Pet Shop Boys / Inner Sanctum 12-inch


The Pet Shop Boys are to release a ‘special’ 12-inch vinyl release of Inner Sanctum from their 2016 album SUPER…

The four-track vinyl features a remix by Detroit techno DJ and producer Carl Craig, and includes two demo versions of Inner Sanctum, as well as the standard version of the track.

This release is purportedly “to celebrate their highly-anticipated, sold-out residency at London’s Royal Opera House” (the boys are doing four nights starting 20 July) so it seems that this isn’t really a ‘proper’ single (whatever that is these days) and so a CD single of Inner Sanctum is unlikely to follow at a later date.

This Inner Sanctum vinyl 12-inch is released on 22 July 2016.


Side 1
1. Inner Sanctum (Carl Craig C2 Juiced RMX)

Side 2
1. Inner Sanctum (First Demo)
2. Inner Sanctum (Second Demo)
3. Inner Sanctum

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[…] weeks after issuing a limited vinyl single version of SUPER album track Inner Sanctum, the Pet Shop Boys have announced that their third […]

Rob Iles

My copy has just arrived and I can confirm it is on black vinyl.

Managed to bag some tickets for the February tour too!


[…] Pet Shop Boys / Inner Sanctum 12-inch […]


Thank you Pet Shop Boys for treating your fans so well!


Ordered! – Tedium over. Good to see some availabilty for the paying customer – the spirit of commerce is alive and well at PSB HQ.
Which reminds me, I never did get that bloody Flourescent 12″…


Some retailers are now listing September 2.nd as release date. Is it pushed back?


Back in stock as of now at least…

Boaz Halachmi

SOLD OUT on both official store and Amazon.


Yes, I tried to buy it yesterday and saw that it was sold out. Rather tedious, suppose I’ll keep my money.


The C2 remix is pretty nice, glad to see it on vinyl.

Peter Yarrow

I get to buy very few 12″ singles these days, so this is very welcome!


Actually just ignore my last hissy-fit. I am patiently waiting for the next proper PSB single. That is all.


When I saw this post about this song being released AGAIN, it had me rolling my eyes. Even with the remixes attached I guess I was slightly disappointed. Of course if this comes out on Digital I might buy it, just because I would want to own it in some way. But I am not excited about this at all. And that’s ok, not everyone will be. I am one of the PSB biggest fan. I am sure this will have some good remixes on it I hope…. I just wasn’t very excited to see this being released. I’ve already said I was scratching my head at ‘Twenty-Something’ being released as the 2nd single. And now this follows. After thinking about it awhile I decided it’s no biggie, meaning it’s cool. Some of you will be excited over this. Especially serious PSB collector’s, which I consider myself to be a collector but to a limit. I hope the remixes on this vinyl release are good. If I remember correctly I already bought ‘Inner Sanctum’ as a single-track release. It was released as a one-track digital release before the album ‘Super’ was released, as a teaser I guess. Anyways, I just feel the momentum for singles has dropped for me shortly after ‘The Pop Kids’ came out, yeah yeah I know, I am whining, but for me it kinda feels like the PSB are kinda dragging their feet on the singles for this album, not really feeling ‘Twenty-Something’ as a single nor this release here…. I LIKE ‘Twenty-Something’ as an album track and that’s it. I will just be patient for the next single, I guess. Ok, done complaining now.


Vinyl or digital… yes, let’s keep this going ! Some good cds ? No way ! :( :( :(


Ordered from the official PSB site !


Excited about this release (and any PSB release).

For USA is cheaper to go with Amazon. $13.41 (Amazon UK) vs $15.61 (PSB store) including shipping.


Joe Smooth, now ya talking – Introspective 2, the PSBs cover the best tunes of late 1988 clubland (obviously based on It’s Alright)

Auntie Sabrina

Off topic slightly…

Friday July 8 on BBC Radio 6 music from 7.00pm, Neil and Chris stand in for Iggy Pop. They will be “spinning two hours of their favourite tunes ranging from Joe Smooth to Jackie DeShannon”


Rob Iles

Purchased from Amazon ….. Worked better for me than the PSB website as I have prime so free postage (as such)
Really feeling spoilt with all these PSB releases :-) Happy Days!

I wonder if they will follow suit and use white vinyl?

Anthony C

I do like it when Pet Shop Boys release product simply because they want to. Too many people are obsessed with the charts. Too many people for some reason believe the charts has relevance – it doesn’t. A band makes money by selling product and you can only sell it if you release it!

Hopefully Pet Shop Boys will release more interesting product soon – and without giving a crap about the [obsolete] charts!



And the remix is listed on iTunes too.

Derek T.

It’s currently a bit cheaper (£7.49) at the Pet Shop Boys Shop – http://www.petshopboysshop.co.uk/petshopboys/petshopboys/Inner-Sanctum/58Q00000000


Ordered! I guess this means there will not be a 12″ of “Twenty-something”…? I much prefer CD singles but I like how active PSB are in releasing physical formats.


I think there will be a Twenty-Something 12″. When Axis was released as a 1 track download before Electric in April 2013 the 12″ followed in July. This is sort of the same strategy. The singles Vocal, Love is a bourgeois construct and Thursday were all released on 12″ vinyl together in December 2013.

Stephen Davison

If you’re after a digital copy, use Google Music. Better quality (320kbps) than Amazon.