition (sigh). Yes, you do get the truncated four-minute version within ‘Oobu Joobu Pt. 5’, but that’s it!

In short, Paul is up to his old tricks. Demos, alternates, extended versions from albums such as Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, Flowers in the Dirt, Tug of War, Pipes of Peace, and Venus and Mars have all ended up on Paul’s website but NOT on the physical product. This is infuriating, but inexcusable when the retail price of the new deluxe edition is so high.

Flaming Pie is reissued on 31 July 2020.

At the end of the month, SDE will be publishing a special keepsake booklet ‘McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues‘. More on that here.

Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD2 – Demos and Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing  5:25
The World Tonight  2:26
If You Wanna  3:00
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 2:22
Calico Skies 2:31
Flaming Pie  1:40
Souvenir 2:54
Little Willow  2:26
Beautiful Night 4:27
Great Day 3:30

CD3 – Studio tracks

Great Day [Acoustic] 2:17
Calico Skies [Acoustic] 2:06
C’mon Down C’mon Baby 1:23
If You Wanna [Demo] 1:54
Beautiful Night [Run Through] 4:09
The Song We Were Singing [Rough Mix] 3:50
The World Tonight [Rough Mix] 3:47
Little Willow [Rough Mix] 2:59
Whole Life [Rough Mix] 5:34
Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette] 4:43

CD4 – B-sides

The Ballad of The Skeletons
Looking For You 4:41
Broomstick 5:10
Love Come Tumbling Down 4:23
Same Love 3:55
Oobu Joobu Part 1 (8:47)
Oobu Joobu Part 2 (8:27)
Oobu Joobu Part 3 (7:57)
Oobu Joobu Part 4 (5:31)
Oobu Joobu Part 5 (8:48)
Oobu Joobu Part 6 (9:16)

CD 5 – Flaming Pie at the Mill

Spoken word documentary


In The World Tonight (Documentary)


Beautiful Night
Making Of Beautiful Night
Little Willow
The World Tonight [directed by Alistair Donald)
The World Tonight [directed by Geoff Wonfor)
Young Boy [directed by Alistair Donald]
Young Boy [directed by Geoff Wonfor]
Flaming Pie EPK 1
Flaming Pie EPK 2
In The World Tonight EPK
Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
TFI Friday Performances
David Frost Interview

Flaming Pie 3LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day

LP3 – Demos & Home Recordings

The Song We Were Singing [Demo]
The World Tonight [Demo]
If You Wanna [Demo]
Somedays [Demo]
Young Boy [Demo]
Calico Skies [Home Recording]
Flaming Pie [Demo]
Souvenir [Demo]
Little Willow [Demo]
Beautiful Night [Studio Demo]
Great Day [Home Recording]



Flaming Pie 2CD edition

CD 1 – Flaming Pie (2020 remaster)

The Song We Were Singing 3:55
The World Tonight 4:05
If You Wanna 4:37
Somedays 4:15
Young Boy 3:54
Calico Skies 2:32
Flaming Pie 2:30
Heaven On A Sunday 4:26
Used To Be Bad 4:12
Souvenir 3:41
Little Willow 2:58
Really Love You 5:18
Beautiful Night 5:08
Great Day 2:09

CD 2

1. The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
2. The World Tonight [Home Recording]
3. If You Wanna [Home Recording]
4. Somedays [Home Recording]
5. Young Boy [Home Recording]
6. Calico Skies [Home Recording]
7. Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
8. Souvenir [Home Recording]
9. Little Willow [Home Recording]
10. Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
11. Great Day [Home Recording]
12. Beautiful Night [Run Through]
13. Whole Life [Rough Mix]
14. Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette]
15. Great Day [Acoustic]
16. Calico Skies [Acoustic]
17. C’mon Down C’mon Baby
18. Looking For You
19. Broomstick
20. Love Come Tumbling Down
21. Same Love

Flaming Pie 2LP vinyl

LP 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie

LP 2
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day









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FYI… i was on Maccas site yesterday and he had 2 new songs free for downloadibg related to the Falming Pie Reissue.. cheers!

All the Best – Jeff


Yet another official Download available:



Plus “Calico Skies” acoustic has been added to his site since

Mister Stick

Love the song and second the complaints.

Flaming Pie is a fine and thoughtful record. It never seems overcooked or disposable, which is so often the case when Paul gets a light bulb idea and then far-t00-quickly drives it home, damn the results (as with Wild Life and some of the more recent singles).

“Beautiful Night” is an overlooked gem. It’s not a lyric meisterwerk, but it’s clear, genuine, and heartening. Just that very important few inches from soppy. The propulsion of it is terrific, building to that stop-time and change. It’s got a big, warm sound with the feeling that the army of musicians used for the all-hands finish were right there in the room. The freebie version is a treat. Since there was no tour for Flaming Pie, the rehearsal take gives us an idea of what it might have sounded like in in-person circumstances.

But yeah… What an eye-rolling waste that it’s only on MP3 and that this full take is not on the upcoming CD set. Then again, this box is such an overpriced Happy Meal, with more emphasis on the toys than the burger, that including the now-giveaway “Beautiful Night” wouldn’t have made the difference anyway. So thanks for the snack, now I don’t feel like I am missing dinner.

With this kind of approach to his back catalog, Paul’s next compilation should be called the “The Headscratcher.”

When IS the next Tull box, anyway?

Grateful for the blog as always.


Slightly off-topic,
but nevertheless a good thread to post this:

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Germany (March to May) some indie artists from the Nether Rhine area came up with the idea of playing Beatles tunes at home and post them on the YouTube channel of Neuss (near Dusseldorf)-based Theater am Schlachthof (or abr. TaS), because they are all connected in some way to this small independent theater.

If you type in: “An Apple record a day keeps the doctor away” on YouTube you will find all 50+ performances of that series and i’ll advise you to check it out of you’re a fan of The Beatles body of work.
There are big hits included as well as deep cuts and all performances have the benefit of being recorded at the artists homes so you also can peak into how German artists live today. :)

I am in no way connected to any of the artists other than to have thoroughly enjoyed their work and think it sad that these clips only have around 300 views so far so it would be nice if some members of the SDE-community could help bringing these numbers up a bit.


Hi Klaus, thanks for the heads up, going through them at the mo’ enjoying the ones I have seen.

What? McCartney? Worry!

MP3 so 2010, it’s 2020 at least offer a hi res lossless copy to download, Mecca might as well offer it as WMA. 256 my arse.

Stan Butler

The audio quality of the downloads has been disappointing. Especially given the quality of the songs themselves. Even as demos, they deserve to be heard as lossless files. 128 kbps is unforgiveable!
Here are the downloads released so far and their mp3 bit-rates.

“Letting Go [Extended Version]” – 5:39 217 kbps
“Love My Baby [from One Hand Clapping]” – 1:16 266 kbps
“Rock Show [New Version]” – 6:31 160 kbps
“Take It Away” [Single Edit]– 4:05 270 kbps
“Say Say Say (Instrumental)” (2015 remix) – 3:41 284 kbps
“Hands of Love” (Take 2) – 2:22 320 kbps
“Dear Friend (Orchestra Up)” – 5.59 320 kbps
“Distractions” (Demo) – 4:56 160 kbps
“This One” (Demo) – 3:26 128 kbps
“Back On My Feet” (Demo) – 3:23 128 kbps
“Beautiful Night (1986) – 6:14 256 kbps

Ben Williams

I did hear that the deluxe (£200) version has a couple of ‘hidden’ tracks on a couple of discs. Could be this Beautiful Night 1986 demo unedited.. highly unlikely of course but could be.


I don’t get the problem. This is great from Macca..it shouldn’t be on the Flaming Pie box cause it wasn’t recorded at these sessions, it’s from way before, I think from Press To Play. Maybe it’ll be on that box

Mikey havoc

I have bought all the Macca Deluxe sets (but not Wings 71-72, nor the Egypt Station big box of trinkets travesty. Sadly the pricing on the Flaming Pie Deluxe has turned me right off.

McCartney seems to take some delight in pricing his box sets beyond what anyone else does and getting away with it.

To really put the boot in, he can’t even be bothered to distribute these sets worldwide. Small countries outside of UK/Europe and US get either no distribution of these, or are only available at extortionate prices. Respect eroded to zero finally for me.

Tom m hans

Return to Pepperland has the full 6:03 version readily available on you tube. If you like Phil Ramone 80s Billy Joel Sound. Peace.


Hopefully the deluxe ‘press to play’ (coming some time in 2026…) Will include the whole ‘return to pepperland’ album, with the full ‘beautiful night’ – some gems, some duffers – a bit like press to play itself!


You can’t say that this is a surprise based on the previous releases, and yet each and every time it is a kick in the teeth for the people who are prepared to spend a lot of money on the box sets. £520 and you don’t get all the music in a physical format -wow!

Thankfully I stayed away from the McCartney box sets and felt the 2 cd sets were fine. How come The Beatles get it right with their box sets (decent price for content, 5.1) where Paul seems to do the opposite on his solo work?


I think he just is a big fan of Pokémon is all – I’ll be going to the park later to see if there are any of his old demos bobbing around over by the trees.

Mike M

Macca don’t do freebies? Come on what’s the catch?

David M

Huh? There have been free downloads related to a number of his archive releases, think most are still available in his website.

Max Wilbury

After some hours of deep thinking I think I got it. The 256 kbps shitty quality has been offered to match the 256 shitty price of the Deluxe Boxset.
Joke aside, this is yet another disgrace from the guys at MPL. Well at least we now know which is Paul’s favourite emoji….


Maybe once the pandemic ends we can organise Neil Young’s team to hang out with the MPL crew for a day…… We can chip in for sticky notes, butchers paper, coloured felt tipped pens, morning/afternoon tea and a vegan lunch (I am veggie, so no haters pls).

Anyhoo, I think the experience would be good for all involved. MPL might walk out with a few ideas that gets their target audience engaged rather than reaching for our torches and pitchforks.


I don’t know what is going on with amazon.fr, but I’ve just received both the super Deluxe and the 3 LP editions of flaming pie, almost 2 weeks before the release date!!
They both look and sound stunning, except for the spin of the 3 LP set which consists of a removable paper.
I’m the first to have complained about the price of the deluxe set, but given the huge amount of content in it, I must admit it’s worth the price!

David M

“The spin of the 3 LP Set” . What?


Not much comment here on the actual music. Do other people think, like me, that this is a far better version of the song than the one released 11 years later? The orchestration is more restrained and the vocal more expressive. Reminds me a bit of ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. I’ll take the download if that’s all we get. But I do think it’s possible this will end up on a Press To Play box at some future date. Remember that the Beatles first stab at ‘Let It Be’ was put on the White Album 50th, where it belonged chronologically, not held back for the Let It Be 50th (if and when that happens).

David M

Ringo is great on the released version (vocally), kind of makes the song. Assume he is not on this?


The downloads should be available in better quality but beyond that what is the problem with free downloads ? They are for everyone – regardless if you’ve bought one of the deluxe sets. If they were only available on the super super deluxe at £520 – then that would be an issue ! But then again perhaps they should be to justify that price.


A fair point but I have seen many comments on several forums suggesting that there should be some exclusive musical content on the £520 set Just as there is more on the £200 box than the 2 CD version. But as I say that would annoy those who cannot afford that set. I prefer a CD or box set but regardless I rip to stream round the house so don’t have an issue with downloads. It’s a steaming and download world for many these days.


256 MP3? Really? Am I losing my mind (entirely possible), but didn’t Deluxe Band On The Run come with lossless downloads? What exactly has changed in 10 years – apart from more people being aware of digital downloads and having faster downloads. Seriously, I imagine with these releases one person at the head of the table making a pig-headed decision and everyone else afraid to contradict them… Exasperated.

Ben Williams

If I remember right, you did get a free mp3 copy of Band on the Run and No Words Live in 1979 when you preordered BOTR from Macca’s website in 2010 – wasn’t lossless but all the free downloads since 2014 have been lossy, some were even 128kbps!

William Keats

Flaming Pie Deluxe is at Import CDs in the US for $183.15. Shipping not free, however:
“Additional shipping charge applies – 6.14 lbs”. I don’t know what that would cost.

Still not a bargain, but perhaps less of a rip-off?


Just some additional thoughts on the Flaming Pie box. It now is clear to me that the Ooby Joobu “songs” are not songs but pieces of a radio broadcast with talk and some pieces of songs in there. I really don’t care for that. Essentially CD 4 is a spoken documentary and CD 3 only has 5 songs, the rest is podcast. So you just get CD 1 thru 2 full of music and 5 songs on CD 3. The DVD’s are not interesting to me personally. Add the download disaster, for $250 that is insane.


It is insane. The 2cd version is basically everything except 4 “rough mixes”, Skeletons, and the documentary type stuff. I’m amazed they put so much on the two disc edition.


Interesting to note that the Collector’s Edition is still available for pre-order, when the Wings Over Europe set sold out pretty quickly. Maybe they’ve finally crossed the line as far as price point goes.


Doesn’t Mr McCartney know how hard it is to re-mortgage your house these days?

george glazener

@Kenny: Of course he doesn’t…..he’s never actually had a mortgage. Or a car payment….or student loan debt…or medical bills…..

David M

Yeah he was born a millionaire!


It seems so, as he must be re-mortaging his own, that’s why the insane prices for this


What effing planet are MPL on? It is beyond me to see any logic in doing this at all when the normal Deluxe edition has a once play spoken word CD in it and plenty of room on discs 2 & 3. It just rubs peoples noses in it when the price is ludicrously high. If you are mainly interested in the audio and already have the B sides you are looking at six extra tracks (two hidden which are apparently short), between a £200 plus Deluxe box and a double CD set at less than a tenth of the price.


I like a free download, but I do agree on missing tracks from expensive “complete” sets being a con.

However, would it potentially be more consistent to have this recording appear with Press or Flowers, if it’s a 1986 demo? I’m thinking like with the alternate versions of Hey Diddle, which appear on three different deluxe sets (so far), based on recording dates. Similarly, The Lovers That Never Were demo is on the Flowers deluxe, and eventually ended up officially on Off The Ground.

I’ve ordered the 2cd, I do think cd2 has most of the essential stuff on it. I’ve been tracking down the other double cd sets, it’s surprising that they’re already becoming harder to get hold of.


Now, am I the online one having difficultirs to download that track using my Cell phone and receiving a ACCES-GATE.MP3 that isn’t playable ?

David M

You normally can’t download them with a phone.


Thanks for the heads up Paul… got my free download of Macca’s site this morning!

Good show chap… this is coming from an American bloke across the pond. Appreciated!

Thanks and All the Best –

G. De Wilde

I like these digital bonuses that, one way or another, seem to have floated around most McCartney Archive Releases (even the very first Band On The Run one had two). Bring them on, and I don’t feel they do any injustice to the physical product. There we are: that was just a quick note to balance out the general sense of disapproval that seems to hang around these digital extras. Not everyone is against them :)

G. De Wilde

Yes, all of them :) (even the very special ones)


You would have thought that the deluxe sets would be the ‘definitive’ versions (you pay enough!) but no. The version of ‘Rock show’ on free download was better than most of the stuff on CD 2 of Venus and Mars IMO same with the demo of ‘Back on my feet’ for ‘Flowers’ now this complete version of ‘Beautiful night’ which is arguably better than the remake! What for Back to the egg? The 12″ of ‘Goodnight tonight’? No this is not a proposal macca if you’re reading!


You cannot make this up. $250 for the box and this is not included. I am not even a Mecca fan but I bought the boxes out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by his Wings period. Much better than I anticipated. His solo stuff as of Tug of War from 1982 however is just not my cup of tea. I bought the Tug of War, Pipes or Peace and Flowers In The Dirt boxes because I found them cheap in a used store but I found his Wings period much better. I am a completist but I don’t believe I will be spending $250 on an album I don’t care for and that you have to complete with downloads. Maybe on a deal alert… I know, I have no principles when it comes to this stuff.

John McCann'

So your not a completist then?

Bass Hass

Flowers in the dirt was a disaster in terms of archive edition. I do like however that he is giving away some demos for free. That way he is making them available to everyone. I understand that it’s annoying that they are not available for the deluxe 200+ edition, but if it was available then there will always be the complaint of “I paid more than 200$ for the edition and now it’s available for free everywhere”.


I didn’t pre-order the box because this version was not included. Really. This is my favorite version and I always regretted they edited it on the cd-single. A little campaign for a version in cd-quality would be nice….


I was looking forward to another open letter!


The problem is that they offer free download in dated 256 kbps mp3 format in 2020! Why not FLAC or at least m4a?


I think Macca is just trolling you now, Paul : )

Hugh Hall

I was going to say similar but it’s the whole fanbase who are being trolled.

I have no interest in McCartney beyond a basic Greatest Hits but looking at the image of the SDE at the top I do feel sorry for his fans. All those goodies but it’s “incomplete”. What a shame.

Ben Williams

It’s nice that they’re free downloads but do wish for the sake of the fans buying the mega boxes that they’d be included physically on those too – especially in their full version!