Pearl Jam / No Code vinyl reissue


To mark its 20th anniversary, Pearl Jam‘s fourth studio album, No Code, will be reissued on vinyl LP in August.

No Code was the follow up to ’94’s Vitalogy and was musically a more diverse album, with the band experimenting with different styles of music, notably garage rock (on Hail, Hail and Habit).

This record is very pricey on the used market thanks to the fact that it was issued in 1996 at a point in time when vinyl pressings were relatively small due to a lack of demand in a CD-dominated era.

Sony’s new 150g pressing has being mastered specifically for vinyl for the first time (by engineer Bob Ludwig). It will feature recreations of their original packaging, including the set of nine random replica Polaroids/lyric cards.

As well as the album reissue, the original singles from the album – Who Are You; Hail, Hail; Off He Goes – are being released as seven-vinyl singles.

No Code (and those singles) will be reissued on vinyl LP on 5 August 2016.


1. Sometimes 2:40
2. Hail, Hail  3:41
3. Who You Are  3:50
4. In My Tree  3:59
5. Smile  3:52
6. Off He Goes  6:02
7. Habit  3:35
8. Red Mosquito  4:03
9. Lukin  1:02
10. Present Tense  5:46
11. Mankind  3:28
12. I’m Open 2:57
13. Around the Bend 4:35

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Avoid these like the plague…warped and noisy to such an extent that I fear for the health of my turntable arm.Terrible,terrible pressings.

off i went

That sucks that yr copy is warped but the one I have is completely fine, sounds great and is in fine shape. It was probably either a bad batch or temperature/weather affecting it in transit…


The UK prices are a joke. Thirty six quid for a lump of crackly plastic?! I’m going the the States soon, so I’d buy it there if I were remotely interested in doing so. But I’m not.


HMV now £35.99

Mike Mazzeo

What the hell? Is there not going to be a cd version of this reissue? I can’t find one anywhere, and bad luck, I threw out my turntable waay back when it became obsolete- who woulda thunk people actually WANT to jump up after 20-odd minutes of snap, crackle, pop-laden music to flip an LP over to listen to the rest of it……ridiculous!

Cosby Sweater

The reissues can now be pre-ordered at jpc.de for 20 Eur (Yield) and 23 EUR (No Code).


I was also hoping they would continue with the deluxe box sets. The ‘Ten’ set and the ‘Vs.’/’Vitalogy’ sets were quit good. Too bad.

Paul Wren

I’ve had the original vinyl 1st pressing of this album from when it was released in 1996. I see that this new reissue is mastered specifically for vinyl (I wonder if the original recording process was digital or analogue?) and it will be interesting to see if there are any sonic differences that are worth noting.
Meanwhile, the value of my original vinyl copy will drop which blows a further hole in my pension plan!!

Cosby Sweater

Album No 5 Yield and its singles will also be re-released on August 5th. Already up on Amazon US and pearljam.com


I was hoping that PJ would continue and complete the super deluxe edition sets, but what I have read on their forum it will not happen. Still nice to see the vinyl being reissued.


Been waiting for this for ages!