Pet Shop Boys issue ‘Twenty Something’ a second single from SUPER


The Pet Shop Boys will release a second CD single from their album SUPER, later this month..

This Twenty Something EP will feature a radio edit of the album track, a remix by Puerto Rico artists Los Evo Jedis and two new tracks The White Dress and Wiedersehen. The latter features backing vocals by Rufus Wainwright.

There will also be a digital EP (track listing TBC) and although not confirmed, SDE expect a 12-inch vinyl at some point.

Twenty Something is released on 24 June 2016.

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Pet Shop Boys

Twenty Something 4-track CD single



1. Twenty-something (Radio Edit)
2. The White Dress
3. Wiedersehen
4. Twenty-something (The Los Evo Jedis Remix)

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Jason Newton

Hope ‘Say It To Me’ is the next and maybe final single. Probably the best thing on the album.

Koen Kroeze

Got my copy recently…

Who on earth has come up with this fantastic, great, oustanding idea to make the sleeve a little bit bigger compared to The Pop Kids?!?!? Grrr…

If you put them next to each other you’ll see the titles are at the same spot… so somehow somewhere in the process there are a few mm’s more artwork on the top and down of the sleeve. I really hope they will re-print this cd-maxi in the same sized artwork as The Pop Kids.

And let’s hope the next cd-maxis will have a proper size again, which I can put next to the other CD’s…this one is too big and won’t fit.

David V.

This is a great song. I don’t get why so many don’t like it. It’s a different sound (Reggaeton) for them, but it is easily recognizable as PSB.

Rob Iles

Also to add – I have just purchased from their website a couple of CD’s ….. and they are offering a free ‘SUPER’ tote bag for all orders over £10.00
I ordered Winner CD single and Very CD Album and qualified for the free tote bag ….. postage was £3.95 in UK

Digital Track List for ‘Twenty Something’
1. Twenty-something (radio edit)
2. The white dress
3. Wiedersehen
4. Twenty-something (The Los Evo Jedis Remix)
5. Twenty-something (Kornél Kovács Remix)

Rob Iles

Very interesting debate here on differing opinions to good/bad tracks which goes to show how person A dislikes a track, but person B thinks it is the best on the album.

This proves to me that PSB are doing a great job catering for all. Not everyone is going to love every track, but as long as every track is getting love from someone – then it works.

And this is exactly why PSB have been a huge success since the 1980’s!

Full props again for releasing physical media. I’ve pre ordered this CD and will buy the vinyl if/when released (hopefully white again?).


Agreed that if Thursday wasnt a hit, nothing will be.

The only good side of the Queen Night at the Odeon Amazon issue was adding this gave me free delivery for the PSB single, which i assume they will honour!!!

Gary Hunter

“Happiness” is one of the worst PSB tracks ever………file next to “Shouting In The Evening”!


Well, if they didn’t manage a pop cross over hit with the excellent ‘Thursday’ off the last album, don’t think they’ll have success with anything off this mediocre album.


Say It To Me and Burn are good, but I’d rather see Undertow (or even Groovy) as they’re standouts but not really on the same level IMO. Happiness was a teaser single just like Axis was – not enough in the way of lyrics or content to be a normal “pop” single release. It’d be a strange choice.


Thrilled as always that PSB are still releasing CD singles. Hope there will be a 12″ as well.

I think “Say It To Me” would probably be the best choice for a third single (or possibly “Burn”).


Wasn’t ‘Happiness’ already released as an “Album Teaser” single? Before ‘The Pop Kids’ came out? It’s because of that reason I doubt ‘Happiness’ would be released as a single again with remixes. I love the song tho and it’s a great opener for the album. Never saw it as a single tho, unless they added extra lyrics. Though I could be wrong. ‘Happiness’ already feels like a remix to me to be honest. But anyways, back on topic yeah, ‘Twenty-Something’ is a strange pick for a single. Not to say I don’t like the song, it’s just that I see ‘Undertow’ or “Groovy” or “Burn” as the next single. Or even “Say It To Me” would be a great single.


I dont get this song and i love the psb, lacking in wit humour and melody for me. Happiness was more obvious single!


Watching this, I felt The video could be seen as the followup to Suburbia, indeed, the true full horror, The “slums of the future.” Granted, the little kids in suburbia would not exactly be twenty-something anymore, but close.


Thanks for the info and thanks to the Boys for still releasing physical product.


not a very good choice for a single. although this album is lacking quality songs to choose from.


Indeed. One of their weakest albums, IMO.


I’ml so ashamed that the F***king Download has got one more remix than the physical format…
Anyway, I’ll buy the physcial CD rather than air…


Classic PSB’s song ! Perfect hit for this summer … If only


Not an album highlight for me, but does show a different sound off at least. Undertow should definitely be next!


Over £7 for a 4 track cd single is ridiculous! Happiness should be the next single! I would by all formats of that. Please let is happen world of Tennant/Lowe!

Gary Hunter

I also thought “The Pop Kids” was awful, far better tracks on the album, that said I love “Twenty Something” and i am glad they are releasing it as a single. “Undertow” is muted as the 3rd single……it should have been the first single.

£7 for a 4 track CD seems very steep.


I should add that the video for ‘Twenty-Something” is quite depressing. Have any of you seen it? I appreciate the message it conveys. But it’s very unexpected. It’s actually a good video. But it’s not very uplifting to be honest. And it does not fit the vibe of the music. It’s very film-like. Dramatic. But the content is pretty serious and doesn’t fit the song if you ask me. Kinda reminds me of what Depeche Mode did for the video for their single ‘Peace’ back in 2009. Same serious film-like type of video that seemed to not fit the song very well in my opinion. I hope the 3rd single gets us back on track towards celebrating this great album that ‘Super’ really is: fun, club-friendly, dance-oriented pop music at it;s best. I really love this album.


This time PSB is not so generous with remixes


Slightly disappointed this is the 2nd single off ‘Super’. Great song, but not what I call single material, if you ask me. The video was interesting, but also a disappointment when you consider it’s the 2nd single off a great club-dance oriented album. There are better suited tracks on here that would make great singles with remixes. I hope the remix of Twenty-Something is good. And let’s hope the bonus tracks are amazing. Otherwise the momentum will start to fall flat right after ‘The Pop Kids’ had been released.


I disagree. ‘The Pop Kids’ is one of the most disappointing tracks from the album IMHO. Perhaps the first single didn’t get the attention that they wanted, so decided to go with a track that is more ‘classic’ PSB sounding.
I love some of the club tracks (‘Inner Sanctum’ etc) but welcome the choice of this track as a single.


Woohoo, backing vocals by Rufus Wainwright – I’ll be buying this!