Paul Weller / Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix

Mercury nominated album remixed • Plus ‘On Sunset’ remix EP

Paul Weller / Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix

Paul Weller‘s 2010 album Wake Up The Nation has been remixed for its 10th anniversary and will be issued on CD later this month.

Weller explains why this edition is coming out: “I was never happy with the mix on Wake Up The Nation, so when someone pointed out that it had been 10 years since it’s been out I thought it was a good opportunity to try a re-mix on it. I liked the chaos and intensity of the original but I could hear how much you couldn’t hear in it. I think the new mix reveals lots more parts that you didn’t hear in the original while still keeping the energy.”

The album features guest appearances from from My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields and Paul’s former Jam bandmate Bruce Foxton and largely features short songs with creative and experimental arrangements.

A CD of this new remix (created by Weller and Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert) is released on 27 November and a vinyl LP will follow in 2021.

In more Weller remix news, a vinyl-only remix edition of Paul’s most recent album On Sunset is due on the same date. This five-track EP features radical reinterpretations by Skeleton Key (James Skelly of Liverpool band The Coral, Jane Weaver and others).

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Paul Weller / Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix

Wake Up The Nation 10th anniversary remix – CD

Wake Up The Nation
No Tears To Cry
Fast Car / Slow Traffic
In Amsterdam
She Speaks
Find The Torch, Burn The Plans
Aim High
Grasp & Still Connect
Whatever Next
7 & 3 Is The Strikers Name
Up The Dosage
Pieces Of A Dream
Two Fat Ladies

On Sunset Remixes vinyl LP

1. More – Skeleton Key Remix
2. Old Father Tyme  – Gwenno Remix
3. Rockets – Seckou Keita Remix
4. On Sunset – Le SuperHomard Mix
5. Rockets – Jane Weaver / Mind Control Mix

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Tim Barton

My only beef, which I failed to mention in my original post, is the packaging. Old-school black tray in a jewel case. It would have been nice in a cardboard sleeve instead, but for the price I won’t complain. It is reasonable and worth it to compare it to the original mix.

Tim Barton

It’s a pleasure to revisit this album. The new mix seems to go a bit deeper than the original, and I say that as a fan of the initial 2010 album. I think you can hear hints of where he would go over the course of his later albums.

I also bought the On Sunset Remix 12″. Haven’t had a spin yet-I am waiting for the correct download to show up (it’s just the On Sunset album, rather than the remixes).


I love this album (then I would say that as a PW fan) but felt that some songs should have been more developed and lengthened. I bought the deluxe version and the remixes really showed this up. I’ll get this like I did with REM’s Monster (which was brilliantly done).

The album I’d like to see re recorded rather than remixed is Movement by New Order. No matter how much remastering has been done, the vocals are so hidden away, a new version would have been great. But alas this can now never happen as Hooky and Bernard will never make up their differences…

Jason Brown

My fovourite Weller album, which I’m intrigued to hear what’s done with. At the time (according to an Uncut special), Simon Dine had as much credit for pulling this one together as Weller at the time, possibly more so. And it was critically beloved then. So, for a tenner, absolutely worth a punt.

Be interesting to compare it to, say, REM’s Monster remix. Was that needed? Down to the individual, I guess.

Paul Taylor

Erasure should do the same with Neon. It’s so muddy I thought there was an issue with my system.
A quick burst of Talk Talk’s It’s My Life album eliminated that possibility.

Tom Walsh

I can’t see what the problem is. Its a tenner for a CD. Pretty cheap compared to a vinyl single nowadays and a fair bit of work must have gone into the remix rather than just a straight reissue.

Denis Woods

RUSH did the same with the album “Vapor Trails”. Original released in 2002 and then in 2013 released a remixed version. I must admit the remixed version was way better sounding than the original. Although I thought the RUSH album needed it, I think the Weller is fine. We’ll see.

Mark stuart

Have to disagree about vapour trails. I could never understand what the complaints were about,and having heard the remix,still think the original is better.

Michael H. Hughes

I agree. I never bought the second Vapor Trails because I really liked the first one.

shane madgett

Well, the RUSH LP was brick-walled. It was truly tiring on the ears.

According to Weller, there are things buried in the mix, it’s sounds like it’ll be a little more tweaking than anything.

Todd G

I always thought that the mix of Wake Up Nation was muddy and dark making the album very difficult to listen to. Hopefully Paul has brightened the mix to give it some bounce. Wake Up Nation has always been my least favorite Weller album because of the sound.



For me, this album sits rather uncomfortably between 22 Dreams and Sonik Kicks, largely because of the oddly muddy sound. There are some good, even great songs here, but it is easily my least played album from Weller’s solo career.

And let’s face it, if he was just doing this for the money, he would have chosen almost any other album to attract mainstream interest.

Scott Bates

It’s very harsh sounding. It was a left down for me after the triumphant 22 Dreams, and at the time, I thought many of the songs were undeveloped and not very melodic. Many years later, I listened to it again and quite liked it. I hope the new version sounds warmer and more dynamic. I would love to get it on vinyl.


Yeah, cue lots of artists with reduced income claiming the same shiz. I phoned-in this mix with an engineer but over the years its clear we shudda done better. Now go buy it again !


Well don’t buy it then.

Ian S

Here’s an idea. Every time an artist decides that the orginal mix wasn’t that good and a work needs to be remixed, you send them your old mix and get the new one for free, along with an apology. What do we reckon? I mean it’s not like he’s done this for money, to make a few quid because the touring income stream has dried up is it?

Paul Murphy

Chuckle. Although I wish such a good comment hadn’t been on a PW item because I adore his work. By the way, as I am here – happy birthday for this time next month, Mr Sinclair [determined to be first this year].

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

What is it with those who persistently moan about releases of this kinmd?

You don`t have to buy the bloody things.

Ian S

I’m not moaning. Honestly. I was teasing… a bit. Buy it, don’t buy it; but it does seem that remixing is the new ‘24 bit digital remaster’ (remember how that got us going??) and then the ‘32 bit digital remaster’ then the ‘all analogue mastering’; and, let’s not forget the ‘bonus track’, ie the stuff not good enough for the original releases but now is a ‘bonus’ for buying what you already have.

Look: if you saw my collection you’d see I’m as a big a mug for this as the next Toby jug, but I’m tiring of the constant recycling.

One last thing, if you don’t think there is a commercial aspect to it, you might want to remember that these artists maybe personally well off, but they are essentially businesses with many people on the payroll who have been hit hard by the pandemic. The income matters.


But you know what? Just because he releases it doesn’t mean you have to buy it ;-)

If you like the original then you possibly have no interest in hearing a new version.
Personally I’m interested to hear what the remix sounds like and hopefully it will make a nice companion to the original. I’m especially looking forward the vinyl version.


Wouldn’t think Weller has done it purely for the money, he is more than well off. He is however a perfectionist, and if he wasn’t happy with it, it makes sense. I thought the original was good so lm looking forward to the remix to hear the difference. One gripe, l wish the Sunset EP was also available on CD. I don’t do vinyl these days.