Paul McCartney to take part in a Tim Burgess Twitter Listening Party

Photo: Mary McCartney

Paul McCartney has confirmed that he’ll ‘do’ a Tim Burgess Twitter Listening Party for his new album McCartney III.

Burgess’ online ‘listening parties’ have cheered up many a music fan during lockdown and if you’re unfamiliar, the concept is that fans all start playing an album at a certain point in time and the artist then tweets ‘live’ commenting on each song, perhaps discussing the inspiration, the recording and so on. Fans can chip in and ask questions and these are normally informative and entertaining.


McCartney III is released tomorrow and the listening party kicks off at 8pm on Monday 21st December. The session will end with ‘Wonderful Christmastime’! Stay tuned for a full SDE review of McCartney III in the coming days.

1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5.17)
2. Find My Way (3.55)
3. Pretty Boys (3.01)
4. Women and Wives (2.53)
5. Lavatory Lil (2.23)
6. Deep Deep Feeling (8.27)
7. Slidin’ (3.25)
8. The Kiss of Venus (3.09)
9. Seize The Day (3.23)
10. Deep Down (5.55)
11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes (3.13)

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Paul Taylor

Been listening on streaming this morning prior to going in to collect my vinyl copy.
Yes his voice isn’t what it was, but when you consider he’s been working and recording constantly for the best part of 60 years I think that’s forgivable. A few other singers around his age are no better and actually sound like they’ve forgotten to put their teeth in (Cliff Richard?). It’s going to happen to us all one day.
The tone of the songs pretty much matches the mood of the time it’s been written and recorded in. Like a lot of bands (eg New Order, The Who) the lyrics might be a bit ordinary and occasionally repetitive, but a lot of artists of the 60s, 70s & 80s don’t really have something to rail against like they did during their ‘peak’ eras (strikes, Thatcher, Tories in general, poverty etc), and are now fairly comfortable and taking grandchildren for walks in the park.
I would never say I was a dyed-in-the-wool McCartney fan, or any solo Beatles to be fair, but I like it, and when you consider it’s all been put together by himself on his own during difficult times, it’s a good achievement. There’s a fair bit of’ ‘old’ Macca and Beatles woven through it and I am pretty certain I’ll be listening to it a lot.

Tony Sandell

Just listened to the cd and sadly time has caught up with him in terms of song writing and his voice.
As someone else on here has said if this had been released by anyone else it would be totally ignored and forgotten.
How a man who has written such timeless classics ends up releasing this rubbish is so sad .
Of course for many because it’s Paul McCartney many people will love it regardless of the quality of the music but for me I will stick to his classic albums and forget this.

Chris Woods

Bought the green vinyl version from HMV in Belfast today. It was £35, which I thought was a bit steep! The standard black vinyl was the same price.

Can’t wait to listen to it all. Had a listen to the first two tracks at midnight and really liked them.


Can i check – you got the Green vinyl in HMV? That’s suppossed to be a US Target only version. I didnt realise that was available in Europe. I visited local HMV today. Most copies were Black , a couple of Blue. I was surprised to see 1 White vinyl but they did also have the Target Green sleeve CD version.

Chris Woods

Sorry, I meant I bought the blue vinyl in HMV and the green CD there! So many variations to get confused with.

adam shaw

I’ve listened to the first 4 tracks and I’m enjoying it more than anything else he’s done recently.

Dennis Yardley

Just listening to it on Spotify…………if it was anyone else it would be ignored. I’ll wait to get it in the bargain bin (which is where I got Egypt Station – which is better than this).


The album is much better than I would ever think. Admittedly my expectations were extremely low. I wouldn’t have known it was Paul mc cartney though if it just came on.


I have to be a wet blanket here – when I’m listening to an album, I don’t care to be distracted/interrupted by tweets and comments. Even if they’re from the artist.

I feel the same way when watching TV/movie/stream.

That’s why I simply cannot stand Gogglebox – I thought the whole point of watching TV was to AVOID talking to your family, LOL. If I was on that show, it would just be 60 minutes of me shouting, “Shut up! I’m trying to watch this!”.

metal mickey

Very nice! Yes, I’m sure most would prefer a listening party for one of Macca’s earlier albums (or – gasp! – even a Beatles album), but these “parties” have been one of the highlights of lockdown, and it’s a good call from the promo team to get involved… who knows, if PM enjoys himself, maybe he’ll do more… a Beatles album with Ringo joining in too would be amazing :-)

Ben Williams

This is great news, look forward to that. The Macca promo trail is such fun.

Colin Harper

Yes, but do we know which of the 4,000 different versions of the thing Tim will be playing?


Erm…couldn’t he pick another of his records ;) ?! Gotta hand it to his Promo team though…finger on the pulse…


Off the Ground… Lol… Great quip Paul. Gave me a laugh. Thanks

All the Best – Jeff


No doubt Off The Ground would be a better record


Andreas, Are you comparing Off The Ground to the new album that comes out tomorrow that most likely you havent heard yet entirely or Wonderful Christmastime?

All the Best – Jeff


Jeff, what makes you think I hadn’t heard it in its entirety when I wrote that comment?

Never said it’s bad. It’s a decent album effort. Find My Way is very catchy.
Just wondering about all the flak Off The Ground has gotten through the years.

Chris Thomas

Bah humbug Eamonn! :0)

Tim Burgess is a great guy and quite a coup to get Macca on to the Listening Party. It will be great to get PM’s insights into the songs. Anyone without the physical album can stream it on Spotify (or platform of your choice) anyway.

Stuart Ansell

Tim Burgess asked Macca, and specifically asked him to do the new album – wasn’t the other way round. Please feel free to verify this by checking Tim’s Twitter feed.