Pet Shop Boys / new single Say It To Me


Just weeks after issuing a limited vinyl single version of SUPER album track Inner Sanctum, the Pet Shop Boys have announced that their third official single from their 13th studio album will be Say It To Me.

The four-track CD single offers a ‘new radio mix’ of Say It To Me, along with two previously unreleased tracks, A Cloud In A Box and The Dead Can Dance. The CD also includes the remix to Inner Sanctum by Carl Craig that was the A-side to last month’s 12-inch vinyl (although the two demos remain exclusive to that vinyl for the time being).

In comparison, the 12-inch of Say It To Me is strictly a remix affair with four versions of the song by Stuart Price, Real Lies, Tom Demac and Offer Nissim.

The CD single is out on 19 September with the 12-inch to follow a week later (the amazon link has gone AWOL, but will probably return!)


12-inch Vinyl

1. Say It To Me (Real Lies Remix)
2. Say It To Me (Tom Demac Remix)
3. Say It To Me (Offer Nissim Remix)
4. Say It To Me (Stuart Price Alternative Mix)

CD Single

1. Say It To Me (New Radio Mix)
2. A Cloud In A Box
3. The Dead Can Dance
4. Say It To Me (Stuart Price Alternative Mix)
5. Inner Sanctum (Carl Craig C2 Juiced RMX)

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How does ‘New Radio Mix’ is supposed to differ from the album version? I don’t hear any difference.

Darren H

Well that’s nice, I bought the CD single from Amazon and popped into my Amazon music store today so I could download the tracks [as they give you them for free] so I could leave the CD shrink wrapped, but…. They haven’t given me the CD single tracks to download, they’ve given me the vinyl remixes instead [minus the Stuart Price remix that’s on the CD anyway], so I got everything for £7! May be a mistake but a happy one.


@Simon Sure, but other bands have a more customer friendly approach. Take the new 12″ of New Order. A limited amount of numbers on the vinyl but all the tracks on MP3 included. It’s far from ideal but at least they are generous to their customers and worth my money. PSB not.


You can always burn the file to a CD-r R if you want physical product.

I liked the WB model of the 90’s where you could buy a Depeche Mode, Madonna etc CD Maxi with all 8 mixes of a release that were also on the 12″ vinyl (usually).

Or you can hopefully live long enough to see the 30th anniversary box set with all of the odds ‘n’ sods…assuming vinyl, downloads, CD’s, thumb drives etc. survive the tech revolution that long :-)

Rob Iles

Really? Cinema tickets for a two-hour movie cost £30 in the UK??

£14 at my cinema, but by the time you have paid to get there, get in, popcorn and a drink – it’s easily £30


“If I am going to the cinema, the pub, a comedy gig, I would expect to pay around £15 per hour for that entertainment.”

Really? Cinema tickets for a two-hour movie cost £30 in the UK??

Rob Iles

I love the fact PSB are still releasing physical media! And like others have said, CD1 and CD2 (and Vinyl 1, Vinyl 2) would be well appreciated here. I’d buy the lot.

Now, for those moaning about cost. I would like to share with you MY mindset of how I think when buying music. See if this changes yours!

If I am going to the cinema, the pub, a comedy gig, I would expect to pay around £15 per hour for that entertainment.
If you pay £7 for a single – and you play it once for around 20 minutes … that is worth £5 of my hourly entertainment rate. When I play it a second time, I am getting it for £2, and the third, and the fourth time I listen – its free …. and I STILL have something to hold in my hand to show for it.

The artists have to record the tracks, there is a cost of materials making the media you hold, the marketing, promotion etc….. Is £7 REALLY too much?

CD and Vinyl ordered here – If I want digital, I use my preferred digital subscription service
I am also going to see PSB in Feb 17, get in!


Pre-order up on Amazon US.


Glad they are continuing their commitment to single releases and b-sides. I don’t understand the attitude of “they aren’t making all of the tracks available to me on the specific format I want.” When has this ever been the norm for PSB single releases? With the exception of a few scattered campaigns, they’ve always spread out remixes and bonus tracks across formats. Go ahead, don’t buy if you don’t want, but the rest of us will continue appreciating that they still bother with physical product at all in a post-single release era (and make the tracks all available digitally in case you don’t care for vinyl or CD, or want to catch missing tracks not on your preferred format). Can’t please everyone!

Hoping they continue the campaign if only so we can see a full release for “Undertow”! That would be a shame not to put out…

Rob Iles

Ordered CD and Vinyl. Will not buy digital (unless it is the only way of getting a track!)
When I miss them and try to grab them later – they are 5x the price, so this will do me nicely!


I am excited about this! Excellent choice for their third single. As long as I can get it on CD or mp3 first, then I may buy the vinyl down the road. Very excited about this. I was not thrilled about ‘Twenty-Something’ being released as a single. But I ended up loving The Los Evo Jedis Remix, thought it was better than the original version. PSB always surprise me.

Fré Nieuwenhuis

I even don’t like digital tracks. I want physical products like 12″/CDM. It’s great the Pet Shop Boys keep releasing them.


Its not a great track though, though great they are still releasing singles. Happiness would have been far more singleish, once people had got over the camp cowboy Rednex style!


There’s no getting over that – What an insane album opener!

I’m not happy about paying, what I would regard as, album prices for singles. £5 or less would be an acceptable price-point for 4-5 tracks.

Gareth Pugh

Well, I’m not suggesting here that PSBs or their management aren’t making something from these but £6.99 is exactly what New Order and Erasure have been asking for their recent CD singles too. I’m guessing lack of numbers means manufacturing costs are higher per unit than back in the days of being on an EMI subsidiary in the 2-part CD formatting era. IIRC, the Vocal CD single only ran to a print run of 2000 units, and both it and Erasure’s Sometimes 2016 were changing hands for over £60 within a handful of weeks after release.


New Order’s are better value. The most recent one is currently £5.99 on Amazon, runs 45 minutes over 7 tracks, admittedly all remixes but then I like remixes so I see this as value for money.

I guess I just can’t let go of those 2 part £1.99 CD sets from HMV on the day of release!

Jakob Rehlinger

Ha! The remixes could have gone full The Grid ‘Swamp Thing’.

This does seem like a bit of an odd choice of a single given the non-pethead masses might like something like more immediate like ‘Undertow’ or ‘Happiness’ a bit better. Or maybe not… But I’m really buying all these singles for the b-sides so it doesn’t matter much to me what the title track is.

Michael Bird

I have to say, I’m a little put out that the “Inner Sanctum” remix is out on CD *just after* the impression could be derived that it would be vinyl only. This was clearly carefully timed. I hate that management/bands don’t understand that the exploitation is obvious to everyone and it makes me not want to support acts that do this at all.


I think that’s a little unfair; it was always quite clearly stated that the demo versions were exclusive to the 12″ but there was no implication that the Carl Craig remix was.

Michael Bird

Well, anyone would have worked out that it wasn’t exclusive, as it was listed on download sites before the vinyl was even available for preorder (I know, I ordered lossless from Beatport the same day I ordered the vinyl). And of course it would be grist for a later reissue. It’s the timing. It would have been enough to say that the mix was going to be a track from a forthcoming CD single.


£7 for a single?


Fantastic! A good choice for a single, I pre-ordered the CD single and the 12″ immediately. Thankfully everything is available on the physical formats since I never bother with the digital nonsense.


Totally agree with your statement HS!
Don’t see any interest in digital format, non sense, no value, no quality, no cover…
Apart of that, I’d have prefered to see the CD single with plenty of mixes, (such as new order or Parralox physical releases)


My favourite track on the album, pre-order the CD.

I did some research yesterday and it looks like the pop kids CD single is now out of print and selling on eBay for £20-£25! Glad I bought it when I did, it instantly made me buy Twenty Something as I’m sure the same will apply for this soon.


This is one of my favourite tracks on the album, except it’s way too short. Hopefully we’ll hear something good in the new mix/remixes. I’ll be buying these – I’m just glad artists like PSB, New Order etc. are still putting out physical and digital product, that way everyone has a choice. Can’t see this setting the charts on fire though so I guess these releases are just for the fans – and I like them for doing it!


I agree, way too short.


I caught Real Lies totally by accident at Latitude last year (I think I was early for Jane Weaver) and loved them immediately. Really looking forward to hearing their PSB remix.


I hope the “new radio mix” is better then the LP version, which for me, is the worst track on the album.

Jesper Jensen

I pre-ordered tuesday this week and now it seems that the 12″ is sold out. I’m a good old-fashioned collector and the 12″ is (hopefully) coming my way.

Koen Kroeze

I haven’t seen the digital release-page yet…great! Thx.

Somehow petshopboys.co.uk won’t allow me to be digital downloads. This is what pops up:
“This product is unfortunately not available in your country” !!!

Well, hopefully iTunes (Netherlands) will have them eventually…


Try Juno. They have a ‘change currency’ option so I’m assuming it’s not region-locked.


But I don’t think they offer pre-orders so “Say It To Me” isn’t there.

David Simon

There are two digital releases which do contain all that’s available on the CD single and 12-inch. See http://www.petshopboys.co.uk

Koen Kroeze

I guess they want to be in the charts again and therefor obliged to follow the rules.

I agree, Don, it’s pretty annoying you have to buy all these formats… it’s all back to the 80’s/90’s. I sincerely hope the vinyl remixes will be available in digital format as well.


True, but in the 80es you could at least walk into a store + heaven forbid, buy those 12″…
Now especially fans not located in the UK can fork out an arm and a leg for postage. The record companies these days should get their share in all Royal Mail or DHL earns …


They are (in 2 bundles) but they probably also be on bittorrent.
I want to buy all on vinyl or nothing, digital is worthless for me.
The only way to do that is not support them, unfortunately.


Don, why have you taken the decision not to, in your own words, double dip? Do you no longer play all that music which was only available on cd and has never been released on vinyl? It seems as if you are being a bit hard on yourself. Even in the 1980s there were different tracks available on different vinyl releases sometimes – that’s just life.


I don’t get it. Again the boys are trying to sell me 2 different media if I want all. I switched over from CD/digital to vinyl and I don’t double dip. There is NO reason each media couldn’t fit all content available. I won’t buy their singles anymore because of that.

Jakob Rehlinger

Since I enjoy collecting PSB, I’d be happy if they released 90’s style CD1 and CD2 singles again. Or different versions for Europe, Asia and North America. I’d buy them all. I don’t see it as a fan-preying cash grab, but creating product. And since PSB exist to me as product to purchase, they may as well do so and keep me happy.

Marcos Lopez

Parlophone happy times full of different formats are over, now with their own x2 company, we´ve got to get used to it. But me too, I miss the two CD´s set.

Mark Foster

3 media theres also a digital download … booo

Neil Kelly

It’s utterly rediculous