Perry Farrell / The Glitz; The Glamour

Solo work box sets from the Jane’s Addiction frontman

The Glitz; The Glamour is a new box set – available on CD and on vinyl – featuring the solo work of Perry Farrell.

The American singer-songwriter and musician is best known as the frontman for the alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, but this new 68-track box set is not concerned with that and concentrates on extra-curricular activities such as Farrell’s early years with post-punk collective Psi Com, 2001 debut solo album Songs Yet to be Sung; Ultra Payloaded, the one and only album from the short-lived band Satellite Party, the fairly recent Kind Heaven (a Farrell solo album from 2019) and a disc of remixes by UNKLE, Maceo Plex, Groove Armada, and more.

All that is covered by six CDs (or nine LPs in the coloured vinyl box) but The Glitz; The Glamour also comes with a blu-ray featuring a Dolby Atmos surround mix of the Kind Heaven record along with three new Atmos-mixed tracks from the remix record.

As well as the audio discs, the box set comes with a hardcover photographic book, two prints and more.

The 6CD+blu-ray edition of the box set is widely available, but – in theory – the 9LP+blu-ray version is more exclusive and is only available via independent record shops. All the vinyl in that box is half-speed mastered.

The Glitz; The Glamour will be released on 27 November 2020.


The Glitz; The Glamour 6CD + blu-ray box set

– Psi Com – Psi Com 5 Song EP – remastered CD

– Perry Farrell – Kind Heaven – remastered CD

– Satellite Party – Ultra Payloaded remastered CD

– Perry Farrell – Song Yet To Be Sung – CD

The Remixes – CD featuring 11 tracks from each of Perry’s different solo bands remixed by contemporary DJ’s and Producers

– B-Sides, Rarities, New Music – CD

• 1 x Blu-ray featuring the Kind Heaven record mixed in Dolby Atmos with 3 x new Atmos tracks from the remix record

• Photographic Memoirs hardback book

• 2 x Limited edition Zoltar prints

The Glitz; The Glamour 9LP + blu-ray box set

– Psi Com – Psi Com – 1x 180g black vinyl

– Perry Farrell – Song Yet To Be Sung – 2x 180g yellow vinyl

– Satellite Party – Ultra Payloaded – 2x 180g teal vinyl

– Perry Farrell – Kind Heaven – 1x 180g pink vinyl

– Remixes and Collaborations – 2x 180g red vinyl

– B-Sides, Rarities, New Music – 1x 180g black vinyl

– Perry Farrell – Kind Heaven – 1x Blu-Ray Dolby ATMOS surround sound mixes

– 1x career retrospective photobook

– 2x ZOLTAR designed 12”x12” lithograph prints

– 1x ZOLTAR designed bandana/face covering


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Mr Jonathan Brown

Shame so many haters on here. This is a great collection. The remixes and the eateries set all sound great as do the solo albums proper.
Box is beautifully presented, art work is nice and the sound nicely remastered. Satalite Party sounds fresh (suspect a bit of a remix as well as a remaster).
Not Jane’s Addiction and not trying to be. Taken on its own merits this is great stuff and always interesting.


I just picked up this Box set. I needed some music to start off 2021 on a good note, so I went for these New Releases:
Perry Farrell Box set
New Jeff Tweedy(Wilco) solo album
New Matthew Sweet(on Omnivore)

It’s a slow month for releases but these should keep me busy!

Tref Davies

I ordered the LP version from jpc.de back when you published this in October but have today received an email saying they will not be fulfilling the order and are refunding me. No explanation, so I assume they took too many orders for the stock they got. It now seems impossible to buy on vinyl since Rough Trade only offer the option to receive info if they get any copies – did anyone else manage to get a copy in this format?


Weird one this! I’m a big JA fan and like a lot of Perry’s other stuff so pre-ordered this a while back. Pre-orders were supposed to come with pre-release downloads but mine didn’t so I emailed the contact info twice over six weeks and got no reply. Amazon subsequently listed two changes of release date from 27/11 to 4/12 and then 11/12 but I received no comms. Then on 27/11 the set appeared on Apple Music and I received a dispatch email with a tracking number that didn’t work. Later that day I received another email stating that due to COVID restrictions the release date had now been put back to January 2021 although Amazon still had the release date of 11/12. The artist website announced the January release date and the set also disappeared from Apple Music. I sent another email with, again, no reply and then amazingly the set was delivered today having been sent from a warehouse 10 miles from my house!


The satellite party album is, excellent

Charles Christopher

One thing I’m confused by……… the main image, the one at the top of the page, doesn’t seem to be the actual cover art. It also doesn’t appear in any of the photos showing the contents of the box. I guess that’s just a promotional image?

As long as I’m on a tangent, I love coming to this site and reading about even the artists I know/care little about. I think it’s interesting how artists package their history for posterity, and how they’ve come to be viewed over the years. And the write-ups are sometimes really witty in a way that I rarely find in American writing.


Received my copy yesterday. The main image at the top of the page is used as a card wraparound sleeve over the main box

Charles Christopher

I’ll say this…… it’s beautifully packaged!
Considering the love shown on this forum to all kinds of marginal artists, I’m really surprised by all the negativity directed to Farrell – but maybe I shouldn’t be, because I’m really not a fan outside of Jane’s and share the general opinions here.


Still love both Jane’s and Pyros, but have to agree that Song Yet To Be Sung would be my only solo album recommendation outside those bands. Song Yet To Sung is a nice cohesive album and feels massively overlooked for some reason, possibly as it came out so close to 9-11.
I’ve purchased all his solo material, it’s all really hit and miss after that. Each album just feels like a random collection of songs rather than an album proper. A best of Perry Farrell down the line might be cool for those on the fence but I’d skip this collection unless you’re already a massive fan.


I saw Porno For Pyros at Reading years ago and he was a complete asshole. Caught an early train home after leaving the show, the album went to the charity shop (didn’t think it was that great anyway) and I vowed not to give him any more of my hard earned. Nob!

Jonathan Shapiro

The only thing worth having here is the Psi Com record. His enter post-Good God’s Urge output is excruciatingly bad

Andy Haines

£200 for the vinyl box. Sorry Perry. I won’t be partaking in this purchase. It may be something that ends up severely reduced, but I think they have a bigger following in the US so they may sell out.


Hey Paul. The Grateful dead are releasing their album American beauty in a 50th anniversary edition this friday. Just thought you should know in case you want to post a story about it for your readers


Perry’s solo work unfortunately resembles Prince without the NPG and the tunes.

Johnny Spasm

Are you out of your mind? Farrell’s best work shouldn’t be mentioned in the same conversation as Prince’s early solo work & his music with the Revolution.


I did love Janes Addiction and am interested in hearing the early psi com material but as the others said pretty much everything he has done post 1991 has been lamentable and he is now the epitome of a vapid LA rock star, his recent live stream reunion of Porno For Pyros was cringeworthy.

Johnny Spasm

Not much of a Jane’s fan, and that’s his best work.

Michael Bird

Psi Com (Not a solo project) and Song Yet to Be Sung are the only component parts of this worth bothering with. Everything else is cringe-inducing bad. Outside of a group dynamic, with all players are on equal footing, Farrell’s work consistently devolves into very boring, very tedious vanity projects.

thomas solimine

I think you summed it up quite well.


Michael Bird has summed this up eloquently. Nothing more need be said.