Paul McCartney reissues a series of live albums on CD and coloured & black vinyl

Four live albums – one from each decade starting with the 1970s – given the reissue treatment. Some remastered and one remixed.

Paul McCartney is reissuing four live albums on CD and vinyl, with limited coloured vinyl editions available.

The four albums in question are 1976’s Wings Over America (the only album of the four to have already been part of Paul’s ‘Archive Collection’ reissue campaign), Choba B CCCP Paul’s 1988 live-in-the-studio rendition of rock ‘n’ roll classics that was exclusive to the Soviet Union (for a while), Paul Is Live from 1993, which features live cuts performed on McCartney’s ‘New World Tour’ in support of the Off The Ground album (including five from that very album) and finally Amoeba Gig the first full commercial release of Paul’s 2007 free gig at Hollywood’s Amoeba Music (he was promoting Memory Almost Full at the time).

Points of interest are that Paul is Live and Choba B CCCP are both newly remastered at Abbey Road while Amoeba Gig goes one step further and is remixed for this release as well as including a bonus track ‘Coming Up’ (soundcheck). The Russian Album (as it was known) also adheres to the original 11-track version released in the Soviet Union and not the 14-track edition put out on CD in 1991.

Given that this is a gathering of live albums, it’s a little surprising that 1991’s Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) isn’t part of this line-up and arguably would have been a bit more attractive to fans than putting forward Wings Over America to a fanbase that have likely already bought the 2013 reissue on vinyl. Ditto 1990’s Tripping The Live Fantastic. Presumably we’ll get them at some point.

All of the four live albums are being released again on CD (WOA is a double, of course), as well as black and coloured vinyl. As with previous coloured vinyl editions Universal ‘reserve’ these for McCartney’s store and their own direct-to-consumer channels, so unfortunately, like other independent retailers, we don’t get access to this stock for the SDE shop. MusicVaultz in Canada have a special bundle available, and other channels in other territories have followed suit.

Wings Over America, Choba B CCCP, Paul Is Live and Amoeba Gig will all be reissued on 12 July 2019.

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Paul McCartney

Amoeba Gig - 2LP black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Amoeba Gig - CD edition


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Paul McCartney

Choba B CCCP - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Choba B CCCP - CD edition


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Paul McCartney

Paul is Live - 2LP black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Paul is Live - CD edition


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Paul McCartney & Wings

Wings Over America - 3LP black vinyl


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Paul McCartney & Wings

Wings Over America - 2CD edition


Amoeba Gig 2LP vinyl (same tracks on the CD)

A1. Drive My Car
A2. Only Mama Knows
A3. Dance Tonight
A4. C Moon
A5. The Long And Winding Road
A6. I’ll Follow The Sun

B1. Calico Skies
B2. That Was Me
B3. Blackbird
B4. Here Today
B5. Back In The USSR
B6. Nod Your Head

C1. House Of Wax
C2. I’ve Got A Feeling
C3. Matchbox
C4. Get Back

D1. Baby Face
D2. Hey Jude
D3. Let It Be
D4. Lady Madonna
D5. I Saw Her Standing There
D6. Coming Up [Soundcheck]

Choba B CCCP vinyl (same tracks on the CD)

A1. Kansas City
A2. Twenty Flight Rock
A3. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
A4. Bring It On Home To Me
A5. Lucille
A6. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

B1. That’s All Right (Mama)
B2. Ain’t That A Shame
B3. Crackin’ Up
B4. Just Because
B5. Midnight Special

Paul Is Live 2LP vinyl (same tracks on the CD)

A1. Drive My Car
A2. Let Me Roll It
A3. Looking For Changes
A4. Peace In The Neighbourhood
A5. All My Loving
A6. Robbie’s Bit (Thanks Chet)

B1. Good Rockin’ Tonight
B2. We Can Work It Out
B3. Hope Of Deliverance
B4. Michelle
B5. Biker Like An Icon
B6. Here, There And Everywhere
B7. My Love

C1. Magical Mystery Tour
C2. C’mon People
C3. Lady Madonna
C4. Paperback Writer
C5. Penny Lane
C6. Live And Let Die

D1. Kansas City
D2. Welcome To Soundcheck (link)
D3. Hotel In Benidorm (soundcheck)
D4. I Wanna Be Your Man (soundcheck)
D5. A Fine Day (soundcheck)

Wings Over America 3LP vinyl

A1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet
A2. Let Me Roll It
A3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
A4. Medicine Jar

B1. Maybe I’m Amazed
B2. Call Me Back Again
B3. Lady Madonna
B4. The Long And Winding Road
B5. Live And Let Die

C1. Picasso’s Last Words
C2. Richard Cory
C3. Bluebird
C4. I’ve Just Seen A Face
C5. Blackbird
C6. Yesterday

D1. You Gave Me The Answer
D2. Magneto And Titanium Man
D3. Go Now
D4. My Love
D5. Listen To What The Man Said

E1. Let ‘Em In
E2. Time To Hide
E3. Silly Love Songs
E4. Beware My Love

F1. Letting Go
F2. Band On The Run
F3. Hi, Hi, Hi
F4. Soily

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R. Vdberghe

Hi, I just listened for the 2nd time to the “amoebba gig” live. It sounds great, super, full of energy. The songs are great too, you can hear the public, and Paul’s comments in between the songs. To me this Paul’s best official live cd. Thanks and well done!


What a bummer.
I learned about the German JPC shop on this website. I ordered all coloured versions at JPC but due to the improper packaging all four sleeves had a dent corner.
After sending the damaged items back they now can deliver only one, the three others are no more available.
What a “service” as these were still in stock when they answered me to send the damaged ones back.
No more JPC, be warned !


I’ve listened to my CD copy of “Amoeba Gig”, but there was no Coming Up…


Linda McCartney’s Wide Prairie is reissued August 2. Black vinyl, white/blue vinyl, cd. More info on macca’s website/shop.


If you’re keen to get the reissued coloured vinyl Wide Prairie before August, you can get it in the gift shop at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow where the (brilliant!) Linda McCartney photography retrospective is on.

Ed Morris

Kind of a dumb complaint, but wouldn’t red, white and blue vinyl make the most sense. I have a bootleg from the ‘76 tour and it is red, white and blue. It is so cool. Red, green and blue makes no sense. Just my two cents.

mark browne

Paul, I know you mention in your article that Paul McCartney unplugged is not part of this reissue campaign??? why the hell not!!! have your heard any plans for it to be released, also do you know if the deluxe is coming out with 2 cds and a dvd ala Eric Clapton unplugged.

I know you can get the original limited release but at silly prices..and for the life of me i cant get the dvd set anywhere!

i’m on the verge of paying that silly price and missed it first time round..but dont want to pay, only to find out its getting re-released for regular prices…

Steve Stanz

probably (or hoping) the UNPLUGGED will get a deluxe treatment that will include the DVD or combine this with the 1999 CAVERN CLUB DVD or even the UP CLOSE MTV special that happened a few years later in 1993. all of these deserve re-issue or proper issue in the case of Cavern Club and Up Close – even UNPLUGGED
was just a limited release so they all deserve another look


So much useless garbage being issued from a supposedly environmentally-friendly individual! Meanwhile, the one item people have demonstrated they clearly DO want – the Wings 1971-73 box set – was printed in a tiny quantity, a second edition was briefly teased by implication on the order page, and then disappeared. It’s infuriating. Current stats on Discogs for resale of that item, btw (and, I should add, no copies are currently for sale there):

Lowest: $1,139.24
Median: $1,624.47
Highest: $1,776.67

What? McCartney? Worry?

Telegram for Mr McCartney….

Dear Mr McCartney please .Stop.

Martin Engel

The Amoeba show was also released in 2010: a Daily Mail on Sunday Freebie.



The free version was 12 tracks. The previous commercial release was only 4 tracks. This reissue has 22 tracks. (i thought I read elsewhere that Coming Up (soundcheck) was only on the vinyl. I hope that’s wrong.) IMHO this is the only release worth picking up in this group.

I would have liked Tripping the Live Fantastic remastered with a third disc of the singles b-sides included.

WOA is completely unnecessary, apart from the colored vinyl, if you’re in to that.

Carl F Smukall

I love Wings Over America but another CD release seems redundant, especially given that the Archive Collection version came out only six years ago in 2013 and this new reissue adds nothing new. Very strange decision indeed!

bruce kelso

hi carl, two words spring to mind.greed and money.

David Bly

For what it’s worth, part of the reason for all of these re-releases is that Paul’s previous contract was with the Concord Music Group in the USA, and a little while back he changed ‘back’ to Capitol Records.

Ironic for a couple of reasons. When Paul was first at Capitol (not counting the Apple releases here), Capitol was owned by EMI. Now, with the sale of (parts of) EMI to Universal, Capitol is owned by Universal.
The other irony is that is the Concord Music Group (and its now successor Craft Music) was and is distributed by… Universal.

Sean O’Brien

Would be great to have all 22 tracks recorded for the Russia release.


I would have been more enthusiastic about ‘Back to the Egg’ and ‘London Town’ Also look forward to ‘Press to Play’ and ‘Give My Regards to Broadstreet’ Still, these look good though.


I see the bundle of four lp’s is sold out at udiscover, is still available via his USA web store page but no sign of it on his UK store page

Marc K.

All 4 coloured releases are now available for pre-order at JPC.de at very reasonable prices (even cheaper than the black vinyls).


I’m not reading any definitive information on whether the wings over America 2 CDs is newly remastered, is this newly remastered for this released?


The only one I’d be interested in is the Russian CD.
Apart from remastering, the main selling point seems to be fewer tracks than last time.
That’s a brilliant incentive to buy it..!!!???

As for the remastering, who is doing it and will it make the music sound better or worse..???

John Miller

If there were 22 songs from Russian album session why aren’t they released here? What a con only 11 tracks and not 13? What’s he saving them up for? I wouldn’t buy it as I have 13 track cd and some other tracks on 12″ singles recorded for those said sessions. Come on McCartney-give the fans what they want…it’s as if he needs the money??? I wonder if the unreleased Return to pepperland album will ever see the light of day remastered of course. I would buy that!!

bruce kelso

overkill ,paul PLEASE stop.


Hopefully Paul will ignore this odd request – if you think it’s “overkill”, try not reading the thread.


You might be right – however some of us don’t want him to stop.

hendry doran

Maybe not but surely 16 reissues of his back catalogue ,57 different varieties of Egypt Station and a few archive reissues all in under 2 years is a bit much. Then again the Sunday Times did say his wealth had dropped


I agree. Please, someone, make him stop. Elton John too!

Geoff T

No comments about the release but the members provide great comments and insights, I love reading them all!


4 SHM mini LPs available to order on CD Japan now.


I love The Beatles and have bought pretty much all vinyl releases since stereo box set. I’ve never owned any of Paul’s solo albums. I LOVE coloured vinyls. This set has been a dream for me. I’m not a completist so none of those things matter to me. All my coloured editions are still sealed. I plan on collecting the whole lot then spending a week or so binge listening. I’m already saving for the next batch, hopefully out in the next few weeks. A quick thanks Paul for your brilliant articles. Loved your recent one on Sting’s latest album. Well measured and succinct. And I love all the comments from other collectors. Thank you everyone.


Paul, do you know if they plan on releasing the CDs in Japanese SHM Mini LP format as they’ve done previously? No sign yet on CD Japan.


Paul, they are listed on CDJapan this morning.


Yes, they will be available as shm-cd mini LP’s on the same date.


Unplugged and off the ground no longer on Spotify. What’s going on here?

Don Balfour

Is this part of “”Wings Over America 3LP vinyl””

D1. Kansas City
D2. Welcome To Soundcheck (link)
D3. Hotel In Benidorm (soundcheck)
D4. I Wanna Be Your Man (soundcheck)
D5. A Fine Day (soundcheck)

It is at the end of the story???


McCartney really is the anti-level playing field artist, isn’t he? Endless coloured vinyl versions available only through his site, or limited so much they either cut out the middle man or leave indie stores out in the cold. It gets so tiresome trying to keep up with his reissue campaigns when things aren’t fairly available across the board. It leaves me thinking just how subpar his solo career has been and how middling his material and quality standards have been, I am left feeling that he can keep his substandard material if that’s how he wants to play games. I shouldn’t have to work so hard to be a fan.


Maybe it’s me but you would think that Paul, with all his $$$$, would be giving his fans a break with the prices. I know there is no need for him to gouge the market the way he is doing. Please Paul, cut your fans a break and lower the price on the vinyl. Thanks


Wondering if the other live releases will be re-released:
Tripping The live Fantastic [2CD edition]
Unplugged [full set!]Back in the US
Back in the World
Good Evening NYC
Wings over Europe
Considering 4 were released, maybe these 4 [or 5] are next?
Like others, wouldn’t mind if the other albums were given the deluxe treatment.

Paul Dean

Does seem to be a Mis Mash of releases Not pleasing Everyone,! WHY dont they survey Fans.? Sony C. B. S Does a much better job of it for Dylan.


I said something very similar elsewhere. Why this and why now? A live box with new material from all eras would have been nice (perhaps including the Europe set for those who missed out).

Bob Dylan issues live material quite successfully and has a very regular and effective archive release schedule. Perhaps his live performances are more idiosyncratic and Paul is more regimented and they feel that multiple performances of the same material would not be what fans want.

This current fixation however of mutiple releases of the same material and coloured vinyl does not sit well. It is a bit twee and certainly wasteful. I’m sure it is profitable but it has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths and will result in diminishing returns as people fall off the completest bandwagon. I’m certainly now very wary of buying McCartney releases. I settled for the extended CD of Egypt Station when it came out and the Explorer edition and I still feel slightly used with the duplication. Heaven knows what people who have purchased the frankly bewildering amount of variations are feeling. It is an awful lot of money for an album’s worth of material and a couple of outtakes. I think Paul needs to step back and look at what is going on. It is completely at odds with the philosophy he had with The Beatles and indeed he proudly promoted their choice not to financially rip of fans with duplication at around the time of the Anthology.


Good that Paul is live is getting a release – the original is overpriced in the 2nd hand market. If anyone is flogging their vinyl, you might have just seen your value go down. Now could be a good time to anticipate what others will get a vinyl re-release in the next year or two.

Amoeba, great to have the full show and packaging looks decent.

CHOBA, the original vinyl was flimsy so an improved package is welcome.

Over America….again!

Mike the Fish

CHOBA vinyl flimsy? I’ve seen several copies, and wouldn’t rate any of them as flimsy.

Ben Williams

I was playing my 13 track copy of CHOBA B CCCP yesterday and was impressed at how thick the vinyl was and what nice card quality the sleeve had.


It seems absurd that they shorten the length of Choba! What gives? And WOA was only re-released about three years ago, so I would be hard pressed to believe that there can be any major improvement. As far as the other releases, I supposed they could (in theory) sound better, but the original releases sounded pretty good. For me, the only item I would get is the Amoeba CD.

Cosmo Castanza

Deluxe Editions of the wonderful Back to The Egg and London Town are the only products that would get me excited.

I am sick and tired now of the endless colour versions of re-released products now by so many artists.

I loved collecting and trying to collect them on original release .

Wayne Edward Olsen

I couldn’t agree more. why is Paul not putting those out?


Rumour is Back to the Egg & London Town will see the deluxe treatment FINALLY this Christmas .. along with a 50th anniv Abbey Road

Gabriel Sandoval Romero

So this reduces the chances of having Paul is live album inside the Off the Ground Archive collection package, and Amoeba in the MAF one. (if someday we see that anyway)

Richard Mathews

I’ve got near enough everything that The Beatles have recorded/released over the time they were active, and, beyond, compilations, vinyl, cd, etc, & most, if not all, of John’s solo work, a lot of George too, and even Ringo’s only work of any creduility, the fab ‘Ringo’ album, from ’73. Regards Paul’s stuff, ditto, apart from WWL, ’71, which no-one really includes as part of his library anyway. I guess if I will bother to buy anything from these ‘new releases’, it’ll be WOA cd set,..well worth getting, apart from that, just a load of ‘re-hash’, can’t see the point, unless you’ve got loads of dosh, and an absolute avid collector of it all…I’m happy with all my original stuff, most of it ‘mint’, 45s, EPs, Albums, Cds, ..no matter how much you collect, it’s impossible to have everything.


Who doesn’t include wings wild life as part of McCartney’s catalogue? Very strange comment

Paul Deacon

Wings Wild Life was one of Macca’s best albums. Brilliant album, always have this on the turntable.

elliott buckingham

just brought an original pressing of wings over America complete with poster £2 carboot special

Ben Williams

Mine cost £2 about 10 years ago, VG+ condition with poster. The 2013 CD can be picked up pretty reasonable too.


Too bad with unplugged and tripping is missing.

Hope they Will be released later.

I really like these two albums.

elliott buckingham

the wings over America last cd reissue is less than £10 on amazon cant imagine this new remaster would sound any better

Ron van Rossum

Well I’m glad that we receive more then the suitcase release.


Surely some mistake? These prices for these are more or less normal


Dear author:
Not “Choba B CCCP”, but “CHOBA В СССР” or “снова в СССР” – it’s strictly in Russian, any small English letter ruins the title.


Anyway – Choba

For reference – Choba: Village in Bulgaria

And why should they back?


If you really want to get technical, try “Snova v SSSR”


Well at least the McCartney’s camp is consistent! They get somethings right (Amoeba’s Gig) and mess up most of the rest. There is no Unplugged or Tripping The Live Fantastic. Both live albums are better representations of the 1990’s than Chobba B CCP. The Russian album is not “live” in the way we all truly know live albums to be. That’s kind of a stretch. Who is overseeing this campaign with errors and omissions with practically every release? Hire a hardcore group of fans to run this!! So disappointing knowing how simple these fixes are, but clearly they can’t even get the basic stuff done right. :-((

Wayne Klein

This is true. While I appreciate it being remastered, it’s also shorter than the original U.S. release with only the same amount of songs as the original vinyl release (well, plus one if I recall correctly).

My guess is that any additional tracks are being withheld for deluxe editions.

I personally like The a Russian album even though it is inconsistent especially compared to Run Devil Run (which NEEDS a remaster since the first one sounds pretty awful).


Why the CCCP vinyl isn’t red?


This color is well suited for those who have begun perestroika

Etymology – In pre-revolutionary Russia, the walls of psychiatric hospitals were usually painted yellow


Wow no downloads! Ill convince myself fans spoke up loud enough :)

Andre Salles

These are not part of the ongoing Archive Collection, right?

Lawrence Geller

Why go back to the 11 track Choba? WHY?


Don’t worry, the full track list will be on the $80 version

adam shaw

I got the email this afternoon. At least the Ameba gig is getting a full release but I can’t see how CHOBA is a live album . And I see the Archive strip is now missing from the cd of WOA . Does that mean his titles will be reissued again ? Would have liked to have seen Tripping The Live Fantastic remastered or even remixed , terrible drum sound IMO .

David B

What no surround sound included.. there was for “Good evening New York City” .. Paul got something against 5.1 nowadays? And does this again delay the reissue of my fave Paul M album “Back to the egg” .. I’d even consider buying the full box set if there was a surround sound version of that one ..


Denny Laine was quoted in an interview several months ago that he’s signed off on his copyright matters regarding both London Town and Back To The Egg (I imagine they’ll be out towards the end of 2019). I’d suggest that rather than delaying those two, these re-issues are an unexpected and generally welcome addition to Paul’s re-issue series which none of us saw coming. However, I am disappointed with the shorter track listings on the Russian album.


Hi Paul! I see the second volume of Def Leppard album collections is coming out this summer? Will you be doing a write up on it on here?

Regan Judson

I was wondering when this was going to get a spotlight article from Paul (Sinclair, not McCartney!) as well! I already know what it contains but Paul always describes it very thoroughly and with some humour when warranted.


CHOBA B CCCP was released in two versions on vinyl


It doesn’t look like Coming Up is on the CD version of the Amoeba gig…..why?? And where are the Choba B CCCP out takes? I’ll stick with my ’91 edition.


Ordered. Some of the coloured vinyl is cheaper than the Amazon black vinyl editions

Ben Williams

Great that the Ameoba gig is expanded on CD, a shame they have reduced Choba B CCCP on CD.. but long may the McCartney reissue campaign run, I may just get them all by the time I turn 50 in 2042!

Also – they mention that 22 tracks were recorded for Choba B CCCP; the remaining tracks could be released on a ‘part 2’ release… fingers crossed.

Jarmo Keranen

If i’m still alive and well in 2042 i’m 83!