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First time on DVD and CD for 1994 concert film!

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Pet Shop Boys / Discovery: Live in Rio 1994 2CD+DVD

The Pet Shop Boys concert film, Discovery: Live in Rio 1994, will be released as a 2CD+DVD set in April.

The concert film marked the Pet Shop Boys first visit to Brazil at the end of 1994, and was issued on VHS and laserdisc in 1995.

The set list includes classic hits including ‘West End girls’, ‘Suburbia’, ‘Being Boring’, ‘Go West’, ‘Rent’ and ‘Always on my mind’, as well some interesting covers, including a rendition of Blur’s ‘Girls and Boys’ (which the PSBs remixed at the time of release).

The show was filmed by Brazilian director Roberto Berliner with a local TV crew in December 1994 in front of an enthusiastic Rio audience. It was shot on SD video, so to “keep the integrity of the original” the decision was made to restore and present the concert in its native SD format on DVD, rather than upscaling to HD for Blu-ray.

A new booklet features candid on-tour photographs, an interview by Chris Heath conducted during tour rehearsals and an exclusive on-tour diary by Neil Tennant. This release marks the debut of this set on CD as well as DVD. There is no vinyl edition.

Discovery: Live in Rio 1994 will be issued on 30 April 2021.

1 Tonight Is Forever
2 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
3 Always On My Mind
4 Domino Dancing
5 To Speak Is A Sin
6 One In A Million / Mr Vain
7 Paninaro
8 Rent
9 Suburbia
10 Kings Cross
11 So Hard

1 Left To My Own Devices / Rhythm Of The Night
2 Absolutely Fabulous
3 Liberation
4 West End Girls
5 Can You Forgive Her?
6 Girls And Boys
7 It’s A Sin / I Will Survive
8 Go West
9 Go West (Reprise)
10 Being Boring

1 Tonight Is Forever
2 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
3 Always On My Mind
4 Domino Dancing
5 To Speak Is A Sin
6 One In A Million / Mr Vain
7 Paninaro
8 Rent
9 Suburbia
10 Kings Cross
11 So Hard
12 Left To My Own Devices / Rhythm Of The Night
13 Absolutely Fabulous
14 Liberation
15 West End Girls
16 Can You Forgive Her
17 Girls And Boys
18 It’s A Sin / I Will Survive
19 Go West
20 Go West (Reprise)
21 Being Boring

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Martin O.

Cheers everyone! Super stoked about this release finally making onto Aluminium. One heck of a setlist! Saw a couple of comments here I thought I’d address as there are a lot of misunderstandings surrounding HD/SD, DVD/BD, resolution, and compression methods. Having been a video engineer and worked in the video compression space for a couple of decades I thought I would shed some light on the topics of original video tape vs DVD vs Blu-Ray.
It’s not all about the higher resolution of high def vs that of standard def (pixels wide by pixels high). Resolution provides detail in the picture, nothing more. Color and contrast ranges are more important to the overall visual quality. If you start with SD and scale it up to HD you can reveal artifacts not normally visible. Kind of like putting paper in the copier and blowing it up 400%. The letters won’t look sharp anymore.
This concert was recorded on standard def video tape and therefore has a basic limit on how much “quality” there is in there to begin with. And here’s the trick – almost regardless of what tape format they used, those original tapes have better color and contrast ranges than what the DVD format can reproduce. So, the only way to squeeze out the quality out of the recordings when putting them on disc is to do as little compression as possible. And that takes tons of disc space. Enter the Blu-ray disc to the rescue with a 100Gb storage capacity compared to the DVD’s 9Gb…
In order to achieve to best possible quality of the concert for home use you should…
A) Keep it in standard def, and…
B) Use a modern compression algorithm such as h.265 or VC-1 (instead of h.264 or MPEG-2 used on DVDs) and…
C) Record the concert at max-bit rates just over 30Mbps compared to the max 9.5 Mbps of DVD. This way you retain more of the original quality of the tapes. And, btw, they are not using anywhere near that max 9Mbps bit rate of the DVD format if they are squeezing in a long concert on a single DVD. And finally…
D) Put the resulting huge file on a high-capacity Blu-ray Disc for only it has the storage capacity to hold these enormous files. And only Blu-rays spin fast enough to read all that data quickly enough. There is a reason why DVDs top out a 9Mbps and Blu-rays at 36Mbps. Rotational speed. You simply can’t achieve the same quality output with the DVD format as you can with the Blu-ray format. But it has nothing to do with resolution. It has nothing to do with high definition or standard definition.
The band/company’s decision to put in on DVD is truly counter to their own press release saying “To keep the integrity of the original the decision was made to restore and present the concert in its native SD format on DVD rather than upscaling to HD for Blu-ray.” The very act of choosing DVD as the format kills the ability to keep the original quality. What have we done to deserve that?
But, what about those that want to see it in HD? Well, two things:
1 – The source tapes were standard def and there is nothing you can do about that.
2 – Blu-ray players, especially those that are 4k capable, do an excellent job of up-scaling the standard def content to high def. No need to encode it at HD resolution and waste the disc space. Or even worse – up-scale it on the disc to UHD (4k). Waste of disc space. Let the Blu-ray player handle that.
All that said- can’t wait to see the concert! Cheers

Nuno Bento

Thank you very much for the clarification, Martin. What an amazing and informative post.


the best concert I’ve been


The JPC link is incorrect. Links to World Party


Anyone have any idea why none of the European (including the UK) Amazon sites sell this to Ireland?


No vinyl……no buy ;-)

Rod Mas Farquharson

I guess this is the classic performance where Rent & Suburbia were played in an acoustic format. Just this two songs justify the amazing concert.




While prior PSB video releases have been available in North America on DVD in the NTSC format, it should not be assumed that “Discovery” will be issued similarly in the US and Canada (and if so, more likely the latter than the former). While not a definitive indicator, the UK ’15’ rating code depicted on the packaging would not apply to either the US or Canada.

I just pre-ordered the new “Discovery” package via Amazon US – the high price (USD $34.98) suggests a UK import (PAL format DVD) as opposed to a domestic release. However, the label is listed as Rhino/Parlophone, which could go either way in terms of country of origin (but I’m betting it will be UK).

Interestingly, Amazon UK would not allow me to order the item through their site.

Gareth Pugh

The thing about Blu Ray that can be missed is that it is basically a sharper ‘lens’ through which to more clearly see the source material – if that’s great (ie 16mm film, well shot and then cleaned up as best as can be) – and then played in a good player to a quality TV set up – then it will look better than DVD. But if the original recording is only so good, then Blu Ray won’t add anything -and if it’s a bit poor, in fact, that clearer ‘lens’ will allow you to see it’s faults even more. The transformative ‘magic’ doesn’t sit within the medium of the Blu Ray disc, nor BR player, as such – they just let you see whatever there is to see (warts and all) a bit more. And that’s not always going to be better. If something was shot in video tape, as I think this show was, you are potentially better off not putting on Blu Ray (at least from the visuals side of things) and letting the DVD hide a few rougher edges.

Nico S

Thanks Paul for this info. I have this on Japanese VHS, yes, I’m that old. lol.
Just ordered. You’re the best mate!


I remember seeing this on TV at some point & loving them mixing in Mr Vain & Rhythm of the Night into their songs.

I’ll buy this more for the CD’s & booklet with the pictures & Chris Heath stuff. Not bothered about the visual content this time.


Chris Heath rocks.


I think a lot of the confusion comes from so-called “HD/4K remasters” we see on YouTube these days, where SD footage is upscaled to 1080p or more on YouTube and does look better than the original upload. But in the majority of the caes, they look better because of the higher bitrate YouTube uses for HD video compared to SD video. SD looks shit on YouTube because it’s so compressed. But a nicely done DVD can look just as good, if not better, than a pretend HD video on YouTube.

Sadly, a lot of music DVDs released these days aren’t great quality – sometimes because they’ve chosen to them in NTSC rather than PAL. But in theory, it really isn’t necessary to put out a video that was only SD to start off with on BluRay.

People also forget that it costs more money to do BluRay, fewer people have BluRay players than DVD players, and it’s just not worth the effort for a niche product like a Pet Shop Boys concert, that’s only likely to sell a few thousand copies.


I think this summary from Ben is the final word on the matter. As noted, it was shot in SD (and presumably NTSC resolution at that). Neither a PAL DVD or any blu-ray will wring any more resolution from the source and as noted, if they pressed that SD content onto a blu-ray disc, it’ll cost more to manufacture and have a smaller audience as it’s a subset of people who still have disc players. It’s just common sense. Anyone too snobby to put a DVD in their blu ray player/4K TV setup is cutting off their nose to spite their face.


Paul – great news that it is “region free,” but, is it PAL or NTSC? (I’ve scrolled through the comments, and I don’t think that question has been raised, or, answered). If it is “Region Free / PAL,” then North Americans are out of luck. This (darn) conversation keeps rearing its ugly head, apoligies for doing so once again.


I’m actually hoping it will be NTSC… I believe this was a production for and by a Brazilian TV station, and Brazil at the time used PAL-M, which IIRC has the same frame rate and number of scanlines as NTSC. I’ve got the PAL laserdisc from 1995 and it definitely has a whiff of standards conversion about it.


well i’ll be getting this
im tempted not going to get into the BR v DVD as its made pretty clear by the group why they haven’t and if you believe sd video master can be upscaled to give BR picture then go ahead.

now just waiting for Performance Montage and Somewhere on BR where possible and Cubism which was filmed in HD


Dvd’s play on Blu ray players so please stop endlessly moaning about stuff being released on dvd only.They do not bother with a blu ray release if all they can do is transfer over the exact same material to the blu ray disc and thus not use any of the superiority features blu ray offers.It is just a waste of their time and money to offer blu ray discs that have identical visual and sound quality to the dvd version.They just lose money doing this for no gain to the consumer as producing the basic dvd is a lot cheaper.


I’ve had a bootleg version of the laser disc release on DVD for awhile, and I’m excited to finally have an official release.

A few notes for the complainers:
1) DVD isn’t dead, by far. Maybe it’s different in the UK, but in the US, the bulk of stock in stores is still DVD, and quite a few second-tier titles still don’t get a blu-ray release.
2) The difference between DVD and blu ray isn’t the same as the difference between VHS and DVD–they still play on the same machine (if you have a blu ray player). No, the picture and sound aren’t as good on DVD (IF there are actual HD sources to work with, which there aren’t in this case), but it’s still going to be a significant improvement over VHS or laser disc. Upscaling, which is fairly standard on most blu ray players at this point, will also help to somewhat bridge the gap, though, as Paul has noted, patiently and repeatedly, it’s an original SD source, so only so much can be done with it. The only “upside” with a blu ray is potentially a slightly thinner case.
3) Even if it isn’t a massive improvement in picture and sound quality, we’re still also getting a proper CD release of the concert, which, correct me if I’m wrong, will now be the oldest live material (well, in terms of a complete show) we will have from PSB on CD.
4) Maybe it seems expensive from a sticker-shock standpoint, but if this were two separate releases–a DVD and a live 2-disc CD set–it would likely cost a bit more than what you’re paying for the complete, all-in-one package.
5) And, as always, if none of that seems like a compelling enough reason to buy it, then don’t buy it. I’ve never had a band, artist, or record label show up at my house, put a gun to my temple, and force me to log onto Amazon and buy their merchandise.

Exciting to see “new” material from PSB. As a fan since the days of Actually, I’m always up for anything to add to the collection. I’d still love to get a DVD release of Highlights (though preferably the whole show as opposed to, well, just “highlights,” if the elements for the entire show exist), and, as always, hoping for a DVD or blu ray of the Release tour, though, as I understand it, that’s never going to happen, since apparently it was never actually filmed or taped. It would figure that the one tour I was actually able to see them on is the one that will probably never see the light of day. I loved the intimate, scaled-back, full-band arrangements.

One of the biggest letdowns of the pandemic has been the cancellation of the New Order/PSB show in Toronto that I had tickets for. Seriously hoping that we’ll get into a post-COVID world in time for them to still be able to make the joint tour happen. The longer we go, the less likely it is that their schedules will still mesh to hit the road together.


CJ wasnt the reason for the reduced footage “Highlights” vhs was the boys were not satisfied with the look and thats why Performance ( which was afterwards) was filmed on 16mm


Looks like the PSB/NO tour has been rescheduled. Are you able to make it to the Toronto show on 18-Sep-2021 (assuming the show goes ahead)? I’ll be going to the Vancouver show, if the stars align.


If the show on the 18th of September actually runs, then I do hope to be there, though I have to wait until I know whether the border will reopen or not. Right now, we can’t cross into Canada, and I don’t want to buy tickets until I know if I could actually cross over to see the show. As of this week, the college I work with is telling us to prepare to still be online only in the fall (for the third semester in a row), which doesn’t speak to a positive outlook.

I never knew what the reasons were for Highlights not being a full show. I was pretty young when it came out, and I just bought the VHS and didn’t question it, to the point I don’t think I even stopped to realize it wasn’t a full show (I think I was 12, and just getting into pop music, so for all I knew, a pop concert was only 30-40 minutes long).

Christopher Merritt

This entire thread is maddening. Paul, you just need to ignore all “but why isn’t it on blu-ray???” comments from here on out.

Craig Hedges

Paul Do you know if this is copyrighted to Pet Shop Boys Partnership or to Warner music? I think the rights for their Parlophone era back catalogue is now with Warners. All the post 1989 releases were copyrighted to Pet Shop Boys Partnership but this was changed to Warners on their website last year. Don’t know if this allow Neil and Chris a say in what’s released now.


Became a massive Pet Head during Lockdown 1 last spring, in part to this website and it’s frequent PSB-related content. Not sure what took me so long! Behaviour is now in my top ten albums of all time. Just this week I took delivery of an original vinyl of the album.

Looking forward to this release. I tracked down Performance second-hand on DVD recently and really enjoyed the old BBC performances (TOTP/Wogan/Whistle Test) that PSB uploaded to Youtube every fortnight in October/November just gone, to a much better standard than was previously on there.

The success of It Couldn’t Happen Here’s re-release last year has possibly prompted this dusting off of Discovery. So fingers crossed for a full release of the 1989 tour footage (I believe that was shot on film so there may be scope for restoration there).

Edu M

I was there! Great show!


Do you know if this will be released in Brazil?


No release on Blu Ray means no hi-def audio, so count me out.

I don’t have a problem the the video as the reason for DVD, it is just that there is only lossy audio on the dvd format.

Many people have proper home theatre set ups in their home and the difference between DVD and Blu Ray HD audio is massive.


DVDs can have PCM audio. Additionally this includes the audio on CDs. Not sure if this is the place for that kind of discussion but a little work on the PC could allow you to watch the video with the CD sourced soundtrack…

The concert was shot on video so you can only do so much to improve the quality.


I disagree that many people have Home Theatre setups in their home – only the case if you have enough disposable income and the time! The whole point of music, film, entertainment etc is its universality – which DVD offers – I think if companies just catered for the Steve Hoffman mob, that universality would disappear and we would all be poorer for it!


I personally will buy anything physical digital.
What I will not buy is digital files.
Thank you.
Will I buy DVDs? Yes, always.


I received the email from PSB, this is an instant buy, as soon as I can order from a retailer that packages items well. PSB stores sends stuff in bubblewrap envelopes, the worse, and I think this is going to be like Inner Sanctum, cardboard sleeve.
Amazon.co.uk does not ship to me. Maybe Ill use Rough Trade, or wait for another retailer to carry it.

BTW yes in their official statement they clearly wrote this was shot on film in SD so there is no point in putting it on Bluray. What more do you want?

Chadwick Thomas

Had The Boys sign my laserdisc copy when I saw them in Chicago on the Electric tour. Also had them sign my vinyl copy of “Yes – The Promo Mixes” and the Electric LP. Electric was a gift for my friend who was going blind at the time and fully lost his sight before I gave it to him, so although he owns it, he has never seen the signatures.

He has an accessibility app that describes items in the environment. When we scanned the record cover, it was described as “white and blue tile.”


That’s both touching and tragic.

My Name Is Not Susan

Thanks for sharing the article, Paul and for specifying the reasons it’s not a Blu-Ray format.

Your patience in lieu of some of the pedantry within the comments is admirable.

I enjoy a good thread on a new release, but find some of the contributions to be irritating when it’s unnecessary negativity or endless whataboutery.

Love SDE. Thanks for keeping us informed!


As long as it is region free, I’m on board. Nothing on their site indicated multiregion.


It could happen as it did with It Couldn’t Happen Here…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun and I understand that was a rights issue.


Pet shop boys – so will purchase. On a different subject Paul – do you know what has happened to Amazon uk new releases cd and vinyl chart – always used to check it but now seems to list virtually nothing? Suspect we won’t see this listed there which might me fewer sales for them


Currently no.2 in the Best Sellers list – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bestsellers-Music/zgbs/music


Scraping the barrel since they’re not able to tour. Their movie it couldn’t happen here was given a much needed upgrade boost visually and don’t see why this video couldn’t have been upgraded too with the option of including a dvd original version as most releases these days. At that price and no tours in the foreseeable next few years they could’ve done a double concert release to include a more recent version. To me it seems they conjured something up quickly with very little though and imagination.

Alan Mulvie

Paul, The article says it was shot on SD video, not film. If it was shot on film then if they have access to the film it should be HD, but if it was shot onvVideo, as the article claims, then I don’t see the problem of a SD DVD release. Is the article wrong?

That Wort

As written above on this page..
“It was shot on SD video, so to “keep the integrity of the original” the decision was made to restore and present the concert in its native SD format on DVD, rather than upscaling to HD for Blu-ray.”



“ It was shot on SD video, so to “keep the integrity of the original” the decision was made to restore and present the concert in its native SD format on DVD”

Andrew R

FWIW I still buy CDs and DVDs as well as Vinyl and Blu Ray (even bought an 8 track a few months back) in 2021…it’s a personal choice…you don’t have to buy them…if you don’t want them, don’t buy it..if not enough people buy them they’ll stop making them.
I appreciate there is a significant ‘mark up’ from manufacture to selling to punters like me which doesn’t help..but it’s you’re choice at the end of the day.


When it is a choice between DVD or nothing, DVD is better than nothing. DVDs upscaled on a blu-ray player, or on mine at least, can look almost as good as blu-ray. DVDs are still good.

Russ T

Oh God, when oh when will record companies and now it seems artists as well get it into their heads – BUYERS DON’T WANT TO BUY DVDS IN 2021.
The recent ‘deluxe’ Shakespear’s Sister box set…. their opportunity to finally issue possibly the greatest pop music videos ever made. And what did they do? Not bother – just issued them, once again, on DVD.
Perhaps they’ll think about including some Betamax video cassettes for the next one?
Arghhhh. The explanation given here is nonsense. And I wouldn’t dream of forking out for a format as dead as DVD.

Shawn C.

I guess I disagree. If the native video was HD, yes it better be on blu ray. Alternatively, if the record company is really going to invest serious money in upscaling, re-editing, etc, like was done on Pink Floyd’s recent Delicate Sound of Thunder- yeah, count me in. But that concert had over 100 rolls of negatives to work from and a great deal of remixing was done on the audio. It was also packaged in a very expensive box set and later released individually at a premium price. Definitely worth it though.

I can’t imagine there is much archival material from the PSB’s 1994 Rio concert. I seriously doubt it was even filmed on 35mm film. So, what exactly are you getting by placing this data on a blu ray disc vs a DVD? This is not a major benchmark release and its nicely priced. Cash grab by the record company? Maybe? But I’m excited about the CDs and it will be nice to see the concert. Personally, I don’t believe there are many PSB fans who are going to pass on this because it doesn’t have a blu ray.

Craig R

As far as I know an SD source does not benefit from being carried on a blu ray vs a DVD. A bluray player will do what it can to upscale SD content but if there is only 4gb of source data your machine may as well extract it from a DVD which is cheaper to produce and has a larger potential market. I have a music blu ray which warns that the video content is SD and the picture quality is disappointing even when uupscaled. Bottom line is in 1994 this stuff was created on the assumption it would be consumed mainly on 21″ CRT screens rather than 50″ 4K flat panels.


I don’t own a blu-ray player. I’ve never had this concert on any format before. I’m perfectly happy with DVD, and the audio CDs will probably get more plays anyway in my house. I don’t think the price is high for three discs and I’ve already ordered it via their website. It really bugs me when people make high and mighty claims that NOBODY wants to buy DVDs anymore. Yes, the charity shops of full of unwanted mainstream movies on DVD but music and specialist material still surely has a market. I don’t buy many DVDs anyway as I’m no movie-buff. I’m just a Pet Shop Boys collector who is happy to see/hear/own it.


“ Oh God, when oh when will record companies and now it seems artists as well get it into their heads – BUYERS DON’T WANT TO BUY DVDS IN 2021.”

Speak for yourself and do not presume to speak for everyone… What is the point of putting the same material on a BD when it can easily fit on a DVD ?
If the source material does not warrant it, then the end result is pretty much the same, a BD does not magically make it better

Jakob Rehlinger

I buy DVDs still. So do lots of people.


Russ T didn’t you know that all record companies sent me a mail and asked if I still would buy their Releases on DVD? I said “Yes I would” That’s why they put stuff like this out on DVD. (Being of an Age that I had to deal with the copy of the copy of the copy of a Show taped on VHS I will probably never understand this snobbery that a DVD doesn’t meet your Quality demands. I feel sorry for you, that you can’t enjoy a concert on DVD. I really do.)


They stated it was only released on VHS, which is wrong as I still have the laserdisc.


It’s a pity this was only filmed in SD video back then and not in another format that could be nicely converted to HD. But I’ll get it anyways as it seems to be a very nice snapshot of a period of PSB history when they were really at their prime. Looking forward to this!

Nathan Thomas

Yes it’s a pity they didn’t have access to time travel technology & know that at some point in the future they may need to be able to upscale the recording to a format that didn’t exist then. Maybe Neil’s powers to tell the future failed him on this occasion


I’m not a Pet Shop Boys fan but why on earth release this on DVD? Isn’t this now a very much outdated format? Ok when this originally came out it was on VHS and not filmed in HD but surely releasing this on Blu-ray would improve the picture quality somewhat rather than cruddy old DVD.
I have recently converted in the last 2 years to collecting Blu-ray concerts when there is the option of choosing either DVD or Blu-ray on a new release, also cherry picking some of my older releases that I like and if released in Blu-ray I will buy it to replace the old DVD…More often than not it’s a vast improvement in picture and sound quality if the concert is not more than about 15 years old…New release Blu-ray is a no brainer as the filming in the last few year is in high definition so pin sharp picture quality and superb sound is all there to be enjoyed in its full glory…I wouldn’t touch new release DVDs with a barge pole if there is a Blu-ray release.


Ok True but I’m only saying…don’t you think now and in fact in the last few years DVD has become like VHS it’s inferior when compared to Blu-ray, Look at the absolutely stunning job they done with the INXS live baby live which is 4 years older than this pet shop boys one, but each to their own I guess but why not ask the fans would you like us to upscale this old concert or leave as is…Given the choice I bet a much higher percentage would plump for the upscale option.

David J

It is impossible to improve the picture quality!
No matter what Marketing people spout if it’s recorded on SD in 1994 then you can’t upscale, HD uncompress, 4k stretch or improve anything else to it.

Had it been shot on film then that’s a different matter…


“ More often than not it’s a vast improvement in picture and sound quality if the concert is not more than about 15 years old…”

which a 1994 concert definitely is… if the source material does not benefit from it, why insist on a BD…

I guess just to get this lot to shut up about there not being a BD ;)


This is a fun gig, with great energy from the crowd.

I will be picking this one up, as I do with their other releases. As always, I am looking forward to the content and the packaging as much as listening and watching the gig.


Great to see this release finally coming to dvd; a real high energy set from PSB

Paul, will you be stocking this at SDE?

Steven Roberts

I’m guessing this is just a stereo release? If it was mixed to 5.1, that would be reason in itself for a blu-ray release…


DVD can do 5.1 as well you don’t need bluray.
As has been said a number of times in this thread the concert was recorded for TV back in 1994 so in SD video and probably stereo.
Neither the PSB or the producers of the video contact would at that time obviously spend the much higher cost of recording in 35mm with multi track audio.
That is where you see the uptick in quality restoring those.
There’s lots more concerts of that era and earlier with similar constraints of only stereo SD. live Aid for one and also classic concerts like U2 at Red Rock, which IIRC was filmed for C4 and The Tube and not as a big budget cinema concert film.

Steven Roberts

Yes, well aware that DVD can do 5.1.

But not LOSSLESS 5.1 – you need a blu-ray (or 4K UHD) for that.


Looking forward too to Somewhere. The DVD that came out originally had faulty sound across it but no recall. It was a disaster…. but a marvellous gig!!!


Yes, my copy of Somewhere has terrible sound. Is this being re-released?

Jakob Rehlinger

I totally didn’t notice bad sound. I may have to rewatch! Which I probably should do… like actually watch concert films I buy more than once. Ha.


Been waiting for this for 20 years! I remember finding the VHS in HMV back in 2001 and decided not to buy it, since I thought surely it would be out on DVD soon. Well, it took a while but finally here it is. I have never ever seen the show, so this should be a treat.

Once again Amazon has the dreaded “This item does not ship to your location” – I´m about to give up on trying to order things from them! Instead I will order this directly from the PSB store.


Great news!
But I’m still hoping for a proper release of the MCMLXXXIX Tour which was released on VHS as “Highlights” back in the day. Fingers crossed….


And Projections !


Superb release! Would like to see other labels do this sort of reissue of old VHS releases. Gary Moore’s Wild Frontier 1987 and After The War 1989 VHS’s immediately spring to mind. Bravo PSB!

Tom m hans

Gary Moore…. so many possibilities besides the gazillionth version of Parisienne Walkways (which I adore). And please no more Blues compilations. I want a Wild Frontier SDE with the full Stockholm Show, please. And all 12″ Tracks remastered but not overly compressed. Is that too much? No WF patch needed, I still have one tucked away in the CD case. Lol.
Live in Belfast comes to mind as well….


Still have all the VHS of PSB. Maybe I’ll buy this.


Nice to see this finally getting released on DVD. I’ve watched my VHS countless times. The Brazilian filming crew probably didn’t have enough lights so the picture quality is quite dark. Interesting to see if they’ve managed to upgrade it somehow for DVD. Nevertheless it’s a fun show, the setlist is fantastic and the dancers are gorgeous.


Ah, had the video. Fun gig, great crowd, great setlist!