Pet Shop Boys single on the SDE shop

Pet Shop Boys / new single I don't wanna / 12-inch vinyl

The Pet Shop Boys are going ahead with their ‘I Don’t Wanna’ single release in two weeks time and I’m pleased to say that we’ve decided to stock quantities of both CD single and 12-inch variants in the SDE shop.

There’s a little bit of uncertainty around the fulfilment of new releases this month, but I can at least reassure you that the SDE shop already has PSB stock in hand and for UK fans at least these will despatch early on the week of release with the aim to get them on your doorstep on the day of release (we will do our best for international customers, also).

12-inch single of I Don’t Wanna

The five-track CD single is a gatefold presentation, while the 12-inch vinyl comes with a printed inner sleeve.

I Don’t Wanna will be released on 24 April 2020. Pre-order from the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below. See the widgets underneath if you wish to order elsewhere!

I Don’t Wanna CD single

1  I don’t wanna (radio edit)
2 New boy
3 I don’t wanna (Mano Le Tough remix)
4 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix one)
5 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix two)

I Don’t Wanna 12-inch vinyl

Side A
1 I don’t wanna (album version)
2 I don’t wanna (Mano Le Tough remix)

Side B
1 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix one)
2 I don’t wanna (David Jackson remix two)

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Graham Muir

Parcels arrived safely over here in NZ.
Official PSB store didn’t want to deal with this longtime customer so thought I’d give you a shot. I expected a delay in current pandemic so happily paid for tracking. Glad I grabbed both the CD and vinyl from you guys, great service.
Thank you!


Hi Paul received my order this morning in sunny Ireland. Excellent packaging and service. Looking forward to ordering again in the near future.

Gary Russell

CD single arrived from you this morning Paul. Thank you! Knockout service!


I’ve received an email from Amazon UK stating that PSB ‘It Don’t Wanna’ cd single is now estimated to be delivered on the 29th April.


Hi Paul
As someone who still likes buying cd’s I’d be interested to know if you have sold more CD singles than 12’s or did you just stock more 12″ ? Was the CD more limited ?
Its good to see a band release both cd and 12″ single nowadays.


Paul are you getting the cd back in stock?
If so, I will order here and cancel amazon but I’m not keen on splitting my order


Got the same Amazon email about not having a delivery date so cancelled and ordered through your good self. Thanks Paul!


Looks like I got my order in just in time!

Paul G

Just received the email from Amazon that they cannot offer a delivery date!
No problem, cancelled and ordered from SDE. Amazon have let me down so often with pre-orders (most recently with the TFF boxsets) that I will have to purchase elsewhere from now on.
Thanks Paul.


Just had an email from Amazon UK saying that they cannot, as of yet, offer a delivery date for PSB I Don’t Wanna cd single. I ordered it sometime ago from Amazon but they’re saying that the order is secure and will honour the order.


First time ordered with you paul, thanks great price!


I am thrilled that they are going ahead and releasing this at this time.

But,… I Hate the remixes.
Such a wasted opportunity.
For a song with such a great chorus, to be minimalized to such a degee in these dance mixes, who’s lyrics are about dancing, or… not wanting to go…

And so, I have had a listen to this Maxi-single, and I do like the single version it’s very basic, I like how they gave the vocals air to breathe and opened up the atmosphere a bit.

I am still listening to the B-side “New Boy” to see what I think, I am liking it.

but still, how could the f**k up the actual remixes for this song? Choosing these remixes? I so disappointed.

The “Mano Le Tough remix” is basically an experimental Dub. Fine.

But it’s the two main remixes I can’t get over. Sure, they are great dance tracks, ots all there except… They left out the catchy chorus, which is what makes the song what it is, and instead added drone-like vocals, deadpan in style, and really nowhere near what was needed. The remixes fir “Monkey Business ” were great, IMO, but, sadly these…
Maybe they will grow on me. But…
Probably not.

It’s a Shame, I love this song, but at least we have the album version and the single version. I suppose the remixes are fine for dancing, but certainly could have been done better. I hate them.


I haven’t heard the remixes, but I gave up buying their remixes ages ago, as they were to me, unlistenable and pointless. The PSB’s are at their best as a pop band, and this song is one where a big, huge sounding pop dance remix, could have done it a big favour, not minimalist dance nonsense. I know they’re at a stage in their career where they can do as they please and people will still buy whatever they put out, but it’s a shame they don’t put more thought into what their fans want.

Rich P

The mixes for this single are damn fine as far as I am concerned and I’ve been a fan since 1985.


I’ve already pre-ordered the cd-maxi from the PSB Shop few months ago. I live abroad, therefor I won’t order another copy from SDE as it will take ages to arrive anyway…unless you can assure you will ship my item as soon as I’ve placed my order.




First time ordering with SDE. Surprised by the low shipping cost to Ireland some other retailers really sock it on so thanks Paul. Cancelled my order with Amazon. Thanks for a great website it’s become one of my go to daily reads.


I dare to ask an off topic question: will the THE HURTING box be back in stock in the SDE shop?


Really sorry but you were doing so well here until I saw the postage charge. £7 really is the maximum I want to pay for a CD single (and even that’s extortionate). I immediately went over to eBay and found one for £6.95 with free postage, and 99.9% positive feedback. It was a no-brainer, I’m afraid.


It is if I can get free postage elsewhere, yes. Sorry. Usually with their singles, I’ll take a long walk from my office to HMV (Derby) but that won’t be possible with this one. HMV can be relied upon to stock their singles.

As I say, £7 is quite a lot to pay for a CD single anyway. I would honestly prefer PSBs to release simultaneous deluxe editions of albums with bonus tracks, than to spread them across several singles. That’s what I see deluxe bonus tracks as – tracks that would have been b-sides in the old days. As a deluxe, you can buy them all in one go. PSBs stick to the old-fashioned way but it does try my patience.

I just think it’s an expensive way to get exclusive tracks.

But thanks for putting my comment on here, I wasn’t expecting you to.

John McCann'

Since your on the subject of free,,,can you please send me a free s d.e. t shirt,XXL,and a mug,socks,hat, scarves and gloves,thanks in advance, john


As some how who has used eBay to sell A LOT of items, let me tell you postage and packaging is not cheap and can leave the seller out of pocket, especially when taking the eBay and Paypal selling charges.
Paul is selling these at RRP (the same price as Amazon and the Official Store) and the P&P is fair. You are just being pedantic, if you don’t want to pay for the singles you can buy the tracks individually on iTunes, even better, you can stream with Spotify, Apple Music etc, but I’m guessing you like your music physical.
Sorry to hear you’re inconvenienced by the Coronavirus resulting in HMV closing down and not being able to go on your little walk.


In his write-up, Paul mentions the uncertainty with respect to the supply chain for this latest PSB single…and rightfully so. The Monkey Business CD single seems to have been a limited release or the current pandemic has shut down the supply chain for that CD single release to retailers after receiving their initial shipments. Amazon UK cancelled my order (to the US) for the Monkey Business CD single, citing unavailability of the product. I thought the cancellation was due to Amazon prioritizing essential items for fulfillment during the pandemic and that I would be able to find the CD single elsewhere. However, most retailers I’ve checked seem to be out of stock…and those that do have it are asking £20+.


Amazon UK has not been sending orders to the US recently due to Corona. The official PSB store has the 12″ for Monkey Business but not the CD anymore.


Tracey, my indie store Banquet still has the Monkey Business CD listed at £5.99 if you want to try, although not sure what US shipping is. https://www.banquetrecords.com/pet-shop-boys/monkey-business/X20020CD1


Cheers CraigE! I placed an order with Banquet…fingers crossed it comes through. They’ve been a great source for me for a lot of the Morrissey 7″ singles these last few years (except for the last one, which they couldn’t fulfill). I must not have checked their online store when I was looking for another source after Amazon UK cancelled my PSB Monkey Business CD single order. Thanks again!


They did say Annually was being released early due to concerns about the mail being impacted by Corona.

Fight, O Plankton

Just for clarity (due to the way replies sometimes appear on SDE), this comment concerns ‘Annually 2020’, not ‘I Don’t Wanna’.

In reply to Glenn (“They did say Annually was being released early due to concerns about the mail being impacted by Corona”) – Thanks Glenn, I’ve just seen the announcement in the ‘Latest news’ section on the PSB website. Dom had obviously seen it a while back (or maybe there’s a page on SDE where it’s mentioned, in which case, apologies for talking about it on a page about a different release – although in fairness, it was a comment on THIS page that alerted me to the rescheduled delivery date, so I can’t really respond elsewhere).

You’d think that somebody would at least update the product page. Even if the release date – which has clearly been missed anyway, with no further announcement – had not been brought forward, there’s still that discrepancy of 9th/17th April.

And, as someone who pre-ordered from the site, it would have been nice to get an email telling me the revised (and now missed) delivery date. I feel like I ‘didn’t get the memo’!

It’s showing as ‘In stock’, so I think I’m going to have to contact the store to ask what’s going on. I understand that the coronavirus is causing all sorts of disruption, but if someone is able to put an update in the ‘Latest news’ section if the site, then surely it’s also possible for someone to update the product page and to email those of us who pre-ordered.

I’m possibly coming across as far more upset about this than I really am! As long as my two pre-ordered copies reach me at some point, then that’s the main thing. But it’s hardly unreasonable to expect to be kept in the loop. I – and pretty much everyone else, I should imagine – am not in the habit of regularly checking websites from which I have pre-ordered something purely to check on the off-chance that something relating to the pre-ordered item(s) has changed. I rely, quite understandably and justifiably, on the company in question to contact me about any significant change. That’s baseline stuff, in my opinion.

P. S. Paul, thanks for including my previous post (a rather dull first entry from a long-time lurker!), and apologies for going on at length about a different product (although I’m talking more about a lack of communication and clear information from the PSB store than any particular product per se).


Placed an order with SDE.Thank you so very much Paul


Placed an order with SDE.

Looking forward to this release, one of the better tracks on the album.


Would love to cancel my Amazon order and get this from yourself, but £9 for delivery to Ireland? Ooof.

I know there’s probably not an awful lot you can do about it though. Delivery for anything from the UK to Ireland nowadays seems to be silly pricing.


Does the track new boy still sound modern (although actually never get old) ?


Thanks Paul, Cancelled amazon and ordered at your place.
Order #SSD18234


Thanks for info. Sounds promising


Is the new (but written in the mid eighties) track a slowie or stomped?

Tim Abbott

How are the remixes?


That’s encouraging. Somewhat makes up for the reduction of B sides to just 1 per single

Neil Hendry

Just about to do the same – cancel with Amazon and order through yourself, Paul. Keep up the great work.


I ordered from the PSB shop and then decided to order through Amazon as my bank stopped my copy of the new album with the signed print as potential fraud. Then Amazon cancelled my order so I kept my order with their shop. I would have totally ordered from here if I’d known you were going to stock it. I’m going to get into the Tears For Fears book this weekend. It looks great. I very much appreciate all you do, Sir.


Cancelled Amazon and ordered CD single, worth it for the better packaging, based on feedback from your other customers and prefer to support independents where practical. Shame you don’t run the official store, utter shambles, the new Annually was meant to be dispatched 1stApril, no one has even received a despatch email yet

Fight, O Plankton

Are you sure about that date for Annually, Dom? My order confirmation email (dated 25th February) states: “Release date: 17 April 2020”.

Although I’ve just checked the official PSB store, and underneath the ‘Add to basket’ button it says “Release Date 09 April 2020”. In the product description, however, it says: ““Annually 2020” will ship from the UK on April 17th.”



Also I just saw about the Chris Heath “Literally” & “versus America” book release dates for October 27, 2020…. anyone receive any messages regarding this new date?

David S

I received the slipcase version of the books today, after having my original order cancelled after my Bank stopped it as a suspicious transaction. This appears to be a common theme with the PSB Store at present.

Anthony Hesseltine

My bank card participates in the verified by Visa program and almost every time on the PSB site, I have to fill in a few pieces of verifying information to move forward. However this is not on the part of the PSB order process, but a VISA verification pop-up. If you notice that this is happening frequently at the pet shop boys site I would recommend calling your card issuer and asking for advice on how to order internationally. You may also want to check your browser to see if you have pop-up windows blocked as you might be missing the verification step