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Another day, another music legend announces a new studio album… After Bob Dylan revealed yesterday that he would release Fallen Angels in May, comes the news that Paul Simon will issue Stranger to Stranger, his 13th solo studio album a few weeks later.

Issued via Concord Records, the label promises an album “full of thrilling, imaginative textures” that “ushers the listener into a brave new musical world where expectations are defied and exceeded”. Hmm. Talking the album up is their job of course, and we’ll have to decide whether we agree with that statement in due course, but 2011’s So Beautiful or So What was certainly well received and you can at least take a listen to the sprightly Wristband from the album, below.

Stranger to Stranger will be available as a 16-track deluxe edition on CD which boasts five bonus tracks (including two live numbers, and an instrumental) and as well as the 11-track vinyl version (and standard CD).

The album will be released on 3 June 2016.

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Paul Simon

stranger to stranger deluxe CD


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Paul Simon

Stranger To Stranger [VINYL]



Stranger to Stranger

1. The Werewolf
2. Wristband
3. The Clock
4. Street Angel
5. Stranger to Stranger
6. In a Parade
7. Proof of Love
8. In the Garden of Edie
9. The Riverbank
10. Cool Papa Bell
11. Insomniac’s Lullaby

Bonus Tracks (deluxe CD only)

12. Horace and Pete
13. Duncan (Live from A Prairie Home Companion)
14. Wristband (Live from A Prairie Home Companion)
15. Guitar Piece 3 (instrumental)
16. New York Is My Home

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[…] to Paul Simon, whose new album Stranger to Stranger tops the UK album charts this week. I’ve been listening to it all week and it’s a […]

alan hansen

i’m not the biggest paul simon fan, but i do own a representative smattering of his output. that said, after hearing 3 tracks off this new collection i can only say this: the music is terrific and his voice is impeccable, BUT THE LYRICS ARE TRULY HORRID! e.g: “…eat all the nuggets then they order extra fries…” from the song “the werewolf.”

dear paul,
i can’t… i just can’t…


If the rest of the album is as good as the single them I’ll definitely be buying the CD.

Jimmy King

I like the Chuck Close cover.

Robert Fitzpatrick

Cool track ! I will get this !

James Lee

Love Paul Simon but for some reason I am worried this will be like Surprise which just doesn’t work for me. Let’s hope I am very wrong!

Joe Wiz

Must be Fathers Day.

Inge Bratset

Great news. One of my favourite artist, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s yet to release a bad album. Thanks for the info Paul. As always SDE delivers the important news in music first.


Eric, the second part of your post is, almost word for word, exactly what I was thinking.


Wow…. I love this!!

Paul Murphy

‘In The Garden Of Edie’ – is that a great title or what!

Auntie Sabrina

Heard this yesterday on Zoe Balls’ Radio 2 show. Really interesting sound.


Not a big Paul Simon fan (I think I own two or three of his albums) but I have to say I like the track. I will definitely have to give the album a listen when it comes out.


Will the SDE come with a special wristband, I wonder…? Can’t believe it’s been FIVE YEARS since his last album, time is passing by so quickly.