Paul Weller bonus tracks confirmed

Five bonus tracks for the deluxe CD edition of On Sunset

The bonus tracks for the deluxe CD edition of Paul Weller‘s new album On Sunset have been confirmed.

The deluxe CD (which comes in hardcover book packaging rather than jewel case) will actually have FIVE bonus tracks, not three as originally thought. That takes the track count from 10 to 15. The songs are as follows:

  • 4th Dimension
  • Ploughman
  • I’ll think of Something
  • On Sunset (Orchestral mix)
  • Baptiste (instrumental version)

The Japanese version of the deluxe CD is a 16-track edition. It features the five tracks above, plus a Japan-only bonus track called ‘Failed’.

In fact, you can see all the track names below, since they weren’t available either when the album was first announced.

On Sunset will be issued on 12 June 2020 via Polydor. Listen to ‘Earth Beat’, below.

1. Mirror Ball
2. Baptiste
3. Old Father Thyme
4. Village
5. More
6. On Sunset
7. Equanimity
8. Walkin’
9. Earth Beat
10. Rockets

Deluxe CD bonus tracks
11. 4th Dimension
12. Ploughman
13. I’ll Think of Something
14. On Sunset (Orchestral Mix)
15. Baptiste (Instumental Version)

Extra track on Japanese deluxe
16. Failed

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Interesting that the Failed track is not listed in the Japanese iTunes store.


What Records lists the vinyl as 2LP Set with the Black Vinyl at £22.99 and the Purple Vinyl (not sure if this is same as Paul Weller Store or an ‘Indie Exclusive) at £19.99 (also Standard CD £9.99 and Deluxe CD is £14.99). At time of writing (7.30am 8.5.20) the Signed Art Card Bundles are still available on the Paul Weller store and the release date is now 19.6.20. Odd the website states the Deluxe CD has 3 extra tracks where as everywhere else says its 5 extra tracks.


In addition to the delay of a week announced in tonight’s e-mail from his mailing list, they are also offering a limited number of signed ‘On Sunset’ art cards with the music bundles. Still available at the time of writing from the official store if anyone is interested.


Ive just received an email from Amazon saying the release date for Wellers new album is on hold and that they dont have a new release date yet.

gary oliver

its just a week later


Im in for the deluxe. Have all the deluxe editions of his albums. The bonus tracks are always good value for money. I have some of the Japanese imports, but for one track l cant justify the extra costs getting it here.


I like “Earth Beat” quite a bit, and I’m certain the rest of the album will be smashing, BUT I don’t care for the coldly generic album design that doesn’t even bear Paul Weller’s name on the front! The album cover of “On Sunset” would work well as a teaser advertisement for the latest iPhone app, but emotes nothing as the cover art for a new album of soulful, brilliant songs by Paul Weller.

The larger 12″ x 12″ gate-fold album jacket of the same image will just make this more off-putting for me, so I’m aiming for the deluxe CD version only.

Alan B

Has anyone been able to clarify whether this is a double or single LP? His official web store has been ambiguous from the start. Says it is a double gatefold but all the pictures show a single vinyl. All the record shops are going with a double. It has only 10 tracks so that would work out at 2 or 3 tracks per side which is silly unless the tracks are some early 70’s prog rock in length. The price is expensive even for a double never mind a single.

Alan B

It is even more confusing when you look at the Recordstore website. The black vinyl is described as a “double gatefold vinyl” but the exclusive peach vinyl edition is described as a “colour vinyl”. By the way that peach vinyl was originally advertised as a Paul Weller store exclusive but has now appeared on Recordstore. I know both are run by the same company but I’ve never quite figured out why some artists appear on both their own store as an exclusive and Recordstore at the same time whilst some artists releases can only be purchased from their own website despite all being on Universal Records.

Neville Morton

Just a note to say….for nigh on 30 years I’ve sat down on day one of the release if a new Weller solo album and at times (sometimes) not being totally sure what I would find. The reviews of On Sunset prepared me for a testing journey. The reviews (in my opinion were off point).
The album is joyous, uplifting, thoughtful, Weller Soul ! Very rarely in the last 20 years have I bought an album and after playing it once have I thought this is a classic. A modern classic some might say. Happy day, a ray of sunshine in these crazy times.


So is it a double LP then? If so surely more than enough room for the bonus tracks on the 4th side. Either way, single (price) or double (length), taking the mickey or what.


Surely the Japanese thing of having an extra track is archaic these days? Interesting it still exists.


28 quid for an LP?!

Yani P

Another GCSE Art (fail) cover


So when they say double gatefold vinyl, it means 2 LP? Can’t see how they could stretch the 10 songs over 2 pieces of vinyl.
So we get an instrument and Japan gets a new track? Cheers Paul.


Japanese CDs traditionally have extra tracks compared to the worldwide release to encourage locals (i.e. Japanese) to purchase the domestic release rather than imports.

gary oliver

apparently the track ‘mirror ball’ is very long, and in different parts / phases


Looking forward to this.
Didn’t really warm to his last one (probably haven’t given it enough time) but this sounds like it will be more up my street – his superb songwriting combined with an experimental streak (Sonik Kicks springs to mind).

He usually does great bonus tracks too.

Marc Zalcman

I’ve read somewhere else that the Japanese bonus track was ‘Failed’, of which he played a snippet on a John Wilson podcast a few weeks ago. Very nice one too

Porcelain God

yes, the Japanese track is Failed.