Paul Weller / Fat Pop (Volume 1)

New studio album • 3CD deluxe edition • coloured vinyl

Paul Weller / new album Fat Pop Volume 1

Paul Weller will release a new album called Fat Pop (Volume 1), in May.

The record comes less than a year after last year’s On Sunset and features the song ‘Cosmic Fringes’ which you can preview below. Paul has already revealed that the Pet Shop Boys have remixed this song for some future release.

The new album will be available as a three-CD deluxe set which adds a ten-song disc called Live From Mid-Sömmer Musik and a six-track ‘Fat Pop Bonus’ CD.

As well as black vinyl, there’ll be yellow vinyl pressing and Amazon have an orange vinyl edition. The official Weller store has a picture disc and an exclusive 3LP deluxe box (£70)

Fat Pop (Volume 1) will be released on 14 May 2021.


Fat Pop Paul Weller / 3CD deluxe edition

      1. Cosmic Fringes
      2. True
      3. Fat Pop
      4. Shades Of Blue
      5. Glad Times
      6. Cobweb / Connections
      7. Testify
      8. That Pleasure
      9. Failed
      10. Moving Canvas
      11. In Better Times
      12. Still Glides The Stream


Paul Weller / new album Fat Pop Volume 1

Fat Pop Paul Weller / Vinyl LP

    • Side A
      1. Cosmic Fringes
      2. True
      3. Fat Pop
      4. Shades Of Blue
      5. Glad Times
      6. Cobweb / Connections
    • Side B
      1. Testify
      2. That Pleasure
      3. Failed
      4. Moving Canvas
      5. In Better Times
      6. Still Glides The Stream


Fat Pop Paul Weller / Single CD edition

      1. Cosmic Fringes
      2. True
      3. Fat Pop
      4. Shades Of Blue
      5. Glad Times
      6. Cobweb / Connections
      7. Testify
      8. That Pleasure
      9. Failed
      10. Moving Canvas
      11. In Better Times
      12. Still Glides The Stream

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Russ cousins

Been a massive Weller fan thru his solo work and have loved collecting all his work but if I’m honest I’ve not really enjoyed an album all the way the way through since As Is Now, I wasn’t really impressed with Kind Revolution it the others that followed so I’m bowing out now, and by the look of it saving alot of money as I normally buy every version going!!
Sorry ..but I’m sure I’m not alone.

Warren Butson

I love the experimental approach PW had on albums like 22 Dreams and Wake Up The Nation really takes nerve to try something so different and remain true to your muse. I don’t like everything but have to admire his constant attempt to not repeat himself


There’s suppose to be a Pet Shop Boys remix to Cosmic Fringe. Anyone knows where it will be available?


There seems to be a few cameos in the vid/Noel Gallagher and David J.? They’re fast cuts though; keep your eyes peeled. Can anyone confirm this?


Brexit kills all my orders from Britain. 84,00 Euro plus 24,00 Euro shipping and now plus 20% extra tax makes the box set here in Europe around 130,00 Euro. For a three record set. I am out with this nonsense. And feel really good with that. Every 2nd parcel arrived already damaged the last months – so at last they will be more copies for the Brits ;-). Another reason to be happy. And I will listening to the 3-CD set.


Paul Weller has a great Beatles nod in the video, in the form of Ringo’s bass drum artwork from Magical Mystery Tour, but everybody’s focusing on Jimmy Saville ! :)


I think he’s had that since the mid 90s out of the sinking time (the drumskin not the Barnet!). This album will have to go some to be as good as on sunset which seems to get better with every listen. Seems to have gone back to sonic kicks kind of sound rather than the style council vibes of on sunset? Will order the 3cd version at some point though…

Tony O

is it just me or does he look a bit too much like jimmy saville in the video? apart from that i like the track a lot.


Nope it’s not just you, several of us have already mentioned it if you care to spend a couple of minutes to read the comments on this post.

Tim Parker

The ever-prolific Modfather’s back! Recommend going big. CD2, an hour-long live in-studio set, alone is worth the price of admission. Features some of his best recent work with sound quality second to none. And, Weller’s voice continues to improve with age.


Love Cosmic Fingers. It’s excellent, and what a great title. I can also imagine it being a Blondie track for some reason.


Seems like Paul Weller is getting back his Jam vibe. “Cosmic Fringe” sounds like early 1980’s new wave, more particularly it sounds like a song Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox would have written for a Eurythmics album.

I really like the colourful album artwork and the title “Fat Pop,” but not keen on the parenthetical Volume 1. The reason being is that there have been incidences when recording artists state Volume 1 or Part 1, but never follow-up with Volume 2/Part 2 because they have stylistically moved on, or have grown bored with the original concept.

Even worse, is when a second volume of a great album is just an assortment of sloppy leftovers that disappoint. Still, it’s Paul Weller, who never ceases to surprise me, so I’m anxious to hear more cuts from this album, and YES, I will be getting “Fat Pop,” regardless, and knowing myself, also “Fat Pop (Volume 2)” good or bad, when or if it’s released :-/

Stan Stanton

Jesus Christ.Looks like Jimmy Saville here, which is not cool although that’s evidently what Weller is trying to be. Back to Stanley Road for me.


Funny comment, given that Weller’s hairstyle and sunglasses are actually fairly similar to his Stanley Road-era style. Only real difference is age, and I for one applaud him for not dying his hair in an attempt to look younger. Should he get a haircut? Probably, but given that he’s still got his hair at 62, whereas many (if not most) of his fans are balding, who are we to judge?

Tim Barton

He won’t stand still, which is great. I am looking forward to this. I have already pre-ordered the CD set from Amazon, and now I am contemplating which vinyl I should go for.

Tippy Wooder

Would have been much more sense for Mid-Sommer Musik to be a DVD of the broadcast, surely?

Jeremy K

This really reminds me of later Blancmange – both spoken vocals and the basic electronica. Can see the PSB remix almost forming itself.
An interesting redirection


Ecstatic when I first heard the news. Visited his site, added the 3 LP set for $90 and pic disc for $36 and gulped at the $70 shipping. $200 USD all in. That’s $50/disc. Collecting physical music used to be fun. Now it’s all about fleecing the fans. I’m all for supporting my favorite artist but not enough to take out a second mortgage.


Great tune, anyone reminded of Dukes of Stratosphere a little? OR maybe it is just the psychedelia coming through


What ever happened to the vinyl release of ‘Wake up the Nation’ remixed?

Neil O'Sullivan

Cosmic Fringes sounds good. I like the video. It looks cool.

Like previously mentioned, the vocals sound a bit like Ian Dury’s. The song reminds me a bit of Adam & The Ants’ Zerox. That’s not a criticism!


I’m looking forward to this. Weller has always moved on in style and sound. It doesn’t always work but he’s always interesting.

On Sunset is a brilliant album and was looking forward to seeing him play it live and now he’ll be playing songs from this too so bonus!

Live, yes he’s not one to banter (unlike Paul Heaton) but the set lists are about the “now” and not a nostalgia trip. Which I think most of the audience get.

At V Festival a few years ago most bands play a greatest hit set but Weller kept his audience though most of the set was As Is Now. He did throw “Art School” at the end which was a massive surprise.

Alan Blevin

The quality and prolific nature of Paul’s albums since 22 Dreams has been amazing.On Sunset was one of my top albums from last year.
What an expensive day.The 3 disc version of this,the 4cd Bob Mould compilation and Peter Gabriel Plays Live.Later today number 5 in the Bowie Brilliant Live Adventures series and The Who Sell Out.I’m doing my bit to save physical music and the CD.

Joseph O'Callaghan

Anyone know if the Japanese 3CD boxset will have bonus tracks?


Regardless of the artwork, does anyone else think the album title is terrible? I keep picturing a dodgy american sitcom.


I’ve more or less given up buying Weller releases, since i paid around £15 for the “other aspects” cd/dvd set from amazon, only for it to be reduced to around a fiver shortly after release date.
Found “from the jam” much better live than weller himself these days…


Ordered the yellow vinyl from reflexrecords for 25 pound. Theses guys do a stellar job and shipping rates to Aus/NZ. I also don’t understand why those opting for vinyl don’t (I’m assuming but probably right) get a download voucher for the deluxe set? Already paying above the deluxe price. Divine Comedy got it right when they gave vinyl purchases the download for the whole deluxe release for the recent reissues.


Yep, agree its not an automatic right, but just feels like the “right thing to do”.
Oh well, sure I’ll get these bonus tracks one way or another :-)

Peter Barker (formerly known as O(+> Peter B)

Agree. The Oasis “Chasing The Sun” vinyl reissues of their first 3 albums included downloads for the deluxe version tracks, which was great, to me that’s how it should be done.
The 3CD version of this album seems good.


There is something incredibly amusing (in a good way) about the idea of Pet Shop Boys remixing Paul Weller.

Jon Mansfield

I’m gonna wait 2 weeks then order the ltd edition signed copy!

Paul Nolan

Wow nearly 26 euro for postage fees to Ireland for the deluxe vinyl… Way to go Mr Weller limiting this to Your store only. NOT COOL


Try “the sound of vinyl” the and recordstore.co.uk they both have them

Paul Gray

Glad it isn’t just me thinking he looks like Savile. Badly needs a haircut.
It’s strange how your taste changes isn’t it? I used to love Weller and got his albums as soon as they came out. Gave up after Wake Up The Nation and rarely listen to him now.
Won’t be bothering with this but admire his productivity and changes of direction. He’s still a legend if only for The Jam/Style Council and 1st 4 solo albums.


Bought the 3cd box set. Weller is so prolific, and the music is always top notch.

Strangely Brown

Keeping Up With The McCartneys

HMV have:-

Black vinyl
Yellow transparent vinyl
Yellow cassette
Single CD
Three disc box CD


Paul Hargate

Think the red vinyl & CD box bundle for £34 is reasonable value. Can’t believe the comments about him live, always does 2+ hours and larges it. Never a greatest hits thing and the Jam fans need to move on

David Else

I like it, although the “Jimmy Savile” look is unfortunate!!

Kevin O

If this is representative of the entire album, I may be back on the Weller train (I gave up after Wake Up the Nation). I hope they’ve done a decent job with the mastering, though. It’s been a long time since a Weller album wasn’t a brickwalled clipfest.


I think it’s fair to say Paul had a VERY major fallout with his ‘graphic designer’ around this time.
First the cheap-looking On Sunset (THAT font ‍♂️) and now…. this. Paul’s starting to rival REM and Depeche as the act with the most consistently ugly artwork soon.

Alan Bell

When I first glanced at the pic above I thought Jimmy Saville was singing in the video. I could have lived without that mental image…


I love that song.
Is it me or does Paul look like Jimmy Saville in the video, what with the straggly hair and glasses.


First thing I thought was Jimmy Saville too. Bizarre. For someone who is so style-conscious as Weller this is a rubbish look.

Ian Hartley

I have been a fan since buying “This is the Modern World” on vinyl 7″ (still have it) when I was at school. Just worked out that keeping my Weller collection “complete” with yellow/red/orange/black/box set/ blue cassette and yellow cassette will cost me £210 with the postage. It was so much easier and cheaper when all you had to worry about was a black vinyl 7″ in a picture sleeve and possibly the Japanese import with a different cover ! Sigh, but we all love it don’t we, otherwise we wouldn’t be here !
He is always top value live as well- never repeating and generally trying hard- as he says he does not know what else to do apart from producing music- and he has a lot of kids to support !

Alan B

So at the moment we have:

Black vinyl
Red vinyl (Recordstore/Paul Weller Store exclusive)
Picture disc (Recordstore/Paul Weller Store exclusive)
Box set (Recordstore/Paul Weller Store exclusive) £70 for 3 LPs in a clamshell box. Ouch!
Yellow vinyl (Indies exclusive)
Orange vinyl (Amazon exclusive)
Triple CD
Blue cassette (Recordstore/Paul Weller Store exclusive)
Yellow cassette

Very expensive time for me as the new Teenage Fanclub and Coral albums are released 2 weeks earlier.

I’d be wary of those Recordstore/Paul Weller Store “exclusives”. With his previous album On Sunset the picture disc was initially advertised as a Paul Weller mail list exclusive with an exclusive link to his store to purchase it. A week later it appeared on Recordstore/ Paul Weller Store websites available to everyone. Now in the last few weeks this “exclusive” release is available in every record shop in the UK. Probably had lots of stock left over due to its high price so are trying to shift the remaining copies.

iain -northpole

A catchy “toe-tapping” little number!

Nathan Thomas

You forgot the £9.99 ‘limited edition’ cassette tape version too

Chris Balfour

Interesting sound on the video. Will need to get used to that!


For Foxee don’t get annoyed, get the 3 LP box set from Sound Of Vinyl, it’s the same as the 3 CD version. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Paul-Weller/Fat-Pop-Deluxe-Vinyl-Boxset/6VSF11O1000


Wow, what a hard working guy. Kudos. This is a bit of a different sound, more electronic. I like it.


There’s a Transparent Yellow version over on HMV

Peter Robertshaw

Looks like there’s a red triple Lp on his website will the whole set of tracks…

Joe Embleton

No the triple vinyl is black. There is a bundle with the CD on red vinyl

Donnie Biscuits

Also a red vinyl, picture disc and deluxe triple vinyl. Reading the McCartney playbook?


Why the hell can’t we get a double vinyl with the six extra tracks??!! That is SO frustrating! I am really annoyed!


It looks like there’s a tripe vinyl version as well over at recordstore.co.uk


I hate tripe


Has anyone seen Paul Weller live in recent years? (obviously probably not this past year!)

My wife and I saw him live about 10-12 years ago or so, and it was a bit of a letdown in that he seemed very disinterested during his performance, like he’d rather be somewhere else. As this post shows, he’s still working — I just hope he’s doing so because he enjoys it . . .

Mark McKendrick

Funny that, Chris, as I saw him around the same time… and it was (genuinely) one of the better shows I’d ever been to – and I’ve been to a few corkers since 1968.


I saw him a few years ago and most of the crowd wanted him to play Jam songs, which he’s always said he wouldn’t do (although he did do Malice). I liked the gig but quite a few weren’t happy with him, perhaps they should read what he says!


He said he would never reform The Jam, not that he wouldn’t play the songs. Having seen him live over 30 times since 1991, I can assure you he has included songs by The Jam and The Style Council in his set lists for many years now.

Chris Thomas

“He’s still working”

Yep – his 5th album in 6 years. I don’t think he’s so prolific because he needs the cash….good luck to the guy if he’s enjoying creating new music at 62.

I like the single, sounds like quite a departure from the acoustic True Meanings. I’m trying to place the London style vocals (Steve Harley? Chris Difford?)


A hint of Ian Dury to the vocals?

Peter Robertshaw

I’ve never enjoyed a Weller concert. I always find him disconnected from the audience.


Saw him in Belfast about five or six years ago. It was terrible. The support act were Blossoms and they blew him off the stage.


I saw him play in a club in Boston, 2005. He and the band were brilliant & connected to the audience. He played a solid 3 & half hr set debuting ‘As Is Now’ including a few solo numbers. Jam & Style C. tunes went over well with the Americans. Fabulous musician and all for a ridiculous $16 ticket price.


Amazon exclusive orange vinyl too

Lloyd Evans

Literally all my emails in the last 30 mins have been about this album :/