Pet Shop Boys / SUPER white vinyl LP

On the eve of its release, German online retailer JPC appear to have an exclusive white vinyl edition of the Pet Shop Boys new album SUPER.

Not only is this pressed on white vinyl, but the 12-track album comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve and includes a download code.

SUPER is released on Friday 1 April 2016.



1 Happiness
2 The pop kids
3 Twenty-something
4 Groovy
5 The dictator Decides
6 Pazzo!
7 Inner sanctum
8 Undertow
9 Sad robot world
10 Say it to me
11 Burn
12 Into thin air

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David, sadly no. It seems they’ve stopped doing them since going independent (post-EMI). The 2CDs have usually come out at the time of release (with the exception of Bilingual).


The PSB have a strong history of releasing limited edition 2CD-versions of their albums (albeit the Elysium one was a bit disappointing with just an instrumental version of the album).
Are there any reports of a 2cd-version of Super?


Just in case anyone’s still keeping track of this at home, the “regular” version I picked up at my local (independent but part of an area chain) store was white vinyl, gatefold sleeve, and they did have a free SUPER slipmat as well. About $21 USD.

Neil Credland

I love the new album bought the cd and vinyl. But having trouble getting on the website to download the free code . Frustrating

Peter Yarrow

My vinyl copy arrived yesterday from Recordstore … white vinyl


Ordered, the first time since ages I will buy a Vinyl but not the CD…

Auntie Sabrina


badges, T-Shirts, iphone cases and screen print are available here love



Are they going to sell any stock left from the pop up shops anywhere else – online maybe?


How can this be an exclusive white edition when all available copies so far are actually white ?
I ordered a copy from JPC, believing this was going to be the only place where I would find the white LP but soon realised it was not exclusive at all.
Furthermore, comments about this white vinyl emerge and rumour has it that this is quite a bad pressing.

Auntie Sabrina

The CD is currently £8 on Amazon too

Eric G

My copy bought on a french online retailler is also on white vinyl !

Jason Ball

They are ALL white, bought one from germany as thought it was limited edition, and very next day I get the one from the PSB store and guess what it was white, and so are all the other ones. What a waste of money buying and importing from germany. Some sort of notice would have been nice.


I bought a copy from the jpc link yesterday. I looked later yesterday and it was gone, so assume sold out. You can get copies still from discogs https://www.discogs.com/Pet-Shop-Boys-Super/release/8322382


????? link to jpc goes to homepage with no listing of vinyl Super……………


It is in stock again, for 24,99 Euros…


Bought it on vinyl today but didn’t have a chance to open it and now I’m away for work… I want to know what colour I got!

As for the album, I actually really like it, I loved Electric, and this is a good follow up, the structure of the tracks is more pop apart from a few like Inner Sanctum, my highlights are:
The Pop Kids (obviously), Groovy, Undertow, Say It to Me, the rest are to grow on me, although I don’t think I’ll be taking to Sad Robot World, didn’t enjoy that at all.

Pete C T

Anybody know for definite if they have released a black vinyl version? If so, where can you get it? Sorry, but I prefer boring old black vinyl.


Will be interested to see if there are any black vinyl editions at all in the first run – could be a cheeky surprise treat for fans considering the release date.


Which format of download files is included in the vinyl copy? Mp3, Wav, Flac, etc…

Jeremy Bromley

Can anyone confirm the quality of the file downloads, if they’re 24/96 I might be interested, but CD quality I’m not so.

Looking through the comments, it throws up something I was thinking about the other day regarding how different people see PSB. Myself, I’m a huge fan and have been since hearing Please in a small independent record shop in Leicester (now long gone). I have every recording they have made (pretty much, though The Prize still eludes me), but on of the things about PSB that makes them (for me at least) so enjoyable is the sheer breadth of material they have produced over the years.
No two albums are the same style really, so those hoping for another “Please” will be disappointed, those hoping for another “Behaviour” will be disappointed, those hoping for a “Relentless or Introspective” will be disappointed. They always use different producers, which is great for them, and keeps them up to date (or more usually ahead) with latest trends in Pop music.
I don’t think it fair to slate an album just because it doesn’t sound like your favourite PSB material, some of the stuff needs several listens to “grow on you”. For example I didn’t really like much of Behaviour when it first came out apart from a couple of tracks (My Oct Symphony and End of the World), but over time the whole album grew on me, and is now tied as my favourite PSB album. Electric/Elysium I can take or leave, but the Pandemoneum Tour album is again a superb listen… for me.

Craig Hedges

Went to HMV first thing this morning looking to get a copy of Super on white vinyl, I assumed that the copies on display would be on black vinyl as there was no label to state they were limited editions. I asked the staff and they weren’t aware of any white vinyl copies but they were curious so they opened one of the standard copies and it was white vinyl. I guessing all the initial copies are white, which will probably make the black ones more exclusive!
I’ll have to go back when they release ChangesBowie and see if they will open them until they find a clear vinyl!

Jon Hank

I agree vastly disappointing album…almost as bad as Elysium. But I’m a completest I will buy a copy of the white vinyl.


Here’s hoping someone (Paul?) makes it to the PSB Super pop-up shop in London and shares the experience. Some photos perhaps – a pic of the signed print, signed LPs/CDs. A white vinyl LP available from Germany. A pop-up shop in London. What exists for us USA fans? Nothing it seems. My go to online retailer didn’t even include the album in its weekly email of new releases! For Electric, there was a lithograph available with purchase that now hangs framed in the dining room. Are there any bonuses for Super that anyone knows about in the US? Thanks for the review Daniel – Amazon is getting the CD to me tomorrow on release day and I look forward to checking it out – from a true fan since the start – anyone remember hearing West End Girls on WLIR back in the day? Tomorrow will be a SUPER day!

Pete C T

Seems that there are various retailers (Stinkweeds – Phoenix, AZ and Reckless Records – Chicago, IL) to name two (I’m sure there are plenty more) that are giving away a “Super” branded slipmat with purchases of the vinyl version. This looks to be a USA exclusive.

Christian Fex

Vinyl? That’s so 2015!


I heard “SUPER ” this week twice and it is a bad album. The “pop kids” single is good,
but the only other good track on the album is “The Dictator Decides”
( reminds me a little bit of the song-structure of “The Day Before You Came” of ABBA,
without any chorus and an operatic voice at the end. Very strong song!
The rest songs sound cheap and like produced in 4 weeks. More than 4 songs have the very bugging “siren-sounds” – disharmonic. I don’t like this on most of the new club mixes.
“SUPER” has also too much “la-la-la” songs.
Yesterday I heard “Please” again to bring me in the mood for the new album and this album
had NO filler. And “SUPER” is SUPER-bad for me.
I hope the re-re-release of “Please” later this year will makes me happier. I hope.
Tennant and Lowe should change the producer and should do a good album finally.
And taking more time to write good songs.
The last 4 were not so strong as the first albums ( “Please” to “Very / Relentless” ).
“The Pop Kids” promising a good 80’s album – but finally it isn’t.
I dedicated my first 2 books as a photographer to Tennant & Lowe and their
inspiration to me.
But with this quality of “SUPER” I wouldn’t do that again.


Can’t agree. I was no fan of ELECTRIC but SUPER? Infinitely better. Its not perfect (I lose Pazzo, Twenty Something, Groovy (Sooooo childish) and Burn in my edit) but overall its classic Pet Shop Boys. And yes, The Dictator Decides is the standout.

And I have to say, I was no fan of The Pop Kids but in the context of the album it works beautifully.


I strongly disagree. Perhaps you haven’t spent enough time with the album. Only two listens? Wow. I bought the album and it’s excellent. Not one bad track on there. My favorite track is “Groovy” followed by “The Pop Kids” and third favorite is “Undertow”…. so many good songs on there.


Bought the white vinyl version and the recording quality is way below the original vinyl LP’s of the 80’s.
I am taking this back as there’s surface noise even after pro cleaning the press lubricant off.
The production is closed in compared to earlier productions.
Tried it on three high end systems and all the same.

Rob Wilcock

Yes, bud, I said that at 12 minutes to 7 pal


The colored vinyl is a single disc (see pictures of it on discogs here: https://www.discogs.com/Pet-Shop-Boys-Super/release/8322382). Not sure about the black version though.


My copy of the vinyl shipped from Amazon UK today. Has anyone received a UK copy? I would really prefer a 2 LP set, especially in a gatefold sleeve, but I have no idea what I am getting (and I probably won’t get the package until late next week).

Rob Wilcock

Maybe it’s an April Fool’s joke the wags…


Yikes, that better be spread across two lp’s…

Rob Wilcock


Don’t blame me I got the information from Discogs

Rob Wilcock

Into Thin Air – bonus track?

Pete C T

Nope. On UK copies.


They’re also showing a Japanese import CD “+ bonus”. Anyone have any idea what the bonus is?

Alan Wilson

I’ve seen several Twitter feeds today from independent retailers showing vinyl as white also.


So is Resident-Music


Also showing as white vinyl on Picadilly records website in the UK.

Some suggestion therre are other various coloured vinyl versions out there…