Pete Shelley / The Genetic Years SIGNED & limited vinyl box

500 limited edition • 3LP vinyl box • Signed by Pete Shelley

The Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley‘s early ’80s work with producer Martin Rushent is celebrated in a new and highly limited vinyl box set The Genetic Years.

The set features the two albums Homosapien (1981) and XL1 (1983) which saw Shelley embrace new a new sound thanks to new technology – such as drum machines, synthesizers and sequencers – and Rushent’s well-equipped studio (called Genetic Sound).

The brilliant Telephone Operator from XL1 is a highlight from the two long-players and Shelley and Rushent really went to town creating remixes, dubs and instrumentals which can be found on the third record in this box set.

The vinyl is contained within an outer rigid board slipcase and the albums come pressed on 180g vinyl in spot varnished original sleeves with black inner bags. A booklet contains notes by broadcaster and writer David Quantick and lyrics. This set also comes with a colour photo SIGNED by Pete Shelley.

The Genetic Years is released on 15 June 2018.

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Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon usa   279.53
JPC de   81.99

LP 1

  • 1. Homosapien
  • 2. Yesterday’s Not Here
  • 3. I Generate a Feeling
  • 4. Keats Song
  • 5. Qu’est – Que C’Est, Que Ca
  •  6. I Don’t Know What It Is
  •  7. Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself
  •  8. Pusher Man
  •  9. Just One Of Those Affairs
  •  10. It’s Hard Enough Knowing

LP 2

  • 1. Telephone Operator
  • 2. If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No
  • 3. What Was Heaven?
  • 4. You Know Better Than I Know
  • 5. Twilight
  • 6. (Millions Of People)NO One Like You
  • 7. Many A Time
  • 8. I Just Wanna Touch
  • 9. You And I
  • 10. XL1

LP 3

  • 1. Homosapien Dub
  • 2. Maxine
  • 3. Witness The Change
  • 4. IN Love With Somebody Else
  • 5. 5,Love In Vain
  • 6. Qu’Est Que C’est Que Ca ( Flexi Dub)
  • 7. Witness The Change?I Don’t Know What It Is (Dub Mix)
  • 8. Many A Time(Dub)
  • 9. Telephone Operator/I Just Wanna Touch/If You Ask Me(I Won’t Say No/Millions Of People/No One Like You(Dub Mix)

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Paul Saunders

Bless you Pete , you were a true inspiration, a creative master of magical 3 min pop songs . I grew up with you on John Peel on a small radio listening into the night . You have left a big gap in the music world . Thankyou and Rest in peace . Blessed be.

Chris Squires

The next step….

Just had the “we will deliver your item tomorrow”.

All looking good ….. BUT I recall that Amazon did exactly the same thing before….Until the darned thing is in my hand I won’t believe a word of it.
Anybody else got the next email…or even better got their copy yet?

Chris Squires

Just had this….

Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on May 28 2018 (Order #xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Estimated arrival date: July 14 2018 – July 17 2018

—–We shall see, I got one of these emails for the Belinda Carlisle coloured vinyl set and then got the dreaded cancellation email a day later. (Right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?)

Lionel Godwit

Had the dreaded delayed delivery message from both Pledge and Amazon !!
Does this box set actually exist ?

Lionel Godwit

Still no sign of anything from either Pledge or Amazon. Got one off Buzzcocks website. Ordered today. Sent today.


Ordered off Buzzcocks website on Monday. Arrived today. Pledge and Amazon orders cancelled.


Having the same problem with Amazon, now telling me “they need more time to provide me with a date fir delivery”. I also pre-ordered on the day Paul out up his notice.

TBH, my first problem with Amazon in over 10 years !

Here’s hoping!

Tim Barton

My copy arrived today. Quite pleased to have one as it is extremely limited. One gripe, however: a download option would have been nice. Still, for the price and content, and the fact that Amazon Japan could get it to me, quite a prize!


I managed to get a vinyl box set today at the HMV store on Oxford Street. There were 2 others there. There is no indication on the box of a signed print but when you open it it has the signed print and a certificate limited numbered edition. It’s quite superb. If you get along to Oxford Street then you may be in with a chance. Alternatively give your local HMV store a call to see if they have it in stock. It shows all sold on their website but the stores have their own stock list


Hmmm that’s worrying!
Pledge music are saying that they will ship on the 13th July which seems pretty strange if shops already have stock.
If I was in the UK right now I would wish along to Oxford st but unfortunately I won’t be back until Thursday by which time I expect they will have sold out.

I’ve got a feeling I am not going to see this release… :-(

Chris Squires

I have a nasty feeling about this, Amazon Prime have it back up for sale, at a higher price, even though it says out of stock, with the usual codicil of we will deliver as soon as we can get a copy. How can that be when they still have outstanding orders, I made my order in May, the day Paul’s post came out… How can they possibly try to shift more copies or put more people in the queue when they have orders still to fulfill.


I had the dreaded item delayed e Mail ! After being updated all week on my order that it would be arriving with me on 22 June!
How do Amazon continually sell more than they have! It reall is beyond belief!
Surely if you have 500 for sale then you put 500 into your computer program… or 450 so you have spares for damaged / lost etc..,.
I contacted Amazon and they are supposed to be sourcing a copy! So I’m guessing it won’t turn up then as you can’t believe anything they say!


I’ve ordered a copy from PledgeMusic in the hope that either Pledge or Amazon will come through. I can always return the Amazon one if it does turn up.

At the time of writing Pledge say they have 99 copies left so hopefully…


Hi does anyone know about the signiture? I got mine today from Amazon, I haven’t opened it but there is no indication about the signiture. I got it from the link from SDE which at the time was the only link. I expected that this would be for the signed one.


You actually received a copy!
I ordered mine pretty much as soon as the Amazon link went live and all I have had so far are the dreaded Amazon ‘We are trying to get a release date’ emails.

Jealous :-)

Chris Squires

Is anyone actually getting a delivery?
I have just received the dreaded “We are still trying to obtain the item” email.
This happened with the Belinda Carlisle 500 limited Coloured Vinyl. I do hope they haven’t screwed this one up.


Same here – I’m really looking forward to this release so I hope that it has just been delayed…

Chris Squires

It’s the 29th June now. Gives my account more time to recover I suppose as long as I don’t find anything else to spend it on…..Damn those Japan half speeds and Secret Messages….


Just advised by Amazon release date put back until 22nd June!

Chris Squires

Ditto, but is has dropped by £1.03 yay.


So pleased to see a re-issue, particularly on vinyl, although there’s nothing new for me here, I’ve ordered it anyway.

I was a big Buzzcocks fan and carried on buying his solo stuff after the split. The Homosapien album kept me going during my exams in school.

As others have pointed out highlights are the mixes and Witness The Change Dub still sounds fantastic after nearly 40 years. One thing though, I remember being quite disappointed when buying the 12″ of I Don’t Know What It Is. The label states (Remix) but it is exactly the same as the album and single version. Not met anyone who has the 12″ to compare notes.

Pre-ordered and hopefully I’ll get one.


This is a nice set. Back in the day I took both XL1 & Homosapian out of my local library and had them on cassette. Having trouble getting them these days on vinyl second hand. Mind you I’d be quite happy with this set in a nice clam box with booklet on CD.

Michael G

Good Price!
Plus unlike some has actually bothered to include a signed photo in the box.

Jeremy R. Bromley

Hmm, interesting release – my initial thought was BUY IT, but having looked at what is actually included on this set, I already have pretty much everything anyway (both albums, 12″ of Telephone Operator etc. and the majority of the mixes on Vinyl, together with the original cassette version of XL1 which was forever snapping, so I eventually made a “new” copy from the versions that appeared on the CDs in 2006), so this major work seems a bit superfluous to me.

However, even though this isn’t for me, it does bear out being (for me at least) a Major release, and XL1 is probably one of my all time top 10 influential releases, I have listened to it literally hundreds of times (hence the snapping cassette), also have Heaven and the Sea, together with a small snippet of a review from Smash Hits of the better of the singles from this later release by none other than Mr Neil Tennant when he was at Smashy – quite complimentary.

For me, standout tracks are Witness the Change/I Don’t Know (Dub Mix) and I Just Want to Touch (which was a constant appearance on my “mixtapes” of the period… )


Yes Witness The Change Dub is incredible!!

Tom of FIN

Homosapien is one underrated post-punk gem. His solo career was much more interesting / experimenting than Buzzcocks. LOL that Apple II with double floppy disks – cutting-edge tech those days – there on video. Harsh 80’s soundscape at, erm, about its best.

Glen Buchanan

I have a soft spot for Shelley and admit though I have a huge vinyl collection I only have one of his albums. So I want this! And on vinyl! And I’m going to play them natch!

Janice Pugh

Hope I get this from Amazon this time round – the last limited edition vinyl with signed autograph (The Pretenders Box Set signed by Chrissie Hynde) ran out of stock, even though I pre-ordered in plenty of time. I am still not a happy bunny with Amazon over that!


Same thing happened to me.


I remember when ‘Telephone Operator’ came out and David ‘Kid’ Jenson, after playing it on his Radio 1 evening show said ‘you need to hear the 12 inch, it goes on forever’. I’m sure I went out and bought it and it wasn’t extended at all. Anyone know which mix was he might have been referring to, I’ve always wondered! It so deserved a ‘traditional’ 80s extended version. And yes, I know I should get out more remembering nonsense stuff like that, and I have forgiven the ‘Kid’ since!

Jeremy R. Bromley

He was probably referring to the B-Side of Telephone Operator (Many a Telephone Operator (Scratch Banded) – which clocked in at about 12:42)


There’s a uk promo 12′ with a 10m mix and a usa 12′ with a 12m42s mix(info from Discogs)


Hi Paul, I wonder if he meant the 13 minute-long “Telephone Operator / Many A Time (Dub)”, which was a white label only release that was later tagged on to a CD reissue of XL1.


It’s a 13 minute mashup of Telephone Operator/I Just Wanna Touch/If You Ask Me/No One Like You. It’s on the CD version of XL1. If you have Spotify or Apple Music it’s available there.

Tim Rushent

It’s the one on this album Paul. Actually originally called ElongatedPartyMix.


I believe Martin Rushent had a son called Tim… Is that you Tim?

Tim Rushent

Hello – yes :-)


Hello Tim –
Have you been involved in this release at all?

Excellent work by Mr Rushent!


Excellent thank you :)
Ordered so pleased it´s Vinyl


Fantastic and at a decent price too.
I have the CDs which have the extra tracks (and I still have my cassette somewhere with the ZX Spectrum program on it) but it will be great to have these on vinyl.

Both albums sound very much of their time but are excellent pop records (XL1 is perhaps marginally better). For obvious reasons think Dare by The Human League.

As mentioned – the remixes are excellent think Love and Dancing by the Human League :-)

Thank-you for the heads up Paul. I doubt I would have got to hear of this without you excellent site. Ordered instantly but 500 copies doesn’t sound like many (or is that just for the signed photo version?).


Coincidentally, I just bought the 2006 CD version of Homosapien. Nice to see that it’s getting some well-deserved attention now! Didn’t get XL-1, though… maybe I’ll buy it next month.

P. E.

Bloomin’ marvellous work by Shelley & Rushant. What a joy to have this box released but I agree with those that wish for a CD box also. Fingers crossed!


Is there a reason why it’s called “homosapien”, or it’s just sheer ignorance?…


In the song, it’s basically a substitute for the word ‘homosexual’…Obviously a single called ‘Homosexual’ wouldn’t have got anywhere near the airwaves…Have you read the lyrics? it’s not a song about anthropological academia…


I didn’t quite get that… How could it be ignorance?


If only you could hear yourself… lol

Craig Hedges

I’d like to see this set released on CD, already got the original vinyl albums. I’d love Pete to finally release the theme music to Channel four’s Tour De France programme.


Cd release too for me really with a signed box would be ideal, I’m already sick of the overpriced vinyl revival, although this set isn’t too badly priced but nothing much new


For those who want this on cd, it’s already on cd. Just buy the remastered Homosapien and XL1 albums with bonus tracks. They are all there except “Qu’est ce que c’est ça”.
To me his best song is “Witness The Change”. Play it superloud on your headphones, incredible.


I loved the buzzcocks, thought they were very underated players in the
punk revolution. Is it me then or is this horribly dated ?
in visuals and sound.

David M



The CD reissue’s sound fantastic so no need to buy for me.

But this is a great (decent priced) package.

If we assume Homosapien (dub) is (Elongated Dancepartydubmix) then that mix is superlative much better than the standard “Dance Version”

Rare Glam

Both albums are available as CDs on Aamzon UK for £7 – £10 each, 2006 re-issues. I have both and together they also include all the bonus tracks on the third LP of this new set. They sound good as well.


I’d love a CD of this set.


I’m also hoping for a cd release!! Vinyl is so, like, 20th Century… ;-)


Grabbed a copy, thanks Paul


Exactly! I had these on cassette as they had all the extra tracks (and the code for the Spectrum program on XL1).

I found a web-site the other day with story of the software development and the actual code as well. There’s a video on YouTube of the songs with the program, it’s very very basic ;-) but then it was a world first.

Tom of FIN

“Spectrum program on XL1 (LP) bonus”? Really pioneering. All thumbs up. Have to check that tubing out.


Will this eventually come to CD? I have the old Razor & Tie, but I’d like the extra tracks!!
As always, Thanks Paul for keeping us abreast of nifty new releases!!!

John Ireland

Two great albums. Saw Pete play live after Homosapien was released. Fab gig. Bagged the set.


Thanks Paul, been after the Homosapien album for a while, this 3lp set looks great.

Carl edwards

Does it come with download code?


Sadly no download code :-(


Fingers crossed for a 3 CD edition sometime in the future (if you’re reading Mr Shelley)!

Nigel Croft

Oh shit (reaches for cheque book)


Lovely set and a decent price. Thanks for the heads up! Ordered.


Oh the irony of two records made to celebrate the latest technology are released on vinyl only!


A cd release would be just as ironic, as that technology is pushing 40 now. If it was released using only the latest technology (downloads / streaming) there would be lots of people on this site up in arms about it!


Yep, better than CD quality.


I think you missed the point, Stu. Vinyl is better technology than CD. My comment wasn’t ironic.


Vinyl is sonically limited , just read the comments by Giles Martin.If its the best audio at the moment it is 24 Bit Wav or Flac,not a rumbly old bit of plastic !.I have tons of the stuff insulating my loft space and it is staying there.