Catalogue: 1985-2012 / Pet Shop Boys reissues with ‘Further Listening’ discs

‘Catalogue’ reissue series starts with Nightlife, Release and Fundamental

Three of the long anticipated Pet Shop Boys reissues will finally emerge next month as Parlophone reissue multi-disc ‘Further Listening’ editions of the albums Nightlife, Release and Fundamental. These effectively kick off a year of reissues under the ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ banner.

All audio is newly re/mastered and both 1999’s Nightlife and 2002’s Release are three-CD sets, with two ‘Further Listening’ discs apiece. Fundamental (from 2006) is a two-disc package, consistent with the original reissues which were put out sixteen long years ago, in 2001.

The approach is broadly consistent with what’s come before. For example, there were over 20 third-party remixes (in total) on the three Nightlife singles that were issued on CD and 12-inch vinyl back in the day, but none of them are included here. Rather the bonus discs seek to mop up unreleased tracks, B-sides, demos, curiosities and remixes created by Neil and Chris themselves (e.g. ‘The PSB Extension’). The occasional live track also gets a look in.

You need to keep an eye on the timelines too, since sometimes it appears that bonus material is in the ‘wrong’ place. For example the demo of Fundamental’s Numb, is on the second of Release’s Further Listening discs. That’s because it dates from the period 2001 – 2004, at least two years before the album came out.

The bonus discs included with Release are quite interesting. They feature four previously unreleased tracks (Motoring; The Night is a Time to Explore Who You Are; Run, Girl, Run and Reunion). Also, not only do they contain all A and B-sides from the non-album singles included with 2003’s PopArt compilation (Miracles and Flamboyant) but they also features the demos of Flamboyant and Jack And Jill Party – the latter being a song that Neil and Chris gave to Pete Burns, who issued it as a single in 2004.

The same disc also features two collaborations with Elton John: In Private and the previously unreleased Alone Again, Naturally. The ‘Barfly’ version of It’s A Sin completes the third disc in the set. That was recorded for a 2004 appearance on Parkinson and previously appeared on the Popjustice: 100% Solid Pop Music compilation (issued in 2006).

Pet Shop Boys perform the ‘Barfly’ version of ‘It’s A Sin’ on Parkinson in 2004.

Back in 2006, early versions of Fundamental came with a bonus disc, Fundamentalism. Only one track from this is repeated on the new Further Listening disc and that’s a remastered version of  the Richard X Extended Mix of Fugitive. However, the ‘PSB maxi-mix’ of I’m With Stupid appeared on the Japanese Fundamentalism and that is also included on the new reissue. As is the demo of  The Sodom and Gomorrah Show, which was (and still is) an iTunes-only bonus track. A second iTunes exclusive, the demo of I’m With Stupid, hasn’t been included on the Further Listening 2005-2007 bonus disc. As far as I’m aware, that remains unreleased on CD.

Three unreleased tracks – Ring Road, One-way Street and Dancing in the Dusk – appear on the Fundamental bonus disc in demo form.

As before, the reissues will be packaged with an “extensive booklet” in which Neil Tennant
and Chris Lowe discuss each song. The entire project is designed by Farrow.

All three multi-disc CD reissues are due on 28 July 2017 (although Amazon currently has 7 July as the release date). Expect the prices below to drop significantly between now and when these are issued. The remastered original single albums of Nightlife, Release and Fundamental will also be reissued on 180gm heavyweight vinyl.

The ‘Catalogue’ reissues will continue over the next year until all PSB Parlophone albums have been released with ‘Further listening’ albums. The good news is that the reissues of Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very and Bilingual will all be newly remastered (fans didn’t rate the original remastering). Original track listings remain.

Nightlife / Further Listening 1996 – 2000 (3CD deluxe)

1. For your own good
2. Closer to Heaven
3. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
4. Happiness is an option
5. You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
6. Vampires
7. Radiophonic
8. The only one
9. Boy Strange
10. In denial
11. New York City boy
12. Footsteps

1. Vampires (demo)*
2. For all of us (demo)*
3. Call me old-fashioned (demo)*
4. Friendly fire
5. Believe/Song For Guy (featuring Elton John)*
6. Sail Away
7. It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (Fan club mix)
8. Nightlife
9. Playing in the streets*
10. Tall thin men*
11. Radiophonic (demo)*

1. Somebody else’s business
2. Silver age
3. Screaming
4. For all of us**
5. The ghost of myself
6. Casting a shadow
7. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more (The PSB Extension): 8.39
8. Was it worth it? (live)**
9. Lies
10. Paris city boy (Full French)*
11. Positive role model
12. Somebody else’s business (extended mix)**

* Previously unreleased
**Previously unreleased on CD


Release / Further Listening 2001 – 2004 (3CD edition)


1. Home and dry
2. I get along
3. Birthday Boy
4. London
5. E-mail
6. The samurai in autumn
7. Love is a catastrophe
8. Here
9. The night I fell in love
10. You choose

1. Between two islands
2. Searching for the face of Jesus
3. Time on my hands
4. Motoring (demo)*
5. Love life**
6. Transparent
7. Sexy Northerner
8. The night is a time to explore who you are (demo)*
9. Closer to Heaven (slow version)
10. Run, girl, run (demo)*
11. I didn’t get where I am today
12. Always
13. Home and dry (ambient mix)
14. Bright young things (demo)*
15. Kazak*
16. A powerful friend (John Peel version)*
17. If looks could kill (John Peel version)*

1. Try it (I’m in love with a married man)
2. Here (PSB new extended mix)
3. If looks could kill
4. A powerful friend**
5. Party song
6. No excuse (demo)*
7. Blue on blue
8. Jack and Jill party (demo)*
9. Baby (demo)
10. Flamboyant (original demo)
11. Miracles
12. Flamboyant (7” mix)
13. Numb (demo)
14. In private (featuring Elton John)
15. Alone again, naturally (featuring Elton John)*
16. Reunion (Electro mix)*
17. Bright young things
18. We’re the Pet Shop Boys
19. It’s a sin (Barfly version)

* Previously unreleased
** Previously unreleased on CD

Fundamental / Further Listening 2005 – 2007

1. Psychological
2. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
3. I made my excuses and left
4. Minimal
5. Numb
6. God willing
7. Luna Park
8. I’m with Stupid
9. Casanova in Hell
10. Twentieth century
11. Indefinite leave to remain
12. Integral

1. Fugitive (Richard X extended mix)
2. Ring road (demo)*
3. The performance of my life (demo)*
4. One-way street (demo)*
5. Girls don’t cry
6. The Resurrectionist
7. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show (original demo)**
8. Dancing in the dusk (demo)*
9. After the event
10. The former enfant terrible
11. No time for tears (orchestral mix)*
12. God willing (original full-length mix)*
13. I’m with Stupid (PSB maxi-mix)
14. Answer the phone! (ringtone)**
15. Where are you? (ringtone)**
16. Water (ringtone)**
17. Numb (single edit)
18. One night
19. A certain “Je ne sais quoi”
20. Transfer (Visionaire mix)*
21. Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate 7” mix)**
22. Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate mix)

* Previously unreleased
** Previously unreleased on CD

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Nigel Day

I want Very and Behaviour.

You can keep Billingual


One Way Street is a very nice song ! Typical Pet Shop Boys music . I am happy that they released the further listening albums.

Sonna dummer

This would be perfect if it was ‘please’ or ‘actually’ or ‘very’ but it is gr8 there is not instrumentals.all i want is non album tracks and unreleased songs.

[…] Pet Shop Boys will quickly follow up their ‘Catalogue’ July reissues with two more ‘Further Listening’ multi-disc sets of Yes and Elysium – the last two […]


I think the first 6 albums reissues will not see the light of day until the last two unreleased ‘Yes’ and ‘Elysium’ are released first. This could be happening later this year, otherwise they will be released during the first quarter of 2018. Subsequently, the first 6 albums would be released by the middle of the year. I have doubts about whether they will be sold separately like the current reissues (most probably) or these would be exclusive of the hypothetical and so mentioned Box Set. I would not like that after buying all 11 reissues the company decides to release them all again in a box without essentially nothing new and probably only marked as ‘limited’ or featuring something unpublished content but so minimal that makes us really question whether we should buy everything again only for the new content: This will surely be the great dilemma in the event that this box is an Album Box Set – could be a box with unreleased recordings (discarded demos?) or previously not considered for a new remaster . Btw, the reissues of ‘Nightlife’, ‘Release’ and ‘Fundamental’ have been released in Japan this week, do not include anything new, just a small booklet with adicional reviews ‘inside’ the obi, other than that this, it’s the same known release; so far it seems the reissues are only being manufactured in Europe. Listening to these new reissues I notice an excellent remastering job. Honestly, I really enjoyed the sound of the ‘Nightlife’ repertoire. I think even the most recent albums have not had the sound quality that these reissues currently have, so I feel that many fans will surely buy again the first 6 albums. Personally, I see a re-love rediscovering much of PSB catalog through a renewed sound. Despite the musical pieces that may have been discarded in each project, I see that the these new editions will be considered the definitive versions due its variety and renewal. Several of their old versions currently look somewhat ‘outdated’ compared to their 2017 counterpart.

Paul Chapman

any update on the early albums getting a reissue?

David McCallum

Agreed that the 3CD bricks are pretty disappointing… especially since the covers are stretched to the spine. Oh well.

New unreleased tracks are fun to hear. They flirted with drum-n-bass in Bilingual-era b-sides and you can hear a bit of M83 in ‘Playing in the Streets.’


I’ve always thought ‘Nightlife’ already needed to be remastered. And I think that after some compilation errors that we have already noticed -I know, it’s not just about complaining about minor details- the Official Site might have already given a message of explanation, apology or something. There was enough time to compile these reissues… I wonder if Chris Heath was also overseeing this project, just as in 2001 they did.


I’m sorry but people saying these remasters are excellent must be listening to something different to me as they are horrendous and brickwalled to hell yet again. If this is an indication to what the early albums will sound like remastered then i won’t be touching them with a barge pole. Any album released after 1994 doesn’t need remastered unless it was badly mixed or mastered in the first place and the originals of those PSB were loud enough in the first place without adding more compression.

tom m hans

Just received mine in the mail from the UK – REALLY? FAT BOXES for the 3-disc editions? Who wants fat boxes anymore – waste of space. Sorry – rant over. Great Sound so far.


Have to agree I’m afraid. A 3 disc set can fit neatly into a classic CD case. A bit too plump for my liking. Still, at least we have them.


I am thrilled with these reissues. The sound is excellent, a big improvement. I am especially excited to buy the first six albums just on the remastered sound alone.

Maurizio Mongiovi

I am the only one disappointed by the Nightlife reissue?

It would have been better it they included all the “Closer to Heaven” Musical demos in one CD (I got them all saved somewhere) and all the rest in the other. And it is not because of a lack of space they didn’t do it, the Further Listening Cds are the least “filled” of all the 2001 and 2017 reissues combined (45 minutes the first, 57 the second). it’s unsual, considering how the Boys have been generous in the past.

And where is the cover of “Je t’aime moi non plus”? Ok, maybe it is not the best thing they ever recorded, but it was an official B-Side!

And Little Black Dress? even if the master wasn’t in great shape I would have preferred it to be included anyway.

For the other two releases, they seem very good to me. As for the 2001 ones, one could argue they miss this or that track, but in general they are quite satisfaying, and very pleasant to listen to.

Of course, a box with all the reissues along with all they officially released (with parlophone) but it is yet to be remastered (Relentless, Etc.) would be great, but as separate releases they are very good, save the Nightlife one, unfortunately.

Of course, this is just my opinion. :)


Its just a guess but Je t’aime… may have been left off due to a licensing issue. This Nightlife edition covers so much ground and god knows there’s room for it. Perhaps Paul knows?


The remastering on these 3 new ‘further listening ‘ is excellent. One of the best remasters I’ve heard ever. It’s worth buying these all over again just for the sound quality alone.


Check for yourselves, but all i can say is Nightlife sounds 10 times better on my old 2cd copy, this remasters feel ultra compressed and not really worth it, should have changed for good! Bonus material is cool but it would have been awesome if they have remastered from original sources using other kind of technology. Sigh.


In terms of the packaging, the 2001 I got when I was in the UK and the 2017 in Canada. In terms of design they are very similar. The differences is in the cardboard sleeve, not as thick this time round (same can be said for the booklets). For the tracks ‘Previously unreleased /on CD’ was listed per track, now its listed at the bottom with *, ** and the Parlophone info shifted to the spine side. This is also reflected on the CD case as well. No ‘insert for media content’ this time round. I guess the design difference on the Notes is the white space before the date, whereas it was after the date in 2001. Nothing crazy to get worried about at any rate. Now I just have to listen to the music….


Loving these discs, but have to say “expect the prices below to drop significantly between now and when these are issued” certainly didn’t come to pass. Preordered on June 13, lowest price before shipping for Nightlife and Release was $21.99 and Fundamental $16.99 (Amazon US)


“… and I am so proud of Neil telling fans “If you already bought the first six, don’t buy them again as nothing is changing!” …”

That’s not what he said. They are newly remastered, so there is a change. As the 2001 remasters were less then stellar, there’s at least the potential for a quite substantial difference.


Man, whomRe you people, bitching about these magnificent rereleases? As everything from “Please” has already been released and rereleased, we don’t need yet another version of that album as the Future Listening version is already exquisite…and I am so proud of Neil telling fans “If you already bought the first six, don’t buy them again as nothing is changing!”

I have been waiting YEARS for them to release more Future Listening albums, and receiving these today was one of the greatest moments of the year so far.

Derek T.

I got free prints with mine! One of each of the new sleeves. Bought in a Fopp. I hadn’t heard anything about free prints.


I received my discs from Amazon US. The first disc of Release is missing and instead there are two of the third discs included. Does anyone else have this issue? It would be good to know before I return it.


I also purchased from Amazon US, but no issues with my copy of release


Got this yesterday, a bit of a bummer:

Thank you for your Pet Shop Boys pre-orders.
While we received all of the vinyl from the warehouse and they have been shipped, there was a small delay with some of the CDs which are expected at the fulfilment house by tomorrow, release day.
These will be sent out as soon as it’s possible to pack and ship and we hope you will receive them in the next 5 working days. For overseas orders it will take a little longer.
We hope you can bear with us while fulfilment do everything they can to get these out to you as soon as they possibly can.
Thank you for your patience.


I receive min from France … for the triple cd, there is a slim case for the 3rd cd !


No mistake… This is a triple box … sorry

Mark N

If they are not adding another disc to the old albums then I’ll pass. All I want is a remastered 7″ mix of “Was It Worth It?” as it is so quiet on Discography. I’d like to listen to all their material but I know it would always bug me that that 7″ mix is missing. Instead I’ll just save myself over £100… their loss.


+1 The new albums are not to blame that the old ones have not had (at this moment) a third disc. I hope Parlophone will reconsider this wrong decision in the coming months.

andrew r

After the first 5 cd’s/ lp’s whatever, they slowly went off the boil
archness turned to camp they became a litle silly and Neil’s vocal range(such as it was)
went. Nul points from me on these sorry.

Violet Creme

Taste is subjective but I’d find it hard to describe the deeply melancholic and world-weary Fundamental as “silly”. Ditto Release’s heartbroken “You Choose” and “Love Is A Catastrophe”. Both albums are definitely worth a second listen.


Neil’s comment, while reasonable and honest, does make one wonder if there’s a bit of bad blood between PSB and Parlophone. Clearly the Parlophone of 2017 is a far different place than it was during the first decade of their relationship, but things do feel a bit fraught. Given that PSB quickly jumped on board the expansion of physical format music marketing in the 90’s (remember the 3 CD single?), this retrenchment from a solid marketing plan feels odd. But perhaps I’m reading too much in to it, and Neil just doesn’t want to feel like the band is once again asking fans to buy music most have owned on multiple formats.

Auntie Sabrina

Roll on 2021 for those 40th anniversary releases


This campaign seems like this: The first six reissues will be the main guest to the big party of new five (as PSB said, ‘new batch’) 2017 releases. It’s a shame that apparently Parlophone already forgot that era of great sales of PSB. Listening to Neil saying “I would suggest you don’t buy them again because I think it’s a bit ridiculous really”, I get the impression that even the PSBs are not more interested in the old fans, but the new ones, giving them another (and very attractive, even with new remasters) opportunity to buy (from new) big part of their catalogue.

Jason Schafer

PSB could really use lavish box sets of Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, and Very/Relentless. The other following albums are all varying levels of great, but have slightly less significant cultural impact. I would have shelled out for any of these in a beautiful and appropriate box including remastered vinyl and additional content over what’s already out there. It’s still a gift we are even getting these other albums as deluxe editions, but not at the expense of the classics. Saving up for the 40th anniversaries then? Hopefully not THAT long.


Agree with Paul reading his comment at another PSB forum. Nowadays, the golden PSB albums (at least, the first five) look very sad in a 2017 of fashionable new reissues of nightlife, release and fundamental. What a waste of 30 anniversary opportunity for Please and Actually :-(

Brendan H.

I am going to wait on these, mostly because I bought all six FL sets back in 2001 and unless people rave about the remaster, I may just stick with the ones I have. Especially if the mastering engineer is the same(!)


“It’s a little annoying, however, that the first 6 are getting reissued with (probably) very minor packaging changes and a new remastering, but with no new content. They’ll no doubt look and sound a bit better, but …”

Not sure about this. Wouldn’t surprise me to find these even more compressed than the 2001 remasters. I already have the original 80’s CD releases (for good sound) and all the 2001 Further Listening sets (for bonus tracks) and I’m definitely not planning to buy them again.


A minor point but unlike in 2001, Chris and Neil are no longer signed to Parlophone and may not have the same access to their archives that they once had.

David McCallum

Yes. His “because I think records should just get louder” comes close to Spinal Tap’s “but this goes to eleven.” LOL

PSB’s first six (though they started off the rails with #6 Bilingual) should be released with simple transfers like Roxy Music’s Studio Recordings or Scott Walker’s The Collection 1967-70.

Auntie Sabrina

From http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40592576 Neil Tennant on the re-released versions of their first 6 albums.

“Your first six albums are also being remastered again – how much difference will there be?
Well, it’s a controversial thing in some ways because I think records should just get louder. If you bought the collection in 2001, I would suggest you don’t buy them again because I think it’s a bit ridiculous really. It’s exactly the same tracks and the same packaging and the same booklet, it’s just that they’ve been mastered again.
I asked our mastering engineer, ‘Do you think you can make them sound better than they did in 2001?’ And he said, “Yes we can, definitely.” And part of me is even slightly sceptical about that. You’re not getting any extra tracks or anything. Stick to your old ones, that’s my advice.”

Damon Suttle

So even Neil Tennant himself thinks its a bit ridiculous and to stick to your old ones so why aren’t they being released any differently?


I would love instrumental discs of Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very and Bilingual.


It would be fabulous to include Relentless with Very and Disco with Please, even as some sort of pre-order or limited edition add-on, but I don’t see it happening.


They could at least remaster Disco and add it as 3rd disc with Please to make it even remotely worthwhile buying again.

Paul W

I’m a proper PSB CD completist, so I have multiple copies of all their previous albums and singles, including all the promos, interview discs, etc. I’ve stuck mainly to UK CDs (otherwise it gets quite ridiculous), but I have the more interesting foreign CDs, namely the ones with tracks not available over here. As I had to stop working due to ill health a couple of years ago, there are some gaps appearing, as some of the promos can be quite expensive, but I’ll be buying the next three further listening packages.

It’s a little annoying, however, that the first 6 are getting reissued with (probably) very minor packaging changes and a new remastering, but with no new content. They’ll no doubt look and sound a bit better, but as it’ll probably cost £80-£100 it would have been nice to add a 3rd disc to the sets to match the new ones, as there is so much more good quality material missing from the sets. I was expecting, or hoping at least, to be spending that amount on an all singing all dancing boxed set of Please, but instead I’ll be rebuying what I have already bought several times over (yes, I know nobody’s forcing me!), annoyingly being told in the process that the ones I bought back in 2001 weren’t up to scratch, hence the need for new remastering. It’s such a shame that the later albums are going to be better served than their far superior predecessors though, because if any 80s album was made for a 6 disc CD/Blu Ray set Please is the one.

Damon Suttle

I agree, a big missed opportunity with the reissues of the 2001 further listening albums by not adding a third disc of bonus tracks to make up for mixes missed before. Will be putting together my own versions.

Andrew Edwards

Amazon U.K. prices are now commensurate to the Pledge Music bundle price. Now Amazon U.S. has to follow suit. Prices there still ridiculous

Koen Kroeze

I like the ‘Futher Listening’ discs… I am also a completist and like some of the remixes as well. So I hope one day there will be a complete cd-maxi box-set/re-issue including all the official (and promotional) versions, like Depeche Mode and others bands have done years ago…


Amazon UK finally lowered prices to £14.99 and £12.99, respectively. If you’re in the US, after VAT is deducted and shipping is added, the bundle cost is £40.87 (approx $51.60). That beats the PledgeMusic bundle and the PSB official store (and the prices may drop further).


Best deal to date.

Nigel Q

The set of all 3 releases is currently £34.25 on PledgeMusic when ordered as a bundle.


According to Neil Kelly’s post further up they are £41.07 so the p&p must be £6.82.


Looks like Tim Young is doing the remastering on these reissues just like he did on those horrid 2001 remasters which were flat as pancakes.


Tim Young did a terrible job with the 2001 sets. Especially Behaviour which sounded so muffled. I was really hoping someone else would be remastering these.

Jayson Green

To this day I cannot understand why they never included the extended version of Rent and the disco mix of Left To My Own Devices on the original Further Listening Sets, presumably disc space, but why 2 different version of Domino Dancing on the disc 2???
I would have thought after 16 years these two particular tracks could have been included as apart from their original CD single release, they have never been re-issued as far as I’m aware.


Probably because those two remixes were done by François Kevorkian (Rent) and Trevor Horn (Left To My Own Devices) Seems to be an unwritten law with these Further Listening sets that they won’t include songs remixed by others.

Jeremy Bromley

This has increasingly been getting on my nerves, where people claim that PSB only put their own remixes onto the FL sets… Can I point to the “Actually” set, and the following tracks:

2. Heart (Shep Pettibone Version) – Remix by Shep Pettibone
6. What Have I Done (Extended Version) – Remix by Julian Mendlelsohn
10. Rent (7″ Version) – Remixed by Stephen Hague
12 – Always on my Mind (Extended Dance Mix) – Remix by Julian Mendelsohn

That’s just Actually …

Andrew Edwards

Yes but many of these men were the original producers of the track or were involved in the studio during the original recording , so technically they weren’t outside remixers…..this was addressed in some of the above posts……Actually


I’m stopping using HMV as their delivery times now are terrible taking 4 or 5 days for stuff to arrive.


£14,99 delivered at HMV.com Nightlife and Release, £12.99 delivered Fundamental.


The Release dates should be 2000-2004 given that the first 7 or 8 tracks were demoed that year. Motoring and Transparent are both in their original demo forms so this is definitely a mistake

Neil Kelly

All 3 on CD Delivered (which is quite important)…

Pledge: £41.07

PSB official store: £43.92

Amazon: Forget (Currently)