Paul Weller / Woo Sé Mama 7″ single

Paul Weller will issue a physical single from his A Kind Revolution album next week…

Woo Sé Mama (which features PP Arnold and Madeline Bell) will be released as a limited edition seven-inch single and boasts a non-album B-side, a cover of Eddie Floyd’s I’ve Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do).

Woo Sé Mama will be released on 25 August 2017.

Side 1
Woo Se Mama

Side 2
I’ve Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)

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Nope, no CD single. Hasn’t been one since That Dangerous Age in 2012. The B-side isn’t on the album, so the only way to have this on CD is probably a promo..

[…] Paul Weller / Woo Sé Mama 7″ single […]


No cd single??
Theres nothing on the single release that isn’t on the album anyway, so one for the “stamp collectors” i think…


Paul, I hope the irony of all the tight wads on here not buying a single so they can save 5.00 is not lost on you…..

Keep up the good work.


Weren’t they called Maxi-singles?


£8.99 at Banquet records and £7.99 What records. Plus postage in both cases. Not game changers but may save you a couple of £’s.


He could have issued it as an EP with three non album tracks. There are many examples of those types of releases from days of yore. Then the price would have been more palatable.

Dr Avalanche

Mick Jagger’s new 12-inch is sold in The Netherlands for just €9,99. So, they don’t make a profit on that? I don’t think so. And 12-inches are not as ‘hot’ as they used to be, so I think its safe to say you can compare them to the 7-inches in terms of selling.
In my opinion 7-inch prices are kept deliberately high: fan based cash cows (…) for the big record companies.
And indeed most indie 7-inches are much cheaper, so it can be done.
RSD prices are sometimes even higher: from €14,99 to €19,99: just absurd.
Big labels are getting greedy again (as ever).

Alan B

All this nonsense started with RSD. Prior to that 7 inch singles sold for between £2 to £3. With RSD they pitched them at £5 plus and have been going up in price each year and the Record Companies have cottoned on to the fact record buyers will pay those prices for RSD releases so why not charge those prices for “regular” releases. The real cost of CD albums has been declining steadily for years whilst vinyl singles it has gone the other way.


Except that he didn’t sanction 500 copies of that RSD release. The quantity was down to the label. Prior to that fiasco, he was supportive of RSD. For the 2013 release “Flame Out!”, he stated he liked the idea of having a couple of new songs to release as a single. The numbers were down to Virgin. £9.99 is a bit pricey compared to the cost of some new releases, but it’s the minimum price of RSD singles these days whether they be released by majors or indies.

Tony Orwell

this is the guy who said he would never be involved in the record store day again because of dealers making money on his release even though he only sanctioned 500 copies, this again will be limited and no doubt dealers will stock pile to make money, if these prima donnas dont want people to make money out of their releases press a decent amount and take the rarity value out of it.


Chris Squires is correct, singles and lPs are pieces of art. Not just the music but everything about the cover, messages etched into the vinyl etc…that is why I despair when I see poor art work which is given little thought or effort on many new releases from established artists.


It brings back memories when I was a teenager, when an artist releases a single to promote his album. I have spend a lot of time in record stores in these days. So I would love to see the 7″ Single and the CD single back. But I am afraid that this is not going to happen …

And if artists and record companies are thinking about releasing singles again, then they should sell these singles for a lower price. The price for this Single from Paul Weller is much to high !


No wonder no body buys singles any more!!


£10 is standard for a 7 inch record these days. David bowie ones are even more.


Nope, it’s the standard price for major label 7″s. Ghost Box 7″s cost a smidge under 6 quid. And they are heavy vinyl and beautifully packaged.


£9.99? It must be limited to 50 or less at that price.

Ben Williams

Shame it’s a tenner – would love to collect brand new 7″ singles but I find them prohibitively expensive nowadays. A fiver is ok, I understand that these aren’t going to sell 500,000 copies like yester-year but you can still make a single and charge a decent price for it and more people will buy them. I reckon there are are several thousand Weller fans out there that would spend a fiver on a single if he released one but a tenner seems too high.
Just my opinion but I think price does mean something, especially when you have the track on the A side that all Weller die-hands went out and bought on day one (myself included).

Talking of expensive – those Style Council reissues were very pricey! I would love a copy of Modernism but it’s not just coloured vinyl but £28.99 or something! I just wanted the album on a regular vinyl.. and there is no Cd either. Very strange vinyl output on the Weller front this side of the year!

Geoff D

At least the overpricing of the Weller catalogue on vinyl is consistent.

Auntie Sabrina

Nice to hear PP and Madeline too. The price isn’t right – HMV have the album for £9.99 or 2 for £15 (London Grammer would be my second choice).


£10 for a single? No!


£9.99 for a 7″ vinyl single… world gone crazy !!

Chris Squires

Yes, but only if your reference point is somewhere around 1984 and before. The 7″ single was a different beast back then, It had a different purpose and was mass produced to a mass market.

If I look at some of the price stickers on my 7″,12″ and LPs from the 1970s and 1980s they were extortionate for the day.
So £10 for a 7″ single with a market of a couple of thousand (instead of hundreds of thousands) with no incentive to discount – The 7″ isn’t a loss-leader towards LP sales like it was, it also has little or nothing to do with radio play any more. It’s more of a statement, a piece of art even. When you think about what Athena and the like used to charge for their bloomin’ Orca posters and what you would pay for a half decent image now it isn’t that bad. It’s art you can listen to and if you are a fan of Paul Weller it’s quite a nice thing to have. Of course if you don’t like Vinyl and listen to spotify for your music it is over-priced but it only takes a small shift of the prism to see it for something else.

Put that into a world of Spotify and Pirate Bay and it can *seem* over-priced, which it may well be to a lesser extent than you would think given inflation etc.


Just thought around the £5 mark would have been more enticing really – well to me it would have!

Chris Squires

Yes, absolutely I agree it would to me too. But I guess if we want these companies to still be here and still making beautiful stuff for years to come they have to make a decent profit or else why bother. Not just a small profit, not just getting by but enough to fund projects that might – or might not – make more profit to do more projects.

All we have to do is buy or not buy…. it is entirely in our hands. Like buying or not buying that beautiful Jaguar. I wish they were £15k instead of £40k. Surely they would sell more… but I am no marketeer but sadly it doesn’t work like that apparently.

If they think they can sell 2000 (or whatever) at £10 would they really sell 4000 at £5? They would make less profit with the increased costs of the extra pressings / distribution. They would be making less and running the risk of massive overstocking / returns if they get it wrong.

So to mirror the Donald Fagen Nightfly thing ONLY make as many as you KNOW you can shift and sell them for a much as you KNOW (or hope) you can sell them for, particularly if you can bring something unique / beautiful / a real pinnacle to the table. Anything else is commercial suicide in a digital (pirate bay / spotify) world.

Flowers in the Dirt is still taking the piss though……. :-)

Robert Wilson

Although another comparator might well be the imminent 4 track 12 inch, which suddenly looks like fantastic value!


…and he will release a new 12-inch vinyl in September 29, called ‘Mother Etiophia’

Alan Wilson


He will indeed, a bit more info on that 12″:


Mother Ethiopia Part 1 (Paul Weller Vs. Stone Foundation)
Mother Ethiopia Part 2 (feat. Bongo Bob)
Mother Ethiopia Part 3 (No Tribe No Colour) [feat. Krar Collective]

That one is £10.99 plus p+p on the Weller Store

gary oliver

albm’s first single – fifteen weeks after the album was released !

The Old Git Of The Mountains

!5 weeks! I`ve not played the feckin` thing yet. Is it any good?