Paul McCartney releases remix single

New digital-only remix appeared yesterday

If you bought the ‘Traveller’s Edition’ or ‘Explorer’s Edition’ of Paul McCartneys Egypt Station, you might be forgiven for thinking that you finally have a package that includes all the audio that Macca has officially put out in relation to his 17th studio album. Well that was true until yesterday, when Paul sneaked out into the digital marketplace a new remix of ‘Nothing For Free’!

As a reminder, ‘Nothing For Free’ isn’t on the album proper, but was one of two bonus tracks on the original deluxe/exclusive edition and like Fuh You was co-produced (and co-written) by Ryan Tedder. This song also appeared on the Egypt Station II disc in both the ‘Explorer’ and ‘Traveller’ (suitcase) editions of the album

The new remix appeared on various streaming platforms and digital platforms yesterday, including Amazon, but has not been announced by McCartney. It’s dubbed the ‘DJ Chris Holmes Remix’ and at 3.37 it’s very much in the style of a seven-inch remix. You can listen to it, below.

Quite why Paul has decided to release is not clear. Perhaps, like the New Year’s Day surprise of ‘Get Enough’ (another Tedder co-write and co-production), he simply thought it would be a fun thing to do. I’m sure fans would love to see some kind of physical release, but SDE is not holding its breath.

Nothing For Free (DJ Chris Holmes Remix) is out now (Thanks go to SDE reader Mark Wardle)

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Pádraig Collins

The remix doesn’t sound much remixed to my ears. Chris Holmes, the remixer, released a great orch pop album called Dan Loves Patti in 1996 that was rereleased last year. It was originally issued under his own name in Europe and as Yum-Yum in America.

patricia lay

I like it. Of course it’s not going to be a number 1 but that’s ok. It sounds different than most of the music he does and it’s not costing you anything. When Paul puts out an album I acquire by other means. Then when he puts out the expanded editions I buy the one with everything on it or buy two if I have. I don’t mind…he’s PAUL MCCARTNEY!!


“Nothing for free” – sounds like Macca’s mantra


Cantˋt wait for the „Journey X-MAS Edition“ of Egypt Station full of remixes & outtakes with a limited bonus cd – the Dub Sandwich sessions…….


You have enough cash macca hang up the apron lol love the beatles strawberry fields forever

Charles K.

I don’t know, I thought it was pretty freakin’ cool. Ii’m Not taking it too seriously and I highly doubt he is either. Not that stressed about a non physical release, if anything was best suited for a digital only release it would be this.

Mister Stick

What I don’t understand about something like this is, doesn’t Paul want that remix in the hands of club DJs? And for that to happen, don’t 12″ records need to be pressed? Or do those guys source another way?

By the way, while I was reading Paul’s post, Alex Morgan scored for our side to make it a 2-1 lead over England.

Just sayin’…


Nothing for free it should be IT,S rubbish

Paul Hill

Most djs use digital music these days


Well like it was posted, just enjoy it for what it is. If this alienates fans, a free digital remix, you arent any kind of fan.
As for Madonna comparisons, out if place I might add, it took me one listen and i find it quite interesting (I was prepared to hate it!) and i love it now. You have to be open minded as a fan of anything.

Gary Porter

Brilliant. Really enjoyed the remix.

Steven C

Musicmacca makes a very good point. Paul is worth half a billion pounds and doesn’t have many years left to spend it… so I’m pretty sure he isn’t doing things as a cash grab. This is likely his last tour… and perhaps album based on his voice… so try to enjoy this whole process.

I’m seeing him live in Los Angeles on the 13th and am excited at the prospect of who he may bring on stage with him…


A load of tripe…
When is Abbey Road 50 getting announced?

Urrrgh! Get that bus out!

bruce kelso



Well I thoroughly enjoyed that.


Sounded like crap to me.


So did I – thank you Paul & Mark!

Jon Woolsey

Sounds great! Thanks, Paul. This song and “Who Cares” would have been great lead-off singles for “Egypt Station.” Those and “Happy With You.” ……rather than the one you chose.


I don’t know what everyone’s deal is with this. It’s just a new remix, available for free on Spotify and YouTube.

Nobody’s getting milked for anything!

Graham Charlton

Taking the piss

alan hansen

…and as a nurse, i KNOW a little something about “taking the piss”

Gareth Jones

Much like Madonna’s latest album, this will alienate the fans and unlikely to win over any new ones. Pointless.


‘Nothing for free’ ….. unintended irony there. Would’ve been nice move if it was free for those that bought the deluxe sets.

Stuart Whitaker

And with the right tools, convertible to an iPod friendly download (Though Not audiophile worthy).


Oh dear, it just got worse.

Martin Kilroy

Nothing For Free Indeed!


Probably a 1 sided picture disc for £19.99

hendry doran

Don’t be giving him ideas about Egypt Station in various picture disc formats


Someone’s pulling on the udder again. Milk. Milk! Lots of milk!


Seriously mate !!
I get bored with all these comments about trying to milk the public. Macca does not need the money and i’m sure his record company will not make anything out of it either.
Enjoy it for what it is …. a bloody remix for fun.


Anyone know if there will be a second edition of Wings 1971 -73
or do i seriously need to sell the house !!
That does make me angry that Macca and his cohorts have restricted this release to anyone who spotted it for a brief millisecond on selected websites late last year .


It can’t be a bad day when an artist you like (or, for me in this case, love) releases a new mix or a new song and makes it freely available. As much as I like to ‘own’ as much Macca as I can, no point only seeing the bad side of a digital only release. The mix didn’t make much impression on me, my collection and my admiration are no worse off for not having this on CD or vinyl