Paul Weller reissues cancelled

Paul Weller debut album reissued on vinyl LP

The vinyl reissues of Paul Weller‘s first two solo albums, which SDE told you about back in August and were due to be released this Friday, are no longer happening…

In an email to fans who had pre-ordered the Paul Weller and Wild Wood vinyl reissues via their website, PledgeMusic said that “the label have put back the release of these titles indefinitely, so we are reluctantly forced to cancel the per-order”.

No reason was given for this situation. SDE has contacted Universal in the hope of some kind of explanation and will update if/when we hear something.

These have now disappeared from Amazon UK and other sites too.



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[…] released at the end of this week. Both of these vinyl reissues were due out in November and were pulled, only to reappear at a much higher price (around £30). However here’s an opportunity to grab […]


I pre-ordered these first two Paul Weller titles from Amazon.ca last week as the listing is still active, i figured why not, Amazon was still showing the december 2nd ship date. While i’m not optimistic, I was wondering if any more info will be forthcoming, but so far nothing but the standard “we need more time to provide a you with a good estimate” order status.


Amazon US has got Stanley Road Vinyl with a release date of Jan 20th?!?!
Lets hope there is a big release coming!!!

Jonathan Christensen

Amazon US also has Heavy Soul available for pre-order…release date January 20th 2017

Denis Woods

It’s funny it was the only one not sold seperately.

Denis Woods

Hi Paul
Speaking of disappearing vinyl reissues. Where did the Dream of the blue turtles by Sting on vinyl go?. Nowhere to be found. The rest were reissued but that never appeared. Thanks.

Alan Jones

Hi Andy V,

Pleased my post was useful – enjoy.


Andy Vizor

Hi Paul

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Alan Jones, a previous poster, re the Red White & Blue vinyl version. It had passed me by too, so I’m delighted to know about this & have ordered it.

This is exactly what this site is perfect for. Collectors & fans tellling each other what’s about, if a product is good (or not…)

I see the Amazon listing for “About the Young Idea” shows it is the red white & blue vinyl – but it is not, according to the reviews posted by buyers. So this is an exclusive pressing :-)

So thanks again Alan. Thank you to you Paul for all the hard work




Gutted. Was really looking forward to these!
My (conspiracy) theory would be that they got cancelled because there the pre-orders were not large enough and therefore the label decided not to bother.

elliott buckingham

if universal were pressing these at gzvinyl they wouldn’t have been overly great to listen to

Ben Bradley

Hi Paul,
That would be great, to get an up-date on what is happening. Lots of varying release dates across multiple sites. Even saw Heavy Soul & Stanley Road being touted on the Townsend Records site, along with The Jam – Live at Wembley LP. Be good to know just what is going on. Cheers


Any confirmation on cancelled of rescheduled?
I notice Amazon are not in a rush to hand me my money back!!

Andrew Mogford

Amazon don’t charge until dispatch!

Luc Swaenen

I have a new date (Jan 13 2017) for ‘Wild Wood’ & ‘Paul Weller’ from my distributor….

Alan Jones

Every cloud has a silver lining as they say…..I made a point of checking the Amazon site on Friday morning to check the other sellers prices for both releases and was bemused to find the titles had disappeared. I then went to ebay to see if any were listed and accidentally stumbled upon a copy of the limited edition triple colour vinyl of The Jam About The Young Idea (red, white & blue) which had some how passed me by. After a couple of mins research I was happily parting with my £40 via the official exhibition website in the Cunard Building Liverpool. The exhibition is now finished and I’m gutted I never went when it was in London but my wife and daughter enjoyed it and there are a couple of good lengthy posts on YouTube.

Denis Woods

Very disappointing. What Records have a release date of 27 January 2017. So hopefully.


The same thing happened with Culture Club’s Tribes album on PledgeMusic. Delay after delay, then canceled.

Paul Nolan

Surely they would have had to have the vinyl pressed at this stage… looks like this was not gonna happen and they’re only telling us a week before release



Kevin Aston

not happy, i rang hmv merry hill last week and they said they were expecting 1 of each but didn’t know whether they would get them for Friday so i took a chance on Saturday, special journey, no stock and now this. Don’t Universal appreciate how collectible Weller is!. Par for the course i have bought quite a few of the Weller/Jam super deluxe items and got stung when they were half price not too long after so DIDN’T buy Fire and Skill Box Set £60 about 12 months ago. Sods law unable to get and currently nearly £200 on Ebay!


Figures.Vinyl titles fans actually want to buy.Just look at the crap being released for Black Friday RSD.The majors are struggling so bad right now cause they can’t reissue the titles fans REALLY want be -it on Vinyl and or Hirez download.Doesn’t give much hope for MQA happening for Rock/Pop either..

Robert Morgenstern

Aah it is the release date for wild wood. The Paul Weller states for 25. November 2016. Cheers

Robert Morgenstern

Amazon Germany has a new release date announced for 20 January 2017

darren briscoe

i was actually looking forward to these despite my dislike of constant weller compilations, oh well….er!

Jonathan Christensen

This is the absolute worst frickn’ possible news. I am SO pissed!!! I’ve had these on pre-order for months. I we had an email address we could write and complain to. Universal Music SUCKS!

O(+> Peter B

I don’t know, I personally thought the death of Sharon Jones was worse news than this.