Peter Gabriel / Growing Up: Live blu-ray


Blu-ray +DVD combo offers almost six hours of content

Peter Gabriel‘s hi-def Growing Up Live concert film will be issued on blu-ray in a double-disc package that also features a wealth of content including additional documentaries and concert films…

The Growing Up tour took place in 2002/03 following the release of the album Up and saw Gabriel collaborating with production designer Robert Lepage to create an impressive theatrical live experience.The tour took in the USA, Canada and Europe, and the concert film (directed by Hamish Hamilton) was shot in Milan in May 2003. This is its first release on blu-ray (RT 133 mins).

Anna Gabriel’s Unwrapped film (RT 77 mins – shot in standard definition), also features on this blu-ray and offers exclusive behind-the-scenes footage thanks to Peter’s daughter’s unparalleled access throughout the tour. As an added bonus Anna Gabriel’s rarely seen film Growing Up On Tour A Family Portrait has also been included (RT: 39 mins).

The second disc in this set is a DVD of another concert film, Still Growing Up Live (RT 87 mins), which was also shot in standard definition. In 2004, the Still Growing Up tour took Peter Gabriel and his band into smaller and more intimate venues in contrast to the larger arenas chronicled in the Growing Up Live film. Hamish Hamilton directed this one, too.

As well as all this content, this blu-ray offers bonus content of tour photos, rehearsal tracks, videos and performances on BBC TV’s Later…with Jools Holland.

This Growing Up blu-ray+DVD is released on 16 September 2016.

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Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel: Still Growing Up Live And Unwrapped/Growing Up... (DVD + Blu-ray) [2016]




Growing Up Live (133 mins)
1) Here Comes The Flood 2) Darkness 3) Red Rain 4) Secret World 5) Sky Blue (w/ Blind Boys Of Alabama) 6) Downside Up 7) The Barry Williams Show 8) More Than This 9) Mercy Street 10) Digging In The Dirt 11) Growing Up 12) Animal Nation 13) Solsbury Hill 14) Sledgehammer 15) Signal To Noise 16) In Your Eyes (w/ Sevara Nazarkhan) 17) Father Son 18) Growing Up Stabilizer Remix (Credits)

Bonus Features:
The Story Of Growing Up / Tony Levin’s View (tour photos)

Growing Up On Tour A Family Portrait (39 mins)

Still Growing Up Unwrapped (77 mins)
1) Red Rain 2) Secret World 3) White Ashes 4) Burn You Up, Burn You Down 5) San Jacinto 6) Digging In The Dirt 7) Solsbury Hill 8) Sledgehammer 9) The Tower That Ate People 10) Come Talk To Me 11) In Your Eyes 12) Biko

Bonus Features:
Rehearsal Tracks: 1) Darkness 2) No Way Out 3) Growing Up
Live On Later…With Jools Holland : 1) Father Son 2) Downside Up


Still Growing Up Live (87 mins)
1) The Feeling Begins Levon Minassian 2) Red Rain 3) Secret World 4) White Ashes 5) Games Without Frontiers 6) Burn You Up, Burn You Down 7) The Tower That Ate People 8) San Jacinto 9) Digging In The Dirt 10) Solsbury Hill 11) Sledgehammer 12) Come Talk To Me 13) Biko

Bonus Features:
In Your Eyes (live) Peter Gabriel & Daby Toure
No Self Control (video) Peter Gabriel

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Growing Up Love? (one never grows up when love is concerned)

erik szorg

If IMdb is correct, these are the technical details of the original shot:
Aspect Ratio 1.78 : 1
Negative Format Video (HDTV)
Cinematographic Process Digital Intermediate (master format)
HDV (source format)
Printed Film Format Video (HDTV)



I guess may the bluray release worht it only if lpcm stereo will be available on it.
Full range stereo sound you can get on vhs release only.
I think 1080i technology was available at 2003.

Mike Bushell

I noticed a comment about CD releases. PG makes all of his concerts available on CD as a sort of “official bootleg” I suspect some anoraks buy them all, but I’ve had one from each tour, usually a Birmingham show when I was there.

What is a shame is that some of his earlier tours do not appear to have been filmed. The PG3 tour (then one with the Little Red Book programme) was fabulous.

Johnny Feathers

I’ve always wished either the Security or PG3 tours had a video release. It saddens me that there’s really only been three proper “original” tours since then. Back To Front was wonderful, but it was also steeped in nostalgia for the original So tour. And the symphonic one was fine, but I missed the band.

Johnny Feathers

I’m not sure I’ll get this. I’ve a hard time justifying buying concert videos over again, and I think I always wanted like this release more than I really did. (It was no Secret World Live, anyway. Or POV/Live From Athens, for that matter.) Though getting something to reduce the space of at least 2 DVD sets would be nice, and I like that the included the documentaries that I never sprung for the first time around.


It’s available to preorder on Amazon Italy

tyrone tudor

Not for me. I have both concerts on DVD – cant get into them visually but listen to them never the less.

Id like an effort to remaster ‘Play’ for Blu Ray. Oh and PULSE pink Floyd


I wish PF would release everything in BR by now. The live concerts, The Wall, etc.


If play wasn’t released on BR with Athens, it won’t be for a long while.
I want all the non-BR release from PF released on BR.


Is this a North American release only ? The reason i ask is i can’t find any information on this at all or anywhere to preorder other than those two Amazon links and there is no mention of it on his website or Eagle Rocks. With just over a month till the release date it’s strange it’s not listed on Amazon UK as they are usually first to get in there with their inflated prices.

Michel D.

I promised myself not to upgrade to blu-ray for concerts I already own on DVD, but I cannot keep my promise for this one!
I had the chance to see The Growing Up tour twice and I also witnessed the dress rehearsal as Gabriel and his team were in Quebec City (my hometown) for many weeks as they were fine tuning for the start of the tour, and to say “thank you” to the people of Quebec City, all ticket holders were invited to watch the dress rehearsal.
Curiously not that many people came (it was poorly advertised and only a few hours before the event) and it gave me the chance to see this rehearsal very close to the stage (I remember cleary when Gabriel was in “the bubble” – for the song “Growing Up”, he was really close to me and our eyes connected). Some songs were dropped from the setlist after that, probably for technical issues like “More Than This”.
An amazing evening which can also be seen partially on the “Growing Up On Tour A Family Portrait ” film.

Auntie Sabrina

Yes Phil, the DVD was shot in standard definition but COULD be upscaled (like The Freddie Mercury Concert for example).


Hopefully this one doesn’t suffer from PG re-dubbing the vocals in the studio like he did with “Secret World.” He managed to keep away from that for the “Back to Front” concert, so here’s to hoping he sticks to the original concert recording for the vocal tracks…

And I’m excited for Tony Levin’s photo log. I saw myself in one of his pics recently… :-)


Auntie Sabrina: how does that work? If the source material is digital AND shot in standard def, you’ll NEVER see a hi-res version – it’s physically impossible to obtain. If the source material was analog, then maybe – it just needs to be re-scanned. Moreover, “upscaling” is actually happening within your BR player, not on the disc itself. Or did you mean ‘re-scanning’?


Agree. It’s like taking a low quality 360*240 video and upscale it to DVD quality. Grainy.


Oh he will rip off the fans later on with a BR edition!

elliott buckingham

would love this as a cd release. also has Gabriel ever included any genesis era stuff in his live shows

Jay Kranz

he played lamb lies down on broadway and back in NYC a few times on his first tour. since then nothing though sting played some of dancing with the moonlit knight at the rock paper scissors tour this year!

Phil Morris

Gabriel himself finally sang the Dancing intro on the last night of the tour. First time he’s sang any Genesis on stage since 28 January 1983.

Scott G

You could just rip the soundtrack and cut it to CD.


Aren’t the features on the DVD standard def though? So what difference does it make?

Phil Morris

Seems I’m the first to state the bleeding obvious: Blu-Ray and *DVD*?


I know, I just don’t get it.

Johnny Feathers

Well, it said that the Still Growing Up stuff was shot in standard definition. So I’m guessing making it Blu-Ray wouldn’t have improved the quality.


A reminder that Live in Athens BR included Play on DVD – not BR.
Surprising Still Growing Up Live wasn’t in HD for a 2003-ish concert but the other one was.