Pet Shop Boys to release ‘Dreamland’ as a physical single

They had us worried for a while, but the great news is that the Pet Shop Boys continue to support physical product with their singles and their latest ‘Dreamland’ will be available on both CD and vinyl.

‘Dreamland’ is the first single from their forthcoming – as yet unnamed – album and features Years & Years. The five-track CD single features two remixes and new other songs. ‘An Open Mind’ is a non-album track from the sessions, while ‘No Boundaries’ taken from the stage version of Hanif Kureishi’s My Beautiful Laundrette, which opened in Leicester September 2019.

The vinyl 12-inch simply contains four versions of ‘Dreamland’ of which the ‘Dreamland (TWD Dub)’ is exclusive.

Both formats are released on 25 October 2019.

 Dreamland CD single

1. Dreamland
2. An open mind
3. No boundaries
4. Dreamland (PSB remix)
5. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)

Dreamland 12-inch vinyl

1. Dreamland
2. Dreamland (PSB Remix)
3. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)
4. Dreamland (TWD Dub)


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[…] single ‘Dreamland’ has already been released, and another track, the autumnal ‘Burning The Heather’ (which features Johnny Marr on […]


Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but rather than what’s listed on the sleeve and the label, the 12″ actually has the “digital remixes” tracklisting:
1. Dreamland (PSB remix)
2. Dreamland (TWD vocal remix)
3. Dreamland (TWD dub)
4. Dreamland (Jacques Renault remix)


Yes, same with my copy. Also see that listed on Discogs. Nice that all four mixes have a physical release.


pet shop boys are the best-buy every cd single and every 12 inch


Their singles keep getting weaker and weaker. Time for them to retire unless they’re going to come up with a pop banger.


Thats not really any of your business is it ! .


Retire? Although, I detested Super and thought it was a dull collection of b-sides, that ranks amongst my least favorite of their catalogue. No one can help but be impressed by a couple of guys who’ve been writing consistent, quality music for 35 years. I’m sure the masses consider them a singles band, but I’ve always looked at them as album artists, with oodles of deeper cuts just waiting to be discovered.
Dreamland is far and away better than anything on Super, and probably their most solid lead off single since Leaving.
I, for one, can’t wait for this new chapter.


I think this is very pop, and quite a banger, I presume you’re being ironic!

I wasn’t sure about the Years & Years connection at first, as I can’t say I’m a fan, but I think it’s great now, very much in the euphoric disco vein of More than a dream/Promised land.


retire? why? that will just leave shabby artists left to record. As long as they deliver, I will buy. some not as great as others but still all worthy of purchase. Any fan of PSB, would never tell their fav artist to retire. Boggles the mind. The worst of PSB is still better than 99% of today’s artists.


Would live ‘Musik’ on CD too…

Tina Cebollero

They are just AWESOME! They’re too col.


Good Lord…The moaning about this not being a top notch PSB single is over the top. It’s a damn good song that becomes an earworm on repeated listens, and I can’t think of too many other artists around 60 still making music you’d even want to hear after 35 years making some of the most consistently good pop music for what is now more-than-a-generation. Play the latest Madonna or Sting singles if you’d like a comparison.

Calling out Stuart Price’s production is a bit of a swipe that seems more anchored in personal taste as he has generally done a good job (Electric was a pretty great album IMO, Super was good if a little less substantial or groundbreaking), and while it might be time to move on after this, they seemed to have an agenda (pun intended) in wanting to work with him and make this a trilogy based on certain sonic palettes, so who knows where they’ll go from here, but it most certainly is difficult to judge an entire yet-to-be-released album on the basis of a lead single. We should be grateful they are even still alive making music as great as this. With more than one person involved in the creation, other duos and bands have dealt with illnesses, addictions, deaths…Let’s face it, the world is out to kill us sooner or later. I couldn’t be happier knowing they are OK and still making great music like Paul McCartney instead of sitting on their laurels for 30 years like Billy Joel, someone who tours constantly on the glories of the past but releases nothing new for the fans. Why bother? There’s a difference between writer’s block and egotism. PSB are always exploring, always moving forward while continuing to reference and know their past. Keep it up, boys.


Sorry, but Madonna’s Madame X album is outstanding.

Mats Björkman

Madonnas Madame X is a ‘I want to be young again, but I ain’t’-album. She has gotten far from her roots, and desperately turned into what she believes is a way to keep her ruling the charts again. But I’m sorry – there’s no way that you will attract anyone else but your own faithful fanbase that believes that you’re a god, nomatter what you produce. If she hadn’t been American, I don’t think may ppl would have bothered today actually. I was a Madonna fan from 1986-2003 c:a – but after that, I found no meaning in listening to her new stuff anymore. She sold her musical soul and failed.

M Fisher

@jason I very much agree with all in your post minus the opinionated diss on Madonna latest work and grouping it with Sting’s latest who is not even her contemporary.

@ Mats Björkman I couldn’t disagree more. I think Madonna’s Madame X is some of her best work in decades thanks to the material being much more the work of Madonna the “I don’t give a fuck anymore” artist rather than Madonna the “I must stay relevant” opportunist businesswoman. Music critics have mostly lauded the album and praised its artistic spirit, maturity and world music sound.

Also a Madonna fan, I’ve been listening and following her music closely to since 1985. I’m nearly fifty, so I completely understand the appeal and drive to be young again. Youth embodies energy. In fact, I don’t know of anyone my age or older who doesn’t want to be young again. That’s being human.

As far as charts are concerned, Madonna is not a musician still defined by them. The album Madame X topped the U.S. Billboard 200 Album chart in June thanks to joint tour and album sales, but quickly left the entire chart within two weeks. Her last single to be in the top five of Billboard’s Hot 100 was nearly 20 years ago when ‘Don’t Tell Me” was number 3. https://www.mad-eyes.net/music/chart-positions.htm

From my close observation and experience of Madonna through the many years, singles, albums, music videos, tours, personas, influences & influencing, achievements, controversies, trends, and ups & downs I find myself still engaged and along for the ride. Along the way, of course there have been high and low points with her music but that’s art — a career worth and that’s life. I’m just grateful Madonna continues to make and release music that continues to stir, excite, and evolve.


agreed no sitting on Laurels and touring for PSB.


Totally glad this is their last album with Stuart Price. But when I met them on their Super tour I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that LOL . Incredibly nice guys, btw. Funny and intelligent.
Really miss the 2 and 3 part cd singles. They were usually fun to collect, and had tons of extra songs and remixes.

Tina Cebollero

Me too!


Two albums too many with him I think. Dreamland is good though but I personally do not like Stuart Price’s production. Everyone he works with he seems to produce an album which restricts the artist’s strength and dulls whatever quality they have into a bland, amorphous mass. Super was dreadful without exception but I still have hope that Neil and Chris can regain form. Dreamland is certainly on the way back.


Personally, Electric really got me back into PSB, but I did sort of get tired of it…but I love Super, and I would dare say it is my favorite album of theirs since the first one. But that is just my taste. Anyhow, I have already pre-ordered the single and the album and am looking forward to hearing whatever they give us this time around.


Pretty much agree, Michael. Electric really reenergised them and Super is probably my favourite album of theirs – maybe not since Please but at least since Behaviour.

Love this new single as well.


I am so glad that Pet Shop Boys still release physical singles and I ordered both immediately.

I wish the other artists I have been collecting for decades (Madonna, Kylie etc) had continued to release at least CD singles.


Maybe it looks good on the U-Bahn station wall (in context) but ok a cd sleeve…..
Is it Farrow?

Michael Chapman

In response to an earlier post: the cover is great imo.
PSB have always released “good value for money” singles. Long live cd!!!!!!!


CD now available to order on Amazon UK. Order placed :)


Paul, any idea if the cd single is a card sleeve, a regular jewel case, or a slim jewel case? I’m guessing the first. The once-standard slim jewel case cd single seems to be a thing of history now. A pity, I always liked them.


10 years actually. Since Love etc.


I live the slim line case…sits nice as opposed to the cardboard sleeve which gets lost on the shelf.


Very happy to see a cd single – a short PSB remix and a Stewart Price (TWD) remix – and two non album tracks!!
WOW – my first maxi cd in 2019
Thanks to the Boys…..

Chris Squires

Very few of my musical heroes make appearances in their own music videos these days… a shame.
a) is it the march of time (I remember the lowlife stick Kate got for King of the Mountain in 2005 – why bother. Christ that’s almost 15 years ago….)
b) can they not be arsed

delete as applicable or a bit of both.

Animated videos knocked up in a shed by a 22 year old graduate with a Mac don’t do it for me


I thought the video was rather clever.

Brian Smith

It sounds like a thowback to the good ol’days of PSBs


Hats off for them for doing a CD single, but it’s total crap! Their worst single since “Winner” & I’ve been a fan since the beginning!. I hope the album is much better as otherwise I won’t be buying it.


Is the cover art the wall of a public toilet?


Both Formats up on HMV for preorder


Bravo to them (Years and Years ?, Really?),can`t imagine getting to my age and not having a groaning collection of music,just a load of tracks credited to my cloud account, vile.

Martin B

Available again on Amazon I see.

Gary Hunter

Nice to see they are still releasing CD singles, I’m a massive fan of the band but their recent output has been poor by their standards, making 3 albums with Stuart Price is way too much, as for the new single, it is dreadful, quite possible their worst ever, doesn’t bode well for the new album.


The Pets always release their singles in physical form (Integral being the exception) which is lovely. There’s nearly always a vinyl these days too. The song Dreamland really is a grower by the way. I didn’t like it at first but I don’t think I’ve ever known a PSB single to go from crap to great in my estimation so quickly. Hope the album is an improvement on Super, which was a little sub par by their standards.


Re: the current unavailability of the CD, I have seen this happen a lot with recent releases. The vinyl is available on release day but the CD is delayed days, weeks, even months. (I recently ordered a CD with a 19 September release date. The vinyl was available that day but I got an email that said “The CD release has been pushed back to 22 November.” WHAT?!?)

Why does this happen? CDs are an afterthought now. Streaming is dominant and vinyl is a great way to make money from a physical product. CDs are the ugly stepchild of the music world.

That said, I am very happy that PSB is releasing a single on CD. Good for them. Just don’t be surprised if it’s not readily available on release day.

Padraig Collins

Well said, Don. I was just talking about that with a guy in a record shop yesterday, regarding the CD edition of The Cult’s Sonic Temple box set.


It is on the PSB website for sale for those who are worried about missing out.


I think a track is a digital exclusive non? I already preordered from hateful amazon simply because the psb store shipping material is worse (that’s sayibg sth!) as well as policy. I dont like not supporting their stire but hey, make it better.
Of yeah, artwork sucks.


Looks like CD single already sold out on Amazon. Only the vinyl available to order.


as much as i have to realize that i like their musical output less and less, i still buy these CD release. i wouldn’t have bothered if they were just released digitally, but as a PSB completionist i find myself very attracted to such physical products. i wish more artists would continue to offer such releases on CD and vinyl for their hardcore fans.


CD unavailable at Amazon UK anymore, it appears.


Had this same problem on Amazon US with Prince/1999 and Sparks/Past Tense.


I quite like this song. I’m glad bands like this continue to support physical releases :)


Why is this a U-Bahn station with, mostly, English signage?


Apparently it’s Alexanderplatz station – a bit of a pun on Olly Alexander’s contribution.


Even though i’m not a fan of PSB, i’m really glad that there are still artists who care enough to release singles in physical formats.


I’m fed up of seeing that some content will be reduced to digital only…
As i’m in a empty bottle seeing, i’d have prefered to see a 2 CD single set with all the content in…

At first listening, this one is not one of the best PSB single, to be fair… Anyway, I really appreciate to have the opportunity (Let’s make lots of money ?) to get a physical format…


So if you want all versions and you want it physical you have to buy the vinyl and CD both. That is not consumer friendly at all.


Die Pet Shop Boys haben schon bessere Songs veröffentlicht.


The Digital remix package features different artwork that they should have used for the 12” imho, and an exclusive remix, by Jacques Renault, not available on any physical format, unfortunately.


Was great to see they are releasing the single on CD and vinyl as they are one of the few acts to still do so.

OMD’s latest single ‘Don’t Go’ was their first to not get a physical release which was disappointing as they had been another group that had continued to release physical singles.

Looking forward to the Pet Shop Boys greatest hits tour.