Pet Shop Boys / new album “Electric”

The Pet Shop Boys have left Parlophone after 28 years, and will release a new album called Electric in June 2013 via Kobalt Label Services.

The record will be produced by Stuart Price and the video below will give you a taste of what to expect. Assuming the release happens as planned, Electric will be the Pet Shop Boys’ quickest ever follow-up to a studio album, coming only nine months after last year’s Elysium.

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I adore PSB’s latest up-tempo album ‘Electric’- every track is wonderful except for the first, almost vocal free single ‘Axis’. This new album is up there with ‘Yes’.


Have to say that I enjoyed Elysium. Although many think it’s a stinker, I liked the fresh, laid back direction. Having said that, there are a few dogs on there, but don’t discount the whole CD. “Leaving” and “Memory of the Future”, as well as “A Face Like That” and “Your Early Stuff” were class-act PSB. Although I initially loved the direction Electric is going in with “Axis”, I can’t say that I’m in love with “Vocal” or “Bolshy”. Perhaps a grower…We’ll see!

Richard John

I get it now. I was wondering why the new tour was called “Electric”. Wonder no more.

I guess Elysium was some sort of contract fulfillment album with Parlophone, which would explain why it was no middle of the road.


Agree about Elysium, especially after Yes was so damn good. Fingers crossed being independent will mean a fresh start, looking forward to some great albums.


Elysium was a total stinker. First time I couldn’t ever bring myself to buy a PSB album. Please redeem yourself, boys.


Should I have high hopes for this? I’m a diehard PSB fan (they’re my favorite artist) and Elysium was a massive disappointment for me. Quite easily their worst album.


Good to know. Hope they also release a Disco 5 soon as well.


‘Electric’ sounds amazing already. Makes me think ‘Elysium’ was indicative of end of an era / contractual obligation type stuff as it did feel lacklustre compared with the rest of their catalogue, but Pet Shop Boys on a low day is better than most on their best day. Very excited about the new stuff!

Chris Lawrenson

Might explain why Elysium felt so half-baked – some great songs, but a lot of filler and some perfunctory arrangements. But half-baked PSBs are pretty good…


Looks great. Can’t wait. One of my favourite synth pop artist. Much better than Depeche mode. DM is very predictable artist with releases every four year. Probably new DM album will come in 2017. Pet Shop Boys always surprise me and Elysium is a great album. This was very quick release and Stuart Price is a great producer (Seal, Madonna).

Steve Marine

Oh my, that is quick. But the preview of the new stuff looks great!!!