Paul McCartney offers Spotify fans an exclusive physical product

Paul McCartney has emailed his ‘biggest’ Spotify fans to offer those who use the streaming platform an exclusive physical product.

In an email with the subject line “Sir Paul McCartney made you something” the message is as follows:

“Thanks for being a fan

Sir Paul McCartney has pressed an exclusive green double disc vinyl of his upcoming album Egypt Station, to be released on September 7, only for his biggest fans on Spotify — you!

Offer ends September 1 or while supplies last. This is a very limited edition, only available through this email, so grab yours before it’s gone!”


I probably don’t need to point out the irony, but will anyway. Paul McCartney (and his team) adamantly refused to give fans who wanted – and were paying for – physical product, a CD of rare audio when he issued about an hour’s worth of ‘download-only’ content as part of his £130 Flowers in the Dirt box set (see this post). Now, fans who primarily use streaming are being offered something exclusive in the physical domain (the email contains the hashtag ‘SpotifyFansFirst’). You really couldn’t make it up.

Apart from the colour, this green double vinyl looks the same package as the red vinyl which is exclusive to Barnes and Noble in the USA.

The new album Egypt Station is out on 7 September.

Pre-order HMV exclusive CD with 2 extra tracks (UK shipping only)
Pre-order Target exclusive CD with 2 extra tracks (US shipping only)

Compare prices and pre-order

Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - 2LP deluxe vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - standard 2LP vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - CD Edition



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Alan B

It was eventually released on Friday November 23. Like other posters I got a despatch email on Saturday 24th at 6am. I have bought many records from Record Store down the years and they don’t work Saturdays and certainly not a 6 in the morning, so I was immediately suspicious that it was genuinely posted. On top of which they had charged my credit credit when I placed the order which they never do for pre orders (they always do it just before despatch)

Mine has never turned up and have always had suspicions that it was never sent in the first place and that it was a computer error. With other posters experiencing the same issue I am even more convinced. Got a reply from Customer Services today saying it is presumed lost in the Post and a replacement order has been generated and I will get a despatch email when it has been posted. Given the comments here I’ve asked them to confirm if they actually have a copy to post to me. Still awaiting reply. An absolute shambles from the Record Company’s Official Online Store.


Got exactly the same response. A replacement will be issued. i asked them to confirm and they did. Still waiting though and not sure how they will do that given it was ‘strictly limited’.

Alan B

Got the “replacement” LP this morning. It does exist! Still not convinced the original page was ever shipped given my experience and the comments below. Hope others got their copies too.


Today got exactly the same message Nowhereman got must be lost in post, want refund or another copy ?????. Too many non arrivals for my liking, very suspicious.

Rachael Hough

Same here! Ordered and paid August. Emailed x 2. Apparently despatched 22nd Nov but no sign of it. Response from email offers refund or re-order if I let let know what my order was. All definitely suspicious. Not impressed. Maybe Watchdog would be interested! Paul McCartney official site?????? Hmmmmm!


Very interesting to hear I am not the only one here who has not received the Green Vinyl. As others have said I got an email 0n 24th November saying item dispatched and still nothing and yes no response to requests where is it ? I wonder if Trading Standards would be interested in this as it does not seem to be a isolated case.


So I’ve now received an email saying that my copy must have been lost in the post and do i want a replacement or refund. Wonder what the chances of a replacement are? I’ve been collecting McCartney for forty years and have just about all of his uk releases but I must admit the whole Universal shenanigans over the last couple of years or so have really left me scunnered.


I’m still waiting and no response to my email asking where it is

Paul Owen

I’ve sent at least 5 emails to ” customer services ” and have received no responses. I’m starting to think the elusive green vinyl is some kind of gag!


In response to an email I sent last month, I got a reply to say that the Spotify green vinyl would be sent on 23rd November – and on Saturday I got an email to say that it had been despatched. Looking forward to getting it after the long wait. Co-incidence that 23rd was Black Friday Record Store Day when the & inch single “I Don’t Know/Fuh You” was resleased?

hendry doran


I got the email last Wednesday and got the album the following day. It has been a long wait


I had a message on the 24th stating it had been dispatched. No sign of it though. So frustrating. The store site says next working day or 4 working days?.

philip moody

I pre ordered the colour vinyl back in august — they sent me the cd version had to pay to send it back myself only to be told the vinyl had sold out evewn though it was in stock when I ordered it back in august — shocking service all round ! very disappointed to have a gap in my collection now

hendry doran

He does not deserve the support he gets from his record buying fans. I wonder why such a delay. Perhaps something else in the pipeline?

Ian Waite

Let’s all suggest a signed copy to compensate for the delay and stress caused by the hold up over to you Mecca.
Cheers BLUE.


They don’t even consider it necessary to inform us who ordered from them that the release date has be pushed back AGAIN? Pathetic.


‘has been’ of course!

Alan B

It’s actually worse than not being informed of yet another push back on the release date. I contacted customer services on Thursday morning to find out what has been going on and I am still awaiting a reply. If I get a reply it will probably just be a generic cut and paste reply of delays being outwit their control and we are still waiting on supplies from the manufacturer. The manufacturer being their parent Company of course which they won’t mention. You would never know the Paul McCartney online store is operated by Recordstore which is the online retail subsidiary of the Universal Music Group who are responsible for manufacturing the records in the first place.


It now says Green Vinyl release date December 31st 2018 ????


Yup. Got an email today to say further delay. And if I want to have the blue/orange delivered now I have to cancel my order of the green vinyl version as they cannot split the order. Even although I have paid twice for delivery. Possibly the worst customer service ever.

Alan B

This is absolutely ridiculous. I believe green vinyl editions were released in America but not in Europe. Assuming they make the DECEMBER 31 release date (no sniggering at the back) it means a 4 MONTH delay from the original release date.


Has anyone got the green vinyl version yet ?
Still waiting and says on website back in stock soon.


Nope. Queried as to why my pre-order of both the green and blue/orange vinyl hadn’t been received and got a generic reply saying problems with supplier. Absolute shambles. If they are going to take pre-orders the very least they should be doing is ensuring stock is available.

Eric Berman

I pre-ordered one and got charged by Paypal. Never got an email confirmation and I have not been able to locate any customer service. Did anyone get an email confirmation when ordering? Who did you query?

matt howard

Hi Eric.
I am having problems like your self. Pre ordered 2 coloured version got email confirmation, charged on pay pal and thats as far as it goes. Cant get any replies to emails or phone calls. Have you had any joy yet?

Libby M

I preordered on 27 August, paid via PayPal and payment was taken off but haven’t had any confirmation from the merchant to say they’ve received my order. Did you ever hear anything about this?

Eric Berman

I pre-ordered one and got charged by Paypal. Never got an email confirmation and I have not been able to locate any customer service. Did anyone get an email confirmation when ordering?

Alan B

I emailed customer services a week ago and was told it would be receiving stock in the next 3 to 14 days. It now appears to have a release date of 5th October which is longer than the 13 days. It was originally advertised as being released on 7th September when I ordered it. There has been no proactive communication from the store. I only got an email after contacting them. How can a product be released 4 weeks after its original release date when even on the day before the intended original release date it stated the release date was the next day? It’s an utter shambles.

hendry doran

Got a reply this morning from Digital Stores re green vinyl. Stock answer of still waiting on supplier and no idea when stocks will be received

Peter Hall

Just received an email to say my copy of the green vinyl has been cancelled. No explanation. Have requested some details as to why it has been cancelled.


Still not received mine or received any communication regarding delivery date/canceling the order

Gerhard Bohrer

Same with me – ordered the green Spotify LPs, reminded a few days after Sept 7 – and got the answer they were still waiting for delivery from their supplier. A really bad service. I paid by VISA, but yet nothing was charged.
The Barnes & Noble red ones were sent earlier prior to Sept 7 already, and are still stored at my US friends home with other items.

Gerhard Bohrer

Had just been visiting the website again using the known link from SDE – and you can still pre-order it, but release date has been changed to OCTOBER 5 – well, I´ll see what happens.

Billy Shears

Pauly isn’t enough … enough… I’ll play this thing once and into the hard drive it goes. Last good album 1997.

Stephen Tomlinson

Spotify version still available here as well as 2 LP deluxe colour version

Tom Kristensen

I hear you, granata!


Spotify version sold out apparently.

Andrew B

Isn’t it amazing that Macca still has the power to divide the critics and get tongues wagging bout his products (the good but mainly bad or ill thought out product), by the judge of the amount of comments on this and on FITD. This doesn’t interest me but the Lennon deluxe certainly does.

Mark H

I told myself I didn’t need it – probably won’t listen to it very often – but the words exclusive & coloured vinyl reeled me in yet again. My actions, my responsibility & certainly not Maccas fault. Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised “Did you come on to me, Did I come on to you…” the damn thing has had so much exposure it’s been stuck in my head for over a month now !


If a release aims at the fans it’s purely idiotic to let only certain fans buy it. It’s a stupid strategy leaving behind frustrated fans who sooner or later stop being fans and therefore stop buying ANYTHING from this certain Artist.


If I wanted to collect all the releases of Egypt Station, what do I need? Anyone got a list..so far!

hendry doran

What? no cassette or 8 track

Ben Williams

Cassette of 3 Egypt Station demos will be released RSD 2019, followed by download-only unreleased bonus tracks the month after given away with a red & yellow coloured vinyl edition exclusive to shoppers at Aldi.


They must have heard you Hendry:
Don’t give up on the 8 track just yet!


Presumably the only difference between the standard and deluxe black vinyl is the cover?


Paul Sinclair, you are the site I go to first every morning. I am a 38 yr old American, and I am a huge McCartney/Beatles/Wings fan. Maybe because of my age, but I embrace streaming – I am listening to Spotify in my office as I type this. And in my car – I have no interest in bringing CD’s and box sets in and out, when everything is available on my phone through Spotify…Yet I am also a lover and collector of music, meaning I have pre-ordered virtually all of the Egypt Station editions available, including the green Spotify version – if for no other reason that I will consider it a collectors item and will be happy to own it (and I am fortunate enough to afford it). But Sinclair is 100% correct in his assessment that McCartney and his team have completely botched virtually every release – and I will expand Paul’s 18 month window to the past 10 years or so. The fact the there is absolutely no timetable for McCartney’s reissue series – and it seems like there is also no rhyme, reason or order as to which albums actually get reissued (I mean, did we really need Pipes of Peace or even Wings Over America, before his essential 70’s/80’s collection that needs remastering and/or Cold Cuts tracks)? It is absured that Led Zeppelin could reissue every album as quickly as they did – or Bowie’s team reissueing his collection at the pace they are, yet McCartney can’t even do 1 album every 2 years. Shameful.

This is a long winded way of saying – I think everyone here has some valid points. I never get mad at artists for putting out more physical product, especially for those of us who like to collect and hunt for the rarer stuff (like the Japanese version of Chaos and Creation with the She is so Beautiful track – and how about those amazing b-sides from that album like Summer of ’59, Comfort of Love, Growing Up Falling Down, I Want You To Fly, etc.). So if McCartney wants Barns & Noble to have a red edition, and Spotify to have a green edition – fine. BUT…we should have the right to know a timetable from McCartney’s team about when the other albums will be reissued – and have an opportunity (Record Store Day!!) to collect a physical product of the downloaded material from Flowers In The Dirt.

Paul Sinclair, I know you can get to the bottom of all of this – which is why all of us read this site multiple times a day – and why true artists follow your work. Keep up the great job, because music inspires our lives to be fuller and better.


I have given up trying to second guess what MPL will do next regarding new releases and archives and this just sort of adds to the confusion. After the FITD and the download debacle, I decided to just get what I didn’t have by Paul on CD (singles etc) and I am happier for it (it’s been seventeen months since FITD already). Ok, I would like remasters of the remaining 70s Wings albums, but for now I have the 93s.
Ironically I wasn’t all that excited about Imagine, but that is how it should be done. This will probably have no bearing on MPL, who will continue to plough their own furrow.
The other ‘arrow through me’ was the Ticketmaster debacle, where Macca tickets were flipped in seconds for ridiculous prices. I spent the ticket money on the Beatles SHMs instead. Job done.

Phil Cohen

By the time of his “Off The Ground” album, Paul McCartney’s best music was behind him. At this point, I only care about Beatles group and solo vault material. Give me SDE’s of the four “Paul McCartney & Wings” albums that have yet to receive the deluxe treatment (“Wild Life”, “Red Rose Speedway”, “London Town” & “Back to The Egg”) and I’m finished collecting McCartney solo music. These days, his voice is fried from excessive touring, and he’s lost his gift for melody. And his attempts to collaborate with young nobodies to prove that he’s still relevant only makes him look desperate and even more irrelevant.


Phil- no truer word spoken. I would dearly love a time machine to go back to Wings days,sadly I’ll have to make do with sde editions of the ones you mentioned..if/when they are released.
I was never a massive fan of Egg but I have recently relistened and found it fantastic.
I do wish he’d stop touring as he looks a sad imitation of what he used to be.


I’d hardly say that Rihanna and Kayne West are nobodies!


Whoa! In my opinion, 3 of his best albums are “Flaming Pie”, “Chaos”, and “Memory Almost Full,” all much better than “Wild Life” and “London Town.” By the time of “Off The Ground” some of his WORST music was behind him; “Press To Play”, “Pipes of Peace”, “Broadstreet.” But, again, that is just my opinion.
I do agree that he should rest that voice and get off the stage for a while, but he apparently enjoys it. He was always the Beatle who WANTED to play in front of audiences, enjoying the adulation. (Ringo does, too, but only after he gave up the booze and found some friends to help him.)


Paul did tour quite a bit in the 1970s, but didn’t Linda state at some point that Lennon’s murder made him ambivalent about touring for quite some time (9 years)? I certainly would have been nervous about some psychopath in the audience if I were Paul. Understandable, but unfortunate for fans. But, like Dylan, he seems to be perpetually on tour these days.

Stan Butler

I’ve never bought into this constant decline theory when it comes to McCartney. He’s always had peaks and troughs. Granted the peaks are now likely over. Surely the four Wings albums, Press To Play and Give My Regards ….. could all be reissued before the ten year anniversary of the start of the campaign. Macca, stop browsing through the family photo albums and just give us the music (on physical format) & the Broad Street film.


Sorry but I think ‘Press To Play’ is bloody great. It’s a bit dated production-wise but then very few mainstream albums from the mid-1980s aren’t.

‘Footprints’ is still one of my all-time favourite McCartney songs, and I’ve always loved ‘Pretty Little Head’ too (sounds a bit like Depeche Mode covering a Peter Gabriel song, which can’t be bad).

Agreed on ‘Chaos and Creation’ as well – an excellent album. I wish he’d stuck with Nigel Godrich a while longer… although from what I gather, working together once was enough for both of them!

Ben Williams

Nice to hear someone else say Press To Play is bloody great! Always had a lot of love for that one.


I do think a few songs are quite good from “Press To Play” with “Stranglehold” & “Footprints” being off-the-top-of-my-head examples. I really don’t like it when people make sweeping statements like “he’s lost his gift for melody. And his attempts to collaborate with young nobodies to prove that he’s still relevant only makes him look desperate and even more irrelevant.” I mean, the song “London Town” drives me nuts (“… upon his flute, toot, toot, toot, toot,”) but the melody is so catchy, so I don’t begrudge anybody for liking some of his work. I even know all the lyrics to “Mumbo” (example: “eeeehhh, my daf to mo more no bo manee breaker.”) (Sorry. Maybe I’m giggling a bit at this moment.) It is just so COMPLICATED to be a McCartney fan. I guess I’m just saying, none of us should write him off so easily. Enough said. I’m getting the new album and, dammit, I will listen to it whether I like it or not, just like the rest of his albums. We won’t be getting any more music out of him when he is gone! Let us treasure what we get!

Stan Butler

I was 20 when Press to Play came out. By 1986 I was a fully fledged indie fan, Smiths, New Order, Bunnymen. However my first love, The Beatles was always there and every McCartney release was duly bought. It’s not his greatest album by any means but I’ve always loved it. My original LP with the gatefold sleeve unfortunately isn’t what it used to be so hopefully one day (soon) it will be rereleased.


Oh. Forgot about “Electric Arguments.” I think that album is truly great!

Ben Williams

I have to say, love the debate this has sparked – proves how passionate the people who visit SDE are about physical music, collecting all the various releases and the views on streaming vs. owning records.

I personally am indifferent about this issue – I gave up guessing what Macca’s team would do next with the Flowers box set debacle – but I absolutely understand fan’s confusion and/or anger with the offer only being sent to the top streamers, when they clearly do not buy physical items often, if at all.

I am starting to stream a lot more nowadays, and only tend to buy the odd box set or vinyl record that pops-up on SDE, mainly because I own every album I have ever wanted or needed! But the albums I tend to stream are random songs or albums I wouldn’t really want to buy and keep.

Wouldn’t be surprised if another colour variation of the Egypt Statiom is offered at another site – maybe a red coloured pressing for Netflix users?

Stephen Tomlinson

Red vinyl already at Barnes and Noble.


..and don’t forget…….Super deluxe luxury box version still to come.


5 star review in the latest issue of Goldmine magazine! I must admit, the three songs I have heard are growing on me.

Rough cut

I spend a lot of money on music, I buy both physical and digital. Very rarely though do I stream music.

If I were a Macca fan I’d be upset and disappointed. What a weird way to treat your fans.

Rune T

One thing that seems to be missing in this discussion is that this isn’t an offer to any random person that listens to Spotify. It goes out to the most active Macca listeners on the service.

If you are in the say top 1% of listeners to his music on Spotify you are clearly a huge fan and not some casual who just stumbled across him in a random playlist. A lot of those people will appreciate this offer.

I still buy physical media, but the vast majority of my listening is done via streaming or local digital files. I frankly find it a bit insulting to not be considered a real music fan just based on my choice of media.


Maybe a marketer from a successful music streaming company can try and persuade you. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/vinyl-streaming-music-industry-spotify-ed-sheeran-2017-deezer-mr-bongo-formats-digital-downloads-a7635131.html

– ​Sulinna Ong, VP of Artist Marketing at Deezer “Vinyl is something special, something tangible, and I don’t see why one has to eradicate the other,” she says. “Streaming will continue to grow, and we actually work vinyl into our campaigns as well. Vinyl is almost like a memory of an event, as well as having it to stream, it’s a reminder of something that you’ve experienced, that lives on. They’re very much complementary.”

– A report published by ICM has shown that, perhaps unsurprisingly, streaming actually supports vinyl sales – it makes sense when you ask yourself if you’d buy a record before hearing it first. (Report here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-36027867)

I personally listen to music in two ways, streaming and on vinyl and can totally relate to those research-based conclusions. There is no way to play a cd in my house, i’ve never taken to them and streaming is a blessing for me. I would almost certainly prefer this avenue for the artists whose vinyl I buy.

Readers here regularly say “thanks – ordered the cd and the vinyl” when new editions are announced – two formats of the same music. But you essentially state categorically that no one will say “thanks, will listen to that through my paid streaming subscription and order the vinyl.”
I’m paraphrasing this comment “It won’t work (streaming fans aren’t going to suddenly love vinyl).”

Yet it’s somehow okay for people who go to a museum to want to buy vinyl on the back of that visit, but you believe that people that listen to music won’t want to by vinyl on the back of listening to music? And how about the way that we heard music as kids. It was streamed into our homes on the radio. Then we made a decision – buy it on vinyl or cassette. Of course this form of marketing will work, it’s basically the same method that has been used since the ’50s. Play it to people first and then try and persuade them to buy a copy.

Yes I understand that buying a record you’d heard on air was a way to hear it when you wanted to, which streaming replicates. But it still does not replace the feeling of owning the physical product which smart marketers such as Deezer are aware of, and as with this Paul McCartney offer, happy to bank on. Deezer has 6 million paid subscribers by the way in a crowded market, so i’d trust them to know a bit about this space.

I totally get the principle of this blog, it’s to highlight new physical product to people like me that still like to buy physical product. But if it is going to become a commentary about contemporary marketing of music, maybe interview someone like Deezer’s marketing manager to provide balance as opposed to arbitrarily determining how people like me like to listen to music.

I enjoy this blog, visit it every day, and very much appreciate the effort undertaken to bring new releases to my attention. But I do resent the inference in comments that suggest i’m someone ” who get the music for free or for next to nothing.”


Convince us about what?


Well said Paul!

hendry doran

As it turns out it is not a random offer at all. Anyone can order it from https://egyptstation.co.uk/*/*/Egypt-Station-Spotify-Exclusive-Green-LP/5XJ50000000

hendry doran

I wasn’t trying to debate the nature of the offer Paul. Just letting folks know that it is readily available.


Worth noting that at McCartney’s recent Abbey Road gig the venue was festooned with Spotify logos, so the show is presumably going to be streamed exclusively on the service at some point. I guess the thinking might in part be that this will help drive demand for the green vinyl version from Spotify listeners. At least it now seems that anyone who wants to can now buy the green vinyl irrespective of whether they subscribe to Spotify.

As has been said before, exclusive versions of albums/tracks etc are nothing new. I remember buying the NME C86/87 cassettes to get tracks by my favourite artists, and the Pixies (no doubt other acts) sold CDs of their live shows immediately (and exclusively) after they’s come off stage, which made them almost impossible for completists to acquire. But an example which does annoy me is that those who bought the Beatles 2009 Stereo Box set on iTunes also got to own a digital (film) copy of the February 1964 Washington Concert (not sure if the offer still applies) – and an official DVD/Blu Ray release of that show is high on my list of stuff I want Apple to release.

Ben Williams

I can confirm that the show at Abbey Rd was for Spotify and it was amazing… ;-)

Gareth Jones

Surely there must be some SDE readers who embrace both? I buy box sets and physical formats, but I also use Spotify a fair bit. Part of it is the convenience. New albums are released on a Friday. If I buy the vinyl, I have to a) wait until I’m home and b) often don’t get the opportunity to listen to it for a while because my turntable and speakers are in the lounge and my girlfriend wants to watch TV most evenings! So I often have to wait for her to be out for an evening before I can listen! Maybe that’s just a domestic problem in my life and doesn’t apply to other SDE readers in a relationship, but anyway…

Meanwhile I can sit at my desk at work on Friday morning and listen to brand new albums at the click of a button. A box set or a double coloured vinyl is far more of an event and a rewarding experience, but sometimes you just want to check out a new album as soon as you can, no?

Laurence shine

I Love Pauls’ music and have been a massive fan of the Beatles since the Begining.
I have all the music in different formats, even the Fab 4s solo albums.
All fans Should be able to buy the 2 disc green Vinyl albums wether they use Spotify or not.


Well they are – there have been some links here.

Jarmo Keranen

Though i use Spotify, i don’t want to hear anything from the artist new album before i had the physical copy in my hand. It’s a much rewarding experience when you put cd or lp on player and it’s the first time you hear it!

Marshall Gooch

Many of us are simultaneously collectors, fans and broke. I went to preorder the Target version with two extra tracks, on sale for $14.99, only to find out they wanted $6 for shipping plus sales tax. I understand in some countries that shipping price is fair, but we’re talking mass market/”big box” retailer charging $6 for shipping. It should be about $3. So…. I’ll wait until release day and mosey on over to Target and buy it in person. I may only save a few dollars but right now (with Imagine preordered and Pugwash orange vinyl, too) I need to stay on top of the money situation. BTW, I am a HUGE fan of Flowers In The Dirt–it was one of my main must-haves, along with Back To The Egg–and I still haven’t got one. I hope Imagine helps Macca imagine that he could give us more for less and he’d sell more, more or less.

hendry doran

Was it Figure of Eight or Press that had about 46 ( I exaggerate a wee bit) different pressings/formats. This one (no pun intended) is catching up

Mike the Fish

Press 4 – 8 Figure of Eight

(Goal not allowed for slightly different Press 12″ sleeve – marked video sountrack like one of the 7″s but actually had the usual 12″ inside. Promos not accounted for.)

Craig Hedges

The difference with those releases were
a) the different pressing contained different mixes and b-sides, you weren’t buying the same music over and over.
b) these release were priced £2-4 each (although I did pay £8 for the 10″ of Press) rather than £30+ for some of the editions of Egypt Station
c) Paul was writing decent songs in the 80’s, Sorry Macca but your new songs are terrible.
d) Paul’s voice didn’t make me cringe like it does now.


Macca has missed out on a trick. Have two different coloured vinyl in each of the double LP release but you don’t know if colour 1 is record one and colour 2 is record two or if colour 2 is record 1 and colour 1 is record 2.
I’m going to sit quietly in the corner.


Look at him in the picture – even he’s finding it funny…


Yes, it’s very much a “Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Sinclair!” look!


It does make you wonder how these peoples’ brains work.
“Lets find out who uses this format, and then offer them the other one”.

If you offer a download code to most physical-format collectors, the majority of them will not be interested, so why would it be any different the other way round??

Chris Squires

I have never, ever, ever used any download codes that came with any of my vinyl or boxsets. Not really planning on doing so either, I know I might be missing out on something, but as I don’t really know what that is it doesn’t bother me. Not even the FITD downloads.

So you are right, they could offer people like me any amount of free downloads and it would not change my habits. Once physical product dies I probably won’t be far off either.

hendry doran

I’m with you on this Chris


i’ll have em chris ;-)

John Berry

Holding out for the Eight Track!


I think the Mac is trying to make a point:

Why stream my stuff when you can play this wonderfully limited, no doubt (now) highly valuable, gorgeous, fragile, exquisitely crafted physical product on a £99 Crossley Turntable.

Am I the only one who thinks the Vinyl Madness has gone a bit too far?

Ben Williams

No not at all – I love collecting records but this brand new vinyl madness has gone crazy.. I have a lot to say about it lol but the record companies won’t care so long as people buy this stuff on every colour vinyl and configuration under the sun


SATURN Germany two bonus tracks!!!!

Inge Kjetil Bratset

I’m the biggest fan there is, but this is just sad. I think it mostly comes down to Paul trying to be cool and relevant, something he hasn’t been since “Tug of war”.


Paul has been doing the same thing all his life and it makes me sick. You bought an LP and then went on sale a single with a song that was not included in it. You had to buy the single to ‘try’ to have the whole discography! And then … a single maxi with another version went on sale.
The Deluxe Editions leave much to be desired in relation to unpublished material or alternative takes. With the amount of things that are in the bootlegs that could come out with better quality!
And I did not like that it changed ‘She’s Leaving Home’. As a bonus track, OK. But nothing more.
Regarding the remixes, I think that – technical limitations in the margin – leaving the battery in a channel prevents a song from sounding in full force. I prefer the stereo discs by far but the monaural ones had more strength because the stereo mixes of the 60s and 70s were very bad

anthony orwell

AoMaurice@outlook.com – I dont think macca is the only one to do that, this seems to be more of a punishment for those who use the physical formal and not stream


A member of an other forum tried to put so many green vinyls in his shopping cart, as he could. When he reached over 1600, the system says “not enough inventory”.

So , it seems that everyone can buy as much as they want, because he was able to go to the checkout (tried it with 30 pieces, and it worked,too) and it seems, that they have pressed around 2000 pieces, in my opinion, is a realy high amount for a “special release”.

Graham Robinson

I’m finding it hard to see the upset. The album appears to be exactly the same as is generally available, except in a different colour of vinyl. For the odd person who needs every record in every format in every colour, these will be all over ebay in a few months. For the vast majority, this can be safely ignored as it adds nothing that isn’t available elsewhere.

As to why offer this to spotify – it is standard upselling. Targetting people who are interested but don’t currently spend money is a sensible tactic. Whether these people have the least interest in vinyl is a different matter – I’d suspect that the sales rate for this will be near zero (plus those who plan to flip it on ebay…)

And those that DO purchase, may also buy further physical product in the future, which is surely good for all of us.

In short, there’s nothing that special about the release, it’s pretty standard marketing, and if it works, that’s a win for everyone who believes in physical releases for music.

Glen Buchanan

I grew up with the Beatles- Ed Sullivan appearances and on. I was crazy about them but Paul was always my least favourite and remains so. Much happier being a Bolan fan.


Im not a macca fan but I did purchase the Flowers In The Dirt Box, mainly because Paul (Sinclair) put out a booklet with superb interviews so I bought the booklet and box set. It took me hours to download those download-only songs and then burn them on to a cd. After that Flowers In The Dirt fiasco, I stay away from Macca stuff. All that money and none of his SDE releases contain 5.1 mixes. It’s quite ridiculous.


While it’s ironic that they are “rewarding” streaming customers with the chance to purchase vinyl that they probably don’t even want, isn’t this really about trying to get people to investigate and ultimately sign-up to a streaming service?

Wayne Olsen

Let’s just hope they’re stuck with a lot of leftovers. Meanwhile, if you’re a Spotify member, you still wouldn’t be able to get physical copies of Back to the Egg, Wild Life, London Town, etc.

David Lock

This is another reason why I don’t look forward to Paul’s new releases anymore. Too many variants for people to track down. Different coloured vinyl, different tracks, additional tracks, bonus DVD, second CD and even newer bonus DVD, store exclusive CD tracks. This really needs to stop. How about just making a great album?


Certainly it isn’t THAT bad? I chose the Target exclusive for the bonus tracks, but would have gladly taken the standard CD. I think all of these different releases are just record companies trying to figure out how to make money in a shrinking physical market. McCartney’s albums don’t really sell much anymore: “the album has sold 217,000 copies in the United States as of May 2016” courtesy of Wikipedia. That was “New.” 30 years ago, those numbers would have been seen as a complete failure and an embarrassment for someone of McCartney’s stature. Now it is the norm. Physical pressings of recordings don’t really make much money for anybody these days, although we assume that they do (myself included.) Perhaps we should be thankful for so many physical choices when some artists release albums only with downloads!? And I am simply grateful for a new McCartney album. It has been 5 years since “New” was released; in 5 years he will be 81 years old (and I will be 53.) That reality staggers me a bit!


It will be a great album of course. The marketing is second thing – and I don’t like it too. FITD was very enough to satisfy example.

Steven Roberts

I think the reason for so many variants of the new album is actually the fact that Paul McCartney DOES kind of know his market…ie that he has more chance of selling half a dozen versions of (basically) the same album to a dedicated fan than he does of selling one copy of a basic CD to half a dozen casual punters.

He’s clearly realised (or someone in his team has) that his days of being ‘relevant’ or ‘down with the kids’ are seriously behind him – so he’s feeding the completist sensibilities of the already converted…..

That doesn’t explain the ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ debacle, however. That really was a cock-up.

Neil Parnell

if there is one musician who doesn’t need the money it’s def him


Haha! As someone who’s not into all this muti-format chasing nonsense, I do find it ironically funny. I just buy the CDs I want, listen to them and, most of the time, enjoy them. £1,000+ on Paul McCartney releases in eight years? You need to broaden your listening experiences! There’s loads of good stuff out there (and I don’t mean modern music, because most of it is rubbish) waiting to be discovered. I tracked down a copy of this 1969 Brazilian album a few weeks ago on CD for a tenner. Fabulous stuff:



Yes, that was a bit of an assumption ;-) It’s been discussed here loads of times before but I’m not a “collector” of music per se even though I buy dozens upon dozens of CDs every year. I do relent sometimes and buy box sets (aways using your click thru links if you advertise them here!) but, for example, the the last three Bowie box sets and the forthcoming one, although well within my price range would just sit on a shelf looking pretty. I own all of his albums already and therefore prefer to spend my money seeking out new (even though most of it is from the sixties and seventies) and, hopefully, interesting music. Diffrent strokes for different folks, I guess!


I spend hundreds of pounds each year on music each year too so I don’t find it incredulous but I was slightly taken aback about how much you’ve spent of McCartney releases (I don’t see it in your text above; I must have read it on Twitter). You’ll save yourself a fortune if any forthcoming reissues are streaming only affairs! But yes, a very strange marketing decision by him.

Paul E.

I’ve been an avid reader of SDE for…can’t remember exactly, but quite a while. I really enjoy reading RJS’s comments and trademarked “quoted” remarks.

That being said, Mr. Sinclair just made my day in quoting and commenting on RJS of all people! Paul, did you ask for his “permission” first at least? :)


You’re listening tastes need to broaden if you think most modern music is rubbish, RJS.

Recent years have seen me fall in love with a wide variety of new musicians: Merel Wagner, Band of Skulls, Janelle Monae, Emily Portman, Jerry Williams, The Melt Dunes, Kamasi Washington, The Wytches, Sauna Youth, Hookworms, Andrew Foster… I won’t go on but you get the picture.

Of course, there’s plenty of great stuff from other eras waiting for me to discover them. I missed a whole ton of obscure 80s bands when I was a teenager but it much more fun finding new bands knowing that they will be – hopefully – making music for a good few years yet.


Senility must be setting in for Paul.


Which Paul? ;-)


Why does Paul McCartney in particular get such massive coverage on this site…? Plenty of artists this year have issued Spotify-only deluxe vinyl that has received no coverage (not that I really think it needs it, as they’re rarely variants of any note)… I just wonder how one artist gets mentioned so much?


And perhaps because McCartney has released more than his fair share of deluxe editions and super deluxe editions over the course of the past 5 or 6 years. This site also features a lot of ABBA releases which don’t interest me in the least, but I read the articles about them anyway. It’s a bit like pouring over liner notes even for crap albums in my youth. Collectors understand.
Perhaps, Oliver, you might consider NOT reading articles written about artists who don’t interest you. Out of 19 recent posts above, only 1 concerns Paul. That leaves 18 to click!

Glen Buchanan

And he was once in the only band that mattered. These days…..


I am fully aware of McCartney’s pedigree – I’m a fan myself. All I meant by my comment, is that Spotify quite often endorses unique release variants; Father John Misty’s new record, “God’s Favorite Customer” was released in a plethora of variants, including a special neon pressing from Spotify. Don’t get me wrong – I thoroughly enjoy visiting the site and getting my SD fix here. There just seems to be a misrepresentative amount of McCartney compared with the broader market!

Chris Squires

I guess the only thing to add is that Paul has never claimed to be the definitive source of upcoming releases, there are other sites available for that. He has always said that this site is about the kind of music that interests him and being of a certain age there will be a predominance of artists of a certain era. It would be a terrible marketing decision for the future health of SDE if the site’s posts were spread too thin to encompass all and sundry groups. It would dilute the site’s USP. This site is of interest to me because about 75% of posts have a direct relevance to me and I am interested enough to know about the remainder bar the odd post I don’t read and don’t comment on. Take that 75% down to 10% and there would be little point in daily viewing.You’d have to be particularly odd and divisive to *regularly* hang about a site that you only have such a slim and passing interest in.


No, no – I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not out to lynch SDE – I regularly visit this site and I’m a collector of all kinds of music, new and old, and like I say; a Paul McCartney fan. I was just surprised to see news being made of events that aren’t newsworthy when it’s another artist and made mention of it. I wouldn’t assume (or want) the thrust of what I said to have some fascistic effect on Paul’s output! If the answer is as you say – that the site is about ‘the kind of music that interests [Paul],’ which I wasn’t entirely aware of – then that’s cool! I was just asking!