Paul Young / The CBS Singles Collection / 20-disc CD singles box set

19CD+DVD box • Compiled by SDE’s Paul Sinclair • 1500 SIGNED sets

Early next year Edsel will issue The CBS Singles Collection, a new Paul Young box set which includes every UK single issued on the CBS label as a CD single, packed with mixes, B-sides, instrumentals and even the odd unreleased demo. The box set also includes a DVD with all the videos which (issued on the format for the first time), and the first 1500 boxes come with a print SIGNED by Paul Young.

After working with Cherry Red in 2013 on the Remixes and Rarities compilation, and then two years later with Sony on the Tomb of Memories anthology, in the last year or so I have been collaborating with Edsel and Paul Young himself on this very box set. All 19 of Young’s UK CBS singles (originally issued between 1982-1994) are featured on individual CDs that replicate original artwork and include almost every variant available from the archive, including original seven-inch mixes, 12-inch mixes, alternate mixes, rare instrumentals, B-sides, extra tracks on so on.

CD 2 alone – which is  ‘Love of the Common People’ – provides almost an hour of music, including as it does the original version of the song from 1982, the 1983 re-release, the 12-inch version, various live tracks, the instrumental (unreleased outside of Japan) and the demo of B-side ‘Tender Trap’ (first discovered in the archives when I was researching the Tomb of Memories anthology).

The box journeys through the singles from five albums No Parlez (1983), The Secret Of Association (1985), Between Two Fires (1986), Other Voices (1990) and the last long-player issued on CBS, 1993’s The Crossing. While the early period can broadly be defined at the ‘hit years’ there’s some fine treasures in the later era, including the brilliant lead single from The Crossing ‘Now I Know What Made Otis Blue’ (with two high quality non-album tracks on the CD single), Paul’s cover of Crowded House‘s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ (which in this set includes Dutch single ‘I’m Only Foolin’ Myself’, and Japanese duet ‘Come On In’) and ‘Heaven Can Wait’ a 45 from Other Voices, a song which features a fine vocal contribution from Chaka Khan and David Gilmour on guitar!

The physical box set has an inner ‘drawer’ (not shown on the visual above) which contains the 20 discs and a 36-page booklet with notes from yours truly and single cover art from across this era. That drawer then slides into the outer box which features a young Paul (see what I did there?) from the No Parlez era and the all important Paul Young ‘crest’ which I dusted down and revived for the Tomb of Memories set and is your badge of quality for this new CBS Singles Collection.

Some of Paul Young’s videos turned up on a companion VHS when the From Time to Time compilation was issued in 1991, but they have never been issued on DVD and certainly promos for all the UK CBS singles have never been compiled together. That finally changes with the inclusion in this box set of the final DVD, which collects 18 videos (the reason it isn’t 19 is because there wasn’t a video for ‘Iron Out The Rough Spots’!).

The icing on the cake with this new set is that it comes with an A4 print of Paul Young SIGNED by the man himself. It’s also excellent value at £55, which is less than £3 per disc.

The CBS Singles Collection box set will be released on 25 January 2019. Use the pre-order button below (or this link) to secure this signed and SDE-curated item direct from the SDE shop or you can order via Amazon.


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Young, Paul

The CBS Singles Collection 1982-1984

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   99.99
Amazon de   147
JPC de   67.99
FNAC fr   86.97

CD 1 – Iron Out The Rough Spots

1. Iron Out The Rough Spots (7” Mix)
2. Behind Your Smile
3. Iron Out The Rough Spots (12″ Mix)
4. Behind Your Smile (1982 Demo)

CD 2 – Love of the Common People

1. Love Of The Common People (1982 7” Mix)
2. Tender Trap
3. Love Of The Common People (1983 7″ Mix)
4. Behind Your Smile (Live at the Royal Court, Liverpool)
5. Love Of The Common People (Extended Club Mix)
6. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Live)
7. It’s Better To Have (And Don’t Need) (Live)
8. Oh Women (Live at the Royal Court Theatre, 1983)
9. Tender Trap (Demo)
10. Love Of The Common People (Instrumental)

CD 3 – Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)

1. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (7″ Version)
2. Broken Man
3. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Extended Club Mix Version)
4. Sex (Extended Club Mix Version)
5. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Edit)
6. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Instrumental)

CD 4 – Come Back and Stay

1. Come Back And Stay (Single Remix Version)
2. Yours (7″ Version)
3. Come Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix)
4. Yours (Extended Club Mix Version)
5. Come Back And Stay (Scratch Mix)
6. Come Back And Stay (Original LP Mix)
7. Come Back And Stay (US Single Version)
8. Come Back And Stay (Instrumental)

CD 5 – I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

1. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (7″ Mix)
2. One Step Forward (B-side Mix)
3. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Special Extended Mix)
4. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Remixed U.S. Dance Floor Smash)
5. Hot Fun (Extended Mix)
6. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Alternate Mix)
7. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Instrumental)

CD 6 – Everything Must Change

1. Everything Must Change
2. Give Me My Freedom
3. Everything Must Change (Extended Mix)
4. Everything Must Change (US Single Version)
5. Soldier’s Things
6. Everything Must Change (Alternate Mix)
7. Everything Must Change (Instrumental)

CD 7 – Every Time You Go Away

1. Every Time You Go Away (Single Version)
2. This Means Anything (B-Side Mix)
3. Every Time You Go Away (Extended Version)
4. Every Time You Go Away (US Single Version)
4. Every Time You Go Away (Instrumental)

CD 8 – Tomb Of Memories

1. Tomb Of Memories
2. Man In The Iron Mask
3. Bite The Hand That Feeds (Live)
4. No Parlez (Live)
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
6. Tomb Of Memories (12″ Mix)
7. Tomb Of Memories (Alternate Mix)

CD 9 –Wonderland

1. Wonderland (Single Mix)
2. Between Two Fires (B-side Mix)
3. Wonderland (12″ “Milan” Mix)
4. Wonderland (Instrumental)

CD 10 – Some People

1. Some People (Single Version)
2. A Matter Of Fact
3. Some People (New York Mix)
4. Some People (Dub)

CD 11 – Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong

1 Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong (Single Version)
2. Trying to Guess the Rest
3. Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong (Extended Remix)

CD 12 – Softly Whispering I Love You

1. Softly Whispering I Love You (Single Version)
2. Leaving Home
3. Softly Whispering I Love You (Extended Version)
4. Dolcemente Mormoro Ti Amo
5. Lovers Cross
6. Softly Whispering I Love You (Alternate Mix)
7. Softly Whispering I Love You (Instrumental)

CD 13 – Oh Girl

1. Oh Girl (7″ Mix)
2. You’re The One
3. ‘Till I Gain Control Again
4. Oh Girl (alternate mix)
5. Oh Girl (Instrumental)

CD 14 – Heaven Can Wait

1. Heaven Can Wait (7″ Remix)
2. Back Where I Started
3. Heaven Can Wait (12″ Remix)
4. Heaven Can Wait (Instrumental)

CD 15 – Calling You

1. Calling You
2. That’s How It Is
3. Everything Must Change (Live)
4. Calling You (Long Version)

CD 16 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

1. Don’t Dream It’s Over (7″ Version)
2. I Need Somebody
3. A Little Bit Of Love (Part II)
4. Don’t Dream It’s Over (Solo Version)
5. I’m Only Foolin’ Myself
6. Thinking About You
7. Come On In
8. Come On In (Instrumental)

CD 17 – Now I Know What Made Otis Blue

1. Now I Know What Made Otis Blue
2. Only Game In Town
3. Man Of Steel
4. Cold Sweat

CD 18 – Hope In A Hopeless World

1. Hope In A Hopeless World
2. Half A Step Away
3. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
4. Right About Now

CD 19 – It Will Be You

1. It Will Be You
2. Long Distance Love (Acoustic)
3. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Acoustic)
4. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Acoustic)
5. Everything Must Change (Acoustic)
6. Follow On (Acoustic)
7. Love Has No Pride (Acoustic)

DVD – The Videos

1. Love Of The Common People
2. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)
3. Come Back And Stay
4. I’m GonnaTear Your Playhouse Down
5. Everything Must Change
6. Every Time You Go Away
7. Tomb Of Memories
8. Wonderland
9. Some People
10. Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong
11. Softly Whispering I Love You
12. Oh Girl
13. Heaven Can Wait
14. Calling You
15. Don’t Dream It’s Over
16. Now I Know What Made Otis Blue
17. Hope In A Hopeless World
18. It Will Be You

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[…] Read more about this release. […]

[…] sees Paul’s videos issued on DVD for the first time outside Edsel’s SDE-curated CBS Singles box set of January this year. This is great news for anyone who missed out on the box, which […]

Kevin W

Any idea why the live versions of “Broken Man” & ” I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten” from the Hammersmith Odeon weren’t included? They were on the _Tomb Of Memories_ box, and both were UK single b-sides, so why not include them?

Kevin W

Thank you for explaining.


Great set for even a casual fan! I liked the DVD the most. Wish that alternate videos for the US market could have also been included for the couple of songs that had those and can be seen on his VEVO channel. Come Back and Stay has a couple of VHS tracking lines for a millisecond or two but I like the tape intros that have been preserved with release date, director, etc. Many of the videos must have come from in house VHS tapes.


I got the box set two weeks ago from Amazon.co.uk (sent to Germany). Really great item and music, but of course the signed print was missing. I already sent three mail messages to Demon about this, but no reply whatsoever. What can I do?


Question answered, they got in touch. All fine.

Rach B

Hi Paul, after the initial mess up from Amazon with not including the signed photo in the Paul Young box set and having trouble talking to Amazon about it because my Mom bought it for me on her account, a fan on the Paul Young fb page gave me the email address to Demon Music and within a week of me emailing them I got my long awaited signed photo . The box set is amazing, the DVD one is AMAZING!!! . Really hoping to go and see Paul Young in Shrewsbury but it all depends on getting someone to go with me as I’m a wheelchair user and never been to a big concert alone before . Thanks again Paul Young and Sinclair for compiling this beautiful box set. X

Steve Woodward

In all the furore about the signed print (or lack of it), it has apparently gone unnoticed that Tomb Memories is NOT (as stated on the cardboard sleeve) the single mix, it’s the same old LP version which appears on every other Paul Young CD.

Given the amount of research which went into this project, it’s disappointing this elusive 45 remix remains elusive on CD.


The second of the 2 signed box sets ordered (last November) arrived today. The first one arrived yesterday in oversized packaging and included the signed A4 photo card. However, it was evident before opening the shipping packaging on today’s set that it was missing the signed photo card (as it was placed in shipping packaging barely larger than the actual box set). Explained all this to them on and the hype sticker on the box set clearly stating the inclusion of the signed photo. In spite of this, they were unable to offer any explanation as to why it was missing and the only option was to return for a refund.

Philip G

Hats off to Demon! A replacement signed print was received in a couple of days, so now a happy boy with this great set! (Amazon also refunded 30%, so good result in the end).


Paul, I was not aware you were also selling this box at 55 GBP in your store but apparently, you do not have anymore boxes to sell since it is written “sold out”.
I learnt this by reading another comment from a memeber of the forum.
Will you sell some other boxes in the future or not ?

Daniel Parkinson

Hey Paul, I’m gutted and mightily disappointed that my 2 copies of the Paul Young boxset arrived with NO signed print! I ordered through amazon last year! Can you ask Paul Young on my behalf to make me happy man and send me a couple of prints please?

Daniel Parkinson

I have made a complaint to amazon.co.uk but could not resolve the missing signed prints. Not happy!

Silvia Moratinos

No signed photo print included in my package :(

Marcus Walters

Brilliant and well thought out set Paul, just one little niggle (apart from not getting the signed print from Amazon) why no Original B-Side mix of ‘Tender Trap’ on ‘Love Of The Common People’? As far as I’m aware the album version was not used on any of the single releases so technically should not be on this release. It would have been a nice inclusion as I believe it’s the only song version not released on CD yet.

graham hill

ref the signed print, like paul says it’s in a separate large card envelope tucked inside the package. i nearly threw mine away without noticing after i read the sticker on the box set stating includes signed print.[very confusing as it is obviously not inside] i bet a few have gone in the recycling!

Ian Dransfield

Yes, my packaging all went i to the recycle bin… then i thought about it and fished it out… large cardboard envelope housing the signed print… bless

Nigel Rowe

My wifes’ copy arrived from Amazon today… labelled to include Signed Photo Print.
No signed photo print included :(

Is it possible to have this send out to her?

We can provide proof of purchase etc.

Philip G

Mine arrived from Amazon today just in shrinkwrap and definitely no signed print. Could Amazon have been discarding the separate card envelope before dispatching?

Nick Hawkins

Definitely no signed print in mine despite the sticker. Nowhere amongst any of the packaging, That’s the only disappointing thing about the box set but something you’d expect Paul Young to rectify.


I see this seems to be sold out now, both at the website’s own shop and Amazon UK.

Is this really sold out on preorder, or that means it’s been delayed?

And if it’s the former, will there be an unsigned edition available?


available on zoom.co.uk unsigned.


I really want this, but, living in the US, I am frustratingly tired of receiving damaged items from Amazon thanks to their unprofessional and careless packing.
How good is Super Deluxe’s Shop service in that regard? Can I trust my boxset will be delivered in good condition?


Yes you can trust Paul packaging it a lot better than Amazon.co.uk.
Unfortunately you can’t order it any more from the SDE-shop.
It’s still available for pre-order on jpc.de, who are also known for well-thought packaging.
They deliver to the U.S. though i can’t say how much they charge for p&p.
Good luck.


Hi Paul, Can join the Taiwan option, here is your most loyal fan, this website is good news, he can’t buy online. Need help to increase Taiwan option Thank you


Thanks for this Paul. I have been waiting for a Paul Young CD+DVD set for a while. I have this on pre-order and am mostly interested in the DVD with all the promo videos. I found it strange for the longest time that Paul Young’s music videos have never been commercially available on DVD format.

Also, here’s hoping for any future re-issues of a CD+DVD set of promo videos for the following artists:

Kate Bush
The Thompson Twins
Kim Wilde
Eighth Wonder (Sony)
Alphaville (would be nice, but Warners owned)

elliott buckingham

the 1st 7 discs are essential listening


Paul, you weren’t able to locate the Laurie Latham remix of Hope in a Hopeless World? As we have talked about it before, it was labeled correctly but not added on either the 1st or 2nd Hope cd single set releasesd at the time…The only place I had part of it was on the Q&A CD that came with the press kit fold out version of the CD…Would have LOVED to have that included…! :-(


I’d have a stab that new to digital are;

Behind Your Smile (demo)
Love of the Common People (inst)
Wherever I Lay My Hat (edit) + (inst)
Come Back and Stay (US Single) + (inst)
I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (alternate) + (inst)
Everything Much Change (US single)
Everytime You Go Away (US single) + (inst)
Love WIll Tear Us Apart (live)
Wonderland (inst)
Softly Whispering I Love You (inst)
Oh Girl (alternate)
Heaven Can Wait (inst)
Come On In (inst)

17? No idea about Tomb of Memories, would love the Difford & Tilbrook acappella though!


Many thanks Paul S for another great project. Although I think I have everything already including all your Paul Young projects and From Time To Time Instrumental CD. I think it’s good to have the “vinyl” singles replica in CD format. Duran Duran Singles Box(es) was/were one of the very first I bought. About this PY boxset I would love to have all other versions of songs from the EU/UK/US vinyl/CD/cassette albums. But I can still do that myself once I’ve collected all the tracks ;)

What the story on the following?

“Some People”, there was a very slight imperfection with the Dub mix on Remixes and Rarities. That’s been fixed for its inclusion in this set.

And great to have his videos on a DVD. I believe I bought his Japanese LaserDisc somewhere.


Hey Paul – I’ve loved this site for years. Though from a storage/expense perspective, I try to shy away from huge box sets, despite wanting almost all of them. Especially now – my fiancee eyes me funny every time she sees my slowly-expanding Japanese mini-LP collection…

So this is the first time I thought – better pre-order this release to be sure I get it. So…ordered!
Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen.

Tony O

I once had a sleeping pet that I mistook for a garden ornament….wherever I lay my cat, that’s my Gnome…..I’ll get my coat

Chris Squires

“Every Time you go away, you take a pizza free with you”
This was really one of the joke lines that Gary Davies used to do on the Radio 1. Rather like a little Ronnie Corbett joke Gary would spin out a story and the punchline was always a song title. Happy Days when Radio 1 and the chart countdown mattered.


Great piece of work Paul. Hopefully Sony will ask your assistance with developing a long overdue multipiece set on Sade (if the lady is finally willing).

One question about this terrific box set (which I pre-ordered today). The original vinyl LP mix of ‘Love Of The Common People’ isn’t added on Disc 2. What’s the real story about that one? We all know it’s on the US ‘No Parlez’ CD edition, but obviously there’s much need for a remaster.

John O'Neill

Hi Paul,

Why is postage so expensive to Australia :( ?.




Many thanks to you, Paul Young and Edsel for this fantastic set! Order placed, so now let’s wait. Paul Young has been one favorite artists of the 80s since this decade, so I can’t wait to listen to this fantastic collection.
Thanks for your great work on this website and your other works, Paul!

Rach Brown

Nathan Veenstra

Shut up and take my money already.

Damn this is sweet. And at a ridiculous price. As in ridiculously cheap for what you get.


Hi Paul, I don’t think I saw anything, in your feature, about the sources used for this set, while for the “Tomb of Memories” box the use of original sources was very much emphasized, and rightly so, with pictures of the actual tapes and so on.

I’m just curious because while I imagine it might be somewhat “easier” (even if I know these things are never really easy) to work with Sony for a boxset of Sony-owned material, I also imagine that licensing the actual tapes might not be so easy when working with a third party label (and these are often the limits within which a label such as Edsel has to work – The Pretenders come painfully to mind).
Thanks for any insight!


Let’s hope so. Tomb Of Memories was great, sound and everything – top notch.
With Edsel I’m crossing my fingers :)


Hi Paul,
Could you indicate on the track listing which are new to cd, which have never been released before etc?


I was going to ask the same

Wayne Olsen

What a beautiful package. Made with obvious love

tom m hans

Congratulations to this splendid box set. I am beyond thrilled. Very very well done and I am so looking forward to it. Merry Christmas!

Chris Squires

One final thought. It’s lovely that you used the original cover to Love of the Common People. The second and more common one is so similar to “Hat” with a red theme instead of blue but the original 1982 cover is terrific and so different. Good choice.


Paul, are the video’s on the dvd in stereo or 5.1? Sometimes when an artist doesn’t have any original albums on dvd or BR in 5.1, I buy their “best of videos” on dvd or BR as often times the videos are in 5.1. I bought the Queen and Peter Gabriel best of dvd’s for that purpose. Thanks!


I’ve just order my copy / what a great Christmas gift ! ! Probably the best ever box set / 19 CD with all versions ever of each single of Paul Young / can’t wait to receive it ! A french fan since “Wherever I lay my hat” / Philippe from PARIS

Steve Woodward

Hi Paul

Looks a brilliant box set, but would like confirmation that Tomb Of Memories is the correct remixed 45 version. Your detailed track listing doesn’t specify it’s the single version where other tracks do??

Both Amazon and Demon are listing it as the single version, but they might be wrong?
I’d appreciate clarification on Tomb Of Memories please.

Uwe Spiller


I just got my Tomb Of Memories box set a few weeks ago. Before I start the daunting task of comparing track listings, do you have a number at hand about the track overlap count of these two compilations?

Thanks, much appreciated!

El Nino

How odd – most of the time I read the comments about box sets all you dudes do is moan.
How can you like this set! No BluRay! No vinyl! No download code! No 5.1! No marbles!
Just kidding. This is a cool box set.
Far too expensive of course.

Chris Squires

Ha! Funnily enough I did write a short post about how I wish there was a 6LP 60 track crossover between this and Tomb of Memories. Kinda like the American Treasure / Joni Mitchell book style releases. Plenty of room for essays and explanations about versions and how things happened. £90 – £110. To have the full 8.55 version of “I was in chains” on vinyl finally….

But I ditched the post before sending as I didn’t want to sound ungrateful when we already have what many 80s acts could kill for. But now I guess I do sound ungrateful….
I am sure Sony would go for it (big smiley face and fingers crossed – I know they won’t)


Hi Paul, a great looking set.
Amazon UK lists 110 tracks for this – can I assume this is incorrect, as the sticker states 108.
Amazon lists one extra track on Disc 11 “Why Does a Man Have to Be Strong (Alternate Mix)” [which was on the Tomb 4CD set] and lists “Trying To Guess The Rest” on Disc 13 (as well as on Disc 11. The latter was a “b-side” to both but I guess a decision was made to avoid repetition as several early hits re-appeared as bonus tracks on later singles).

Shane Marais

Hi Paul – very excited about what I’m sure will be a glorious PY box. Was there any discussion at any point about including all the alternative (and US) versions of the videos as special features on the DVD? I’ve dreamed of having all the alternative video versions for years (3 video versions of Love of the Common People that I know of, including a Christmas version; the US and UK versions of Come Back & Stay; the US and UK versions of Everything Must Change; the Royal Albert Hall and live versions of I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down; and the US and UK versions of Every Time You Go Away).

Julie Pritchard

While I’m a huge Paul Young fan, I’ve never been this much of a ‘completist’. What interests me most is the DVD collection, Paul’s videos never having been released on DVD before, as far as I’m aware. Any chance of that being released separately? It looks like a fantastic box set, but not sure I can justify the whole caboodle.


I remember there was an Interview track on one of the ‘Otis Blue’ CD single.
Was is omitted from this box set because it had no musical interest?
Thanks !


Hi Paul, thanks for your amazing job for the site/FB page/everything and this very PY release. If you can kindly update the article marking wid an asterisk which of these have never been before on CD before that would be awesome (if some were, the hype sticker says so!). And/or which not already on those 2 mentioned compilations you worked on. I assume none is unreleased since they are all released singles…. or not? lol… cheers.

andy jones

No” you’ve lost that lovin feeling ” live B side off softly whispering I love you cd.Is this a copyright issue?

Disney Mike

I was going to comment on how much I hate these box sets in which every single is given its own CD — having to constantly change CDs in the player in order to listen to the music — but then I saw how much material is on each CD! No complaints here. If only all of these singles collections put together so much material on each single!


Belinda Carlisle did this too. I think all artists should too…but really fill them up though.

Larry Davis

The Girls Aloud CD singles flight case has all 23 discs filled up as they have all tracks from every version of each single together on each one…CD1/CD2/promo CD/12″/cassette with CD-ROM vidclips, karaoke videos, even games…nice thick booklet in a foam lined metal “flight case” with handle and actually lockable with 2 keys…that’s the standard for sets like these…for me at least…one that sucked was the Britney Spears one…yes it has a DVD with 30 videos, but each CD single only had 2 tracks…lame…

Daniel P

At long last. Paul, is the original single version of Wherever I Lay My Hat i.e. the 4.52 used? This has never been available on any CD compilation or CD reissues of No Parlez. I heard that he never liked that version and resung it as a much shorter version. This is the holy grail of getting every correct version of number ones in the 80s. Could we also get the UK version of Ferry Aid Let It Be instesd of the heavily edited US version as used in the SAW complilations?


Wasn’t the original 7-inch single mix of “Wherever I Lay My Hat” on one of the two UK CD singles of “Oh Girl” in 1990?

Justin Bryant

Ordered all the way from Australia. Now we just need that ‘Tears For Fears – Seeds Of Love’ Deluxe Box!!!!!

Kevin M


Kate Bush / Bauhaus / Siouxsie and the Banshees… could do with your golden touch like this… I wish, for starters :)

Tom Richardson

Great work Paul! Looks amazing! Any reason why a couple of singles were missed out (“Love Will Tear Us Apart” & “Bite the Hand That Feeds”) – and all the singles from “From Time to Time – The Singles Collection”?

Tom Richardson

Ah yeah having done a little research I see the singles I mentioned were very thin on the ground with regards to extra content – no matter as the box as it is is pretty damn great!