Paul Weller / new album, On Sunset

Paul Weller will release a new album, On Sunset, in June.

The ever prolific Weller delivers his fifteenth studio outing, following 2018’s excellent True Meanings and is available as a deluxe CD (with five bonus tracks), standard CD and 2LP vinyl. The deluxe CD comes in a hardcover book, while the standard is a jewel case.

On Sunset will be issued on 3 July 2020 (was 12 June) via Polydor.

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Paul Weller

On Sunset - deluxe CD


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Paul Weller

On Sunset [VINYL]


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Paul Weller

On Sunset - standard CD


1. Mirror Ball
2. Baptiste
3. Old Father Thyme
4. Village
5. More
6. On Sunset
7. Equanimity
8. Walkin’
9. Earth Beat
10. Rockets

Deluxe CD bonus tracks
11. 4th Dimension
12. Ploughman
13. I’ll Think of Something
14. On Sunset (Orchestral Mix)
15. Baptiste (Instumental Version)

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[…] Read more about On Sunset. […]

[…] more Weller remix news, a vinyl-only remix edition of Paul’s most recent album On Sunset is due on the same date. This five-track EP features radical reinterpretations by Skeleton Key […]

Andrew Abley

Any one had any communication for the Paul Weller webstore?

checked my order still in the state of confirmed

emailed them but no response
bought the bundle with the Paul Weller Signed Artcard (Art)

but no joy as yet


Came here wondering the same thing.
Not had any communication whatsoever despite them indicating that the album is now in stock.

(Kind of) reassuring to know I am not the only one.

gary oliver

Release put back to 03 July


My Amazon.fr order has also been cancelled. Disappointing but not surprising. I’m to expect the refund in 5-7 days!!

On a more positive note, What Records have the Limited Gatefold Heavyweight Black Vinyl 2 LP Set for £22.99 and the Limited Gatefold Heavyweight Purple Vinyl 2 LP Set for £19.99

Also here is the tracklist if anyone hasn’t seen it yet!

Featured Tracks:

1. Mirror Ball
2. Baptiste
3. Old Father Tyme
4. Village
5. More
6. On Sunset
7. Equanimity
8. Walkin’
9. Earth Beat
10. Rockets

Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

11. 4th Dimension
12. Ploughman
13. I’ll think of Something
14. On Sunset (Orchestral mix)
15. Baptiste (instrumental version)

Peter Reeves

Amazon cancelled order. Apparently they cannot get stock. Guess they realise they fucked up

Noel Bayley

Just in from amazon.fr. They can’t ontain it on vinyl apparently…

Hello, We are contacting you about your order… containing the item on Sunset – B0853X4SLP. We were forced to remove this item from your selection because we are unable to obtain it. If you notice associated costs for the item (s) canceled, the refund will be made automatically within 5 to 7 working days. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation and thank you

Lee Whitehead

Yep, got the same email…….


all good to know about new music from the master! cant wait to check this tour!!!

Stan Butler

Interestingly the cover has now changed on Amazon to an “artwork under construction” image.

Tim Barton

True Meanings is so great-the best since Stanley Road, I think. But all of the recent albums have been good, so is expect this to be equally so.

Nice to see him return to Polydor, in a way. Given his past period on the label in The Jam and Style Council, I am hoping for some positive promotion as well.

Will be buying both the deluxe and vinyl formats!


As usual I will buy the album and already bought my ticket for his 2020 tour.


Jim Lea from Slade plays violin on one track apparently.


Love anything Paul Weller! Might the title “On Sunset,” have some reference to, or point of inspiration from “Waterloo Sunset?” It appears to me that there could be some correlation since Mr. Weller did a guess appearance with Ray Davies at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2012, and performed a heartfelt acoustic rendition of that evocative song.

Mark H

I ordered this from his site including the supposedly exclusive coloured vinyl – it’s a double so I’m guessing that’s why the pricing is as it id
f you listen to Another Room on a stream apart from those completists amongst us you haven’t missed a thing
It’s the sort of stuff he used to link tracks with but absolute dirge if you ask me. Reminds me of listening to some of those Yoko Ono experiments
… & that’s coming from someone who thinks Weller is up there with the best of the best

andrew R

Dont think the vinyl is a double .Think it says double gatefold .Not the same thing.


That cover looks like it should come with a pair of 3-D glasses. The man is prolific. Nice to see Talbot is back in the mix.

Jarmo Keranen

Just tested it with a 3-D glasses. It looks like text jump out of the screen and flows in the air!


Hi Paul, that first solo album is an underrated classic! But what an amazing run he’s had over the last 10 years with album after album of incredible songs. Took me a while to get into the groove of True Meanings but it’s a late career highlight. Bring on the next one!


Have to agree about his first solo album being an underrated classic. Bought it when it was still only available on Pony Canyon (the Japanese label) before he managed to secure a label release over here in Europe.
I still prefer the original Japanese tracklisting and sequencing… but I digress….

Interesting what you say about True Meanings – I still have not managed to get into it but your post has prompted me to give it another go.

In general I very much admire Weller for the fact that he continues to try to push the boundaries on his albums rather than getting stuck in a rut. I dont necessarily always love everything he does but I continue to buy his work because it is always interesting. One of the few artists I would order without pre-listening.
Can’t wait…


Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s the cover? They just don’t care, do they? I see some people saying they like it – no accounting for taste I guess. That cover screams “leave me on the shelf”. If they care so little about the package, what does it say about the product and music? Really, really poor, imo.


Perhaps it is a tribute to his secret Wham! Obsession. Think about it, he married a Wham! backup singer, went full George Michael on Long Hot Summer, and now he nicks the cover concept from Music From The Edge of Heaven.


I like the cover. Simple. Understated. Wonder what it would look like with 3-D glasses?

O(+> Peter B

I prefer this “placeholder” cover to the True Meanings cover, personally! There’s always great tracks on every Paul Weller album so this is definitely something to look forward to. His rate of output and quality is just amazing.

Alan R

In common with many other diehard Paul Weller fans I’m sure, this has made my day.

Respecting Mr W’s reluctance to re-visit his past as he continues to surprise and please his listeners, I do however suggest we all have our favourite periods of his huge output.

From being an instant fan on hearing The Jam in 1977 to compulsory yearly attendance at solo gigs in the present day, mine happens to be the glorious Style Council years where every release was a joyful event that seemed to coincide with sunny days and rowdy nights, ( I hear those cries of steady on Grandad!).

Paul himself describes the album as : ‘pretty soulful with some cosmic edges, very up and joyful. It’s a positive, summery-sounding record’.
Combined with the presence of mighty Mick Talbot therein, could this possibly be The Style Council resurgence that I, for one, will eagerly welcome with open arms (and white Levi’s & highly polished loafers!).

Thanks to Paul (for the record) & Paul (for SDE), Come on Summer!!!

Stephen Tomlinson

Peach (sunset) colour vinyl edition also available in Canada from musicvaultz. Pre-orders also qualify for a 15% discount for new customers.

andrew R

Mr Weller can do no wrong in my eyes across a 40+ year
career has he ever produced an lp with no merit at all some better than others
all worthy of a listen .There are very few artists that can keep up the same quality control.
He is a national treasure and i doubt we will see his like again .
Imust however agree that the cover is weak artwork wise and the price for single vinyl extortionate unless i am missing some aspect such as colour booklet etc. Ialso echo my dissapointment about the 4 track ep .I to received no info surrounding release but received my advance live ticket promo code .. go figure and who and how was it sold to . Disappointing !

Stan Butler

To my eternal shame I neglected Paul Weller’s post 90’s work until last year when I bought the More Modern Classics compilation. The quality of the songs just blew me away. I thus started accumulating all his solo material and now listen to him all the time. The level of songwriting that he has maintained over the years is astonishing. His voice has developed a rich warm tone that gives the softer songs in particular so much depth and soul.
Other Aspects just might be my favourite ever live album. An absolutely beautiful recording.

Warren Porritt

Talking to Uncut in December, Paul Weller described the album as ‘pretty soulful with some cosmic edges, very up and joyful. It’s a positive, summery-sounding record’

‘I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done’ he added. ‘The first track is called ‘Mirrorball’, we started that last year some time. It was originally going to be a bonus track or something, then we finished it and it was about seven minutes long with all these different changes. That really got us going’.

Also Mick Talbot guests on the album.


Wow the man’s work ethic is absolutely unmatched. And quality releases each time.


Back on Polydor, I see…


Interesting, he’s gone back to his old label, Polydor

Alan B

Got the email from the Paul Weller mailing list a couple of days ago. Official store wants £30 for a single black vinyl LP and £32 for the store exclusive peach vinyl. Is this one of the first releases to have retail price of £30 plus for a bog standard black vinyl edition? HMV pre order price is also £30, although to be fair HMV usually set their price at whatever independent store set their price at and then add £5.
He also released an experimental 7 inch single on Ghost Box last month. Never knew anything about it until yesterday when I came across it by chance. Long since sold out and going for silly money on Ebay. Really annoyed that as someone signed up to the Weller website there was no mention of this from them. I have bought every Weller release since the 70’s.

Boy About Town

Consider yourself lucky that you got the e-mail from the Weller mailing list. I didn’t for some reason…last one I got from the Weller mailing list was back in October 2019 for forthcoming live dates.

Re the “In Another Room” EP on Ghostbox… like you I am majorly p*ssed off that I didn’t receive notification about this so didn’t get at least a( n unlikely) chance to buy one before they sold out.

I note from the “flippers” on eBay that there were 440 copies.

If Weller has endorsed this release I personally find this a bit hypocritical on his part as he made a big point of saying a couple of years ago that he wasn’t going to do any more RSD releases as he didn’t like fans who couldn’t purchase a his RSD releases in independent record shops on RSD being exploited by the “flippers” on eBay.

Which is exactly what is happening with the “In Another Room” EP released on Ghostbox…


There’s a coloured vinyl edition on his website.
Nothing signed though.

Iain Mac

The cover has a look that suggests a continuation of musical style from his recent limited edition EP (blurb from the record co site) –

“In Another Room is a four track 7″ EP by very special guest, Paul Weller. On Ghost Box, he finds the perfect home to explore his interest in experimental tape music and early electronics. The four tracks here though are more than just experiments; tape manipulation, field recordings and instrumental passages are artfully arranged to create a gently uncanny & psychedelic atmosphere.”