Peter Cetera / Love, Glory, Honor & Heart / 6CD Warners-era solo box set

80s albums with bonus tracks

Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings 1981-1992

A new six-CD Peter Cetera box set will be issued in May called Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings, 1981-1992.

This box contains Cetera’s first four studio albums with a very generous selection of bonus tracks. In fact, the label claims that this is “every recording Peter Cetera committed to tape during his time with the Full Moon and Warner Bros. labels from 1981 through 1992”.

The albums are Peter Cetera (from 1981 – recorded while he was still with Chicago), Solitude/Solitaire (1986 – features two US number ones including ‘Glory of Love’), One More Story (1988) and World Falling Down (1992).

Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings, 1981-1992 (yes, it’s a mouthful) effectively gives us deluxe versions of all the albums and the bonus material includes single versions, extended versions and non-album collaborations – with the likes of ABBA‘s Agnetha Fältskog, Paul Anka and Cher – along with songs (or versions of songs) from soundtracks.

There’s even some previously unreleased audio such as Shep Pettibone remixes of ‘Body Language (There In The Dark)’ a single-that-never-was from 1988’s One More Story.

All in all, this looks like a thoughtful collection and we are told that the audio has been remastered from the original master tapes stored in the Warner Bros. The box comes with a 48-page booklet featuring photos, an illustrated discography, a complete set of lyrics, and comprehensive credits.

Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings, 1981-1992 will be released on 28 May 2021, via Cherry Pop.


Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: The Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings 1981-1992

Love, Glory, Honor & Heart: Complete Full Moon & Warner Bros. Recordings, 1981-1992 Peter Cetera / 6CD box set

    • Original Album
      2. I CAN FEEL IT
      4. HOLY MOLY
      5. MONA MONA
      6. ON THE LINE
      8. EVIL EYE
      11. ON THE LINE (Single Version)
      12. HOLD ME ’TIL THE MORNIN’ COMES – Paul Anka with Peter Cetera
      13. HOLD ME ’TIL THE MORNIN’ COMES (Edited Version) – Paul Anka with Peter Cetera †

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I hope this opens up the possibility of the long overdue very superdeluxe extended re-issue of Agnetha Fältskog’s 1988 album I Stand Alone (Produced by Cetera)


Sad that his last studio album Another Perfect World is not even available on streaming. At least not on Apple.


Big Chicago and Peter Cetera (except his first solo outing) fan. The “No Explanation” track omission intrigued me. The liner notes for the Pretty Woman Sdtrk read “Peter Cetera appears courtesy of Warner Bros Records”. Wouldn’t that somehow mean that Warner Bros would have some level of “ownership” of the track? I don’t claim to now anything about music publishing, but would love to hear from someone who does.


Very cool. I’ve been a Chicago-Cetera-Foster fan since I was a kid, when I first heard Hard To Say I’m Sorry on the radio. There are some nice exclusives here as well. I already have the Japanese remasters of Cetera’s first two albums, as well as the excellent Varese compilation:


I’m guessing the box set set will utilize those same masters, since Varese advertised that disc as being transferred from the WB tape archive as well. I don’t mind the duplication at all – it’s nice to see Cetera’s solo career curated in a thoughtful fashion, for the first time. Sold! And thanks for the heads up!

Aécio Sales

terrible cover for a box…

i like his solo albums and i would like to buy for my collection but covid-19 make it impossible…


Him and Richard Marx were touring together a few years back and I regret I didnt go when it came thru CA!


Guys “No Explanation” is owned by Universal now and Peter’s solo albums were issued by Warner. Universal probably said no as they tend to do a lot these days. Peter’s second and third albums are flawless IMO.

Surjorimba Suroto

I hope the remasters will be significant improvement, especially One More Story album, which is favourite. Yes, Madonna guest starred on Scheherezade because of the producer Patrick Leonard. He was also the producer of True Blue and Like A Prayer albums. I wish No Explanation is here (but it’s ftom EMI), as well as Cetera’s duet with Naoko Kawaii in Love Assistant (David Foster helmed her album).

Larry Davis

I ordered this as I find his solo stuff to be guilty pleasures…that overlooked Pretty Woman track maybe was not included cuz the Masters might be lost…which could be why it was never actually remastered, just reissued…as for other labels, the duet with Cher was on Geffen & with Agnetha on Atlantic (US)…no idea why the exclusion, perhaps just an oversight, don’t know, but this set will be nicely done…Cherry Red does great work, just got the Fraternity set & it’s awesomely done…what a booklet…and nice gatefold CD sleeves too…this will be the same quality I can tell…

alan hansen

and i’ll say it because I cannot be the only one thinking it:
will we get an ‘anthology’ compilation from this set?

Ken Croteau

Whatever happened to Peter anyway?


He’s been retired since 2019 according to an interview.

Charles Christopher

Good content for a reasonable price – but I feel like they could’ve used at least used a picture that was in focus for the cover.

SDE Reader

‘If You Leave Me Now’ was always a fav. Looking forward to hearing it on this version.


Looks like an interesting set. I assume the CDs will be housed in cardboard sleeves?

Looks like they forgot “No Explanation” from Pretty Woman, though.

Ken A.!

I think the loophole might be that was for EMI, not WB. But still annoying that it’s not there.


No Explanation came out on EMI, although it does overlap with the dates of this set.


Wow, lots of material here. I knew Cetera had collaborated with Amy Grant, Cher, and Chaka Khan but not Bonnie Raitt, Madonna (!), and David Gilmour (!!).

Mike R

Well my wife thinks PC walks on water and that Chicago only released two albums, 16 & 17. So now I’m gonna have to break down and get this. Thanks Paul ! :)


Always loved ‘If You Leave Me Now’ and ‘Hard To Say I’m Sorry/Get Away’. I prefer his stuff with Chicago, but nobody did those epic ballads like Peter.

Word is the Wings’ ‘Back To The Egg’ TV Special has been restored to HD.
So does that mean a deluxe of Back To The Egg is finally imminent?