Pet Shop Boys CD single available again

Grab an ‘I Don’t Wanna’ CD 

Pet Shop Boys / new single I don't wanna / 12-inch vinyl

The previously sold-out five-track CD of the Pet Shop Boys last single I Don’t Wanna is now available again.

X2 Recordings have produced some more due to demand and as before, you can order from the SDE shop.

It’s a great CD actually, with the radio edit of ‘I Don’t Wanna’, three very good remixes, and ‘New Boy’, a previously unreleased song originally written in 1984 and recently finished and recorded. The CD comes in a smart gatefold card wallet.

Any SDE orders will ship next week. 12-inch vinyl also available.



I Don’t Wanna CD single

1  I don’t wanna (radio edit)
2 New boy
3 I don’t wanna (Mano Le Tough remix)
4 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix one)
5 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix two)

I Don’t Wanna 12-inch vinyl

Side A
1 I don’t wanna (album version)
2 I don’t wanna (Mano Le Tough remix)

Side B
1 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix one)
2 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix two)

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Talk about a group that should’ve ended 3 decades. Only the petheads have liked them since.

Peter Muscutt

Missed an opportunity to do an extended mix and call it ‘Still Don’t Wanna’!! Boom tish!!!!


Despite being a pretty good song, I think it’s the most pointless PSB single ever. During the worldwide corona pandemic, forcing people to stay at home as much as possible, the last thing you want to hear is “I don’t wanna go out”. Tracks like Happy People (happy people living in a sad word) or Hoping For A Miracle would have been more sensible choices.

I also can’t past the poor mastering of Hotspot. When I play music from my 2020 ‘new music’ playlist, the contrast with other new songs is easy to hear. The tracks from Hotspot sound thin. They lack low and high frequencies. And somewhere in the mid-range the sound is sometimes even annoying. A lot of effort was put into the album, but the final result really suffers from the poor mastering.

I hope Hotspot will be properly remastered in the future. It could and should sound so much better than it does. It’s also time for PSB to work with new producers. If I were able to advice them, I would suggest them to look around in Norway or Sweden: go Scandinavian. A lot of well-produced electronic pop music currently comes from those two countries.


I agree, Hotspot mastering is no good. But it’s a global thing nowadays mastering music like that, giving the Billie Eillish touch to everything (everything in low frequencies and lo mid-range, not much in hi mid-range and little to nothing in high frequencies). I even wrote an e-mail to Metropolis asking what Tim Yound had been doing for this album but of course got no reply. Everyone seems OK with that lo-fi sound.

And I agree that despite a pretty good b-side (is that what you’re talking about?), the single is pointless. Bad single choice from the album. It’s an OK song at best. And remixes are very so so in my opinion with out of synch vocals. No decent remix that builds upon the original. Remixers seem to have pulled unused tracks from their vault, and have thrown scattered vocals in the mix to do the job. Sorry, but that’s what it feels like.
And what about the artwork ? Minimalism is sometimes a convenient scapegoat…

Anyway, I’m still grateful that PSB still release singles. Too bad this one has been somewhat neglected.


So do it, no intention to add to my collection, disappointing. Improvement is needed for the production of “New Boy” as well, dull and boring music arrangement.


Either the production is poor, or the overall (lack of) sound is due to poor mastering. I fooled around with some of the Hotspot tracks, using Reason (music production software with mastering tools included). “Dreamland” sounds much better when the high frequencies are slightly boosted. In “Burning The Heather” I filtered an annoying frequency in the higher mid-range. I also added a tiny bit of high frequencies. This also improves the outcome. Neil’s voice sounds more clear, but still a bit clinical at times.

I was referring to the song itself, not the b-side. The latter actually sounds better, in terms of sound quality. Anyway, bottom line: I find myself mastering finished PSB album tracks. In the past 30+ years I never felt the urge to do so…

As for the package: I really like the David Jackson remixes. Easily among the best remixes of a PSB track during the past 10 years.

Mark Vick

agree 110% on everything you’ve said.

John McCann'.

the artwork is brilliant!


Also Stuart Price is a one trick pony.

Better quality songs on Hotspot than Super though.


It’s a good song this and probably the obvious single on the album. Extra props to Neil, must be the first person from Newcastle to pronounce “Dancing” like an LA diva.


Took the plunge and ordered the Stones box set £208 a good price, I’ve been looking at this one for a while now. Amazon have put it back up too £270 now. Is is a massive box looking forward to it arriving. I don’t know what the pressing will be like, I did some research on the net and it’s got pretty good reviews. I have all the original pressings of these albums some going back well over forty years, but like I said I’ve had my eye on this for a while and they’ve done such a fantastic job of the presentation. And anyway I’m a sucker for vinyl.


New Boy reminds me of the Behaviour-era. If this CD single still sells, why not release the Burning The Heather single on CD ?! ;-) :-)


This is a great single all around. Like the b-side and mixes. Their own online store still shows the CD as sold out so nice that you could get some additional copies.


Thanks Paul, just ordered. Enjoy the weekend, for me it will be an integral Yello weekend.


I’d have bought the 12″ vinyl if that B side was on it. Recent experience of 12″ vinyls of their hotspot singles leave me cold so would rather have the new tracks than dull remixes.

Dale P

Long live cd and cdsingle!


Thanks Paul, ordered this time – that’ll teach me not to sleep on something next time!


Love that B-side. It really does sound like something from Actually or Please.


Better than the A side, innit….

Andrew M

Absolutely. It’s the kind of PSB track I would never hear again. Some of my favourite songs of theirs are in that vein. Hey Headmaster is one of my favourite songs of all time, Your Funny Uncle, those kinds of songs. I just love it.


Ironic that they had to press more to meet demand. Think they’ll take a hint and avoid skipping future CD singles? ;)


The Pet Shop Boys and ironic in the same sentence!!